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Area of 666 Sectors
My first level, I added some new sectors. It is good for practicing how to make circles in the arenas. This level has 666 sectors, the name comes from it....Date:12/26/05
Size:319 KB
Author:Karoly (Charles) Horvath

Utilizing Jump or Crouch will break this level. Single level for The Ultimate DOOM, E4M1. While this WAD requires ZDoom to run, all effects are created using BOOM-compatible actions. I have included new monsters on the Ultraviolence setting. I do...Date:03/27/10
Size:3583 KB
Author:Emil Brundage

Another episode 2 map replacement and so far the most challenging so far. Abyssus means "bottomless pit" in Latin. Try and find all 9 secrets if you can, as some of them will greatly help you get through some of the tougher sections of the level....Date:06/03/09
Size:91 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

A simple map for aim training. It is not so hard, at least if the player use the difficulty "hurt me plenty", eventually the player will use all ammo and will die. There are enemy waves, and the player should manage to resist to these waves. The ...Date:04/08/13
Size:4 KB

Atomic Tomb
A level for Ultimate Doom + a port that will up the vis-plane limit and is compatible with boom. Main focus was on single player + co-op, but there is some very good DM support. Story: Shortly after Deimos vanished, the hellspawn appeared on Mars a...Date:07/29/00
Size:132 KB
Author:Brad "Vorpal" Spencer

Auxiliary Base (E1M2)
This is an early style "tech base" map for DOOM 1, made in 2015. It was meticulously detailed and should be aesthetically pleasing to those who are not sick of the tech base theme. Think of it as a nostalgic ode to the early DOOM experience. A litt...Date:07/09/15
Size:200 KB

Untitled (as of yet)
This is eventually gonna be E1M7 in Freedoom. Since Freedoom is probably a while off, and I've been seeing some other Freedoom levels floating around in /newstuff, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and release my level as well. I haven't released...Date:11/03/02
Size:69 KB

Stranded on Erebus
A map set replacing all of the DOOM Episode 2 levels, with the exception of E2M2. This WAD is intended as a tribute of sort to "The Shores of Hell", so expect similar textures schemes, gameplay and level design as seen in the original Episode 2 (i.e....Date:08/28/11
Size:991 KB

Phobos Nukage Base
Requires Ultimate Doom. This wad is a huge nukage base. you must clean it out, kill the monsters, you know the rest......Date:12/01/05
Size:159 KB
Author:Bejiitas Wrath

Beta Labs
9 Alpha inprished levels for Ultimate Doom....Date:04/12/15
Size:1036 KB
Author:Serious_MOod, Chaingunner

Black Mountain
Size:70 KB

Bleah II: Tower of Stupidity
the fabolous sequel of bleha.wad, whit a lot more of 1994-style levels! WOO-HOO! this vesrion a complete new episode (untiled "weird world"), and this one was mostly a big rip from (probally) one of my first joke wad, untiled "Doom Reprised", and n...Date:04/03/07
Size:2961 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Bloody Realms of Hell
Solid, entertaining and classic eps. 3 map in my usual style....Date:12/15/13
Size:188 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

Beware of False Prophets
One map inspired by the Death Tormention series. Uses music from Whipsers of Satan map27....Date:04/18/12
Size:203 KB

Borax 4
Basically a large base type level. This level is HUGE (But not insanely hard) You find yourself in a secondary military base, some distance from the other, ill fated base. It is located deep in the gray, foggy mountain range. You have to escape and...Date:02/28/99
Size:160 KB
Author:Dennis Katsonis.

Double Imp Act
You won tickets to some crappy comedy club. e1m1 - Act One (Pistol) - e1m2 - Act Two (Chainsaw) - e1m3 - Act Three (Berserk) - e1m9 - Act Four (Shotgun) - e1m4 - Act Five (Chaingun) - e1m5 - Act Six (Rocket Launcher) - e1m6 - Act Seven (Plasma Rif...Date:06/19/13
Size:1489 KB

Canal Run v1.0
Dropped into a series of canals with swiftly flowing water, the only way for you to escape is by defeating the Barons of Hell which guard the teleporter out. Unfortunately for you, there are also some Cyberdemons firing into the canals from above, as...Date:01/21/00
Size:41 KB
Author:J.C. "SailorScout" Bengtson

A short Hell-themed map for Doom....Date:07/09/15
Size:179 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

A tech-themed map for Doom to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of its release....Date:12/18/13
Size:159 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

cannonball's speedy episode 1 wad
This adventure is set in 2150, at the Hadron collider in Switzerland where experiments have caused a hellish invasion....Date:07/12/12
Size:743 KB
Author:Matt "cannonball" Powell

Deimos Anamoly Redux
New, updated version of E2M1, with a few combative suprises... it 'seems' classic.......Date:06/27/08
Size:285 KB
Author:CodenniumRed (Chris Oliveri)

Certain Death
Two small maps set on a Hell-infested planet called Tromos....Date:05/17/13
Size:214 KB
Author:Serge Jaeken

Chex rescue
A custom chex quest episode! You rarely see those. You're sent to a certain planet to rescue some people from a gigantic horde of terrible flemoids....Date:06/05/15
Size:180 KB
Author:Ilya "Joe" Lazarev

Chris's best of best
Size:1612 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Chubz Missions (Episode 1)
A multi-level project that replaces the first four missions of the game with my very own classic-style maps designed to look like a set of "lost levels" created by id Software's John Romero and crew way back in 1994....Date:10/29/11
Size:144 KB
Author:Matthew C. (Chubzdoomer)

The Singularity Complex I
Size:978 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

Compound 13
Size:69 KB
Author:Jonathan Stewart (ob3kenob)

Corpus Collosum
A large map for Doom 1 with lots of secondary corridors and canyons (but otherwise mostly linear gameplay) and tons of bad guys. The Doomworld thread for this wad can be found here:
Size:1659 KB
Author:Myself Alone

Chex Quest Advanced
Chex Quest Advanced is a project to improve the original Chex Quest series, but keep the old classic feel. This has been tested to work with the original CHEX.EXE so any Doom port will work....Date:08/28/09
Size:3355 KB

Cybertronic Water Closet
The monsters came into my toilet!...Date:10/12/05
Size:21 KB

Tower of the CyberDemons v1.0
After playing one of my old favorites, CYBRDETH.WAD, I released that there's really a lack of GOOD Cyberdemon battles in Doom maps. Oh sure, there's always the newbie maps with 50 Cybers in one room and 1000 BFGs lying all over, but that's no fun. So...Date:05/29/99
Size:96 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

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