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ALPHA: One Nerd And His Doom
This wad is the prequel to GAMMA. I implied that the story would make sense once you played the prequel, so here's the story: Colonel Burlap, Linguica's commanding officer and long time friend has asked him to reclaim the denture factory that has bee...Date:04/19/03
Size:2745 KB

A Marine's Last Stance...
The legend of the Gold storyline continues after you find out your girlfriend has tried to kill you back in Desert Paradise. Moving forward you go towards a castle located in the desert and you enter the place. Now in order to escape this place you m...Date:11/17/12
Size:11694 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

arttu98's DM level - Techbase
This is my first "finished" map I have done. It's a Deathmatch level placed in a techbase....Date:04/17/13
Size:123 KB

The Abaddon
This is one of the first few map I made for Doom 2 back in 2010. It's a medium sized, hellish themed map which shouldn't be too difficult to beat. This was originally supposed to be part of a PWAD that I am currently working on; but it isn't on par w...Date:01/02/13
Size:143 KB
Author:Deepak Dhillon [richter3456]

Aberration Caves.
Set in underground caves - this map uses Quake1 textures with a tech base theme with some temple thrown in. There is only one skill level as per usual with all my levels, but it should be do-able in the first attempt. Remember this is set in a cave...Date:05/20/08
Size:328 KB
Author:Kenny "KennyJC" Coughlan.

Action Boom
Size:470 KB

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 10
10 maps made during the tenth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 texture sets to choose from: - Erratic Texture Pack 1 - DrDoctor T...Date:10/13/14
Size:870 KB
Author:Obsidian Darsycho Alfonzo Tarnsman Jimmy Unholypimpin General Rainbow Bacon Rottking ClonedPickle

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 11
6 maps made during the eleventh Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from: - Haunted mansion - Catacombs/crypt style...Date:10/31/14
Size:2670 KB
Author:Obsidian Jimmy Unholypimpin Minigunner Mugsy 4shockblast

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 12
10 maps made during the twelfth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from: - Predominantly liquid flats - FIREBLU ex...Date:12/22/14
Size:4236 KB
Author:Obsidian Jimmy Unholypimpin Darsycho Mugsy Xaser Scifista42 TheMionicDonut General Rainbow Bacon 40o

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 13
12 maps made during the thirteenth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Considering this session marked one year since I started these sessions, I let ...Date:01/16/15
Size:529 KB
Author:Obsidian Jimmy Unholypimpin Scifista42 TheMionicDonut Capellan MTrop ClonedPickle JMickle Gifty Slas

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 14
11 maps made during the eleventh Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from: - Raising stairs function - Perpetual mo...Date:01/29/15
Size:531 KB
Author:Obsidian Jimmy Unholypimpin Scifista42 TheMionicDonut SlashBane AD_79 Alfonzo Breezeep General Rainb

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 15
15 maps made during the fifteenth Abyssal Speedmapping Session (huh) in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Considering this was Obsidian's last session, the mappers had 5 themes as op...Date:02/19/15
Size:3178 KB
Author:Obsidian Jimmy Scifista42 TheMionicDonut SlashBane AD_79 General Rainbow Bacon Fuzzballfox Skillsaw

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 16
17 maps made during the sixteenth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Three themes were made available to the mappers...but the clockwork of this proces...Date:05/29/15
Size:1429 KB
Author:TheMionicDonut - Project Lead 4ShockBlast AD_79 Alfonzo Brezeep SlashBane Fuzzballfox Mugsy NoisyVel

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 17
13 maps made during the seventeenth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from: - CRATES - Lower tier monsters, no hi...Date:05/31/15
Size:1413 KB
Author:TheMionicDonut - Project Lead 4shockblast AD_79 Breezeep Travers Dunne Dusk Memfis Jaws In Space Jim

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 18
20 maps made during the eighteenth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from, this time borrowed from the Mayhem serie...Date:05/31/15
Size:5392 KB

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 19
17 maps made during the nineteenth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from, this time requests from people who had b...Date:07/19/15
Size:1538 KB
Author:TheMionicDonut - Project Lead 4shockblast AD_79 alterworldruler an_mutt Breezeep Walter Confalonieri

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 20
20 maps made during the twentieth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from: - No doors - In-map use of scrolling fl...Date:08/14/15
Size:2132 KB
Author:TheMionicDonut - Project Lead 4shockblast Alfonzo Altazimuth an_mutt ArmouredBlood Baphomet_15 Breez

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 1
4 maps made during the first Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from: - Lava fortress in a hellish canyon - Techba...Date:12/15/13
Size:342 KB
Author:Obsidian General Rainbow Bacon Osiris Kalev Gifty

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 2
7 maps made during the second Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from: - Textures from the Hell category - Texture...Date:01/26/14
Size:272 KB
Author:Obsidian Osiris Kalev Alfonzo Jimmy Tarnsman RocknRoll420 Phobus

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 3
7 maps made during the third Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from: - Episode 4 - Fortress behind a waterfall - ...Date:03/22/14
Size:497 KB
Author:Obsidian Xaser Alfonzo An_mutt Scifista42 Ribbiks Phobus

