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Size:4078 KB
Author:Paul Fleschute

Visions of Eternity
Visions of Eternity is an episode for Ultimate Doom. A PDF booklet with additional information and trivia about the episode and its development (contains spoilers) can be downloaded from
Size:952 KB
Author:Tobias Münch

The Wailing Horde
Warning: This map is big! There's 400+ monsters on Ultra Violence. And the layout is non-linear. It'll probably take you an hour to complete unless you are really good. So, if you're not a fan of that combination, then... well, just don't complain ab...Date:05/07/14
Size:353 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

Waste Vats
After making my DTWID map, I was in the mood for another e1-style map, and for some reason I wanted to make it with Eternity, so I did....Date:05/11/11
Size:84 KB

Alpha Complex (Warren.wad Redux)
Narrow corridors interchanges with ample outdoor lands, recreating an alpha "Tom Hall-style" map, rich of gray and silver wall and bronze rooms. This map is a remake of an old one named Warren.wad ....Date:08/14/15
Size:3796 KB

Xenus 1.5 demo
THis is ultimate doom wad, and it has 5th episode texture pack for doom 1 inside (cheers nightmare), it's a 2-map demo :) replaces two first maps of first episode... enjoy the revisited xenus....Date:04/25/07
Size:937 KB
Author:Alterworldruler (not going to reveal RL name)

Xenus revisited
This is it, you waited for it long time, it's a remake of xenus.wad which sucked balls...Date:07/20/08
Size:1886 KB

Prison (ZDoom Version)
Map for Doom or Ultimate Doom. Read the original readme "zprison.txt" for more info. Original readme only in Spanish....Date:06/16/12
Size:450 KB
Author:Demmon Break Master

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