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What would you prefer,a opposing force style rope-swinging long-jump-making full interaction tomb raider thing? or something really simple like running and shooting so you dont even have to use the mouse once of you dont want?-i like the second,cause..well i have no skill :) and thats why i like doom

...wonder what sort they'll use in doom 3

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Zaldron sums it up pretty well. In addition, I think that as many features as possible should be customizable, that way the most amount of people can be kept happy. Well that what I think.

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Well, I'm looking for the right stuff. The marine's not a gun-wielding carcass, he's trained for this kind of shit.

I'm looking for the FIRST (EVER) ladder climbing/interaction controls. No more of that "stick to the surface" crap where you gotta jump. And the weapon shouldn't be usable while climbing either. Shadow Warrior got it *ALMOST* right.

If they want to add the "dodge" option like in Unreal, it's fine, unless there's no way to turn it off. I really hate it when you're trying to walk in a ledge or approach to an abyss.

Ropes should work like in Heretic II, if any.

I'm expecting additional controls like alt-fire, special weapon functions (think SoF) and a set of utilities integrated with the automap. We already discussed all this stuff.

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Turok 2 (and 3) gets the climbing pretty good. Your weapon sinks down the screen and your view rocks left and right as you climb. You can look around and your view is tilted when you do 'cuz you're leaning off of the ladder.

I would kinda like the option to swing around to the other side, lean to one side to avoid a fireball, or just stay where you are (stick your legs through) lean over and start shooting. =)

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