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 4
A whopping 13 maps made during the fourth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from: - Abbatoir - Downtown - Fortres...Date:04/08/14
Size:646 KB
Author:Obsidian Gifty Osiris Kalev Mugsy Fatal Xaser Alfonzo Jimmy An_mutt MTrop Phobus Paul Cresswell Walt

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 5
12 maps made during the fourth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 themes to choose from: - Mineshaft - Foundry - "Killer Colours" -...Date:05/14/14
Size:709 KB
Author:Obsidian Gifty Osiris Kalev Mugsy Alfonzo Tarnsman Jimmy An_mutt MTrop Phobus 40oz General Rainbow B

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 6
11 maps made during the sixth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Instead of themes, each player had a choice of 3 DeHackEd monsters they could use in t...Date:06/24/14
Size:916 KB
Author:Obsidian Osiris Kalev Mugsy Alfonzo Tarnsman Jimmy MTrop General Rainbow Bacon JMickle ClonedPickle

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 7
14 maps made during the seventh Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each player had a choice of 3 limitations: - 2X2(2 textures and 2 flats) - 10 sect...Date:07/08/14
Size:604 KB
Author:Obsidian Mugsy Alfonzo Tarnsman Jimmy RottKing TheMionicDonut General Rainbow Bacon JMickle Adam Kuc

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 8
5 maps made during the eighth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 concepts to choose from: - Fortress of Mystery(rely heavily on inf...Date:08/01/14
Size:203 KB
Author:Obsidian Mugsy TheMionicDonut JMickle Walter Confalonieri

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 9
7 maps made during the ninth Abyssal Speedmapping Session in the space of two hours, with 15 minutes for music and texture selection and 15 minutes for bugfixing. Each mapper had 3 concepts to choose from: - Fortress on the edge of a cliff - Aquedu...Date:08/19/14
Size:503 KB
Author:Obsidian Gifty TheMionicDonut Darsycho Ribbiks Tuxlar 4ShockBlast

Kickass Doom2 Map!...Date:01/19/04
Size:34 KB
Author:Craq Addict

The Academy
A map vaguely inspired by Evilution's MAP21 - Administration centre....Date:07/02/09
Size:95 KB

Takes place after the events of Doom 64, assuming Doom 3's story takes place instead of original Doom's, as well as RoE, Doom 2, Final Doom, and Doom 64. Please note that many objects in the map can be examined. I'll make it easy for you and tell you...Date:10/13/06
Size:348 KB

OK, I have been working on this wad for about 3-4...Date:06/12/06
Size:3082 KB

ACS Arcade
A bunch of ACS minigames cramed into one room....Date:08/27/07
Size:635 KB

The winner gets it all(?)...Date:03/23/02
Size:201 KB
Author:Harry Daalmeijer (planetone)

Two short maps with emphasis on intense action from the very beginning. Rather hard on UV - if they are too tough for you, try playing on HMP. The maps are designed to be played in sequence but the second map is playable from pistol start as well (it...Date:04/06/12
Size:42 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

Scuba Steve's: Action DooM
Action Doom is meant to try and bring back the run and gun feeling from the old 2D shooters like Contra and Metal Slug. In the tradition of such games there are no bullet weapons, only projectiles. And just like Contra every enemy and subsequently yo...Date:07/03/04
Size:14699 KB
Author:"Scuba" Stephen Browning

Urban Brawl: Action DooM 2
Urban Brawl is the prequel to Scuba Steve's: Action Doom, telling your character's history before those events. Urban Brawl embodies a comic book look and feel with cell shaded graphics and story sequences. All of this is fused with a gameplay that i...Date:09/08/08
Size:56559 KB
Author:"Scuba" Stephen Browning

A day of Revnants and Archviles
You didn't just go straight to regular MAP02,...Date:06/19/05
Size:178 KB

A day of Revnants and Archviles Pt. 3
This is a continuation of ad-of-p2.wad. After...Date:06/19/05
Size:61 KB

A day of Revnants and Archviles
After the incidents on Phobos and Demos, UAC...Date:06/10/05
Size:124 KB

Urban Brawl: Bonus Content
Urban Brawl was originally released on dvd with bonus levels included for people who had purchased the game. The bonus content has been made free for everyone to play....Date:01/05/14
Size:12700 KB
Author:"Scuba" Stephen Browning

Urban Brawl: Dead of Winter
Dead of Winter is a 2 level prequel to the events of Action Doom 2....Date:01/05/14
Size:19982 KB
Author:"Scuba" Stephen Browning

The bioship Adessa has become infected with Leviathons, and is stranded in subspace. You must cleanse the ship before it to is turned into a Leviathon. My monsters didn't work with the map so I cancled the project....Date:04/02/06
Size:1560 KB
Author:Mouse, a.k.a. LilWhiteMouse, a.k.a. LWM

A tough tech-themed map....Date:04/23/07
Size:131 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

A Doomed Base
Infested techbase level created for megawad project....Date:04/22/12
Size:162 KB
Author:Rorix Bladewing

Administration Center
An underground administration center. Small map to test my speedmaping skills. Expected resistance: 100 monsters....Date:11/10/12
Size:3504 KB

