Lost Sanctum  Filename:sanctum.zip
A difficult episode 4 style map. I tried to use some episode 4 visual themes as well as some new ones....Date:03/22/13
Size:135 KB

Star Portal Crisis Demo  Filename:scdemo.zip
I'm working on a project called Star Portal Crisis. I thought making a Legacy type thing would be cool. I came up with this....Date:08/07/02
Size:18 KB

Setebos Station  Filename:setebos.zip
Welcome to Setebos Relay Station, a UAC base perched on a tiny moon in the butt end of nowhere. Looks like we have lost contact with the base... again. I'm sure its nothing, but you know the drill....Date:07/02/13
Size:74 KB
Author:Captain Toenail

Shock 'Em Down  Filename:shock.zip
A Doom level. Bloody well looks like it too....Date:05/29/01
Size:298 KB

shotfun  Filename:shotfun.zip
Initially started as a pure shotgun gameplay map. Only providing the shotgun weapon (although I also added the chaingun now because the enemies are too much) and hordes of monsters that take one shot to get down. Then I also tried my level design ide...Date:02/14/09
Size:228 KB
Author:Michael "Optimus" Kargas

Small doom1 E1 episode  Filename:smallde1.zip
Mainly E1-style shooter level, not impossible, a bit harder than the original E2...Date:02/07/08
Size:1211 KB
Author:Charles Horvath (Oldanimal)

Snowballs' Chance .... (DooM I)  Filename:snowe2m8.zip
Large, open map that features plenty of room to maneuver as well as tight battles....Date:07/31/11
Size:324 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Solitude  Filename:solitude.zip
A Containment Area-inspired level with an oldschool style that combines the original level's music and abundance of crates with a few surprises of its own. This is one of the first maps I ever completed and what I consider to be the first time I trul...Date:10/27/11
Size:49 KB
Author:Matthew C. (Chubzdoomer)

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 2 "The Spammer"  Filename:soulgam2.zip
In this mission you must kill a spammer who sent me an insulting e-mail. He lives in a huge condominium so you have to use only silenced weapons. The palace seems to be empty but......Date:04/18/07
Size:339 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 3 "The Drawer"  Filename:soulgam3.zip
After two quite easy missions you must seize a drawer, who insulted me on WIP, because I want to kill him after a legal lawsuit. He lives in a well-defended fortress with his clever bodyguards (marines & zombies)....Date:05/17/07
Size:278 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 4 "The Trolls"  Filename:soulgam4.zip
The trolls... the worst guys of internet... insulted and offended me at Doomworld forums. They obviously deserve to die!...Date:09/03/07
Size:1147 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 5 "Hack into ZDoom.org!"  Filename:soulgam5.zip
I get banned from every Doom related forum. I do not know why. Perhaps moderators and administartors find me irritating. After some flamewars and my banishment, a strange thing happened: my enemies at ZDoom forums said that they received lots of unwa...Date:10/07/07
Size:603 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

Gamarra's soul story: Mission 7 "Glassyman's Nightmare"  Filename:soulgam7.zip
Glassyman thought he had defeated Pcorf but he turned out not to be the real thing....Date:11/20/07
Size:660 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Gamarra's soul story: Prologue "Training camp"  Filename:soulgama.zip
You are in an UAC training camp. You have to find the boss. He'll hire you as his bountykiller only if you pass the tests. For more info about new weapons go to the end of this file....Date:03/15/07
Size:438 KB
Author:Giulio Galassi aka Glassyman

Spiderdemon Boss Remake  Filename:spremake.zip
A remake of 'Dis', the boss fight is much harder and much better than before....Date:10/06/14
Size:409 KB

E1M5: Reincarnated  Filename:sp_e1m5r.zip
E1M5 Reincarnated is a remake of Doom 1 Episode 1 Mission 5 for the ZDoom engine aimed at making the map look more modern, while keeping the same flawless gameplay of the original. Whether or not I accomplished this is up to the people that play it. ...Date:08/15/04
Size:373 KB
Author:Agent Spork

squd2b.zip  Filename:squd2b.zip
My second Ultimate DOOM/DOOM1 WAD edit, this one an elaboration on an intriguing little DM map set in a nuke bog: nice one roomer with lots of slime....Date:08/14/99
Size:21 KB

Stack Domination  Filename:stackdom.zip
"Stack Domination" is a singleplayer Boom compatible map. Preface: It was the biggest scandal of the year; the UAC, Union Aerospace Corporation, a powerhouse in spearheading expeditions on Mars, was revealed to have participated in both human exp...Date:08/01/13
Size:526 KB

Sunder Quest  Filename:sunderq.zip
I took the first 5 levels of Sunder and ported them to Chex Quest 3. I had permission from Insane_Gazebo to release on to /idgames, but I did NOT create the original maps. I only wish I had that amount of skill....Date:09/12/11
Size:1639 KB

