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The /newstuff Chronicles #489
Sui Generis on Endless Torture: There's some easy-going fun to be had in this set. In spite of my criticisms of it being simple at times, the whole package is enjoyable, and of course it's uncommon to see a full 36-level megawad for Doom 1. This is worth a play in my opinion - particularly if you appreciate more old-school levels. (more)

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest - Issue #3

Keep an eye on the Multiplayer forum for any other events that may pop up. Happy fragging!

ZDoom 2.8.0 and ACC 1.55 released

After two and a half years (and on the Chinese new year), a new release of ZDoom has been bestowed upon us, with a new ACC to go with it. Significant changes include:

  • A native backend for OS X
  • SDL2 backend for Linux, with OpenAL support
  • Better MIDI support, with nostalgic options aplenty
  • New ACS functions, like DropItem and DropInventory
  • Arrays are now supported at the script scope
  • Extended compatibility options
And much more. Grab a copy on ZDoom's download page.

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest - Issue #2

Click any of the links for more information. Happy fragging!

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest - Issue #1

Click any of the links for more info. Happy fragging!

Eureka, a New Version

The cross-platform Doom editor Eureka has made a new release, version 1.11. Now it features generalized Boom specials, Hexen editing, Eternity configuration, rendering of flats/lights in 2D mode, line autosplit when drawing, and many others. See its project homepage as well as its initial Doomworld forum thread for a complete list of updates.