A Doomers Requiem
ADR contains short sections in the story of a certain mans life, told in a highly esoteric, metaphorical / symbolical, and unconventional way. Keep this in mind as you play; and give an attempt to understand things rather than signing it off as ubiqu...Date:07/13/14
Size:48905 KB
Author:Endowed Creator

AFTERDOOM 2: Deep Space Pirsuit (PRE-release)
Another megawad from me. Same features as Afterdoom, except the levels, graphics, and music are new and different (Well, DUUH!!!). You are not, I repeat NOT a Doom God if you cannot finish these levels on Ultra Violence, starting at each with only a ...Date:04/03/01
Size:1336 KB
Author:Virgil the Doom Poet

Doom advent map
A Little map made for the doom advent calander but the project has been cancceled....Date:02/16/07
Size:74 KB
Author:Hans (apocalypse) and sausage

Yet another AEODish mod, created from scratch, based on my tartarus 3 replacers, many original stuff. Features: -Over 40 new weapons, 140 new monsters, all well tested and balanced. -Monsters are faster and smarter, more unpredictable, many of them t...Date:08/09/13
Size:50645 KB

3 action packed levels of varying size. Few puzzles. Built after playing (and loving every second of) Alien Vendetta. Difficulty is intentionally set somewhat high....Date:11/28/07
Size:4949 KB
Author:Paul DeBruyne (Skillsaw / Scissors)

The Agony and the Ecstasy (version 1)
Size:1017 KB
Author:Chris Lloyd

Simple Hellgate
A small but challenging map for Gzdoom using Dynamic lights. Make sure your dynamic lights type is set to legacy type to play this map....Date:11/11/09
Size:125 KB
Author:John Cartwright

"A hell day"
1 level WAD....Date:08/08/99
Size:264 KB
Author:Michael Krause

OMGWTF? IT;S A JJOKEMAP!!! No, seriously. I went and created a stupid map just for the heck of it. It's actually pretty tough, especially because of the Dehacked Patch present in the wad. All the weapons (and some of the monsters) are changed to act ...Date:02/28/04
Size:41 KB

airbase (unfinished)
your job is to aid the marines through the UAC compound to halt the demon assault....Date:01/26/13
Size:15 KB

Akuma's Super Fun Time
just a MAP01...Date:01/19/12
Size:93 KB

Be careful!...Date:01/18/10
Size:9 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Alien 3 - The Last Challenge
Size:1559 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Short map, enter a castle located in a, like, late autumn setting....Date:03/19/15
Size:532 KB

Alkylation (version 1.0)
An UAC outpost has been invaded by a new kind of demons. It's up to you to go there and clean the installations....Date:11/03/14
Size:9292 KB

Alkylation Episode 1: Handle with Care (version 1.0)
An UAC outpost has been invaded by a new kind of demons. It's up to you to go there and clean the installations....Date:12/07/11
Size:6150 KB

When All Hell Breaks Loose
Very non-linear map....Date:02/18/99
Size:71 KB
Author:genocide (Eric Simpson)

All i want is hate TNT
A HR-style map, designed for TNT: evilution, and sets in the most classical of uac bases... Have fun, i hope you like it... this map is based upon one my old coop project......Date:01/30/07
Size:308 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

A horde of evil alpacas have taken over a city....Date:01/01/14
Size:1490 KB
Author:Canofbacon & Calmperson

A lost soul
Somehow for some weird reason you find yourself in the main hall of what seems to be a demonic castle, or temple, that doesn't really matter. What matters is that you have to find a way out of there, fast, or you'll end up like that dead marine befor...Date:12/17/06
Size:94 KB

Altar of Evil
An rather large hellish themed map, with new textures, sounds, monsters. Pretty hard from start to finish, only hellish creatures are used here no zombies. An decent ammount of secrets to be found, great detail but not overdone. Have fun :)...Date:07/07/05
Size:2967 KB
Author:Dutch Devil

The Backfire of Project Albert at UAC Base #400
At UAC Base #400, a mishap has occured when testing Project Albert, a top-secret airplane with technology never seen before. Demons broke into the teleportation system on board, killing the crew members due for the test flight and broke into the base...Date:11/03/14
Size:644 KB
Author:John Wilson

Just a speedrunning classic style brown base, replacing map02....Date:12/02/08
Size:253 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Size:12808 KB
Author:The not-so-great Programmer

My very first wad. A partial TC for Zdoom inspired...Date:09/15/12
Size:20116 KB

American Idol
This is actually based on a little story my friend and I came up with. More of a joke story than anything. Unfortunately, there's not much to the level. Sorry....Date:01/14/04
Size:11 KB
Author:Zany McSteve

A map with monsters....Date:06/12/06
Size:176 KB

You wake up. you feel a huge gash on your head and a bullet wound in your chest. Picking yourself off the ground, you see corpses hanging from chains. You do not know where you are. As a matter of fact, you do not even remember your own name! you hav...Date:06/21/15
Size:9515 KB

Ubi Amnis Est
One limit removing speedmap made for Phobus for his birthday. Hope you had a good one mate. :)...Date:11/26/14
Size:82 KB

