Kill quickly or die, that is what Surge is all about.


- Preview

Preview by Covaro

Surge as I see it, is a definate must download. These are the types of DM levels everyone should have on hand. With most fitting in perfectly with the set, and creating a wonderful overall feel there is little bad to say about the prerelease version I got to play. With the exception of a few nagging VPOs that I found that have yet to be worked out it is a great level set, and should fit in nicely with the Overload style maps it is trying to match.

There is some talent behind this project, with names like Nick Baker, Prower, Cyberdemon, Martin Friberg, njx, GeminI, Dagger, and pixel rex. The all come together well as a team a pull of a wonderful set. I really must say that some of the levels were done very very well. With a few that really standout. The style basically fits that of Overload of the stone and corroded metals and wood. But some of the guys from the Surge team add their own touches with ice, external structures and more.

With this level set being ZDoom compatible I took some time to run around trying to see where I think problem spots may occur while trying to play a TCP/IP game of Surge over the 'net. And overall, I think Surge should actually play quite well, with only a few of the levels really creating a playing problem with games that incure some lag. Of course I can't say that for sure, but I can say that it shouldn't. I've also been told by some of the guys from the Surge team that it plays very well with the DMBots as well. I'll probably get around to trying that out for the review of Surge.

With the release coming soon, I can say for sure that with ZDoom and a good release party, there could be some heavy hitting games of Surge DM coming right after release. But then, as I go to run through all the levels again and work on some final beta testing I can leave you with only one last thing...

You will want to download Surge and get yourself some DM games going as soon as it is released. Mark my words.