D9.WAD  Filename:d9.zip
D9 is the utimate in Deathmatch level design! Made especialy for the hard core player. Consider it your owne personal dungeon of death! There are two weapons of each type in all levels, no slime pits for those pussy suicide attempts and no monsters. ...Date:08/12/94
Size:134 KB
Author:Mal Blackwell

Dan  Filename:dan3.zip
Deathmatch only....Date:09/30/06
Size:25 KB

Dan Deathmatch Level #2  Filename:dandeth2.zip
A indoor arena style DeathMatch level with a few surprises. ;) Things get really interesting at a certain point; not many people can resist the temptation to flip that switch!...Date:04/13/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Dan Bateman

Death Arena  Filename:darena.zip
Optimal Level for Deathmatch...Date:10/28/96
Size:12 KB
Author:Matthias Kunze and Holger Roessig

Dark Deathmatch Episode  Filename:darkdm.zip
Do you like to Deathmatch but sometimes wonder, "Can I take out the BFG's and rockets?" Well, this episode is for you. With new maps, music, and demos, this is sure to be a killer episode....Date:03/08/96
Size:56 KB
Author:Ryan Foti

/>anner's />eathmatch  Filename:ddmatch.zip
Size:41 KB

And the Dead Shall Rise  Filename:deadshri.zip
A really kewl and really hard level. Lots of cool architecture. Really a lot like the original episode 4....Date:08/09/95
Size:53 KB
Author:Orin Flaharty

death.zip  Filename:death.zip
Size:41 KB

Deathmatch 1  Filename:death1.zip
Lots of level ideas I had incorporated into a Deathmatch level. It differs from most Deathmatch levels that I've seen in that it has multiple weapon locations (somewhat preventing a player from hanging out near one), a few traps that allow for altern...Date:01/14/05
Size:46 KB
Author:James Wilson (aka Shade)

Death by Deathmatch  Filename:deathby.zip
You will notice the Doom storyline never actualy stated that all your allies were killed. Actually, Beta sqaud was merely captured. And there sentence: Death by Deathmatch...Date:06/07/95
Size:5 KB

deathday.wad  Filename:deathday.zip
My first serious attempt at a wad, also my first uploaded wad. This level is mainly made for deathmatch, however, single play is possible. I'm not sure about co-op, as I never bother to play it. The main premise behind the level is windows and more w...Date:09/09/94
Size:48 KB

Destroyer of Life  Filename:destroy.zip
This is my first wad ever. Because I don't...Date:03/21/95
Size:51 KB
Author:Scott Amore

Family life  Filename:deth1wad.zip
Designed for death match play. Very easy in single player or cooperative mode. Not too many monsters, lots of ammo, health, armour etc. laying around. Some levels have indicators to show you where the other player is. Some of these are obvious, some ...Date:05/17/97
Size:433 KB
Author:Graeme Stretton & Yvonne Loftus.

Day of Deathmatch 2  Filename:dethday2.zip
A deathmatch wad which is great in single player mode too!!!!...Date:09/20/94
Size:43 KB

Day of Deathmatch 3  Filename:dethday3.zip
A deathmatch only wad. Based on ideas gathered from other wads....Date:09/20/94
Size:22 KB

Death's Door  Filename:dethdoor.zip
Small and AWESOME DEATHMATCH LEVEL, interconnecting hallways, lots of doors, nooks in side for weapons...Date:12/22/94
Size:4 KB
Author:Paul Hoskinson

DETHE2M2.WAD  Filename:dethe2m2.zip
Let's kill each other!...Date:12/30/05
Size:11 KB

DETHMZE2.WAD  Filename:dethmaze.zip
THIS IS A *MINOR* BUG-FIX FOR DETHMAZE.WAD Welcome to the future of combat training: The Holodome. Since long before the colozination of planetary moons, Earth's finest military have been trained here. With the ability to create any environment, situ...Date:07/11/94
Size:59 KB
Author:Brian Jackey