A N D Y D M 1
A small urban style level which I have tried to make look like Edinburgh, Scotland. There are some real 3D features which need Doom Legacy to work. Designed mainly for Deathmatch, but as usual I put some monsters in for for target practice, and to pr...Date:07/24/01
Size:157 KB

Seven levels with a hi-tec look. There are some real 3D features which need Doom Legacy to work. Designed mainly for Deathmatch, but as usual I put some monsters in for for target practice, and to provide fun during testing. Some new graphics....Date:07/24/01
Size:360 KB

A New Hellspawn
A UAC research facility has gone silent. See notes below for extra information....Date:07/25/06
Size:9674 KB

Archaeologists Nightmare
Members of an archaeology team disappeared working on a remote ruins site in south america. Its your job to find out what's happening. Reports also indicate a militant nazi presence in the area....Date:06/15/15
Size:182 KB
Author:The Architect

Asylum of the Wretched
You're a prisoner who tries to escape...Date:12/02/00
Size:1869 KB
Author:Ian Myers

A Party Downstairs
One of the basement levels underneath an UAC complex became infested with demons. It needs cleanup, and you drew the short straw. Good luck. A somewhat tough tech map of an average size....Date:06/04/15
Size:334 KB
Author:Jacek "JudgeDeadd" Dobrzyniecki

Enemy forces have in their possession a new weapon capable of explosions twenty times more powerful than a standard nuclear warhead. Codenamed the Black Death II for the widespread fear and destruction, you were sent in to steal the information and k...Date:11/23/04
Size:72 KB
Author:Jay Reichard (Silent Zorah)

World's End
Part one in a series of levels to be individually released and then eventually combined to form a final compilation. World's End is a barren and perilous place. A hive for imps and other creatures who will likely take interest in your abrupt intrusio...Date:05/15/02
Size:43 KB
Author:Alex Parsons

The Underground
Part two in a series of levels to be individually released and then eventually combined to form a final compilation. The Underground takes you into the depths of the hellspawn's rank, poisonous lair. Navigate the twisted confines of this place and ov...Date:05/20/02
Size:47 KB
Author:Alex Parsons

The Outlands
Part three in a series of levels to be individually released and then eventually combined to form a final compilation. The Outlands border World's End and The Foul Ruin, a region densely populated by demons. Ammo may not be an issue throughout your t...Date:05/27/02
Size:60 KB
Author:Alex Parsons

Foul Ruin
Part four in a series of levels to be individually released and then eventually combined to form a final compilation. The Foul Ruin is a long abandoned labyrinth, a complex and tortuous arrangement of caves, fortifications and mineshafts. Be cautious...Date:06/08/02
Size:175 KB
Author:Alex Parsons

Part five in a series of levels to be individually released and then eventually combined to form a final compilation. As if on the doorstep of evil... stands Sinistrad. Expect a most gracious welcoming committee....Date:06/21/02
Size:31 KB
Author:Alex Parsons

The Highlands
Part six in a series of levels to be individually released and then eventually combined to form a final compilation. The Highlands is a mountainous region frequented by various demons as they roam the lands, expect to fall from a nasty height if you'...Date:06/28/02
Size:56 KB
Author:Alex Parsons

Mossvale Estate
Part seven in a series of levels to be individually released and then eventually combined to form a final compilation. Hidden in a valley at the foot of the Highlands, this region will surely test your nerves as you attempt to find a safe path throug...Date:07/26/02
Size:207 KB
Author:Alex Parsons

Mossvale Dungeons
Part eight in a series of levels to be individually released and then eventually combined to form a final compilation. You find yourself travelling beneath the Estate in an attempt to find a path through it. A maze of marble where, the further down y...Date:08/15/02
Size:57 KB
Author:Alex Parsons

The Catacombs
This is simply an updated replacement for the previous uploaded on the 18th of September. Contains the fix for the Legacy shootable local door bug in the map....Date:09/27/02
Size:55 KB
Author:Alex Parsons

Installation A
Part twelve in the World's End series. This level is the kind of tech-base map I like, the atmosphere of Doom, the abstract design of Doom2 combined with today's standard of gameplay. ap_012.wad was designed to be fun, but not easy. Gameplay is balan...Date:02/26/03
Size:73 KB
Author:Alex Parsons

Installation B
Part Thirteen. Installation B is another tech-base map in the World's End series, it has taken a millenia to finish due to lack of motivation and time. Larger than the previous one and more challenging, I used this level to experiment with some tech-...Date:08/19/03
Size:75 KB
Author:Alex Parsons

An Aquarius199 Adventure
Upon a weapons outpost in a remote region, you encounter Aqua himself. What comes after is anyone's guess....Date:02/09/14
Size:7183 KB
Author:Mmm, Brother!

