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Arioch - Tech guy
Made in China, Arioch knows everything when it comes to computers. Installing Linux, maintaining a database, setting up CRON jobs, or dealing with Marv: no wizardry is beyond his reach. Fascinated by ZDoom, for yet unknown reasons, he happens to pop up on the front page to announce the secret release of yet another beta.
Bigd - Features guy
Well-known for his work on the now defunct Doomcenter, Bigd brought to the community pretty weirdly regular features such as Wadsters, IRC 1 on 1 interviews, Screenshot Galleries and much, much more. This could have been enough to topple Doomworld's empire, so we decided to put an end to it and set up a successful rapt. From now on, we'll do our best to keep this guy as inactive as possible. Hopefully, Interpol will never know.
Bloodshedder - News guy
Infamous accomplice of Bigd, Bloodshedder is the kind of nightmare any news site wants to have control of. Restlessly, he keeps on posting news until there are no more messages in his mail box. Even then, he keeps on checking for new mails. Thank God, a fair amount of dollars proved to be enough and he soon accepted to betray his old friend. He finally decided the wisest move was to stay in our basement a little bit before flying to Switzerland.
CodeImp - Resources Maintainer
CodeImp, creator of the semi-famous Doom Builder editor, also happens to be our most active resources maintainer. His imp-like stealth skills have previously allowed him to remain an unknown Doomworld staff member, but now you know he's the one who's really updating all the source port and editor indexes.
Cyb - News guy
From Eulogy and Artica to Zort and 6 Doomers, from Doom Damnit to DavinSTD, Cyb was a staple of weird crap in the Doom community back in the late 90's. He also ran Doom Nation for a while, where he held the world record for most consecutive updates using the word "heh". Although he refused to join Doomworld back in 2000 when Doom Nation collapsed, he finally came crawling back. They all do.
Dittohead - News guy
This guy has written various video game-related articles for sites like Total, Planet Duke, the defunct Nintendo 64 Planet, Edge Network, and others, but of course no one in the Doom community has really heard of him until now. Hopefully, Dittohead will achieve what he's always wanted: fame and fortune via Doomworld.
Julian - Website Maintainer
After years of reading Doomworld and wishing he could be part of the site, Julian drew a golden ticket from a banner ad and won the chance to take a tour of the Doomworld factory. While all the rest of the children were killed in various creative and nonoffensive ways, Julian alone stood firm and won the greatest prize of all: the chance to post news about an old, old game.
Linguica - Co-Founder / Freeloader
One of the founders of Doomworld, Linguica "quit" Doomworld in 2003 but soon found that the site still had a hold on him, almost like some sort of chemical that causes cravings by altering body chemistry, if such a thing existed. Although he never officially re-joined the staff, Linguica now enjoys the most envied position on the site: he does what he wants without bothering about any sort of "obligation" or "consequences". Among Linguica's contributions are the design of this website, the code that runs this website, a lot of the content on this website, and legal paternity of everyone that reads this website.
Manc - News guy
Owner of MancuNET, where he lends his site design, bandwidth, and support talents, Manc has become a veritable cornerstone of the Doom community. So it's only natural that we force him at gunpoint to update Doomworld with the odd news item now and then.
Mewse - News guy
Mewse has put work into Doom Nation, DoomHQ, and even tried to help out at NewDoom although he doesn't like to talk about it. He's followed the Doom community since shortly following the release of the source code, but no one can explain why he's still here.
Mordeth - Co-Founder & Resources Maintainer
Mordeth has been around since the beginning, and when the chance comes, he happens to update the information you can find if you browse our numerous pages. His favorite hobbies include having his computer stolen and doing his best to release Mordeth TC after Millennium. Needless to say, he's quite busy.

Feeling Lonely?

Just want to talk? Try the Doomworld Forums. Or, most of the time, one of the core members of Doomworld can be found on IRC. Connect to any OFTC server and join #doom or #zdoom. If we're not there, then you can probably find someone else to talk to :)

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