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OK I know it's a little early in the game, but I have to make a post on the MOD scene for Doom 3.

My MOD team was working on a MOD for Q3A, but due to some issues, we had to delay the mod, and with the announcement of Doom 3, I thought it would be best if we waited until the Doom 3 engine was released to work with that.

Are there any modders out there who have spoken to ID about modding in Doom 3, besides the information already released? IE: Do you know if they will be releasing a beta SDK, when it will be released?

Furthermore, my team is always looking for more people to help develop our MOD which is a realistic MOD based slightly on Alien VS Predator and a mixture of other games and ideas. We have a great modeling team assembled, (Not good, but GREAT), but we're defintly looking for at least one more programmer, any level designers, and texture artists.

If you have any info on Doom 3, please either post on here or email me at Siraris@home.com, and if you're interested in joining, please feel free to email me at Siraris@home.com with your qualifications. You can also visit http://www.darkbasis.com/Darkbasis/Exodus for more information on the mod. (The page is being redone FYI :)).

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Firstly, the word 'mod' is derived from 'modification'. So you don't have to type it all-caps.

About editing for Doom3 : sure, go ahead, if you have a lot of patience. The game isn't coming out for another year or so.

If you want Doom3 information (here I go again), check out my homepage (you can find the URL in my signature below).

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My article will probably become a tech document for every modder out there. So far I have the basics, as soon as I get my hands over that SDK, we'll see...

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