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Alright, kiddies, got a few things for you to follow if you ever want to be a part of DoomWorld. Follows these steps, and you'll find yourself on the definitive source for Doom news, information, and development:
  • Must have the page ready for us to review. Put it up on a temporary server like GeoCities or whatever.
  • Only Doom-related pages will be allowed here. Sorry, no Quake stuff...go to Telefragged for that.
  • We already have a page for Doom news, files, and links. Please don't send us an application for another Doom news/files/links page.
DoomWorld is looking for the best of the best in webpages. We want to see the most unique and original pages out there about Doom. If you have one, you stand a good chance of being allowed into DoomWorld. You see something we're missing, then pitch it at us. If we like it, that will also give you a good chance of being hosted by us.

Getting Hosted

There are two ways of starting the process of being hosted on DoomWorld. Follow these simple steps.
  1. Email us at
  2. Please make the subject of the email "HOSTING"
  3. We email you back.
Simple, huh? We prefer to make the hosting process as quick and easy as possible to facilitate the addition of new sites. In plain english: it's simple to do so you spend time working on the page and not waiting to complete a novel-sized list of requirements.

The second way of getting hosted is if we see your page and are impressed by it, and you fit one of the following descriptions:
  • Hosted by Geocities
  • Hosted by your ISP
  • Basically, hosted anywhere except what would be considered a "rival site"

Thank You

Please email ONLY and wait about 48 hours for a response. If you do not hear from us in 48 hours, then your site was most likely denied to be hosted here on DoomWorld. However, do not let that dissuade you. Make another page and try again, or revamp your page and try again. Refusal for one of your sites does not disqualify you from ever having a site here.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules and we hope you consider allowing DoomWorld to be your host.