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Latest votes:
Wow  meh
Countergoat Initiative  Needs to be a sp wad, with goats as the monsters.
Control Your Destiny  Very creative, a bit funny and quite challenging!
NH2  Cool, thanks for releasing, I was looking forward to this! I liked Map07 a bit more because I'm not a big f...
Erkattń˝˝e: 11 maps, 2 flavors.  Very basic and plain design with a lot of texture m...
Scuba Steve's: Action DooM
Mattbratt's Level Pack  Thank you.I'll pass on it then.Did not download.
DOOM95  Best launcher interface, wish more modern ports would emulate the launchers simple elegant design.
Resurgence (final version)
New World

Latest files: (more)
Control Your Destiny - TimeOfDeath
Shoot the romero head to control where you teleport.
NH2 - TimeOfDeath
Previously unreleased tiny sequel to NH1.
Heresy - Jeremy Geib and Tom Zimmerman
Heresy is an E1M1 replacement level for the registered version of Raven Software's/id Software's Heretic. It is a medium to large sized level with tons of secrets and bonuses. Every weapon is available, with enough ammo fo...
HELL HOUSE - Dan Reames
First game, first level of registered version of HERETIC.
Lava Flow - Greg Hagedorn aka (The Poolman)
This level has been tested on a 486 SX2 40 and a 486 DX2 66. All levels of difficulty play accordingly. This wad is tough on ultra violent, but is completable without cheating. If you die a lot, which you will, then try a ...
RT_TOWN.WAD - Shawn Teal; Robinson Technologies
Wad created for Heretic, 4 player deathmatch . Some sniper points and has all the weapons.
Telehell.wad - Fred Garlington
This WAD has few doors...and fewer places to hide! It is small, so you don't have to spend an hour looking for your buds(?) to frag 'em. Check the map often, because this level is full of teleports, and it is hell if you g...
dib map26/27 - TimeOfDeath
Drown in Blood map26/27 redesigned for single player.
Curse of Blood - Mattias Johansson
Here's a 6/11/20 or 32-level Megawad for Doom2, I'm aiming for 32-maps though. These maps, ranging from small to large, hopefully combines good detail and atmosphere with at times, strong difficulty. The hardest maps will ...
Disaster - Memfis
Ugly confusing maps from the 90's are back! It's a disaster! One of my best levels.
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