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10 Sectors Contest
Cartographers discovered long ago that every possible map could be created using only four elements.

We're giving you ten.

Ever since 1993, Doom level editing has become more and more of a refined art. As the year passed and as level editors became more sophisticated, suddenly the levels which had once looked good, were woefully underdetailed and sometimes downright ugly. After the release of Doom's source code, and the subsequent removal of all sorts of limits, level editors were free to create giant, complex levels which would never have been possible under the original executable. The times when square rooms and sparse decoration were acceptable have come and gone.

Well, it's time to return to the good old days. The contest is simple:

  • Make a single-player Doom 2 level using no more than ten sectors.
That's it. Well, there are a few more rules, but I'll list those later. Just make a single-player Doom 2 map with no more than 10 sectors, and send it in (zipped) to Linguica.

You might be wondering, how the hell can anyone make a single-player map using only 10 sectors?. It might not be as hard as you think. Here's a version of Doom 2 Map30 (runs on Map30, of course) that I whipped up, making use of a mere 10 sectors. Sure, it might look a little... weird, but everything is there.

Oh yeah... the prize. Well, the winner gets a brand new


to play with. That's right -- a state of the art, top of the line, Voodoo5 complete with its blazing-fast speed and smooth hardware antialiasing. All for making a lousy 10 sectors.

Extra rules and details:

  • Winners will be judged partially on aesthetics, but gameplay and creativity will be the big concern (the level better be fun, and we want to see you using those 10 sectors creatively).
  • Judging will be done either by Linguica, or Linguica and a panel, depending on what he can scrounge up. All entries will be judged blindly and without knowledge of the authors, and no one who submits a map will be allowed to judge their own.
  • All WADs will be inspected and any with over 10 sectors will be disqualified. All submitted levels will be opened in DETH, all unused objects will be removed (F10 menu), and then the sectors will be counted. Under 10 sectors is no problem, so if you can make a cool level with like 3, more power to you.
  • All WADs must be fully Boom compatible. That means no specific features of ZDoom, Doom Legacy, MBF, EDGE, or whatever.
  • No new textures, flats, music, sounds, graphics, or sprites. This is mostly so all the WADs can be compiled into one megawad without any real problems.
  • No Map07-specific sector effects, please.
  • Enter as often as you like.
  • Anonymous screenshots of your WAD may be posted. If you don't want anyone to see your WAD except the judges, just say so in the email submitting your entry.
  • If you submit a WAD and then fix it up and want to resubmit it, just email me the new one and tell me which one it's replacing.
  • Name your wads something original, preferably with your name in it somewhere. I don't want 800 "10sector.wad"s that I have to rename manually.
  • All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST, September 22nd, 2000.
  • Employees, families of employees, or other hangers-on of Telefragged or its network sites can enter all they like, but they can't win.
  • All entries become the property of Doomworld, in that we plan on compiling and releasing one big megawad of all the entries, and we don't want anyone complaining.
  • BTW, when I say 10 sectors, you are absolutely allowed to have each sector be made up of a bunch of non-connected polygons. That's more or less the whole point, really. Go open Gothic DM 2 Map08 in a level editor to see what I mean.
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