Sneak through the jungle, plant your sight on the enemy and pull the trigger, for you are about to become the Twilight Warrior.


- Download Twilight Warrior
- Review
- Interview

This of course would be the Doomworld coverage of the upcoming Twilight Warrior, which is a fast and furious total conversion for Doom. Your mission as a covert-ops soldier is to take down the enemy at all costs. Twilight Warrior is in affect a sequel to the original Hostage Rescue 3 by the same group of dedicated Doomers. Whip out your MP5 and get cracking soldier.

11/17/98 -- Twilight Warrior Out And Review Up
Twilight Warrior has been released! Download it now from Doomworld. You can also read the review of it I did before you download it. Let's just say I highly recommend it.

11/11/98 -- Interview Completed
The interview with Ziggy and Sidearm, the main guys of Black Shadow Software have been interview and it has been posted for you reading pleasure.

11/4/98 -- Events Page Up
The Twilight Warrior events page has now been posted! Look for the preview and interview to be up in the very near future.