Pond of the Deathmatch Crater  Filename:dethpond.zip
This outside arena is so complicated that I had to block some areas from visplane areas that happened in corners of the level. I mean "complicated" as in there are a lot of 2 sided linedef around. DEU's node builder could barely handle it. This le...Date:04/15/95
Size:46 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

dewadz1.zip  Filename:dewadz1.zip
Size:35 KB

DeathMatch For Two Series  Filename:dfor2.zip
This wad is a compilation of 8 wads designed for two player modem DEATHMATCH. The wads are physically on the small side so that you don't spend all your time hunting the other guy. They are not so small that 3 or 4 player matches won't work; I just s...Date:05/23/05
Size:208 KB
Author:Kurt Schulenburg; Scott Scurlock (he did E1M7, originally TRENCH.WAD)

DietDoom  Filename:dietdoom.zip
Small, frantic, deadly deathmatch wad. This Wad is meant for only deathmatch use, I won't be held responsible for the resulting boredom when playing single/cooperative. Contains all weapons, many teleporters, crossing alleyways, stepping stones, and ...Date:09/08/94
Size:19 KB
Author:Antti Kuosmanen

DiLwEED!  Filename:dilweed.zip
You and your bait are in the intergalactic DILWEED arena. No one leaves alive. No matter how hard you try to kill everyone else, they seem to keep coming back. You are provided with the means to destroy your competitor(s), but so are they unto you. h...Date:08/23/94
Size:6 KB
Author:Black Majik (Matt Evans)

DiStOrTiOn...  Filename:distort.zip
This is a perfect deathmatch level. Designed after Doom ][ level 1, plus a few ideas of my own. this level incorperates convienient size, a modest supply of weapons, and a vast variety of textures to add to the exitment. This level has 5 main rooms...Date:05/06/05
Size:8 KB

DeathMatch Afternoon v1.0  Filename:dmafter.zip
This level was built for my afternoon DeathMatches, hence the title. It consists of a central raised area around which there are several walkways and weapons. There are also several "hiding-holes", perfect for an ambush. All the weapons are present...Date:01/01/99
Size:16 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

DeathMatch Arena  Filename:dmarena1.zip
This is a basic large arena, with a ring surrounding it. There's a couple tricks to be found, so it remains interesting. There is no rocket launcher or acid, so it will work well without -altdeath. E-mail me to tell me if it's great or if it sucks. T...Date:08/23/94
Size:8 KB
Author:Sandy Coyne

DMAT4.WAD  Filename:dmat4.zip
Dmat 4, for those looking to build up major frags in righteous deathmatch ! Custom made for deathmatch..actually not set up for anything else. Small and central, for maximum speed and findage of your opponent. 'Course first ya gotta kill the baddie...Date:06/14/94
Size:16 KB
Author:Larry Farr

dmatch1.zip  Filename:dmatch1.zip
Size:28 KB

Here's some more DOOM DEATHMATCH levels! (Legalized package)  Filename:dmatch2l.zip
Here's some more DOOM DEATHMATCH levels! They contain new maps & new music for E1M1 E1M2 E1M3. All the music is contained in DMATCH.WAD so it will always have to be added if you want the music for any of the PWADS. ... More to come later!...Date:08/04/06
Size:109 KB
Author:Ian Dendy

Deathmatch WADs  Filename:dmatchwl.zip
DMATCHWD.ZIP 187,409 08-30-94 Here Are A Couple of Cool Pwads for Doom. They Were Made for Deathmatch. Everything From the Starship Enterprise to an Awsome Castle W/ Moat, Drawbridge, Etc. Enjoy! (BBS -description at http://cd.textfiles.com/cream05/c...Date:09/30/06
Size:99 KB

Death Maze  Filename:dmaze.zip
This was specialy made for deathmatch. No monsters at all, strictly you and your prey....Date:07/01/94
Size:17 KB
Author:Spencer Brown

dmbox.WAD  Filename:dmbox.zip
This is a small level made for deatmatch. It has many secrets. One being a secret room that has doors that are opened when certain lines are crossed. (hint, hint) I would like to hear what you think of this level....Date:09/16/96
Size:17 KB
Author:Justin Bartel

CARL.WAD  Filename:dmcarl.zip
A small place to kill each other in DM....Date:12/02/05
Size:4 KB
Author:Unknown --> Probably 'Carl'? ;)

Deathmatch Cathedral  Filename:dmcath24.zip
Designed to have a demonic presence about it. You are locked inside an Unholy Cathedral- and only one of you shall survive! There are a couple of "secrets" - but not too many to make it unfair. My favorate is watching someone burst out from behind ...Date:10/02/94
Size:24 KB
Author:James Dicke

