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"(interesting) doom 3 idea" , posted Tue 29 May 11:48user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

I thought that it would be extremely cool (if done correctly) to see your doom marine..change..as you progress further down into hell, and so become more and more affected by daemonic influences. So, for example, you can move faster, hit harder etc etc. and perhaps gain some welcome bonuses as your mutations continue-like regeneration or something. Not only would this add a slight twist to game play (as well as being a damn good idea- ahem) it would enable id to make even stronger enemies without making them insanely tough.





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I believe I already mentioned this issue when I brought up System Shock 2..

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Actually, a game I am designing uses that as a key story element. Almost RPGish if you think about it...

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"Re(1):(interesting) doom 3 idea" , posted Tue 29 May 17:09user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

I like the idea. It'd definitely be different from anything else on the market, and that's what Doom 3 is going for, right?

Widowmaker, for some odd reason, I'm guessing you play Warhammer 40k, am I correct?

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"No longer" , posted Wed 30 May 10:15user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

I used to yeah, but stopped for two reasons- too damned expensive and I had no one to play. However the 40k universe is interesting to read about, and has some good sci-fi aspects to it.


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Mmh, that makes little sense. If there are NPCs in the game, I'm sure your behavior toward them will be less and less friendly as your mind get's tortured by Hell's bizarre landscapes...

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Sounds like Quake to me.
I prefer to see Doom a little more realistic.
In other words, No.

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"Right........" , posted Wed 30 May 10:22user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

Do you have a clue what you are talking about???? Quake is nothing like that idea!!! Perhaps you:Have never played the game
Saw this in a mod
Dreamed it

Or perhaps all 3, either way I would NEVER like to see Doom realistic, cos then you could say 'well you know, daemons are a little unrealistic', and then you'd be saying 'well, these guns just lack realism' and eventually we'd be playing a game called 'doom3 - a shit game' which is completed by installing the game, agreeing that the title screen pictures of hamsters are realistic, and then uninstalling it. Or something.