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07/12/03 - Fix released
For those that are having problems with DesktopDoom not starting as a screen saver, I've released a fix which you can find in the downloads section or download directly from here. Don't bother downloading the fix if you're not experiencing this problem.
03/12/03 - DesktopDoom 2.0.57
I have finally released DesktopDoom 2. It only took me three years or so to get off my arse and do it :). DesktopDoom is Doom based screen saver for those that do not know...

Some of the new features:
  • Based on ZDoom 2.0.57 (hence version 2.0.57 of DesktopDoom)
  • Bot deathmatch is now the focus instead of demo playback
  • Bot view changes automatically
  • Mouse movement now closes the screen saver
  • Control Panel does not require Visual Basic run-time libraries anymore
  • Read changes.txt for a more detailed changes list

Make sure you read the manual.html file for installation and configuration instructions. Please email me any problems you encounter and features requests. I have not tested it thoroughly on Windows 9x, but it should work fine.

Download it here.

By Thomas Sturm
Kindly hosted by Telefragged and Doomworld