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Can a diabetic cat be physically fragile? August 31, 2015, 6:58 pm
I have the privilege of living with two of the coolest cats on Earth. One of them recently was diagnosed with diabetes and seems physically frail (you can feel the bones of his spine too well). So my roommate is like... overly freakoutish about silly things. He won't let the other cat who is only a year and very playful play with Simi, the diabetic one, because he plays rough, and he's worried he will break a bone of Simi. I try to explain to him cats are not like people in this regard and that Nigel (the youthful, exuberant playful one) is not going to break simi, even if he plays too rough and Simi sometimes can't handle it. What are your thoughts? Simi is about 9 years old.
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Looking for my Passport August 31, 2015, 11:15 am
Hi all, I lost my passport (again!) because, likely, I hid it from myself trying to put it in a safe place.

Where do you keep your passport when you are home and not traveling? Thanks for sharing.

Car Stolen August 30, 2015, 7:20 am
Last night, up till 10pm watching music videos on YouTube.

Go to bed, wife locks doors and joins me shortly after returning from the King of Prussia Mall. She came home in her friends car.

Forgot to change the alarm so I wake up at 3:30am, an hour earlier than intended.

Walk the dog at 3:30am, observe my car still in front of house. Observe nothing unusual. Very quiet Sunday morning.

Return home at 4am, car still parked in front of house.

Feed dog, eat a banana, observe car keys sitting on kitchen counter.

Go up stairs to bed, nap for an hour because I don't have work until 6:00am (didn't lock front door, didn't think id need to for only an hour -- and after walking up and down the neighborhood without seeing anything suspicious,)

Wake up at 5:00, brush my teeth, change clothes, put on deodorant, come down stairs, look at phone for a few minutes to kill some time, then go to kitchen.

Can't find keys.

Retrace steps around the house, thinking if I moved the keys to a location where they'd be easier to notice for about 15 minutes, its now 5:50am

Look out the window -- CAR IS MISSING.

Call police. Officer on the way.

Call work, tell them I cant come in, car is stolen, work uniform in the car.

Officer arrives at 6:10am gets some information. Asks if we were drunk last night, if the car could possibly have been repossessed, if we have any friends who might have believed it was okay to borrow, if there's something of value in the car, if we have enemies (crazy ex girlfriend, crazy relatives) that might want to get revenge for something, but we answered no to all the questions.

My wife and I are the only ones who live in the house. We haven't had any guests at the house for weeks, we don't have any enemies (afaik) that would want to do something to us, our crazy schizophrenic next door neighbor doesn't drive and has been in the hospital for the past five days. And my car isn't really worth anything or has anything of value in it.

The crazy thing is that someone entered my house WHILE I was in the house, with my wife and my dog. I don't know how they got in without alerting my dog, or me, or anyone. The keys were not in a very obvious place, I don't think, at least not more obvious than other things such as an iPad that was sitting on the living room couch, a Nintendo Wii, a bluray player, expensive makeup my wife came home with, an engagement ring that was in the bathroom(!!)

I don't know who could have done it. I honestly dont have any friends who know me so personally to know my morning routine, so I can only imagine it was some stranger stalker in the neighborhood who saw an opportunity (not even a good opportunity either, we were all in the house!) couldn't find anything else out of place or unusual with the house. This person was really inconspicuous for someone who would commit such a risky crime for a relatively little reward.

I am however, relieved no one was hurt and other than my missing car, nothing was damaged or destroyed.

I know statistically that most people that steal (or get caught stealing) vehicles often take them for a joy ride and dump them off somewhere else usually pretty far away and that most people who do often get away with it. Most of them usually aren't even recovered. The officer said this is a very strange and unusual case that we don't know anyone or can suspect anyone who would have done it, to freely enter our house, take the keys and leave with the car. Its a super ballsy thing to do.

If anyone has had any experience with having a stolen car, or has any advice they heard from someone who had their car stolen, I could really use it. At the moment im changing the locks on all my doors and waiting to get a call from the police to tell me they found it.

