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3 Tiny Doom2 Levels....Date:04/04/05
Size:87 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Just 2 levels for the good old DooM II that I put together two late nights under the influence of some J&B my father in law gave me for x-mas. (I just love those never ending sentences....Date:01/04/98
Size:36 KB
Author:Conny Vigström

The Matrix
This level is for DOOM 2 Level 07. I chose level 7 because it has my favorite music in the game. This is NOT a sloppy level, no fuckups, it was nodes built perfectly, all textures are aligned (at least the really noticable ones, I didn't really fe...Date:12/27/95
Size:97 KB
Author:Ben Gates

A nocturnal level, in the world after death. This is my 14th level and pretty tough, (like the others!). You have just been killed in a mission and were put in your grave, in the grave portal you open your eyes and see yourself in a strange world. Wh...Date:08/22/02
Size:176 KB

This level has a definite eastern look & feel. This is my 10th level, and contains some corrupted town blocks. Your town has been invaded by these vulcanic demons appearing from underground, and only you could hide and stay alive, now that the bulk o...Date:08/22/02
Size:186 KB

Blood Runners
Watch the river of blood flowing along with you. This is my 8th level & needs fast running over the blood flow. You are ordered to eliminate the existance of this savage tribe called "Blood Runners" on the high flat of these mountains. But unfortunat...Date:08/22/02
Size:174 KB

A nocturnal level, mostly in caverns. This is my 9th level, a very huge level, and ... ok, hard! You have been captured by these demonic cavemen and all your buddies are dead or turned into killing undead bodies, just now you have destroyed one of th...Date:08/22/02
Size:184 KB

Death Cycle
A level good for both Normal and Deathmatch play. This is my 5th level, a circular level, small & compact. You have been cursed to be trapped in the Death Cycle, and you know that only the lucky ones could escape from here. Good Luck!...Date:08/20/02
Size:190 KB

Hell Harbour
In a deadly harbour in the middle of blood ocean. This is my 6th level, a very hard one, don`t be maddened! No news has come from your scout spaceship sent to this new world, so in the brief moment of finding a connection between the base and the shi...Date:08/22/02
Size:99 KB

Size:16 KB
Author:Janek Bringle

The Living End.
A big level with wide & outsized segments & parts. This is my 7th level, with a very interesting lift at the end! You have been killed accidentally and you think that you could have lived a long time still, so when you hear about a gateway to the liv...Date:08/22/02
Size:106 KB

A special level, inside a space mothership. This is my 19nd level. Doom engine strained to the extreme! You are prisoned in a mothership for quite some time as your spaceship was captured by your enemies the Alfa Centaurian race. But today the ship c...Date:08/26/02
Size:141 KB
Size:236 KB

Secret Lab
A big level, the secret lab is a level by itself. This is my 4th level, You need to use your mind as your hands. You are instructed to distroy this enemy complex but there is a rumor that their notorious secret lab is hidden here so you cross your fi...Date:08/22/02
Size:104 KB

Space Station
A special level, inside a space station. This is my 16th level with some neat architecture. An alien space station is found somewhere in the solar system and you where teleported there to investigate, but you were warned to be on guard because it was...Date:08/20/02
Size:131 KB

A nocturnal level, in a long twisting valey. This is my 17th level and full of nice surprises! Finally you have found out about the last stronghold of this demon leader, and you are about to terminate it`s destruction rout on earth, once and for all!...Date:08/22/02
Size:143 KB

Simphony of Death
A level full of traps, tricks and secret places. This is my 2nd level, and has a gigantic theatre in the middle. You must force the Cyberdemon and his orchestral crew to play the symphony of death to weaken them a bit, then finish the rest yourself. ...Date:08/26/02
Size:115 KB

A nocturnal level, inside a big castle. This is my 12th level and pretty tough, (like the others!). In this level you have been sent inside an indomitable enemy castle (trojan-like), and you are told to open the main gates or be killed, and you have ...Date:08/22/02
Size:147 KB

0_5 Resor
14 Doom II Maps found on the Internet...Date:10/14/11
Size:1458 KB

(Once Again) Damn-It WAD, v. 2
Size:10 KB
Author:Lonnie Yearwood

A 1024x1024 map on a Spaceship....Date:05/02/06
Size:59 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

neg_!ke's 1024 Map for Doom II
small base-style map created for a 1024*1024 contest at doomworld in mid-2006. i didn't expect trying to max out gameplay within a 1024*1024 square was that difficult. i didn't solve it the most clever way, but at least there's some eye candy. un...Date:02/26/10
Size:106 KB

