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The neighbors... July 26, 2016, 7:00 pm
The three or four people I converse with on occasion know that I've moved about a year ago. From a small apartment of 8 or so years to a house..again. Next door is a duplex, as I'm typing the two small yappy dogs are once again suspended outside the sliding door by a small length of leash. No one ever walks them. Sometimes I see a woman, she comes out, sits down with a tablet, smokes a cigarette. Goes back inside. I've seen her on occasion, sitting in the van parked on the drive. It's not running. Just sitting, staring. The dogs..they are so tiny, surely it would be no effort to walk them. There's a baby in there, I never hear it.

During the spring, a teenager was outdoors. He lifts a large rock, or sometimes a slab of masonry over his head, throws it into the side of their only tree. He does this everyday for a few days. In one instance it looks as though he is trying to toss the rocks up into the tree. Is this a new workout? Some kind of tree-vandalism? What does he hope to accomplish? I find this person's activities very distracting. I know you can't be well-off, your family doesn't own this property..why are you destroying this perfectly healthy tree? Bark keeps disease and parasites away. You idiot.

At night, I contemplate going over there and taking the rocks and masonry from their little pile at the corner of the house and hiding them in my garage. One or two trips, I could do it. He would wake up, do god-knows-what before preparations for his daily battle, and find his implements missing. That would end this charade pretty quick.

The other day, two men were chatting it up in the backyard. There's a small cover of greenery blocking most of the view, and a rickety wire fence that connects to my garage, which was obviously built several years after house. Now I see them often, they go into the duplex's garage..the car is still always parked in the drive. The door is open, once again I never hear anything. Only at night, around midnight, the sounds of a power tool, possibly a drill. They don't look particularly handy, there's junk strewn everywhere in the yard, obscured by the fence-growth. That little white bench could be easily fixed..why don't you at least pick up and stack the masonry littered about? I don't understand these people. If they would just walk their dogs, I wouldn't care...maybe fix those blinds on the second level, they look terrible all askew like that. It's the teenagers room, I bet.

Got a new certification July 26, 2016, 4:52 pm
After many weeks of studying, I've just received good news from my boss that I passed my Information Systems Management (EMC ISM) exam, wooo!

I'm going to take the CompTIA A+ cert sometime within the next few months, then after that I'll start preparing for the VMware cert.

Feels good man, feels good.

Is there something wrong with me? July 26, 2016, 9:43 am
(oh look, it's another one of those threads)

I recently came to conclusion that there're quite a few people who seem to dislike me.
One of them even expects me to be banned
. This isn't good.

So, i want you to tell me if there's something wrong with me, so that maybe i could improve myself. Personally, i always considered myself Lawful Good and never expected that somebody would dislike me, but turns out i was wrong.. I guess to better see myself i need to hear opinions about me from other people.

So basically just tell everything you think about me and i'll see what i can do to improve myself.

ITT: Self-conscious validation seeking July 25, 2016, 3:02 pm
So, I've burned a number of bridges over time, and had some serious behavior problems. I have strong regrets from some of the things I've pulled.

I feel like I've improved since then, but after my recent request to be unbanned from ZDF was turned down, I'm having some self-doubt.

Am I still a piece of shit?

I think my wife is going to have our baby soon. July 24, 2016, 3:50 pm
Shes having alot of pain and lost her Mucus plug the other day, docters saysd shes got a little longer but shes getting that super crazy prenent mentality going on I usually only see right at the end. This will be our 3rd and final child, I planned on not having another child but I don't believe in abortion and had a drunk bday, luckely the insurance is covering getting her Tubes tied right after the delivery/c-section. We know he's a boy and We're naming Him Kaid. I really hope he doesnt come for a few day so I can put my vacation time in proper. I feel its coming soon.

Readiness Kits July 23, 2016, 11:20 am
For years I've been putting off making a readiness kit to keep in the trunk of my car. I have always told myself, "Next paycheck for sure."