College August 29, 2015, 10:30 pm
I have been awarded my FAFSA money but have yet to receive the remainder that hasn't been used for classes because I'm a ward of the state which requires a bunch of extra paperwork for no apparent reason, and the job market here is nill. As a result I have been paying for food, textbooks and housing out of my pocket and savings account, which has gone from around $1200 to $30. I'm currently living on ~$100 which must go to my apartment manager in the coming days while my free trial for an $80 online textbook runs out on the first of September.

This is bad. This is really, really bad. What do?

Clingy School August 26, 2015, 10:06 am
Previous year I went to a school, I was there for like a month, then quit it. It was the kind of school that costs money. Half of it was like interesting, but I didn't feel like paying full price for only going half the lessons.

Well, they've been sending me bills all year. Because apparently that teacher responsible for the class, didn't tell anyone at the school that I had quit. Well, the info manual said that they'd expel a student after failing to pay 2 bills in a row, or not going there for 2 months without giving any reason. So I thought they'd stop sending me the stuff after a few months. But no...

I even got a bill today, that "recommends" me to pay all the 7 bills that I failed to pay. How long do I have to wait before they stop sending me shit?

Not only that, but they kept me in their email list, and kept sending me emails all year.. and they're still sending me emails.

I'm kinda annoyed. Maybe I need to send them some email or something...

Dev blog: Heretic wad, p.r. 2 August 23, 2015, 3:16 pm

(I made the resolution more managable so you could read the blog post without scrolling to the side.)Today, I expanded the right - wing area, and added a window looking out of the tower into the starting area, to tie the whole thing together. I added the green key room and the key itself, and I'm almost ready to begin work on the latter half of the level, through the door to the far north, the green key door.

I've taken some choice screenshots of the level.

That's really all for now. Even though it's relatively early in the day, I doubt I'll do much more work. Peas.

Dev blog: The Heretic wad, progress report 1. August 22, 2015, 10:06 pm

This is my progress so far on the Heretic wad. Notice the addition of a right wing area and the second large outside area, as well as a balcony on the right tower. I'm building around the shape of a small castle (outer curtain, four towers, and a keep) as much as possible. The textures in the entry hall are much improved and there's more stuff around - the idea is lots of cover and running space for the player. The upper half of the map as it is now will be the entrance to the keep, which will be the final part of the level (I mentioned before, it's a short level) though it will make for over half the length of the level hopefully, ending with a showdown with two or more Iron Litches. Most of my planning is tentative and I do admit that I'm making some stuff up as a go along, however this level is much more coherent and, well, competently made than my previous ones. I'm not willing to throw out a release date. After the level is complete, I'll need to work out some more technical issues, namely the marked absence of music during playtesting. Other than that, not much to report. Peace.

Found some pictures my grandfather took back in WW2 August 22, 2015, 9:50 pm
I intended on posting this on August 15th, but I've been really busy this past week and I just didn't have time to share these pictures my grandfather took during his service in the Navy in 1945. For those who don't know, August 15th marks the 70th anniversary of the Japanese signing the peace treaty with the US.

My grandfather Carmine Montuori was on the SS Missouri (BB-63) during the signing of the peace treaty between the Japanese, Americans, and Soviets:

This photo was taking after the war when he was stationed in Tokyo. My grandfather (far left) is with two sailors and in the middle is a Japanese kid. I remember my grandfather telling me that he met a Japanese kid during his time in Japan, but he never told me the full story on how he met him:

Here is a photo taken at a beautiful garden. On the back of the photo, he wrote "It looks something like Prospect Park." Prospect Park is a park located in Brooklyn NYC and there is actually a nice Japanese garden nearby the water:

This is a photo he took of 5 Japanese women . On the back of the photo, he wrote "The upper class at a tea party." The photo is a bit damaged with a crease running diagonal:

This is a photo of a big statue of Buddha taken outside:

And this is another photo of a Buddha statue taken inside a temple:

I think I have more photos, but I can't seem to find all of them at the moment. I wish my grandfather was still alive, so he could tell me more about the photos he took during the US occupation period of Japan after WW2.

