Doomworld - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Official Rules:

1. Stick to the topic. No clan talk in the Doom 3 forum and no editing questions in the General forum. That's why we have them.
2. No pr0n, warez, romz, or otherwise illegal/objectionable content.
3. No requests for said content. Use email, it's not our business.
4. Specifically, no requests for the full version of Doom. Go to Hell on your own.

Common Sense Logic:

1. Don't make a new thread just to introduce yourself. You're only asking for trouble.
2. If no one is responding to your post don't post it again. They see it; double posting is a crime punishable by flagellation.
3. Don't volunteer unneccessary information. Your religion is your own business, and that goes for gender and sexual preference as well.
4. Think about your message before you post. If you think it's something better said with email or an IRC session you're probably right.
5. Respect permeates outward. If you want to be treated well then treat others well. In other words, 'Fuck you' is not a good first impression.
7. PoStINg iN BiZZaRe CaPS MakES YoU LooK LiKE An IDioT.
8 posting without punctuation makes you look lazy
9. Posng withh atrocious spellleng refletks veri porly upon yourslf.
10. P05T1nG 1N L33T 5P34K M@K35 Y0U L00K L1K3 A R3T@RD.
11. If you're going to make a large post have the decency to break it down into paragraphs. If it's one humongous block of text no one will bother reading it.
12. If you double post take the time to delete one of them.
13. Take the time to browse a few pages of old thread titles before you start a new one. Otherwise you might get verbally abused for being redundant.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I get an icon by my name?
A: Edit your profile. From there you can upload a custom 36 by 36 gif or use an existing one. If you upload a new one you need to email Linguini and ask him to enable it before you can use it.

Q: I emailed Ling Bizkit but it's not there, why?
A: He's not the fastest dog in the race. It will take a while. Be patient.

Q: I made a mistake and double posted; how do I delete a post?
A: Edit it and check the delete box before hitting post. Easy.

Q: I want to change my nickname; can I do that and keep my post count?
A: No. Delete your old account and start up a new one. The post counts usually don't work anyway so it's not really a loss.

Q: Why can't I edit the 'title' tag in my account?
A: Linguica gives them out to people who deserve them. Asking probably won't help, he gives them to those he deems worthy.

Q: But what...
A: No, dammit.

Q: Damn.
A: That's not a question.

Q: Damn?
A: This is getting boring, bucko.

Q: Can I include an image in a post?
A: No, sorry.

Q: I don't like all the satanic messages in Doom, can I turn them off?
A: Why?

Q: Because they offend me.
A: Then don't play it.

Q: You know, you can just shove your stupid website.
A: That isn't a question.

Q: Why are you people still playing Doom?
A: Because we like it, duh.

Q: Uhhm, If someone is still playing Doom, I bet they don't even KNOW about games like Quake 3 Arena. Can I try to enlighten them?
A: No.

Q: You're all satanic.
A: That isn't a question.

Q: What's a newbie?
A: Someone new to the Doomworld forums...if you don't know what we're talking about when we say "John Carmack" or if we're talking about coffee offtopic, and you think we're referring to Folgers Crystals, then you're a newbie.

Q: What is the Icon of Sin saying at the end of Doom 2?
A: He's saying backwards: "To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero."

Q: Can I post topics with titles such as 'look at this' or 'click here' or advertise my site updates on the general board ALL THE TIME?
A: No.

Q: How many new threads am I allowed to open each day?
A: Try to keep self-control and keep the forum from an overflow.

Q: How about opening flame-wars? It is so much fun!
A: Not allowed.

Q: Look, a user with weird opinions and views! Now am I allowed to flame him to death?
A: No. Try to be constructive with your critics. Just saying "U suck" is not enough. Try to show tolerance and respect.

Q: Can any of you give me/pirate Doom, Doom 2 or know where I can get them? Or do you know where I can download them?
A: That is illegal. These forums are not meant for piracy. Please go to and purchase the game from there.