This is a standard doom-style map I guess. Find your way to the exit. Thanks for all of the feedback on my last maps. Enjoy. =)...Date:08/09/05
Size:31 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

one level for zdoom gzdoom very hard very dark many secrets...Date:08/16/14
Size:10535 KB

Arcadia Demade
Rapture's vacationland. Side order of hellspawn....Date:08/19/10
Size:627 KB
Author:JP LeBreton

Arch-Vile's Oddness 1 & 2
Theese two .WADs, with their relative demos (.lmp files!) show some oddnesses of the Arch-Vile's behaviour: their suicidal tendency and a battle between themselves! If you want to see the Arch-Viles fighting, launch ZDoom 2.0 beta 38 (I recorded the ...Date:06/23/03
Size:7 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Arctic Research Center A1
Arctic tech base with monsters. The map was done to the DREC7, A mapping contest at This version of the map is not the same as the one entered into the contest. This version fixes the exiting problem and adds mission briefing screen ...Date:09/05/04
Size:8921 KB

A file that contains some new architecture designs, a lot of tricks, and a variety of elements. You should use some of the enhanced engines to play this WAD file....Date:05/30/01
Size:109 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya.

My best work ever, I'd have to say. I spent a good amount of time on lighting(or at least a lot of thought heh), architecture(something Dismemberment wasn't too strong in)and *gasp* texture alignment. The wad is also in two maps becuase WadEd decided...Date:12/17/98
Size:141 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Artica 2
This one is only one map. It's not to huge(but then, I don't like to bore the public with all those puzzles heh). It also continues right from where the first Artica left off, and like Hollywood, I left room for a sequil(heh). This isn't a series eit...Date:12/29/98
Size:118 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Artica 3
I think the series is developing somewhat of a plot. I utilized the DEHACKED lump that MBF allows even more now. Here's how it is: The teleporter you jumped into at the end of Artica 2 was made by the inhabitants of this strange planet. Sadly, they...Date:04/03/99
Size:117 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Artica 4
Much Different from the last three maps, this one involves a system of labs and experiments that someone(the people of Artica I'd assume)have done with a few monsters. These people, who you will soon find out were highly advanced technologicaly, have...Date:04/03/99
Size:458 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Artica B
My best work ever, I'd have to say. I spent a good amount of time on lighting(or at least a lot of thought heh), architecture and *gasp* texture alignment. In Version B: I merged the two maps, so now it's one map. Also I used a dehacked patch for t...Date:04/30/00
Size:131 KB
Author:Mike Watson, aka Cyb

My first wad. Uses ZDOOM, but created on Boom. Artifact is able to destroy all the demons, but that it needs to be found. But first must undergo training and then begin the search for weapons of mass destruction....Date:07/05/09
Size:1155 KB

New cooperative wad. A lot of monsters, traps and secrets in 12 new levels with interesting gameplay and design are awaiting you!...Date:05/20/13
Size:876 KB
Author:Various (see Credits)

Ashen Garden
My first map, which was intended to be included in the Scorching Heat II project, but since it was abandoned, was left unused. It's a linear slaughterfest in a gothic & rock environment....Date:09/17/11
Size:475 KB
Author:Monakhov Vladimir

Ash to Ash
A Final DOOM type level. Should pose a very decent challenge on UV....Date:01/22/01
Size:497 KB
Author:Virgil the Doom Poet

All SLIGE'd Up
This mapset is a collection of six maps from four authors of the SkullTag forums. The maps are re-creations of SLIGE maps, but do not use the original map lump in any way. They are complete- ly from scratch. The authors used them as inspiration, if...Date:11/01/11
Size:886 KB

Anotak's Goofy Speedmaps
8 speedmaps completed between 30min - 1hr30min per level. later bugfixes were added. I felt that I don't map fast enough normally which keeps me from finishing projects so I decided to force myself to speed up....Date:01/24/14
Size:63 KB

Hell Assault
We decided to make some levels, and then put them together. These levels are small/medium size levels that are easy at the beggining and a lot of challenge at the end. We tried to make them well-detailed, and we succeded in most part. Some levels use...Date:12/22/03
Size:779 KB
Author:Taisto Valdlo (mephisto) Mikk Tivas (ryrayer)

DooM: Assimilation (Demo)
This is a demo of a project I started years ago. It consists in "DooM meets Borg" themed levels, textures and monsters. In this demo only one map is available but 5 new monsters make their appearance. I don't know if I'll go ahead with this project, ...Date:02/03/10
Size:669 KB

1. There are no secrets 2. This is a linear level 3. Yes, I am comfortable with this....Date:02/05/10
Size:112 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Another Screamer V1
Just a screamer map. Planning on using my scripts for my other wads. Other can use the scripts too :)...Date:12/13/12
Size:147 KB

The Asylum
DO NOT USE FREE LOOK, JUMP, OR OTHER POST-DOOM SETTINGS! A linier, survival-horror-style level inspired by the Asylum from the game Shadowman. It seems to work ok with gzdoom, skulltag and zandronum, but was broken by both doomsday and prboom+. Despi...Date:04/28/15
Size:111 KB
Author:Dean J. Lee

A Taste for Blood
Here's a 6-map episode for Doom 2. It's called "A Taste for Blood". These maps, ranging from small to large, hopefully combines good detail and atmosphere with, at times, strong difficulty. All maps are pistol-start-friendly and intended for. :)...Date:10/03/12
Size:6077 KB
Author:Mattias Johansson, I go by the name "Waverider" on Doomworld.

