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Stuck in a home with (family / related) occupants. March 1, 2015, 5:06 pm
Like the title says, I currently reside in a rented home with another relative of mine, whom I share bills / rent / other home payments with. Unfortunately, there are also blood-related relatives living in the same area, though they do little to pull their own weight (lightly putting it).

The other two said relatives / occupants are on some form of disability [some sort of anger issue, I gather] , and currently rely on aforementioned relative (stepmother) of mine as their payee for said funds. However, this hasn't stopped the two of them from working before.

As of right now;

While I don't do it myself nor have a problem with such, they smoke pot on a daily basis, but it's at the point where a good majority of the house believes its gotten to the abusive level.

I've learned from monitoring the ongoings in the house that there's indeed been -selling- of this going on within the home as well. Something me and the aforementioned stepmother have both tried to prevent. There are people coming in as late as 12AM - 3AM knocking on the basement windows to get their supply, basically.

The time-span mentioned is ALSO when people think it's 'okay' to sneak alcohol into the house and have their own parties in the basement. Even on days where some younger siblings need to sleep for school.

These two abuse myself, the stepmother, and the younger siblings in the house on a near-daily basis, mainly in the form of verbal abuse or otherwise messing with their heads. With one such occupant, this has gotten to the violent level. THIS, however, is frequent. Also results in a lot of broken items in the house.

With that said, I can say that we have, indeed, tried to come up with several ways for them to otherwise get out on their own, however all of our efforts so far are turning up with zip.

They refuse to find work. When pressured and DO find one, they can't hold it for longer than a month or two. This is usually by their own doing.

They refuse to look into other places to live, and ignore any comments about cheaper properties being found nearby.

They hold their disability check over my stepmother's head and claims she's using it for her own needs, however this is untrue as well. Their checks are being used to help them and the house, as well as going for food and home bills.

If threatened with police being called, they tell my stepmother (their mother) that they'll plant weed in her bedroom, and tell the cops to investigate. THIS, or they claim they'll commit suicide. This, again, has happened on more than one occasion. (somehow.) Now.. They -were- on the lease for the previous year on this house, I'm not exactly sure if this accounts for anything. Some info would be GREATLY appreciated here.

Right now, I'm completely clueless on where to go from here. The stepmother's too stubborn to actually CALL the police or anyone else worth calling / informing of the situation, so I'd figured that maybe a majority / crowd might be enough to help figure out where we need to go.

EDIT: Pardon for the weird formatting. Not too used to making a text post on here.

EDIT II: I really wish more of my posts could be about general forum / Doom-related stuff. But it seems like most of the decent advice I get comes from here.

Streaming Doom Builder February 28, 2015, 3:49 am
Thought I'd mess around, try and get some more newgothic out. And streaming it. I may or may not keep it up.

Speed Running February 26, 2015, 8:58 am
I was trying to speed run through Half-Life like in that 20min video.

I got to the part where there's large hanging crates over a pit, but there were no crates. The crates were replaced by hanged Barneys. I got to get to the other side, so I jump across and grab one of them. I swing with it and grab another. I get a little entangled with the ropes, but eventually get to the other side.

Then there's that bullsquid and sewer like place, it jumps and breaks some catwalk. I thought I could jump over the broken area, but it didn't work, so I was back up before the jump. I try a few times more, but no, can't get through. Then I go back before the bullsquid broke catwalk and tell it to not jump and break stuff.

I see the usual route ahead, and I see a broken wall before it and there's a dark tunnel with some wooden stuff, green toxic puddles and some kind large crates that move inside the wood tunnels. I thought I'll go this route instead, because I hadn't seen it before. I figured I had to move fast, not to get crushed by the large moving crates, and also to jump over the toxic puddles. In one corner of a wood part I see a Recoil Weapon Mod, but didn't feel like stopping to pick it up, didn't even have any weapons I could use it with.

It goes on for a while, and I come to a dark slimy cave. I see some kind of switch panel ahead, and 2 little switches on its sides. I hit all 3 switches. There is some large opening with more mechanical stuff at the left and 2 smaller tunnels on the right. I go to the middle tunnel.

I come out of the caves & tunnels and there's a blue sky almost near sunset. I see a grassy pathway down to a overlook above a body of water. Nearby I see a blue armor, and on the overlook I see another and a soulsphere. I try to get the nearby blue armor, but it runs away laughing. I run down to the soulsphere and the other blue armor and pick them up. There's also a few health potions and I pick them up as well, as I noticed from the SBAR my health didn't go up to 200%.

I run back up and get to a desert. I have a blue ball in my right hand. I think it's a throwable weapon. The sun is setting and the desert is colored orange/amber. There's a bunch of dunes and cylindrical mounds. On my right side I can hear a road with cars going on it, but when I look, it's filled with impenetrable wall of fog. I turn left and continue running. I climb over one mound and they're hollow from the top and there's some deep red liquid like substance in the hole.

Shadows from the dunes and mounds look almost like alive. I try not to step on any of them. I hear a car louder, and when I look to the right again, it's penetrated the fog, and parks next to some mound with half of it still visible. That kind of scared me. I turn away from it and I continue running faster. I can see the edge of the desert. I start wondering if I can make it there in time. But then the scene fades and I'm on my bed.

