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"Bringing the player into the game....." , posted Sat 2 Jun 20:04:user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

I had this idea that it would be cool if the players character in the game could somehow reflect the the real persons reactions to situations they run across during play. This is what I was thinking: create some kind of wrist strap the player can wear and hook up to a usb port or something so that the game monitors their heart rate throughout the game. the heart rate could then show up on the screen looking like the heart monitors in hospitals. these of course would be visible to all multiplayer opponents so that they can see you actually go into cardiac arrest when they jump out of nowhere and gut you with that precision scalpal known as the double-barrel shotgun. i also thought it would be cool if the persons heart rate could also modify the in-game characters breathing (make it more rapid and louder or softer).
I would guess that this would work the best if it was to be offered in a "special edition" of the game for anyone wanting to shell out a little more cash, or maybe as part of an expansion pack.

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"let's not get too immersive!" , posted Mon 4 Jun 16:22user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

odor systems? virtual reality?! heart-rate monitors?!!?
if we get too immersive, it'll be so realistic we wont be able
to play 1st person shooters anymore cuz we'd feel guilty for killing people, and were not killers in real life, just in doom!

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"Re(1):let's not get too immersive!" , posted Mon 4 Jun 16:39user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

thats almost the dumbest thing i've ever heard. youd have to be serious emotional problems to feel guilty for killing something that is not alive to begin with......And besides i'm sure some of us are killers in real life, lets try not to hurt their feelings :')




"Re(1):Bringing the player into the game....." , posted Sun 3 Jun 17:12user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

That's a sweet idea! But, the band would have to be included with the game because I don't think many people would buy it separately.

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"Re(1):Bringing the player into the game....." , posted Sat 2 Jun 20:31user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

It's a great idea, but as usual, you need a lot of attention from the gamers to make this thing work. If 30 or so people are gonna buy it, no one will ever show interest in manufacturing them. And let's not talk about support in the game...

Imagine, so far we have odor systems, LED-arrays ambient light systems, force feedback headphones, virtual gloves, VR glasses, 3D sound and laserguns. But if there's few demand no game developers will ever support these kind of stuff.

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"Re(1):Bringing the player into the game....." , posted Sat 2 Jun 20:07:user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

You may have somthing there, but for this to happen enuff people would have to show interest, want to buy the add-on, and Id would have to ad this in. Noone the less it sounds like a fairly good idea.

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