Atomic Attack
On August 4th, 2219, Doomguy decided to return to the old UAC phobos base, for old times' sake. Then he realized that, for some reason, everyone there was incredibly stupid and horny for imps. Then he decided to go back to hell for no reason, but whe...Date:10/21/12
Size:12322 KB
Author:Uncle Cracker

very nice little map ...errrrm...Date:05/06/05
Size:2 KB
Author:Audun Remøy

Austerity - A Simplicity Tribute
A little map inspired by AgentSpork's masterpiece and megawad project "Simplicity"...Date:12/24/06
Size:2920 KB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

Austerity - A Simplicity Tribute v2.0
A little map-set inspired by AgentSpork's masterpiece and megawad project "Simplicity"...Date:05/18/11
Size:6036 KB
Author:Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

av20 from memory
av2map20.wad is a remake of the starting area from AV.wad MAP20, built only using my memory, after not having played that map in a couple years. The remake pokes fun at how two of the player starts are placed behind impassible lines, trapping those p...Date:05/09/10
Size:279 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

AVGN Adventure Part One
I decided to create a wad that will fulfill the needs of AVGN fans. The character pretty much rages just like the AVGN. The weapon you get is a NES Zapper, along with a secret weapon not related to AVGN. There are two levels. MAP01-Game Lab You sta...Date:10/28/14
Size:10436 KB

I started working on this wad about 2+ years ago. The story was that you were abducted by aliens and taken into their space ship and slumped onto a metal table, ready to be meddled with. You woke up somehow (hence the title) and grabbed a gun off of ...Date:04/06/05
Size:639 KB

A Warm Place
Size:8086 KB
Author:Richo Rosai

Jesus christ it's a fucking Megawad
You and your squad must eliminate a biochemical substance being produced in an abandoned military complex, now taken over by mercenaries....Date:06/23/07
Size:158 KB

Find enough advanced weaponry to get past a Spider Mastermind and exit the level. Be careful not to wake him up sooner than you need to. The start of the map is a scramble for survival. I recommend heading up to the Mancubus's platform, grabbing the ...Date:01/18/10
Size:31 KB
Author:Chris Wright

semi-dark underground map...Date:06/18/08
Size:1009 KB

The Axix
Really big, really detailed level for Doom 2. The Axix is a tech base built by UAC for research and development. Unfortunately, it seems that some teleporter tests screwed up and now a portal is opened to some demonic temple. Your job? Clear the Axix...Date:04/12/01
Size:201 KB

A collection of larger maps than normal Doom2. Should provide about four hours of play on Ultra-Violence. Three of these maps were released in earlier versions as "Perdido", 1,2 & 3....Date:06/20/04
Size:1572 KB

Azrael's second level
Acutally this is my second map, as the first one has been never released, becuasue I've lost it and, well, it was made in 1996 by means of DEU 2.0. Besides, as you can allegedly imagine, it was quite rudimentary - I was 14 years old then. So why woul...Date:10/05/14
Size:219 KB
Author:Zbigniew Pietrzyk

Aztec Temple
Clear out the temple...Date:12/30/05
Size:137 KB
Author:Hans de Heus

The Core
A large, detailed UAC base, with some Hell stuff A remake of an unreleased map of mine, It turned into an experiment to see what I could do with some of the newer features gzdoom has, like UDMF and 3d floors....Date:11/22/12
Size:3501 KB
Author:zrrion the insect

BETA: One Nerd And His Doom
The second in the series, story-wise, and the third I made. Play G-onahd if you haven't, and A-onahd if you're feeling masochistic. Linguica has disappered. The UAC have sent in Agents ButtShark and AssAnus to investigate his disappearance. Alyssa ...Date:07/21/04
Size:10022 KB

Barrels 0 Fun
A control panel and a barrel spawning script gives way to an almost unlimited number of ways to watch barrels explode in a domino effect way. It's worth a look, check it out. Other uses may include expanding upon the the original premise for creating...Date:08/15/12
Size:12863 KB
Author:The Goat Avenger

Flames Of Revenge
This level is essentially shaped as a labyrinth and the gameplay is based on the same concept of "Final Doom: Plutonia Experiment" MAP11 - Hunted. This level will be part of my current project "City Of Dis" a hub consisting of 4 levels. BTW, the ti...Date:01/07/03
Size:253 KB

The House of Pain II
Welcome to this new release of "House Of Pain 2". I have converted all the original maps to the Hexen format supported by ZDoom and added some "special effects" too. In some maps the design is still mostly that of the first release, so don't be surpr...Date:09/18/01
Size:872 KB

Mountain Of Purgatory
This WAD is made of 2 levels, the first is simply a brief intro with very few things. The second level is a hub made of 4 maps where the main one is supposed to look like a mountain in the middle of a huge open area. Please note that this file requir...Date:04/18/01
Size:329 KB

Babble On When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk!
Easy day. Fast insert, quick recon and do a body count from the last mission. The COC reports no enemy life forces present. Well, you've heard that crap before, just in case you'll go in tight and be ready for anything. You've lived this long by NOT ...Date:05/18/99
Size:126 KB
Author:Hardy Davis

