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Doom 2 sound effects list
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DOOM editing guide
Help on choosing editor and other utils. Discusses some basic editing procedures....Date:01/31/97
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Author:Jan-Albert van Ree
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Author:John Bishop

'DMLDGL10.ZIP', uploaded to '' in the '/pub/doom/incoming' directory contains my thoughts and recommendations on implementing DEATHMATCH-specific DOOM levels. It is the result of taking detailed notes on DEATHMATCH design ...Date:08/21/94
Size:8 KB
Author:Brian Kidby

The Unofficial Doom Specs Release v1.666
This document explains in great detail nearly all aspects of the doom WAD file format. And a new chapter (10) documents the location of data within DOOM.EXE itself, so that various unusual game-play changes can be made. This information has been u...Date:12/14/94
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Author:Matthew S Fell
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DOOM Special FX & WAD Tricks
Well, you asked for it. Doom Special FX and WAD Tricks is finnally out! With this, you can change your boring Doom "shoot'em up" level to a challenging, outstanding Doom level with special FX such as Invisible stairs and realistic elevators. 20...Date:04/04/96
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Author:Mark Glenn
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The OFFICIAL Hexen Specs version 0.9
Technical info on Hexen, by Raven Software. This is a preliminary release to get the info out. Version 1.0 is coming sometime soon! Includes the Hexen Script Compiler....Date:11/02/95
Size:58 KB
Author:Ben Morris

The Unofficial WAD Designers' Handbook, Release 2.0 Addendum: Basic WAD Structures
This archive file contains the Addendum to The Unofficial WAD Designers' Handbook in Word95 and plain ASCII formats, as well as all necessary supporting graphics files. This is part 2 of 2. Part 1 may be found as the file HANDBK20.ZIP, and conta...Date:01/13/97
Size:569 KB
Author:Ron Allen & Bill McClendon

These are four example wads Iikka made for the Requiem project. Uploaded to by Gaston Lahaut with Iikka's permission, as a shining example for other level designers :) This archive consist of four levels + 2floors.wad partial 3D ro...Date:01/09/98
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Author:Iikka Keränen
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This CORRECTED version contains the same descriptions of the available line types by the number, and grouped by function. It also includes the 33 previously undefined line types and corrections to many others. Also explained are some of the ne...Date:05/31/94
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Author:Brian McKimens

Floor/Ceiling Sector Translations
An exmple wad showing two examples of sector coloring....Date:01/05/04
Size:10 KB
Author:Kara "Nanami" Rader

This is an updated version of my "DOOM METRICS" document that was originally uploaded to This document is for PWAD builders who wish to learn more about the sizes and limits of various aspects of Doom levels....Date:06/25/94
Size:4 KB
Author:Scott Amspoker

MUS File Format Description 1.31
Description of structure of MUS files used in DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic & Hexen....Date:05/06/96
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Author:Vladimir Arnost

Hexen RPG spec v0.9
Role-Playing-Games, or RPGs, are games which include intricate plotlines, interactive NPCs that (too a limited degree) you can actually talk to, a form of scoring that actually makes killing that last Ettin worth it, gold so that you can buy thin...Date:07/26/96
Size:199 KB
Author:Gregory Crosswhite

Right Scroll
Play it. Holy poop on a stick, that texture is scrolling the wrong way!!! This is incredible!!! If only this was known ten years ago people might have cared!!!! For the more technical minded, the trick is done by creating a whole ton of extra lined...Date:03/26/04
Size:3 KB
Author:Andrew Stine

RW2DM - Real World to Doom
RW2DM.txt is a documentation on how to convert feet & inches to Doom units. This very helpful for making blue prints....Date:04/30/96
Size:4 KB
Author:Jacob Berendes (Jake)

Sacrifice (Doom Tutorial)
Two WADs. One Good (?). One Ugly... This is intended as a Tutorial to help beginner WAD builders make better WADs. SACRIFOR.WAD is a Doom II conversion of the first WAD I ever wrote, and is a good example of why you should never upload your first WAD...Date:09/17/96
Size:29 KB
Author:John J. Bye (Gestalt666)

The Special Effect WWW pages ASCII version
This version of the special effects pages contains texts describing many special effects you can make in DOOM WADs and with the DOOM executable. My collection of special effect demo WADs is also included....Date:10/23/95
Size:258 KB
Author:Jens Hykkelbjerg

The file texpat2.doc is a listing of all textures in DOOM II, and the patches they consist of. This document is intended to help edit the wall appearances....Date:06/19/95
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Author:Igor the SCORPIO
Texpatch.txt is a file containing the wall textures, as found in the Doom levels, and which patch textures they are composed of. This makes it MUCH easier to find out what to change with dmgraph or similar programs! Simply look in the list to ...Date:06/04/94
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A complete reference and description of all of the textures included in DOOM II. This document sorts all of the textures both by NAME and by THEME. All wad designers should have this handy reference nearby when building DOOM II levels....Date:07/04/95
Size:12 KB
Author:Neil R. Bonner

This is an updated version of my "MANAGING WALL TEXTURES" document that was originally uploaded to This document is for PWAD builders who wish to learn more about the use of wall, floor, and ceiling textures. The function of the...Date:06/25/94
Size:6 KB
Author:Scott Amspoker

The Wad Itinerary, Doom Description List Endeavor
I've been working on this list for quite some time. The original reason I started it, was so that when finished, it could help me do the Barney Doom patch a bit. Due to time constraints, and an utterly annoying thing called classwork, I haven't be...Date:07/22/94
Size:30 KB
Author:Michael Adcock

(title of your masterpiece)
(Set the mood here but put any long story at the end)...Date:10/10/01
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Author:(your name here)
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WAD Template v2.0
WAD Template v2.0 is a template that should be used and accompany any DOOM or DOOM II type file, especially WADS. This was re-edited from "WAD_AUTH.TXT" v1.2. I do not know who was the original author/designer of this file which has found it's ...Date:12/03/94
Size:2 KB
Author:Steve Huskisson

insertwackynamehere's ZDoom Deep Water Tricks
A tutorial involving deep water effects. Has a neat 3D floor effect, that may or may not have been discovered before....Date:03/10/04
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Author:Samuel 'insertwackynamehere' Horwitz
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While fooling around with RMB to try to make a sector where a player can't see another player, I came across something odd. As you see in this .LMP I'm supposed to be dead after I hit the guy in the distance. Maybe it has something to do with...Date:08/11/95
Size:2 KB
Author:Erwen Tang
This wad is has a strange bug. I believe it is caused by a floating sector -- which happens when you delete the lineDefs and vertices, but don't delete the sector that goes with them. I really don't know why it happens at a certain point or anyt...Date:08/20/95
Size:46 KB
Author:Tom Evans

WIF: A Standard for Text-Based Interchange of DOOM WAD Files
This is the first stab at a formal specification for a text-based WAD interchange format. It starts where id's DWD leaves off, and hopefully has plenty of room for the things WAD editor writers want. WADs written in this way could be upload...Date:06/25/94
Size:11 KB
Author:Tom Neff

ZDoom Elevator Example
Example which shows a Duke Nukem 3D elevator with ZDoom....Date:03/16/04
Size:6 KB
Author:Pascal vd Heiden

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