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The /newstuff Chronicles #510
Csonicgo on Woodlan School: Imagine: it's the mid-nineties, you're in high school, and you've carried with you the shovelware Doom CD you snagged at the local computer store. You discovered the packaged map editor for Windows the night before. So when no one's looking, you rush to the computer lab. You install it, set it up, and realize you have opened Pandora's box. Hooray! You can make levels now! Infinite replay value! So, naturally, what will your first real map be? Why, your school, of course! (more)

Vinesauce Mapping Contest

Vargskelethor, of the video game streaming site Vinesauce, is hosting a Doom level editing contest. Contest entries are eligible to be submitted from August 29 through September 9th. The contest will feature three prizes that will be awarded based on "effort". The prizes are:

  • 1ST: 200$ Steam game(s) of your choice + Personally signed DOOM I disc with case (sent to you!)
  • 2ND: 100$ Steam game(s) of your choice
  • 3RD: 50$ Steam game(s) of your choice
For a full list of rules and information, visit the announcement.

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest #31

Head over to the Multiplayer forum for discussion about clans, multiplayer WADs, match scheduling and other fun events. Happy fragging!

Now That's What I Call 3DGY: 2.1.0-Test2 Released

The 3DGE Team has released v2.1.0-Test2 of the source port, which fixes a lot of long-standing bugs, and adds a few new features. The release comes with both Windows and Linux binaries. The changelog is available here. The 3DGEWiki is also a great resource for modders who want to learn how to use the engine, or end-users who need additional support.

Doomworld Multiplayer Digest #30

Check out the Multiplayer forum for discussion about clans, match scheduling and other fun events. Happy fragging!

The /newstuff Chronicles #509

Not Jabba on Lebanon Connection: [...] clearly not a level that takes itself seriously. The textfile contains a short, goofy story about human rights violations and enslaved Lost Souls. The level itself is cleverly designed as a fully playable experience (unlike most jokewads), but it's still clearly a joke, and the puzzle elements can be extremely frustrating. (more)

Doom 2016 Passes 1 Million Sales On Steam (Maybe)

I was looking at Doom 2016's SteamSpy page and noticed that Doom 2016 probably passed the 1 million mark sometime recently. For comparison, Rage has 1.26 million owners after years of deep discounts and at least one free weekend, and Wolfenstein: The New Order has 1.2 million owners. And Doom is still at full price!

So maybe that's good enough to greenlight a sequel? Who knows??