A single map wad based in a rocky dungeon. Fairly difficult....Date:08/20/06
Size:145 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

The Backyard
A short and pretty easygoing level inspired by Eternal Doom....Date:08/31/15
Size:591 KB

Stupid Benchmark #1
This was originally intended to be a benchmarking wad to compare various doom source ports, but proved to be too computationally expensive regardless of the source port used....Date:06/28/15
Size:358 KB

I've seen other WAD's based on people houses, but they all seem to be made by people who live in bungalows This is a super fantastic detailed level based on my house Primarilty for single player it's been extensivley tested in Deatmatch and it works ...Date:07/14/00
Size:301 KB

Badgers DooM house: Special ZDooM Edition
It's my house, an old idea I know, but I went out of my way to make actually like my house. There was a plot, but I can't really remember it, um, you're in my house, you have to get out, simple....Date:10/21/04
Size:690 KB

This wad is fairly large, but not overly complex. Should provide a good balance of monsters/ammo, but not tested/built for anything other than Ultra-violence. I think this is my 2nd ever released wad....Date:06/08/10
Size:233 KB
Author:Paul L. Ming

My second wad. This time around I wanted to learn to use Boom features. It was originally made for Prboom+, and then adjusted for Risen3D and Zdoom. There are no port specific features used beyond Boom. The Story - The other watchtowers are silent, y...Date:09/12/06
Size:1467 KB

Nuts inspired gameplay. If you don't like that then just look at some of the stuff I did in it.(see below)....Date:10/03/04
Size:348 KB

Banished Lands
A dark and atmosferic map with lot of action....Date:04/18/09
Size:151 KB

Tei Tenga is not responding. Barista: a ZDoom map inspired by the Doom Bible and Bungie's Marathon series....Date:10/07/04
Size:3378 KB
Author:Brendon Chung

Barrel Bash
You start with a shotgun and some ammo. Dodge the imp's fireballs, plus the spining balls on the floor. Survive as long as possible. You'll gain more ammo for the shotgun as time passes. Watch out for barrels. Don't turn off monster respawning, or ...Date:02/22/06
Size:8 KB

a small base style level...Date:02/20/12
Size:46 KB
Author:Caleb "Radromity" Sizemore

Final Onslaught Map 01
This is a small map, first one, of my unfinished Final Onslaught project. I couldn't have been bothered to finish the rest of the maps. Short, small, very detailed. Enjoy....Date:02/18/07
Size:415 KB
Author:Pawel Zarczynski

Base One
"They say the base was built on an old Druid castle..." This is the first map I have made in years. I came across the new Edge release and thought I would try it out and see if I could still create a Doom map after so long a time. This isn't a large ...Date:01/18/08
Size:321 KB
Author:Rick "Wildman" Clark

Four medium sized maps in the style of Bauhaus-art....Date:12/15/14
Size:2901 KB

Belial's Bad Brain
One level for any limit removing ports. PrBoom-Plus or (G)ZDoom are recommended. This level is improved version of my map for speedmap contest on iddqd(point)ru on which all competitors were limited with four hours and with common theme. I hope all...Date:02/07/08
Size:853 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

BBG Speedmapping Compilation #1
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in BBG's speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom or Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme is to try to create Doomguy's home, attacked by Demons et al....Date:09/05/03
Size:27 KB

Botanic Biosphere v. 1.1
A botanic station on a recently terraformed planet has been invaded by demons. Quite a big level with many areas to explore, with wide use of 3d floors....Date:10/08/14
Size:1523 KB

Bloody Cheese
A singular map designed solely for Coop mode. Infinite ammo should be turned on, and no difficulty levels whatsoever are present. Just blast your way through. Not very long either, maybe something to try and finish without dying....Date:07/01/05
Size:125 KB
Author:Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen

No, this is not my first wad. I tried to realease another one way back in time. Called it Slime lab, but it had som lindef error, and was not really good. This one is worse. After getting my hand on those Mockery wads (yeah, I´m late) I realised...Date:12/29/03
Size:9 KB
Author:Bjarne Christensen (a.k.a Psykopatmullvad)

Business Complex
Fight (& have fun)...Date:10/15/09
Size:556 KB

A really really really big hole full of monsters
Single player version of bc_dm_01.wad...Date:06/21/01
Size:36 KB
Author:Busted Corpse

Baker's Dozen
13 levels for any limit removing port Map01 was made for First Demo Contest on Maps 2, 3, 11 and 13 are from Speed Map Contest on Each of them is made within 4 hours. Yeah, map13 too. Do you believe it? Maps 7, 9 and 12 were ...Date:12/06/09
Size:4863 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

Black Diamond Ranch
Size:26 KB

Beach Day
This map is provided only for single play. This map can be played without jumps, cross and mouse look. There are 6 keys to use (for example red key and red skull - are different). Building this map, I used zdoom in doom and legacy ports for making 3d...Date:02/26/09
Size:924 KB
Author:Dragon Hunter

Beach Head
This map was inspired by the Beach head game by Wizard Works. I actually never played the game, but looking at the box gave me the idea. The switch on the right way spawns weapons and armor, the switch on the back heals....Date:09/21/00
Size:4 KB
Author:Rick Clark

- Varied style, but all floating in sideral space. - The map has only platforms and columns, so don't fall. There are also some wide areas. - A lot of different textures: hellish, futurist... A little of all. - A Dehacked patch. I recommend you use i...Date:08/22/08
Size:857 KB
Author:César "S.W.A.T." Zevallos M.