Rant about all this TWID etc crap February 25, 2015, 11:25 pm
saw a thread about MLFD2TWID and PERDITIONS GATE TWID, didnt want to throw my post away since the thread got helled. i feel this community is wasting tons of potential by making maps with dated design so here we go:

oh ffs

TNT REVILUTION (or tnt2 idk)

Thats just on top of my head. I guess we have enough wads inspired in the original design (and some of them praised for cloning a dated design). Make an effort at exercising your creativity, which happens to be the main benefit of mapping (and other arts). Seriously, you guys don't have excuses considering the wide range of possibilities of limit removing source-ports, let alone others like edge, boom, zdoom and doomsday. and sorry, someone had to point out this special kind of cancer plaguing the mapping community (again).

You like the original design? Fine, play the original maps.


Minor in mathematics February 25, 2015, 1:27 pm
I'm majoring in computer science (first year), and I'm thinking of taking minor in math. The reason is because of its connection to computer science (since it's a sub-field of math), and I like it a lot. The question is, are these a good pair?

For CS degrees, math courses include Calculus I and II, Discrete Mathematics, Statistics, Linear Algebra and Numerical Methods. As for the mathematics minor, it includes Calculus III, Foundations of Mathematics, Normal Differential Equations, Mathematical Analysis I, Abstract Algebra I and other math courses in the choice of the student.

I feel getting a minor in math is a waste of time. It's because where I live, computer scientists and engineers usually end up in programming jobs, or maintaining computers. So it's very likely that I won't work in the "theoretical" part of computer science, and I "assume" that math is applied more on the theoretical part than programming (or software engineering).

Shall I forget it and pursue other minors, or am I being ignorant about how good it is to study such pair?

I have a professor who doesn't believe in evolution February 24, 2015, 2:04 pm
I have a professor who teaches my Exercise, Nutrition, and Wellness class who has hinted on more than one occasion that the theory of evolution can't be true.

He thinks the claim that human beings evolved from primates, and by extension microorganisms is totally bogus. Human beings, particularly how the body works internally, are far too complex, mysterious, and perfect to have possibly evolved from things that are so simple and vulnerable.

Having been in his class, he's highly educated, enthusiastic about the subject, and far from stubborn. I trust his judgment on a lot of things and he's by far more involved with the class than any of my other instructors. I don't know for sure if he believes in creationism, but I've overheard him telling a story to someone about some people he met at a church, so he may be an active church goer. He researches nutrition and physical exercises daily on the internet and on youtube and has something new to tell us every class, often finding out interesting stuff, and even finding articles claiming some human body functions that scientists have yet to have clear explanations for.

I'm not necessarily saying I agree or disagree with him, but I find it interesting to hear someone like him who is well educated and otherwise very open-minded make the claim that evolution can't be real. I haven't yet picked his brain about it, as I'd rather complete the semester and get my final grade before possibly offending him if I sound too contrarian to his beliefs.

Gatorade February 23, 2015, 8:09 pm
I like it

Some game development stuff February 22, 2015, 11:02 am
Both my game projects are currently stand-alone. Blaze doesn't need any content from Doom and TigerCake doesn't need anything from Quake.

I've been thinking of releasing a demo of both sometime soon, though I'm kinda taking a break from working on anything now. I think I continue with TigerCake when I continue. Anyway I wonder how much content should be in them? Is there enough already? Or should it be like a private demo for a chosen few people?

Blaze has 2 normal levels and 1 level for trying out a scenario with lots of enemies. There's 4 weapons, 1 enemy and 1 player.

I wanted to add a turret and a robot enemy, but then I kinda ran out of motivation/ideas to work. I have some old robot enemy, but it needs some changes. In its current state it would better fit for TigerCake. I also have one flying enemy, but it also fit better for TigerCake now.. if it was more organic looking it would be ok for Blaze as a flying alien enemy.

TigerCake has 1 small level, 1 medium level and 1 Quake style start level. Player got 8 weapons, 2 animated enemies, 1 unanimated enemy, and 1 player character.

Sound quality in TigerCake is a bit questionable. All the sounds are very loud/compressed/maximized. Without the maximizing they sounded like some barely audible fart puffs. When I tried the maximized sounds in Doom, they were insanely loud/clear. When I tried the non-maximized sounds in Doom, they were like the maximized sounds in DarkPlaces. Also it's kind of annoying to do the maximizing, and it can make the sounds clip.

Then there's also the difficulty level (for both). Should I be able to beat the game on the hardest difficulty? If I make the hardest difficulty so difficult that I can't beat the game.. Then there's a chance that I make it too hard. But if I can beat the game on the hardest, then there's probably someone who think it's not hard enough.

Currently I have the enemy move and attack rate decreased/increased depending on the difficulty level. Baby skill got double health for player. I tried some different damages too, and taking damage from own explosions in Blaze.. but half the weapons are explosive, and the aliens pounce so much, it wasn't exactly fun.

Old 'Noose' Recordings February 21, 2015, 11:52 pm
thought up '96-'99, recorded '01-'04 with acid 2.0 & 3.0 back in the day... If only MP3 soundtracks were possible back in the 90's :(

I'll have more posted of many other types of music pages I've done...

"My Soundtracks" and "Programmed Synths" <- these are actually not what you think and sound really damn good. I'll be using them in DOOM.

Departure (for a while) February 16, 2015, 11:30 pm
Hello, people of Doomworld. I am having a departure from this site because the "InstaDoom" craze. Even though I commented "10/10 Linguica is god - IGN" I was being sarcastic. I will move on to Half-Life mapping, and learning UnrealScript and mapping for Unreal. And also, If that's not enough, I will be mapping for GTA (2D universe). Goodbye.

PS: I will be on EE from time to time.