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The /newstuff Chronicles #528
Not Jabba on No End in Sight: The landscape of Ultimate Doom modding is pretty well dominated by individual episode replacements, and a serious 27- or 36-level megawad is virtually unheard of this side of Doom the Way id Did. But if you think less is more when it comes to Doom 1, you clearly haven't played No End in Sight. (more)

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest #51

For more multiplayer-related discussions and events, head on over to the multiplayer forum. Happy fragging!

Freedoom v0.11 Emerges

It is time yet again for Freedoom to bump its version number, now measuring a hefty 0.11. Freedoom has been fully tested to be limit-removing, with almost all maps vanilla compatible. Things you'll see:

  • Over 200 new textures by jmickle
  • A new C1M1 by YukiHerz, and it uses the new textures
  • Chapter 3's music now replaced with Blueworrior's excellent music
  • Various music replacements in Phase 2 and FreeDM; thanks to KevinHEZ, Blueworrior, bytebeats, Viscra Maelstrom and Blastfrog AKA Sodaholic
  • A new intermission picture by Blastfrog
  • Speaking of Blastfrog, there's a new pistol too
  • New logo for the game and website, thanks to Jewellds
  • New Plutonia patches too, by Jewellds once again
  • Freedoomguy now dies with dignity, with some fresh death screams from SeventhSentinel
  • Did I forget to mention, there are new maps too? Big thanks to Jayextee
  • And BIG applause to Catoptromancy, Amarande and Xindage AKA Protox for cleaning up Freedoom's maps
  • Best of all, they're all limit-removing, so load up a port like Crispy Doom and play!
There are even more changes, so grab a fresh copy today!

The /newstuff Chronicles #527

Benjogami on DEMISE: Sometimes you're just in the mood for some schlock, you know? A nice chill B-movie wad where you can zone out and cruise through some ugly nostalgia and have a laugh or two. I decided to review this wad after playing the first level and skipping around a bit to see if that spirit was kept throughout. It seemed to be, so I buckled in. Turns out, schlock can be pretty fatiguing. (more)

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest #50

For further updates and more events, head over to the multiplayer forum. Happy fragging!

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest #49

Other events that have not been posted here may also be running, so keep an eye on the multiplayer forum for further updates. Happy fragging!

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest #48

ZDaemon Sessions and the main Friday Night Fragfest have not yet been posted this week, so keep an eye on the multiplayer forum for further updates. Happy fragging!