Wow: Enhanced  Filename:superwow.zip
Anyone remmeber wow.wad? Now you can relieve the Wow experience in new glory! With enhanced graphics, music, and storyline Wow: Enhanced will feel almost like a completely new experience compared to the original. Coop is even supported, so you can ex...Date:05/26/07
Size:2056 KB

Tayutayu  Filename:tayutayu.zip
Two maps set on the first ukrainian space station. I took the title from a hentai manga because I couldn't come up with anything....Date:06/21/14
Size:111 KB

TechBase 1  Filename:techbas1.zip
Yay first map :P Edit 10.10.2007: After over a year, I've decided I might as well release this, since it's unlikely I'll ever make another map. The area outside the window that was supposed to be the starting area for the next map will stay the poi...Date:10/10/07
Size:166 KB
Author:Przemysław "Belial" Woda

Teleportation Test Lab #13  Filename:tele13.zip
You receive a frantic message from High Command, informing you that one of the UAC labs which has been experimenting with teleportation technology has been overrun with hellspawn. Intelligence indicates that the location's warpgate has a direct link ...Date:06/30/10
Size:195 KB

Termination  Filename:term.zip
"Alright soldier, listen up: There is an army coming from the Mars base, we still do not know what it wants but we do know what they are and what they did. This army is responsible for the slaughter of some of the UAC's finest! Their first target i...Date:12/16/13
Size:153 KB

THE GATE TO NEVER NEVER LAND  Filename:thegate.zip
Size:98 KB

The_Exit  Filename:the_exit.zip
A small little WAD I did out of boredom. It is my first one....Date:03/25/03
Size:55 KB

Three Level WAD  Filename:threelev.zip
Three levels for Ultimate Doom, nothing fancy...Date:11/14/10
Size:204 KB

Thy Infernal  Filename:thyinf.zip
Large map with classic/demonic style that is NOT as linear as it may look like at first... but see for yourself :-)) The "history" of this map: - started building in january 2001 with DoomED 4.20 - built about 40 percent of map with this editor -...Date:10/30/05
Size:125 KB

Tides of Sin  Filename:tidessin.zip
Size:45 KB
Author:Dr. Sam Kendrick Ellis III, M.D.

The Refinery  Filename:trefinry.zip
A reinterpretation or remake of Doom's original E2M3, heavily inspired by KDiZD. The whole map has been enlarged, restructured, new areas have been added, old ones enhanced and the whole thing has been turned into something more real and creepy. Expe...Date:09/06/12
Size:27583 KB

The 8 Trials  Filename:trial.zip
Size:48 KB

Terror Within: An E2 Replacement  Filename:tw.zip
A complete Episode 2 replacement for the original Doom. Made this a long time ago & retouched with DB, so the quality is on par with 1994....Date:03/25/06
Size:214 KB
Author:Wills Hines

UAC Experiment  Filename:uacexp.zip
This level attempts to recreate that quintessential experience that Episode 1 of DOOM instilled in me....Date:11/07/00
Size:134 KB
Author:Hellbent (Jason Root)

UAC Jail  Filename:uacjail.zip
For ten years the whereabouts of the Doom Space Marine were unknown. Following Hell on Earth he simply vanished, leaving the Quake Marine to defend Earth from the forces of evil. In the year 2145 he finally returned, with the rank of Corporal, to do ...Date:02/27/10
Size:158 KB
Author:J.P. Grossman Tovi Grossman

UAC Nukage Refinery  Filename:uacnukrf.zip
A tech-style medium-size map...Date:07/02/05
Size:278 KB
Author:Leonardo "BuzzBomber" Venturelli

UDMFORIG.zip  Filename:udmforig.zip
This is a UDMF format map of ORIGWAD.wad for reference purposes only....Date:05/23/09
Size:2 KB
Author:Chris Freund

Ultimate Doom Project Leftovers  Filename:udpl.zip
Four levels for Ultimate Doom running on M1 of each episode, roughly in the original episode's style. Had planned on expanding but lost interest for now....Date:07/15/13
Size:161 KB

Ultra Dis  Filename:uldis.zip
Hell's Colosseum, more or less....Date:02/22/14
Size:40 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Ultratower  Filename:ultower.zip
I didn't think the Tower of Babel wasn't so much of a tower so I decided to make a literal tower that you must ascend and battle your way up to reach the Cyberdemon at the very top. Be prepared for a long climb!...Date:02/17/14
Size:122 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Ultrawad  Filename:ultrawad.zip
no challenge so toggle fastmonsters if you need...Date:06/21/14
Size:30 KB

under.zip  Filename:under.zip
Size:1207 KB

Undesired Reality  Filename:undesird.zip
Started as a e4m1 remake but I went on with a standalone map that maintains a few known areas (revamped obviously)....Date:08/16/13
Size:6064 KB

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