THE COFFIN  Filename:dmcoff.zip
Special Notes: 1. Yes, you wimps can save (F2) this. We heroes, we true heroes, have trained ourselves to not rely on such backless behavior. 2. Big expanse here, so she's going to run a little on the "chunky" side, sorry! Not much extra time latel...Date:07/02/06
Size:37 KB
Author:Richard Gray (a.k.a. Levelord, a.k.a. GrayMatter Software Solutions)

Deathmatch Court Yard  Filename:dmcy1.zip
A small court yard deathmatch for Doom....Date:04/13/07
Size:10 KB
Author:David Davidson

DEATHMATCH LEVEL: DIVA  Filename:dmdiva.zip
Return of the Do-nut! Big Bugger in the middle to shoot at, and create a momentary makeshift camaraderie between players, before they start shooting each other in the back again. All weapons included....Date:05/06/05
Size:8 KB
Author:** Storm ** aka Jeff Walsh

DeathMatch1.666  Filename:dmdth16.zip
This level was designed for the the DOOM 1.6 Deathmatch 2.0 regeneration feature. There is only one place to get your weapons (but it cannot be considered a campsite). There are many places to find your heath, armor, and weapons. Most places are diff...Date:02/11/05
Size:20 KB
Author:James R. Sharp

Welcome To DTHBOX.WAD - Level 1 Of The Frag Heaven Series.  Filename:dmdthb.zip
Deathbox consist of a simple level designed to test your ability in close deathmatch combat.. With a series of lifts to put yourself above the action, so to speak.. This level did not take very long about 4 hours so do not try to anylize the complexi...Date:01/19/05
Size:4 KB
Author:Herb Berkley

Fragman  Filename:dmfrag.zip
This is one of several .wad files I have created exclusively deathmatch. In it contains a huge arena, several small rooms around the arena, multiple weapons, bonusus, secrets, traps and absolutely no monsters. FRAGMAN has been play tested several tim...Date:06/21/05
Size:29 KB
Author:Robert T. Marentette (Admiral R.O.B.)

Full-on Deathmatch Chubbie  Filename:dmfull.zip
This is a Deathmatch level (duh). It is designed as three major rooms, each with a different design concept and look based on a color. The rooms are only accessible via teleporters. A good size level for modem DM. Have fun killin'....Date:05/05/05
Size:28 KB
Author:Shadoe (Level Design); Shade (aka James Wilson) (Construction and input)

GONZO.WAD  Filename:dmgonz.zip
Size:25 KB
Author:Erik K. Quinn

Guets Apens - GUETAP.WAD  Filename:dmguet.zip
"Guets Apens" - DEATHMATCH - Set a trap turn the light off when your enemies cross acid floors, stop the lift when they try to get the Rocket Launcher. There is a lot of loopholes, and a "Leatherface" atmosphere in the corridors. You can't stay at th...Date:07/24/05
Size:42 KB
Author:Jean-Philippe Gsell

WAREHOUSE.WAD  Filename:dmhous.zip
This level is for those DDDP's (Diehard Deathmatch Doom Players). This WAD has been tested and tested and tested. The only problem is that there isn't enough time in a day when you get four DOOM Guru's together to do JUST battle. This WAD was not d...Date:10/23/05
Size:22 KB
Author:Eric F. Varner

IHRKE1.WAD  Filename:dmihrke1.zip
This PWAD is for E1M1. It was designed primarily for deathmatch, which is only way to play DOOM!!...Date:07/20/94
Size:8 KB
Author:Jim Ihrke

IHRKE2.WAD  Filename:dmihrke2.zip
This PWAD is for E1M1. It was designed for deathmatch, which is only way to play DOOM!!...Date:07/21/94
Size:12 KB
Author:Jim Ihrke

IHRKE3.WAD  Filename:dmihrke3.zip
This PWAD is for E1M1. It was designed for deathmatch, which is only way to play DOOM!!...Date:08/02/94
Size:11 KB
Author:Jim Ihrke

IHRKE4.WAD  Filename:dmihrke4.zip
This PWAD is for E1M1. It was designed for deathmatch, which is only way to play DOOM!!...Date:08/02/94
Size:24 KB
Author:Jim Ihrke

