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sewer.zip  This level's ZIP file, until June 2015, was overwritten by a 1995 level with the same name (now...
An Aquarius199 Adventure  LOLOLOL, fonny wed, btwe ie stplet everything wight!!!
ANYNCE11.WAD  Dire even for June 1994. With the amount of visual glitches caused by bad nodes this shou...
Hellbound  Great.
The Dime Birthday Level Collection
Storage Bay
Dawn of Reality  100% of Poland :3
Joe-Ilya's Birthday night  Sorry guys, the intentions were good, but except for map10, the...
Crumpets  p smexy sir ribbits does it again - Marcaek
Doomguy's Warzone  Your horrid wads will NEVER make you popular.Your wads DO suck.

Latest files: (more)
OCD-Doom - Peter Hawes
These levels are moderately small and use the voodoo doll bug. Also this is VERY linear! OCD-Doom: You must join the obsession to defeat the obsession. Made-up Story: The Obsessive Compulsive Demon is enslaving...
Storage Bay - Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri
aka "I want to be the memfis guy (maybe)". This is a single map (originally two, but i get out of ideas for this thing) sets into a tech base hidden and carved into a canyon \ mountain and some dangerous toxic waste subm...
Hypertek - Jacob H. Orloff
A tech-themed map for Doom 2.
The Gateway Experiments Episode 5: Prime Dire... - Ethan Watson ...
Bet you never thought you'd see this, eh? The next installment in the Gateway Experiments series, just in time for Doom's 22-and-a-halfth-ish Anniversary. Where's episodes 2, 3, and 4? Well, I'm not making them. I've done ...
The Dime Birthday Level Collection - Various
Twelve levels designed for the 25th birthday of Doom speedrunner Dime! The restrictions given to the designers were: - Boom compatibility (a.k.a. PrBoom+ -complevel 9) - No green or blue armor - Maximum 75 monsters - ...
Nukage Processing - MichaƂ "dejzen" Tomczyk
Single Player level for ZDoom
Stupid Benchmark #1 - badtester
This was originally intended to be a benchmarking wad to compare various doom source ports, but proved to be too computationally expensive regardless of the source port used.
Benchmark v1.1 - badtester
This is intended as a benchmark wad to compare the performance of various source ports. The selected difficulty setting is used to tune the number of enemies (quarter for easy difficulties, half for normal difficulty, full...
Yet Another Claustrophobia Styled Boss - Nambona890
Read the title. I just made this to see what I could do with ACS.
Crossfired - Bartekmil
My first map, it has like two secrets, some encounters when you need to act fast, some switches, and absolutely no keycards. Difficulty matters, it changes some monster placement and gives you more stuff at one point. Have...
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