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Doom 3 Info

Unofficial Doom 3 FAQ

Doomworld's own FAQ for id Software's new Doom game. All the info which has leaked out about it can be found here. As you might imagine, there's not much information yet, but this is the place to go to get up to speed on everything that we know.

Examination of Doom 3 Technology

An excellent article on the technologies likely to be used in the new Doom, based on the video that was shown at the MacWorld 2001 Expo. A must read for anyone interested in the technical details.

The Men behind Doom 3

A look at a few current id Software guys, their previous achievements, and what they could mean to Doom 3.

QuakeCon 2001 Information

A summary of all available information released at QuakeCon 2001, including a press release about Quake 4 and descriptions of a new DOOM video.