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"DooM Movie (again)" , posted Mon 28 May 15:48user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

Okay,if there really is going to be a DooM movie,does anyone know who the director might be? If there isn't already one assigned, I think it should be George Romero.I saw Night of the Living Dead last night and DooM could have come straight from this movie. And Romero's directing the Resident Evil movie that's supposed to be released late this year. If anyone deserves the chance to make a GOOD DooM movie, it's him.

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Everything based on DOOM so far except the games have sucked. The books, and the comics. (the miniatures were kinda kewl, tho)

I can see a DOOM movie easily following in this.




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i am a big fan of george romero's too but i must say...NO doom movie, it would be suck so hard...we (the doom loving community) shouldn't even act like we may be interested, because then they might do the unthinkable. then, anytime you talk to someone about doom they'll say:"oh, i saw that movie, it sucked!" then the world will be an even darker place...




"no one" , posted Mon 28 May 23:31user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

the Doom movie will never be "like" the game.
It'll take a true doomer to make the movie...and Hollywood will never accept it, because there are other people that never heard of "DOOM".

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No one should direct the movie. In fact, no one should produce it. It will suck as Hell, no matter what. Unless a non-action director gets the job, it will end like those stereotypical 2.5 stars Hollywood action films...

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"Re(2):DooM Movie (again)" , posted Tue 29 May 01:02user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

if hollywood would fuck doom up (which more or less would happen) i think watching a person trying to find the exit at tower of babel with no monsters on would be more entertaining...

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"Re(2):DooM Movie (again)" , posted Mon 28 May 21:15user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

Shut it.

I can make a good Doom movie.

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"Re(3):DooM Movie (again)" , posted Tue 29 May 14:55user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

Then make the script. Hollywood needs people that can turn senseless killing into a drama.

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"Re(3):DooM Movie (again)" , posted Tue 29 May 10:58user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

Do it then. All you need is some people, a camera, money, costumes, computer animator, and a story.

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