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The /newstuff Chronicles #495
Not Jabba on NOVA II: New Dawn: Following the successful release of Nova: The Birth, a few of the veterans of that project (headed by Dobu Gabu Maru) decided to make a sequel. Although it still has a strong focus on new mappers like its predecessor, Nova 2 also features many maps by those returning veterans, so it's not a true newbie project in the same sense. (more)

Blackroom Kickstarter Postponed

John Romero and Adrian Carmack's "Blackroom" Kickstarter project has been cancelled, apparently temporarily.

An update released to backers only suggests that the pair have listened to community feedback, specifically requests for some kind of gameplay demo. They go on to say that the time it would take to prepare such a thing would be longer than the time left on the Kickstarter clock; therefore they have cancelled the current project and will start up a new one once a prototype is ready. An anonymous backer has shared a screenshot of the update.

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest - Issue #14

Keep an eye on the Multiplayer forum for event discussion and more. Happy fragging!

A Second New Romero Map: E1M4B

Hot on the heels of his E1M8 re-imagining, John Romero took to Twitter to announce announced the release of E1M4B. We've mirrored the download locally as well.

A re-imagining of the classic Episode 1 map, originally by Tom Hall, the map has been released as promotion for an upcoming project from Romero and fellow ID alumni Adrian Carmack project "Blackroom", described as "a visceral, action-packed FPS set in a holographic simulation gone rogue.". The pair are seeking funding for the project via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Find out more at the Kickstarter page for Blackroom.

Visual Doom Bot Competition

The 2016 IEEE Computational Intelligence and Games Conference will include a very interesting AI competition - Visual Doom! Participants will create a Doom bot (hooking into a custom version of ZDoom) that works purely off the same input that human players have. The competition will involve good ol' deathmatch with the winner having the highest frag count. More details about entering the competition (for you brave souls out there) can be found at the Visual Doom competition page.

The /newstuff Chronicles #494

Baratus on The Warlock's Hearth: Khorus brings us an excellent map in The Warlock's Hearth. The difficulty and stress-inducing atmosphere may not be the preferred kind of experience for some players, but it is incredibly well executed, and the masterfully crafted aspects of the map serve to maximise the rewarding feeling of overcoming its challenges. I recommend playing it all the way through in one sitting, as it can be finished inside an hour, and it's a self-contained map that is consistent in its quality, subtly drawing the player in to keep going. (more)

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest - Issue #13

Keep an eye on the Multiplayer forum for any other events that may pop up. Have fun!