IHRKE5.WAD  Filename:dmihrke5.zip
This PWAD is for E1M1. It was designed for deathmatch, which is only way to play DOOM!!...Date:08/03/94
Size:11 KB
Author:Jim Ihrke

DmKart.WAD  Filename:dmkart.zip
The battle mode levels of Mario Kart...Date:11/01/95
Size:19 KB
Author:Scott K. Ward

Crater Lake  Filename:dmlake.zip
A deathmatch WAD for E1M1 The scene is a toxic lake in a crater on Mars. All the boathouses and control centers have been abandoned. Keep on the bridges; if you fall off, try to make it to a boat fast!...Date:05/04/05
Size:25 KB
Author:Chuck Jordan

LOWDARK.WAD  Filename:dmlow.zip
simpl(y)e deathmatch...Date:08/01/05
Size:8 KB

THE MAZE MAZE2.WAD -- PWAD for Shores of Hell -- Level 1  Filename:dmmaze.zip
This level is the product of having played several deathmatch level of other authors and not being satisfied that it provided the proper 'arena' for a deathmatch...there were far too long and complicated and the players were more engrossed in actuall...Date:04/13/07
Size:23 KB

MIKES.WAD  Filename:dmmm.zip
E1m1 - E1m4 Deathmatch. Minimal weaponry to add some skill and technique to the levels... ie: shoot, then while the opponent is still recovering from "red-out", duck out and come in another way. E2m1 - Co-op, Deathmatch, or single player....Date:05/12/06
Size:99 KB
Author:Mike Manthei

PILLAR.WAD  Filename:dmpill.zip
This is A Small Doom .Wad That's Good for Deathmatches. Fast Action and A Few Interesting Points. By Nukage (Andy Pederson)....Date:06/26/05
Size:19 KB
Author:Nukage (Andy Pederson)

DEATHMATCH LEVEL: PLATS  Filename:dmplat.zip
Sort of like, platforms. Starting positions on ascending/descending columns. All weapons in complex. GASP! in excitement as the columns move up and down. WONDER! as you survey the pretty shoulder height maze. GIGGLE! as you wonder about in the dark b...Date:05/06/05
Size:10 KB
Author:** Storm ** aka Jeff Walsh

The Arena  Filename:dmrena.zip
Designed specifically for deathmatches, with lots of hiding places and sniper positions...Date:12/02/05
Size:21 KB
Author:Steven Rhodes

road.WAD The Road to Hell  Filename:dmroad.zip
Great for deathmatch. No monsters lots of secret hidding spots not too large but larger than the first doom level....Date:06/07/05
Size:20 KB
Author:Michale Alaimo

Deathmatch Showdown  Filename:dmromad1.zip
On a secret base somewhere in Montana the US military wants to train elite marines to hand to hand in your face fighters. So they set up this building with nothing but halls and some weapon rooms. To make things a little more difficult they added no ...Date:09/19/94
Size:6 KB
Author:Michael Barr

Nuclear Waste Facility  Filename:dmsewe.zip
The year is 2083. Ever since the discovery of Tachyon Converters in the early 2030's there has not been much use for the old nuclear waste recycling plants. The government turned most of them into low cost housing developments. Except for Facility 10...Date:05/31/05
Size:80 KB
Author:Jon Oden

Sewer  Filename:dmsewv.zip
Although there's lots of monsters in some areas, there are ways to get rid of them easily.....just have to figure it out. Some puzzles here and there, the level is also easier on one player then 2 player. This is just the first of 5 or 6 levels. St...Date:05/31/05
Size:154 KB

SPACE.WAD  Filename:dmspace.zip
DeathMatch on a mini Space Station!...Date:06/09/94
Size:73 KB
Author:Chris Badger

STATUES.WAD  Filename:dmstat.zip
This is my first go at a doom level. It tends to reflect my liking for large rooms which don't look too dangerous initially. I think it is a reasonable test for the average player, although I suspect the real experts won't have too much difficulty....Date:04/29/05
Size:33 KB
Author:Michael A. Palmer

Sword of Damocles  Filename:dmswrd.zip
As in the ancient story of Damocles, member of the court of Dionysius II of Sicily, the threat of danger lurks around every corner. Beware the sword of Damocles that dangles by a single hair above your head!...Date:04/29/05
Size:53 KB
Author:Ray Johnson