10-Level Wad (
A 10-level DOOM II adventure with new original music. 10 original levels. (Version 1.01) Wind your way through tunnels and buildings with each level increasing in difficulty. There are puzzles to solve and mazes to follow. Levels 8 & 9 are designed a...Date:12/08/95
Size:440 KB
Author:Bill Ostrander

All That version 5.0
Size:97 KB
Author:Bob Lindemann

TechBase 127 >127TECH.WAD< v1.1
Size:42 KB
Author:Martin Metzler

One to Die For
Another single player wad file. I wanted to try some new concepts, and make a transparent door.. it worked! It's fairly large, and makes use of tag 666. *Both* ways to use 666 in Doom2. It should be very playable, and all the stuff is there for death...Date:06/14/96
Size:62 KB
Author:Derrick McKay

rz.wad, lost.wad
2 levels for cooperative Players...Date:10/03/98
Size:296 KB
Author:Michael Thoenes

1 Day of Hellish Revenge
Size:279 KB
Author:Kristian Aro
A small to medium Single player wad....Date:06/16/96
Size:47 KB
Author:Joe A. Leonard

Fellowzdoomer's 1 Hour Map
My first crack at making a map in an hour. Quite pleased with these results....Date:08/30/14
Size:10 KB

Pwad for Doom2....Date:06/08/00
Size:16 KB
Author:Janek Bringle

Dance The Cyborg
A birthday map I made for 1ntru; nothing uber-detailed, just a simple action-packed map....Date:04/23/13
Size:60 KB
Author:Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

One Park Avenue DOOM II Level
It is January 1996, and Forstman-Little's purchase of Ziff-Davis has gone through as smoothly as silk. You've laid down your trusty plasma gun for what you think is the last time -- surely you can eke out a living far away from 1 Park Avenune, perhap...Date:07/21/08
Size:83 KB
Author:Steve Baldwin
A single player level. Large level. 1shawndm is a trimmed version of this level; the deathmatch version -this is what I thought, anyway, before I made real DM levels ie. super small. Full of one-shot monsters. Don't watch the demo if you don't want t...Date:01/30/98
Size:78 KB
Author:may use these levels as a base to build additional levels,
A single player level. Large level. 1shawndm is a trimmed version of 1shawn; the deathmatch version -this is what I thought, anyway, before I made real DM levels ie. super small. Full of one-shot monsters. Don't watch the demo if you don't want to kn...Date:01/16/98
Size:92 KB
Author:may use these levels as a base to build additional levels,

This is extremly hard if not impossible to complete on the hard level. the only bug I know of is that you can't save it on the hardest level....Date:12/24/03
Size:31 KB
Author:Costa Lappas

The Worst Level Ever Made
This is my attempt to make something worse than Wow.wad. There is simply no gameplay to be found here. You are also stuck and are unable to move which means you can's do anything....Date:04/25/12
Size:2 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

6 levels for DOOM2. Watch out for the sequel 7_12TRON.WAD which will be available soon!?...Date:09/05/11
Size:529 KB
Author:Trond Schjelderup

20 Days in Hell
Size:658 KB
Author:Kristian Aro

24 Hours (24hours.wad)
A 10-level DOOM II adventure with new original sounds. 10 more challenging original levels from the author of "10levels.wad". Cool architecture and lighting against a starry sky. Again, as you gain experiance, the ammo and health get a bit scarce....Date:09/27/96
Size:717 KB
Author:Bill Ostrander

24 Hours (24sounds.wad)
A 10-level DOOM II adventure with new original sounds. 10 more challenging original levels from the author of "10levels.wad". Cool architecture and lighting against a starry sky. Again, as you gain experiance, the ammo and health get a bit scarce....Date:09/27/96
Size:1000 KB
Author:Bill Ostrander

Pwad for Doom2. Concept wads here! Never seen this done before. ( Now I know why...) Only a few rooms but each room has a 1/4 size version of itself tucked inside....Date:06/09/00
Size:37 KB
Author:Thomas Bringle

You are dropped at a Scottish castle. Now a demon stronghold on Earth. You must rid the castle of enemies, but beware of counterattacks....Date:06/14/95
Size:82 KB
Author:Shayne Hawthorne

Computer themed level also with large acid hallways. Plenty of traps......Date:07/11/03
Size:228 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

Extremely huge industrial complex building with loads of details and other goodies. Can You wade through this all?...Date:07/11/03
Size:567 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

Large complex building occupied by unfriendly monsters......Date:07/11/03
Size:290 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

I don't know but it doesn't seem complete.... But isn't that always the case, the artist is never satisfied with his work.... Enjoy!...Date:02/20/05
Size:23 KB
Author:Keith Winter

