WinTex Plus

WinTex Plus is modified version of WinTex. It will have all kinds of cool stuff in it. I've stopped work on it, but I've kept the page up, just for the hell of it.

+ has been completed
- hasn't been done
? could be done
/ Half completed
@ Needs to be redone.

@ Console
+ All dialogs use system colours
+ Load and save entries on Viewer.
- Support for long file names
+ Prompt for deleting unused space when saving.
- Sorting of lumps.
- Quickly import heaps of lumps.
- Improved interface.
@ Scripting language.
- Saving into my own configuration format rather than INI files.
+ Zoom and Scroll buttons on level viewer.

Please send more suggestions in to me.


Copyright 1999 Thomas Sturm