DEATHMATCH LEVEL: TOWERS  Filename:dmtow.zip
Um. Towers. An arena with er, towers in it. Teleport available to towers. A few secret areas, besides. And, em you shoot people. Great decent family fun....Date:05/06/05
Size:9 KB
Author:** Storm ** aka Jeff Walsh

dmtown.zip  Filename:dmtown.zip
Size:45 KB
Author:Shane Hamlin

Trench.wad  Filename:dmtren.zip
This is a deathmatch WAD that my brother and I have loads of fun playing, it can really get that adreneline flowing. Plenty of hiding places, dark areas, and kill zones. There are NO secret doors to worry about, except for one lift whose entrance i...Date:05/23/05
Size:26 KB
Author:Scott Scurlock 74721,1250

*Doom Space Nine* and *HOTEL CALIFORNIA*  Filename:dmtrywds.zip
DMSPACE9.WAD This is a great deathmatch level with lots of lifts (just like Deep Space Nine) with places to hide that you can see out but the other players can't see you. The only weapons available are the handgun and plasma gun what do you expect on...Date:04/13/07
Size:475 KB
Author:Tom Yantorno

Whacker  Filename:dmwhck.zip
This is a Deathmatch WAD only, with an Arena theme. Sort of a king of the hill setup. The title came in early design when it looked a lot like a weed whacker on the map....Date:08/10/05
Size:21 KB
Author:Bobby Eddins

WIRELESS.WAD  Filename:dmwire.zip
Frag your buddies!...Date:10/23/05
Size:32 KB
Author:Gene Field a.k.a. Wireless

WIRE2.WAD  Filename:dmwire2.zip
Well, here it is. Thanks for all the great feedback on the first one (Killme.zip) in this lib. As before, no monsters to get in the way, just good layout and opportunity for strategy. This one is E1M2. Good luck and I'd appreciate any feedback.......Date:10/23/05
Size:35 KB
Author:Gene Field a.k.a. Wireless

dodge and shoot  Filename:dodge.zip
simple, but effective deathmatch level...Date:06/29/94
Size:8 KB
Author:Jon Paynter

The Keep  Filename:doomkp.zip
This is primarily a Deathmatch level, but it's kind of fun as a single player also. Not much to say, got the idea from some other levels I saw, and the look from some of the Doom ][ pictures I've seen. Hope you like it. This is my fourth released pwa...Date:08/08/05
Size:32 KB
Author:James Wilson (aka Shade)

Doomsday.Wad  Filename:doomsday.zip
This is a Deathmatch only wad....Date:05/23/05
Size:37 KB

Deathmatch Prison (DPRISON.WAD)  Filename:dprison.zip
Deathmatch Prison is based on the simple idea that a deathmatch should involve players using one weapon of their choice, chosen before entering the battle area. All doors in the prison area stay opened when pushed until closed using one of the switch...Date:05/12/94
Size:27 KB
Author:Justin Powell

draco.zip  Filename:draco.zip
Size:33 KB

draco2.zip  Filename:draco2.zip
Size:33 KB

6 Mean levels for Doom II and Doom  Filename:dsgrp1.zip
Size:400 KB
Author:David J. E. Simmonds

Death Match Spiral (DSPIRAL.WAD)  Filename:dspiral.zip
A different kind of deathmatch level, based upon an idea conjured up by myself and Justin Powell (author of Death Match Prison). You only get to select on weapon per life, as does your opponent. The playing field is dairly simple: The better bonuses ...Date:05/07/94
Size:25 KB
Author:Kenneth S. Forte

"The DeathMatch Party"  Filename:dthparty.zip
Another brand new Level for Heretic. You play in a DethMatch Partyroom ;) the form is like ID and we think, you will have a lot of FUN in this Level. (BEST FOR 2-4 DEATHMATCH FIGHTERS !!!)...Date:08/09/95
Size:54 KB
Author:Reptile & Sub-Zero