Judgement day is here. You have been judged marine, and here is your punishment. Hell. Just like you thought it would be. Frightening, terrifying. Words cannot describe the pain your soul and body are about to experience. 2DIE IN HELL is a single-p...Date:09/17/95
Size:58 KB
Author:Neil R. Bonner

Too Dark Park
Size:230 KB
Author:Steve Bryan (The Prophet)
Size:359 KB
Size:386 KB
Size:245 KB
Size:327 KB
Size:238 KB
Size:260 KB
Size:244 KB
Size:231 KB
Size:296 KB
Size:307 KB

To Fight (2x2 series)
One level for any limit removing port. The idea for this PWAD came from The main concept is: you should create a level using only two IWAD textures and two IWAD flats. Thanks Shadowman for inspiration. Note: This level is hard. Do not t...Date:01/11/09
Size:158 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

"Watch Yer Back" and "Bloodfalls"
This WAD is a combination of two levels I designed. Map01 is my very first WAD, but it doesn't suck TOO bad, and it is excellent for deathmatch. Map02 is good for solo play, and there are enough goodies scattered around to keep deathmatches going pre...Date:06/22/95
Size:50 KB
Author:Rob MacKenna

Frag City
You start out in the middle of an arena, if you are able to reach a teleporter, you can enter the second area. There is also a special third area you can fight or run through. What is different about this Wad that 300 others don't have? Hint: look ...Date:07/16/95
Size:157 KB
Author:Erwen Tang Paul Robinson

Belldandy DoomII (Test Edition)
Size:93 KB
Author:Yukio Ide (Waizu) in Japan

You are to infiltrate the demon stronghold and destroy it....Date:08/12/95
Size:89 KB
Author:Shayne Hawthorne

Idustrial base with lots of teleporting enemies. Watch your back!...Date:07/11/03
Size:156 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

Large waste management complex with plenty of exploding barrels and dark hallways....Date:07/11/03
Size:220 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

Size:306 KB
Author:Peter Suijker

Shadows of Darkness
This level is for DOOM2, not DOOM (a DOOM version is out on BBSs), MAP01. I have included difficulty settings...they aren't as accurate as I'd like 'em. Cooperative play is recommended, deathmatch is good too (I put all the deathmatch sta...Date:05/17/95
Size:65 KB
Author:Sean Birkel
My favorite. After the sometimes monotonous - depending on your mood - frag-a-second action in 3shawn and 4shawn it's good to come back to this one and actually have to think about what you are doing. Suitable for single and deathmatch play. All deat...Date:01/16/98
Size:141 KB
Author:may use these levels as a base to build additional levels,

While winging around in your ship, you spy a odd looking complex on a small planet. You grab your trusty shotgun and teleport down for a look....Date:09/08/95
Size:56 KB
Author:Shayne Hawthorne(2besiege.wad)

30 Levels
After destroying the big boss in doom2, you settled down for some r&r, when, suddenly, the cold dead faces of the undead greeted you as you transported in. Realizing the drill, you grabbed your sidearm and wished for some better armament. As you figh...Date:12/20/96
Size:3737 KB
Author:Stephen Huff

Obsidian's 30 Minute Maps
6 vanilla compatible maps, each made in 30 minutes or less. As you can imagine the maps are kind of short, but should be fun nonetheless....Date:09/06/13
Size:119 KB

Size:1099 KB
Author:William H. Parker Jr.

1 vanilla-compatible map for TNT: Evilution with a mountain techbase theme...Date:04/26/14
Size:128 KB

Ashwall-themed level, containing an arena inside!...Date:08/29/99
Size:11 KB
Author:Mudball and Lunch

Even those zombie Sarge's need a break from the rigors of mindless plunder. Where do they go when they get a 3 day pass? They go to the rec-center... paid for by their union dues.....good union, eh? Somehow you have happened upon their secret Hole-in...Date:08/22/95
Size:45 KB
Author:Dr Bombay aka AgX

3 Entradas
A simple level that takes place in a chemical plant. This is the first level of my mega-wad KAOS....Date:06/26/10
Size:49 KB
Author:The Nightmare

map01: CHAOS map02: APFELSAFT map03: G™TTMANN
3 Horror-Monster-Hardcore-Terror-Levels Not pretty, but NON-STOP-TERROR !!...Date:05/03/04
Size:367 KB
Author:Carsten Bergmeyer

Three Keys and a Exit
Leave off...Date:12/07/96
Size:91 KB
Author:Brian Owens

small, simple wad for dm and practice added a shotgun at each dm start point to end the camping at the center....Date:01/06/98
Size:113 KB
Author:Terry Vessels

3 Steps of Hell
Roam newly discovered areas of Hell, three of which are connected to a core room. Discover what is in each to advance....Date:08/04/03
Size:324 KB