Well, yesterday I finally went ahead and did it. Here is what I have so far:

In the top:

•Cotton Swabs


•Steril gauze
•Medical Tape
•Antiseptic Ointment
•Burn Ointment
•Fingernail Clippers
•Batteries for flashlight
•Mini screwdriver kit
•Spare phone charger
•Latex Gloves
•Duct Tape
•1 Quarter

Items to be added:

•Mini sewing kit
•Garbage bags
•Safety Vest
•Road Flares
•Can and Bottle Opener
•Zip ties (Thank you MrGlide)
•Nonperishable food (Thank you MrGlide)
•Thermometer (Thank you Deadwolves)
•Universal Charger (Thank you Deadwolves)
•Candles (Thank you Technician)
•Life Straw (Thank you yukib1t)
•Whistle (Thank you TheCupboard)
•MREs (Thank you The Cupboard)
•Bug Repellent (Thank you Fraggle)
•Whatever else I think of (and write in the notepad)


Being prepared is important because you never know when an emergency will strike. Do you have a readiness kit in your car or home? If so, what do you have inside?

You're on fire stupid LOL July 22, 2016, 7:46 pm
Did you guys see those people burning the American flag and then one of them caught on fire? It's about 30 seconds end of this video

In disclaimer this thread has nothing to do with the rest of the video unless you really really want it to.

"You're on fire stupid!"

I'm interested in how the other community members see me. July 21, 2016, 7:34 pm
I don't really know how to ask this without coming off like a Goof, but I get so paranoid sometimes. Most time's I don't care what others think but sometimes I get this weird hair up my ass about what others think of me. (and when I get a little to far of my meds I start thinking people talk about me, lol no one talks about me. It's funny kinda to look back at odd thinking patterns and see how silly they just are.) So out of bordom and paranoia I'd like to know what you think of me. Do not worry about being hurtful or having constructive critisism.

(Blog/Vent) I'm really excited that I'm working on a mega wad. July 21, 2016, 3:21 pm
I'm putting this in post because I'v not really anything finished enough to show but am excited about it wanted to talk about it a bit, just a need to express myself I guess without letting it pent up. So I'm making a boom compatible map set with Iwad textures (UDoom, Doom 2,Final Doom) and standard monsters for now.

I also want to greyscale some of the enemies just to mess with them in whacked so I can try to see what I feel works and what doesn't. I'm still adement about getting my ss zombie trooper done, I'v been learning alot just messing with that, like about the color pallet and such. It's all been a great and fun learning experience.

as for my levels I'v got weapon and goal flow down for the whole 30 levels, and names for each of the maps, I'm going to divvy it up into 3 episodes, going mars, earth, hell. I'v got some really cool plausible ideas and I'm practicing alot with decorating. Been studying Ribbicks and Skillsaws work alot recently. I need to check out more of eissles work as well (I still havn't played BTSX, lol whoops XD).

I'v got the general ideas of all the maps in my head as well, keeping the flow good in theory and the maps diverse. I'm still having a hard time understanding all the doom map types (in game play style) in my head but feel I'm getting close. I'v been focussing more on goal types of the maps and it's been an easier way for my to mentally picture whats going on with the maps. So I'm in a good mood today but am going to be focusing pretty exclusively on classic doom since the last doom'16 patch fucked mp and my graphics card isn't strong enough to make nice videos at good ms for campaign.

My son Really into doom as well, he's been playing alot of classic on xbox and can beat all of doom 2 now, he's only 7. He really like's Ribbicks maps when he sees them and always wants to play them and has been bugging me about trying classic deathmatch. I'v been setting up my wife's laptop and been getting it set up for him to play mp on. Today is good.

Jaxxoon R
Flailing about in 68K Assembly July 20, 2016, 1:04 pm
Oh wait, there's already a thread for dreams, okay. I thought that would be sort of inane and so only fit for blogs. So I've cannibalized this into something completely different.

So I've been messing around in a Sonic 1 disassembly recently, it's been quite the time. I've actually managed to figure out how to loop things so as to create pauses, so that's been pretty useful for doing the digitized narration as seen in this little video:
In the process though, I've ended up destroying the stage select somehow. Also I made a weird bug where collecting a ring in the special stage causes the player to just up and disappear. It's kind of funny, but I plan to remove the special stages anyway. Over all, despite being really weird having to do things like knowing when to use bra.s or bra.w and when to use jmp, I've had far better success with this than getting visual studio to work (read: more than zero).