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The /newstuff Chronicles #475
Memfis on Random: Here we have a difficult prison escape scenario from 1995. The challenge comes from small space provided, some cruel traps and, most of all, ammo starvation. Prepare to use chainsaw/berserk and instigate monster infighting from time to time, or else you're doomed. (more)

ZDaemon Sessions #403 - Vitalaim 2

This weekend it's time to play Vitalaim 2 made by Englander. The wad consists of seven serious maps and three lighthearted silly ones.

Game mode: FFA
IWAD: Doom 2 (or Freedoom)
PWADs: flovoxc vitalaim2 zds_addon_11
WAD url:
Date: Saturday May 23rd 2015
Times: Euro: 19:30 BST (14:30 EDT); USA: 02:00 BST (21:00 EDT)
Locations: [SDA] / Dwango United NJ
More Info...

Get ZDaemon and enjoy Doom the way it was meant to be played.

Zandronum SNS #177- Vae Victus I & II

Let's go through the first and second editions of Vae Victus, two short wads that are sure to please. The second one won a Cacoward in 2013!

Lives: 1
IWAD: doom2.wad
WADs: vv, Only Ammo respawns
What day: Saturday, May 23rd, 2015
What time: 18:00 UTC
United Kingdom: 19:00
Russia / Moscow: 22:00
Eastern Time (US): 2:00 PM
Where: Best Ever
More info and screenshots...

Get Zandronum and check out modern Doom.

Zandronum Friday Night Fragfest #271: SFMDM Team Deathmatch and AFTS+DynamiteDM

Returning to Europe this friday, is a super-solid set of maps in SuperFast Deathmatch. North America's players must blow their opponents away to appease the mighty Sentinel in the explosive combination of AFTS+Dynamite DM!

European FNF
When: May 22nd, 2015, 18:00 UTC
Where: Grandvoid, UK
WADs: SuperFast DM, Zandrospree
Mode: 24-Player Team Deathmatch
Maplist: SFDM01-02, 05-08, 10-12, 14-15, 18-20, 22, 25-33, 35

American FNF
When: May 22nd, 2015, 20:00 EDT
Where: Best Ever servers
WADs: ST actors, ST data, Dynamite DM, AFTSDM, ZandroSpree, NewTextColours
Mode: 32-Player Deathmatch
Maplist: MAP01-06, 09-12, AFTS01-05, 07, 09-11, 13-14, 16

If you want to join, you'll need to download the latest version of Zandronum. You can find out anything else you need to know about Zandronum here. More specific details for this event can be found here. If you need help setting up Zandronum, please look here.

MancuNET Primary Server Restored

The MancuNET primary server has been replaced with a shiny new server with more redundancy and a gigabit pipeline. At the time of this writing there are a couple of sites, including WADS In Progress that are still reporting the older IP address, but that should complete propagating within 12 hours. All accounts should be the same as before. If you have any trouble logging in to your account or accessing a service, please send an email to to ensure it's received off-network (mail is not yet completely set up).

ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #197 - Shogun Trogun

Dogs carrying rocket launchers, floating BFG balls, plenty of insta-death pits and parkour... As TNS #200 is coming closer we felt a crazy session was needed before reaching that number. Shogun Trogun is a 22-level WAD played the newschool way; due to the difficulty some maps have, raising the number of lives and other advantages will be available. This promises to be either very hilarious or very frustrating. If you want to find out, see you there!

Get ZDaemon and join in.

The Revenant STILL Doesn't Wear Pants

Bethesda Softworks UK has provided us the tiniest of teasers of their upcoming Doom (4? 2 Again?) gameplay reveal at this year's E3. As with any new game videos, I strongly recommend checking this out in Youtube's 60p mode. Even this 8 seconds is worth it. For more information, check out The Verve's brief comparisons and slow mo gifs.