Duel.WAD  Filename:duel.zip
There is nothing better than the stale smell of Gasoline, the oil stained chain, the grime that coats the sides with pride. The chainsaw is truly, a REAL man's best friend. I have been disappointed by the fact that I have never seen a D-Match level b...Date:03/02/96
Size:35 KB
Author:Kyle J. Stewart

dyaghon.WAD  Filename:dyaghon.zip
Once again it came over me: Another idea for a great hall was born in my mind. So, with the help of DEU, I created a totally new Deathmatch-Pwad. I played it only in two-player-mode and it wasn't that good (to big!), but in a four-player-mode it's ...Date:07/19/97
Size:236 KB

ecrwads1.zip  Filename:ecrwads1.zip
Size:415 KB
Author:in work you publish. As long as you mention me, I don't mind :)

ELEMENTS.WAD  Filename:elements.zip
This PWAD is for E1M1. It was designed for deathmatch and pretty much rules....Date:09/03/94
Size:10 KB
Author:Craig Okruhlica

Every Man for Himself  Filename:emfhs.zip
Okey Dokey, This level did not have a plot... but hey I guess I can't disapoint my followers (SURE THING! ;) So I will make one up now... Well just after all the chaos up at the UAC bases... *** You are sitting at home with your marine buddies, wat...Date:05/18/95
Size:35 KB
Author:--== S ==-- (Lachlan Stewart)

Enigma  Filename:enigma.zip
Nice simple deathmatch, largeish area, split into four by lifts, a few blocks to run round, and a couple of fairly easy to find secrets, including the exit...Date:10/23/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Adrian Dunn

Eornom2  Filename:eornom2.zip
Purely an open area deathmatch wad designed specifically for the ultimate showdown....Date:05/12/06
Size:22 KB
Author:in big, colorful letters. If you're like me, who loves the weird stuff, this is for you!

EP  Filename:ep.zip
DEATHMATCH EPISODE Made for when Stefan and I only had 386's, so as a result most levels are very small. We have since upgraded, but still play them as they are real good for massive amounts of combat. There is also an excessive amount of m...Date:05/07/95
Size:84 KB
Author:Julian Peterson

Eye Spy (Deathmatch Episode)  Filename:eyespy.zip
I called it Eye Spy because, well, it seemed appropriate. This level may seem large at the onset, but it has been found to be "just right" when playing in deathmatch. There are many, many sniper zones; a large catwalk surrounding a large courtyard; a...Date:09/08/94
Size:56 KB
Author:Dave Pfrommer

FACELIFT.WAD  Filename:facelift.zip
DEATHMATCH ONLY!!! No sniper areas, just fast moving in-your-face action. Includes an exit....Date:07/25/94
Size:15 KB
Author:John Martin

FACTORY.WAD  Filename:factory.zip
It is said that the old factory on the outskirts of town is still run by zombie employees. They say that the old workers went insane and started to slaughter each other a few years back. Few escaped and barricaded the place in hopes that nothing else...Date:10/25/96
Size:24 KB
Author:Kyle J. Stewart

FIREBALLS (#1 in a Continuing Series)  Filename:fball7v1.zip
================================= FIREBALL - v1.91 DOOM WAD FILE ================================= This WAD file replaces E1M1 and is a REAL good Deathmatch Level! DARK AREAS, ALL WEAPONS, CYBER- DEMONS, Elevators, And 2 VERY Large Arenas! Kill your ...Date:04/13/07
Size:21 KB

Fragagon  Filename:fgonwad1.zip
Death Match wad...Date:08/25/95
Size:12 KB
Author:Tom Sanner

Bastion of the Fiendish (grin)  Filename:fiendish.zip
Deathmatch only!!! Castle motif with lots of stairways ambush spots. Enjoy......Date:01/04/97
Size:67 KB
Author:Richard Carlson

Fist_Em.wad  Filename:fist_em.zip
This is a fairly large level geared toward 3 or more players. Not many monsters but plenty of ammo. Lots of open space with some good sniper spots. Yes I have two prisons ( HALLS ) but one is escapable. I might of gotten lazy with a couple of unpegge...Date:09/06/94
Size:58 KB
Author:Michael Nelson; Raleigh, North Carolina

