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Doom 3 Screenshots

E3 XBox press shots

4 shots from the XBox version as well as the "final" logo with some nice blues.

March 2004 Shot

One new shot showing a jogging revenant in a cramped hallway.

December 2003 Shots

6 screenshots from The first two are old, the last four are new.

October 2003 Shot

A single new shot of the Hell-Knight looking all mean and ready to kill someone.

September 2003 Shots

Two new shots of the Revenant and some Trites (head spiders) which also appeared in PC Gamer in the same month.

August 14 Quakecon Multiplayer Shots

Two new (red) shots of Doom3's multiplayer which was demoed for the first time at Quakecon 2003.

May 2003 E3 Shots

Two screenshots taken at E3 2003 of previously unseen monsters; the Lost Soul and some sort of spider face-hugger thing.

May 2003 Wallpaper

1600x1200 wallpaper featuring a slightly different logo and new pics of the imp and archvile.

April 2003 Gamespot Shot

Another shot of that crazy chainsaw-wielding zombie!

Dec. 3 Entertainment Weekly Shot

Single shot from 12/02 Entertainment Weekly magazine, which features the first shot of a new chainsaw-wielding zombie.

PC Gamer Dec. 2002 Screenshots

Seven scans from the 12/02 PC Gamer article which featured lots of new info on Doom 3, including the first look at the archvile.

8/15/02 Screenshots

Yet two more screenshots from id, this time showing off an extreme close-up of the new imp, and some cool lighting on a demon.

7/30/02 Screenshots

Two high-resolution screenshots randomly released by Activision. Hey, nobody's complaining, right?

E3 2002 Screenshots

Four high-resolution screen captures from Doom III, showing off some various creatures and environments.

Doom III: The Legacy Stills

30 stills taken from the seven-minute movie shown at E3 2002, which was entitled "Doom III: The Legacy." Several new monsters are revealed in this footage, with a little less emphasis on the architecture and lighting effects.

Macworld Screenshots

A bunch of screenshots from the February 2001 Macworld video, showing off the Doom 3 technology. Still pictures can't really show the full effect of the dynamic lighting and all the other neato effects, but they still look quite nice.