One round of hell August 22, 2015, 2:29 pm
Well, semester. On Friday I finished my first semester of an accelerated nursing program to earn a BSN. I have never ever been pushed so hard in school. This is why I've been gone. Going into it, everyone said it'd be hard, and I knew it'd be hard. But actually dealing with it is something else. This blog is probably going to end up as a tl;dr bitchfest, but for my sanity I need this. So hell it if it's crap or whatever. As for what an accelerated program is, it condenses 2 years of knowledge into 15 months. We started in June and already did 5 classes tacked on one after the other and one at a time. It's similar to summer classes, except shorter. Each one has been about 2-3 weeks long. But it follows the same idea of an exam or two each week and not having much time to prep. Each class ran from 8:30-4:30 five days a week. Of course, we'd be let out sooner sometimes.

The first four classes were certainly not easy, but they were fair. If I wrote about them I'd seem like a teen bitching about high school. But for those of you who didn't know me in my teen years, I'll do it. There was a class where we had to memorize a 10 page script for our final while also dealing with the exam or two each week and the stress of balancing it all. But the plus side is it just needed to hit on a "checklist" for points, which was 3-4 pages. Not to mention some of the categories for the test were random, so we didn't know what we'd get. We had about 2-3 weeks for this class, but didn't start prepping for finals until several days before. Not fun, but not horrible. The second hurdle was balancing clinical homework with exam prep for class number 4. Clinical was 3 days, class was 2 days at the end of the week. So we had to work on our clinical projects and then stress about the exams before we even met for lectures. But she was fair, and once again it was manageable.

Now we have class number 5. There was nothing good about class number 5 except that it's over, and I pulled an A-. The teacher was stubborn, always blaming others for problems. Refusing to curve exams unless the questions were really fucked up. And started the first day just with a negative tone (such as saying "if" you pass rather than "when"). There are 42 students in this program, and this is when people started failing tests. I failed 2, hence why the A- was a blessing. This is a class of overachievers. If you ever saw that person in your class who gets pissy about a B+, chances are they'd be here. So my point is that this wasn't normal, especially since the information for many of the questions weren't from her lecture, nor were they in the book.

We also had several exams per week. It was very normal to go to class, do a lecture, lunch, learn skills, practice skills, then have a written and skill test the following morning. Then after the test we'd have a lecture, learn skills, have time to practice skills if we're lucky, and come in the next morning only to repeat this hell. Sometimes we had a day where we didn't have exams though. Sometimes we even had two days! But we had 10 exams total (5 written 5 skills) in a two week class. We had to learn how to use a catheter in a day! Not even a day, actually. And there were also "autofails" where if, say, I broke sterile technique, I'd fail. But hey, at least not all of them had that. And if we recognized it and said so we wouldn't fail. But the stress was still there. We all cracked in our own ways. And it didn't help that our teacher occasionally gave us false facts. She mixed up serous fluid and sanguine, eschar and slough, and even had the bright idea to be a smartass about it when it was questioned (before we confirmed on our own later). This was just from our final unit, I didn't even count her errors from earlier lessons.

So you might be thinking, who cares? It's life, it's college, get over it. Except for the fact that the people in this class are going to be caring for you when you need it most. So is it really a good idea to be teaching us information that isn't true? And that's the extra stress, because we had to go out of our way in this course to work around her incompetence. We had to stress about what we should know that we didn't learn. We had to stress about what skills to study to be tested on and often need to pry information from her (she said she was "giving us a gift by telling us what to expect" as opposed to memorizing an entire skill sheet the night before an exam). Even telling us what MIGHT be on it was a gift, according to her. But by the end I think everybody just stopped caring and we went through the motions. She told us what skills we needed, we were tested on the skills, we sucked on the written tests, and onto the next.

But it's over for now, and I start fall on the first of September. We will have 3 classes at once, multiple clinicals, and these classes are much longer. So it'll be hard, but that's fine. I knew it'd be hard, and teacher number 5 was the only one who was incompetent, so this hopefully was a one time thing.
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