BETTERM4.WAD  Filename:fixedm4.zip
I am addicted to DOOM, plain and simple. But when it comes to DeathMatch, that is an even more compulsive obsession of mine. This was was my attempt to bring in the great qualities of my favorite DeathMatch level, E1M4 and combine those with the exce...Date:07/11/95
Size:25 KB
Author:Dave Fields

flip.wad  Filename:flip.zip
Small game. No monsters. Lots of trip lines....Date:10/19/96
Size:7 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

flop.wad  Filename:flop.zip
Flop.wad is a very small, one room game. You start out in a little room up near the...Date:10/17/96
Size:3 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

fonti.zip  Filename:fonti.zip
Size:207 KB

FORTS.WAD  Filename:forts.zip
The ultimate Deathmatch level, with two large fortresses to defend and/or raid. Contains only Shotguns, the chainsaw and a limited supply of rockets....Date:05/12/06
Size:26 KB
Author:Owen Robertson

For Wils  Filename:forwils.zip
This is a deathmatch! Create your own mood!...Date:01/08/96
Size:76 KB
Author:Andrew Moore

Fistfull of Steel  Filename:fos.zip
Pontclan clan deathmatch map, for practices, clanmatches, & the like. members.tripod.com/Pontclan There is no exit. People will whine. What the Hell for? You got me....Date:12/11/98
Size:87 KB
Author:Jacob "Asyl" Pipkin

Fragsie  Filename:frag2.zip
A nice little deathmatch map with a many monsters....Date:01/05/97
Size:30 KB
Author:Jesper Bohmann

Fragasm5  Filename:fragasm5.zip
A five-level fast-paced DEATHMATCH 2.0 frag fest....Date:09/05/94
Size:245 KB
Author:Scott Coleman

Frag City  Filename:fragcity.zip
You start out in the middle of an arena, if you are able to reach a teleporter, you can enter the second area. There is also a special third area you can fight or run through. What is different about this Wad that 300 others don't have? Hint: look ...Date:10/29/94
Size:89 KB
Author:Erwen Tang Paul Robinson

Frag Day (FRAGDAY.WAD)  Filename:fragday.zip
Made for DEATHMATCH only....Date:07/03/94
Size:15 KB
Author:Gary D. Peifer

fragfest.zip  Filename:fragfest.zip
Size:197 KB

#@$%^& Fragit!!!!!  Filename:fragit.zip
Designed specifically for deathmath 1. No monsters. Plenty of guns and ammo. A hospital and clinic area for those occasions when you feel down. Enjoy the great outdoor areas. Hide in the shadows or behind any of the one way walls. Hunt or be hunted. ...Date:06/22/05
Size:28 KB
Author:Doug Coan

FRAGVILLE, USA!!!!!  Filename:fragvill.zip
This wad is my idea of an old medeival castle. There is a dungeon, a moat, a head on a stick, and lots of "observation points" for the snipers amongst us. The place is called Fragville because..... Oh, I guess you can find out on your own....Date:08/01/05
Size:40 KB
Author:Michael C. Davis

fragyou.zip  Filename:fragyou.zip
Size:22 KB

Frag o' Mania - a DeathMatch WAD for Doom1  Filename:frag_o.zip
A circular arena with 4 raised areas accessible by stairs in the center of the arena. On the out- skirts of the arena, are 4 watch towers with outer "ready rooms" where players start. The raised areas also have hidden alcoves where former human snipe...Date:04/20/96
Size:28 KB
Author:Kevin Worrel

Frag_You  Filename:frag_you.zip
I designed this level after being somewhat dissapointed with most of the deathmatch PWADS out there. I've put in most of what I've learned playing netdoom. Which are: 1)Keep it small. 2)Good sniping spots. 3)Opportunities for telefragging. 4)Neato de...Date:02/18/05
Size:15 KB
Author:David Davidson (a.k.a. DRILLER)

Free for All  Filename:free4all.zip
In the spirit of LEDGES comes this all out deathmatch slugfest. All weapons are present, but are situated in such a place that going for them, puts the player at a perfect position to be fragged by other players. GET THE WEAPONS AND RUN! ALOT of time...Date:08/23/94
Size:48 KB
Author:Christian Antkow

The Day Hell Froze Over...  Filename:frozen.zip
Well, the cows have come home, pigs are flying, the fat lady has sung her tune, and now, yes, hell has frozen over! Just in time for the holiday season, you can frag some bad-asses over satan's now icy domain!!! This wad is meant for deathmatch, th...Date:12/24/94
Size:87 KB
Author:Zink The Dink

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