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Le Ventilateur


"Feedback" , posted Mon 4 Jun 14:15user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

When was the last time I created a new topic? 5 threads perhaps...

Anyway, I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we hate locked replies. So I guess we'll use this one to comment the new directives.

I, for one, I'm pleased, altough the systematic erasing of non-related stuff will surely kill the DooM 3 forum (at least for now). And what do you mean by "pointless"? Would be nice to have a couple of examples so we don't accidentally comit heresy.

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Blynd Syde


"Re(1):Feedback" , posted Tue 5 Jun 22:18user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

I agree, with the lack of Doom3 news, and the fact that most all ideas and topics have been posted I think it's the mindless driblble and flamewars that keep this forum alive. But this will not last forever....so relish in it while it lasts....

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"Re(1):Feedback" , posted Mon 4 Jun 17:30user profileedit/delete messagepost reply

kinda related to one of the signs of depression, "Denial of pain"

"Are you despressed?"
"Ok prozak for you."

ya know

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