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To all Quake II fans July 26, 2014, 6:04 am
I have recently started a new Quake II map with a custom texture pack.
You can find a development screenshot here:

Me and the Universe July 25, 2014, 9:16 pm
So tonight I walked outside and looked up at the night sky, and since there was no moon the stars seemed really bright, brighter than usual. I live out in the country, just outside town, and there's very little light pollution, if any, so maybe that's why. Anyway, I got to thinking: I'm actually looking deep, deep into the past. Those stars are just like our Sun (in that they are nuclear furnaces anyway), but they are so unbelievably far away so as to appear like tiny glowing dots. I thought: how far are these objects from Earth, and how far away are they from each other? It was quite mind-blowing to think about. Then I went back inside and looked up pictures of stars and galaxies on Google Images and had my mind blown further still. I kept trying to imagine the distances to these places and objects, their sheer size, their ancient ages. The feeling I got from it, and always have, is a very deep sense of humility and awe. It makes me feel unimaginably tiny, but I'm also grateful, grateful to be alive in a period of human history where we can actually detect planets around stars, see galaxies that are over ten billion light years out, where humans can, in a limited sense of course, live in space. And all this is just the beginning. Who knows where we as a species may be in another century, provided of course we don't nuke ourselves into nuclear winter or some other catastrophe, over some nonsensical religious or governmental ideology.
Your thoughts?

I hate when I dream about my father July 20, 2014, 7:44 pm
This tends to happen sometimes.
When i'm dreaming about my father I tend to wake up with tears, mainly because the end of those dreams are always just sad as hell for me.

My dad died some time ago from cancer (If i recall correctly), it was very shocking for me, I remember very ell stading at his side in the hospital while he passed away and I could not believe it. Most of that sadness that I felt was because I was remembering the time I didn't spend with him, and the way he looked weeks and probably months before his death (very skinny and with some bad humour) and because he liked to be alone... or so I thought.

2 nights before I dreamed about my father, he was in his bedroom with some cards (he really loved poker!) and when I saw him i was like about to cry when he called me and asked me if I wanted to play with him. I said yes.
We played and talked a lot, it was very emotional, because we talked about when I was a little kid and we played and talked (we rarely talked the past 2 years before he died, but I started talking to him more months before), I don't know why, but instead of common lights we were using some candles. At the end of the dream the candles were about to fade when he asked for a hug, and then we hug each other. I recall waking up and remembering everything and started to cry a lot.
So i'm not sure what it does mean... it seems that I really wanted to apologize and said hoy much I loved him, but I can do it only in my dreams.

I don't recall having a funny or good dream about my dad, they're always sad.

In other news, I think it's time to start mapping again to distract myself.

My personal thoughts on the Doom ***4*** reveal July 18, 2014, 7:14 pm
Here's a video showing peoples' reactions to the Doom ***4*** reveal at Quakecon that was posted today:


I thought it was interesting and I have some thoughts about it.

First of all, what's the current state of development of the new Doom game? It's hard to tell of course, but all signs so far have pointed to it being stuck in development hell: in the past few months we've seen Carmack's departure from the company along with several negative comments about the company on that went viral. Here's another article from last year with some more info.

Recently we've seen what on the face of it looks like more positive news: the teaser trailer, the news that Wolfenstein preorders would get beta access to the new Doom, and now this reveal at Quakecon. But is it just a clever PR strategy to build up hype? "the DOOM beta won’t begin until a later, yet-to-be announced date" says the Wolfenstein: New Order website, and the teaser video only showed what amounted to a few model close-ups and no actual gameplay.

This reveal is the first time that id have shown actual gameplay to outsiders. But a few things make me skeptical.

First of all, the lack of any public showing reeks of a PR attempt to build social media hype by making people talk about it. If the game is almost ready, why not just show it publicly or better still, let people at Quakecon actually try it out? Why all these silly games with closed theaters and the strict no-photography rules?

Secondly, I can't help noticing how they kept the fans who did see it waiting for several hours before they were allowed to see it. In the video above you can see one of them say how he waited for two and a half hours to see the reveal. If you think about it, this again seems like a clever marketing tactic to get lots of positive "reviews": the only people who have seen the reveal are the biggest Doom fans, the ones eagerly anticipating this game who were dedicated enough to hang around long enough to see it. And they got exactly what they wanted: a crowd of people all too eager to tell the waiting journalists how awesome the new Doom game looks.

The PR story that Id seem desperate to play up is that Doom is almost done, and its release is only just around the corner. But I don't think those beta testers will be seeing this for at least another year, probably at least a year and a half - and maybe even longer. We're even seeing admissions to this effect - that the whole thing was a PR stunt to try to restore some "confidence" in the game's development.

On the positive side we do at least have some details about what the game might be like when it's done. One thing that seems abundantly clear is that the gameplay is very similar to Brutal Doom: we've heard talk of spines being ripped out, hand-to-hand combat and intentionally excessive gore. One tweet I saw described it as "Brutal Doom in HD".

