It may look like Quake 2, but this is all Doom, baby. The Parallel Teams steps up the the plate and delivers a homer with their incredible deathmatch WAD, Fragfest Initalized...


  - Fragfest Initialized Preview
  - Parallel Team Interview

Welcome to Doomworld's coverage of Fragfest Initalized, an upcoming deathmatch level pack by the Parallel Team. If you're sick of all the gothic-themed deathmatch levels which seem to dominate the WAD scene, Fragfest Initialized is a breath of fresh air; its stunning locales are set in a future which looks so good, you won't mind being killed in it.

3/7/99 -- Parallel Team Interview Up
So you wanna know more about what makes up the old Parallel Team? How they think? What they plan for the future? Well then check out the in-depth interview with the team. These guys have a great personality. What, are you still here?

2/25/99 -- Fragfest Initialized Preview Online
Even if you've played the four-level beta release of Fragfest Initialized by the Parallel Team, you ain't seen nothing yet. This upcoming deathmatch WAD is nothing short of spectacular with insanely great-looking levels and a cat-and-mouse style of deathmatch which is simply a blast. Want to find out more? Read our preview for pics and thoughts...