Triple-Play (or, Practice What You Preach :)
There sure doesn't seem to be too many single- player levels being made any more. Why? Is no one playing them because after you figure out where the monsters and keys and weapons are, there's no challenge any more? Well, I've addressed that problem -...Date:07/19/95
Size:54 KB
Author:Bill J. McClendon

THREE KICK ASS WADS: ruler.wad, omelet.wad, tekrkbrn.wad
THREE KICK ASS WADS: ruler.wad, omelet.wad, tekrkbrn.wad I have previously released ruler.wad, this is an update. Please tell me what you think (individual .txt files included)...Date:09/16/95
Size:90 KB
Author:malcolm sailor

Four Color
in the heavy way to hell you came to the strange place, where demons called you to enter with them into a fight......Date:05/07/08
Size:302 KB
Author:Azamael aka Kolybenko Michailo

The four Faces
Very large DOOM II wad, with lots of monsters, little ammo/medipacks and great deathmatch capabilities. I designed it to be a lot of fun in single player mode, but kept in mind that it ultimatly should become a deathmatch wad. I created a 'circular...Date:05/23/96
Size:66 KB
Author:Erik Plaggenmarsch
A good deathmatch level because: -it can still be played in single play. -it is a realistic building. -it is as big as D2 level 1 and so is smoooooth. -it has lots places where you can sight your enemy. Construction...Date:01/16/98
Size:141 KB
Author:may use these levels as a base to build additional levels,

Big level, I tried to get the feel of many different levels in one. Each of the 4 "ways" is like a separate level....Date:05/27/03
Size:178 KB

This is E X O D U S......
Have fun!!!!!!...Date:04/13/07
Size:149 KB
Author:Unknown (Maybe 'Exodus'?)

57th Street East
A level for Doom 2. The 1st pwad I have made for Doom2...Date:10/29/04
Size:21 KB
Author:Robert La Rosa Jr.
I finished this level just as Quake shareware was released. Consequently this level has been sadly underplayed. So PLAY IT!, or I will hunt you down and frag you. For the record, Quake is great. If you can't get through on ultra-violent swollow your ...Date:01/16/98
Size:31 KB
Author:may use these levels as a base to build additional levels,

The 5th Door
Size:13 KB
Author:Mike Howell

Sector 666
10 levels, constructed through over 1 year of painful editing =)...Date:10/24/98
Size:1539 KB
Author:Paul De Bruyne

666 - The Number of the Beast
A complex maze of hexagonal rooms. Go ahead and see it for yourself!...Date:02/18/99
Size:115 KB
Author:Gul Dahre'el

uh, I dunno, should I give it one?
6 'levels' I made about 7 years ago, nuff said....Date:03/18/03
Size:98 KB

Dumerica Bowling Arena
Really depends on which skill level you choose. Skills 1,2 = a variety of almost all the monsters Skill 3 = features an end boss like level 30 Skill 4,5 = CyberBowling!!!...Date:08/08/97
Size:25 KB
Author:Vince Lupo

Realism abounds! Dark and evil....Date:05/08/96
Size:124 KB
Author:Brian James Clever

Here is 8City2, a city with 8 buildings level for Doom 2. There are a few secrets to this level, including some "secret" new graphics, see if you can discover them....Date:07/12/95
Size:73 KB

Ragnarok: The final fight between Good and Evil in the Nordic mythology (didn't want to write a long story...). I wanted to create some special architecture with this level - I really hate those WOLF3D like level "designs" (and ROTT, too...). But t...Date:09/06/95
Size:135 KB
Author:Tom Talionis

"99 Ways to Die"
3 level WAD set in a castle environment. Excessive attention given to the appearence of the levels (texture selection, alignment, lighting, etc...), but game play does not suffer (some great battle areas!). I use a P90 machine, so I imagine some ar...Date:04/12/96
Size:218 KB
Author:Warren Marshall

Nine DooM II Wads
- River of Death (RIVER.WAD) by Rob Graham - Burdett 1 - 3 (BURDETT*.WAD) by Rob Graham - Plains of Death 1 (D2POD1.WAD) by Rob Graham - Above & Below (ABOVBELW.WAD) by Rob Graham - Pyramid (D2PYRMD*.WAD) by Rob Graham - 2Brent (2BRENT.WAD) by Brent ...Date:01/10/05
Size:229 KB
Author:Rob Graham & Brent Graham (Brent made 2BRENT.WAD, the eight other WADs are made by Rob)
HELL hath no fury, 9 floors of hell get all secrets soldier boy! HINT: If you don't find all the switches, you can't get to the exit switch....Date:12/02/05
Size:88 KB
Author:Wes Burd Jr

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