Brutal Doom is controversial among classic Doom fans; personally I'm on the fence about it. Classic Doom to me was always a spooky and atmospheric experience rather than a horror/gorefest, though certainly there are aspects of both in the game. Games like Serious Sam and Painkiller have been called spiritual successors to classic games like Doom, but personally I just found them tedious.

That said, it wouldn't be very interesting if they were just doing Doom 3 again, with slightly improved graphics, so maybe this is a good thing. Things that aren't changing are usually dead, and perhaps what FPSes need more than anything is something different, more light hearted and fun rather than just another straight-laced military combat simulator. God knows we have enough of those on the market already. I just hope all those "finishing moves" don't become repetitive and tired after five minutes of gameplay.

EDIT: Corrected a couple of errors and added a couple of details I found in this thread.

A Unity Game July 17, 2014, 8:10 pm
So I've been developing a very simple game on Unity. The basic idea is to avoid spawning obstacles controlling 4 ships. My current aim is to finish all the scripting before importing assets, that is why everything you see in the video is a cube.



Might not look attractive, but this is my first good attempt to make a video game. I still have to script spawning obstacles, score and other few necessary stuff. What do you think?

Beta Testing Games July 17, 2014, 7:35 am
I've been beta testing a game. I put a lot of time in. I write the dev team a lot of notes. This is all unprofessional, unpaid. I'm starting to question the developer's talent. The game is pretty awful and its been in development for 2 years. There are glaring errors that I feel like they don't even play the game when they give it to me to beta test. Several game breaking things that just kind of waste my chance to play it since they feed me a new test every day. If there's something right at the beginning that fails to work. I just can't test it for a day. If they forget to put the ammo in the level, its another day until I get a new build.

The whole questioning the team's talents have lead me to start C++ programming again just so I can tell them how to fix what's wrong. Yet they don't. I question how long I can endure testing this awful game.

I would spill the beans and tell you the game, but it would come back to me. Not that I'm being paid, but a friend works there and the heat would come back to him. Plus, I don't want the game to get derailed as being shit when they could fix things and maybe the game won't be shit. I'm really leaning toward this thing will be shit no matter what happens.

Thankfully my friend isn't the level designer or the programmer, or we probably wouldn't be friends anymore :-)
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Fasting July 16, 2014, 5:17 pm
So I decided to try food fasting for a week, because why not. Currently sixth day without any meal intake, just regularly drinking mineral water and vitamin pills once a day. Lost like 6 kilograms already, although roughly 3 will be back almost immediately after fasting is over - biochemistry is a bitch. Surprisingly, no hunger feeling whatsoever since lasting through first day. I was expecting at least 2 or 3 days to be rough on willpower. Generally just feeling dizzy for a little while after changing positions like getting up from chair and it's easy to get physically exhausted (after 7 km walk I was completely drained out). Uh, that's about it.

How to rob yourself (so it would seem). July 15, 2014, 2:51 pm
NOTE: This isn't an actual tutorial on robbing yourself but there are steps that you can take from this which was demonstrated by my uncle.

Last week we received a call from my uncle whom I haven't seen in a good few years. He requested that we come down on Saturday as we hadn't seen him since he last moved house. The journey was long and consisted of a few train journeys which so happened to include the typical poncy workers going to work with their ties done up to 11, toilets that were disgusting and of course windows that wouldn't shut because that's First Crapital Connect for you. Anyway, we made it to his house in South East London, had the BBQ and I was offered a chance to stay to which I accepted.

And what a fucking night it was...

We had a few, it's true and my uncle gives Nick (his partner), who so happens to be in the same state as a typical bus shelter dweller, the keys to his house with one request; put the keys in the lock box. Me and my uncle stay down the pub for a few more then head back at 1:00 in the morning and what happened? Keys weren't in the lock box. My uncle bangs on the door for a good half an hour then we give up and back to the pub we go after that, we go back (again). Same thing happens so he knocks on next doors door goes through into the house and climbs onto the roof, attempts to climb through the bathroom window (which so happens to be extremely tiny). His neighbour (some old twat with crutches), rudely lets me in so I am stood in their garden pissed as a fart and what do I see? My uncle half way in (or out) of the window to the bathroom, wriggles a bit and finally falls in and proceeds to let me in. In the house now and Barry tells me he found the keys, he goes upstairs and all I hear is "I told you to put those BLOODY keys in the lock box!"

To summarise; put your BLOODY keys somewhere safe, don't end up giving them to a friend and/or family member when they're in a state like that. As funny as it was, I am just glad my uncle's partner got home safe.

Gaming July 14, 2014, 1:01 pm
...With a new (Generic run of the mill) Let's Play youtube channel. Videos are more for walkthrough purposes (Or video right now), so there isn't much for commentary. I didn't just want to ramble, so I opted for silence.

Give it a peek or two!

Decided to break away from other actual YT account in order to have a little more focus. Chaser might be a generic starting choice, but I like it, and need to finish it.