Unruly Evil
Awesome single player only map for Boom (doom2). This level uses just the default textures to craft a gstone hell level of very high quality. The gameplay is very good in this level with it using the MAP07 mancubus special, you can't just run straigh...Date:11/25/00
Size:1182 KB
Author:John Cartwright

Ancient Beliefs
This level was developed with Brutal Doom v0.18 in mind. It is still playable without the mod but it will be a lot easier to pass....Date:04/27/13
Size:66 KB
Author:Jonathan Bergeron

10 Levels for Zdoom, Plus 2 secret levels. Each level has all new challenges awaiting you. Plenty of use of the features in Zdoom like stealth enemies. There are also some new enemies capable of peforming the most unexpected tricks. There is no scrip...Date:03/18/03
Size:1442 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

For Whom The Bell Tolls
map01 has a metal-tech and a bit industrial style map02 (smaller) mostly outdoor-cave style and a bit tech style; see also the informations story: find your friends on a base on mars...Date:11/19/05
Size:1632 KB

Size:781 KB

Benny Hill
A tribute to Benny Hill, and the silly way Doom monsters run....Date:07/09/03
Size:58 KB
Author:Bill Henny

A Medium-large level based on an uncharted desert island in the Devil's Triangle. Focus is on single play action. E-mail me your thoughts!...Date:06/30/99
Size:226 KB
Author:Gregory Dick

Beyond the Walls of the Night
A metal structure floating in the night....Date:04/24/06
Size:337 KB

Beyond Kadath
This is a story-driven WAD roughly in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Make sure you read the back story at the end of this file as it will enhance your gameplay. This WAD was started in 1995 while I was still in college, then shelved for...Date:06/16/05
Size:472 KB
Author:Chad Noles

My First UAC Base
This map is based off of some random ideas in my head. I made up the map along the way....Date:12/18/03
Size:84 KB

Burning Fane
Small map firstly made as 1024 map, but after ending of contests I have broken the 1024 concept with some promotories and tried some (for me) new features ;)...Date:09/21/06
Size:127 KB
Author:Vasek "Damned" Havranek

Beef Balogna
This is a small map that I created inspired by the strife first level. The level is named after the song beef baloney by the punk band fear....Date:02/26/12
Size:22 KB

Facility 103
Demon infested UAC Facility With an old part and new part...Date:07/29/08
Size:1198 KB

Bleed For Life
This maps been sitting on my comp for a while now, i was going to release it in a 7 Map replacement, but Ive lost the steam to finish the rest so here it is. Its really hard and has lots of walls....Date:02/18/01
Size:130 KB
Author:Cast Draling

Buried Friary
I started making this map before... maybe 5 years, when I get back to this great game... I wanted to try if I still can make some maps. Then it lied down on my HDD for years... It is small map with some temple theme. And it is true "DAMN... I CAN DO ...Date:05/07/07
Size:323 KB
Author:Vasek "(The_)Damned" Havranek

Bill Gates: Icon of Sin
Replaces the Icon of Sin with Bill Gates' severed head. Also changes several graphics used in Map 30. In addition there are three new alternate alert sounds for the Icon. This is version 1.1, as I have now added the dehacked patch into bgates.wad, so...Date:04/02/01
Size:116 KB
Author:Garth "Drat" Dunn

Bridges Gone Wild
Bridges. The final frontier. Or most recent for me....Date:06/21/09
Size:410 KB
Author:ArmouredBlood-Chris Shepherd

A single level...Date:06/25/07
Size:179 KB

Big Spaceport
Big Spaceport is a collection of levels designed from scratch that are meant for Doom 2 veterans. They are very large, and far more challenging. Play "Hey Not Too Rough" for less of a challenge, it lies somewhere between "Hurt Me Plenty" and "Ultra...Date:02/01/14
Size:1672 KB
Author:Jay Greguske

The Biovite Project v4.0
The Biovite Project is a partial conversion. It contains four maps, plus new graphics, new sounds, new music and new monsters. It's Single Player only. This wad needs a current version of ZDoom (2.1.x). It is meant to be played with jumping disabled....Date:10/20/06
Size:15948 KB

Size:7 KB
Author:Bjarne Christensen

The Army of Black & The Forces of White in Room 666
The Army of Black Attacked The Forces of White in Room 666....Date:12/13/05
Size:22 KB
Author:Player 1

Blood Axe Fortress
This wad is now on beta Phase! and Thats for Aquarius199! I Hope u Enjoy it ;)...Date:07/23/14
Size:5446 KB

Bloody steel
10 level's wad for boom.The action takes place in the modern world of alternative...Date:08/23/14
Size:41139 KB
Author:Big Memka

Black Fortress
The Black Fortress looms in the distance. Can you infiltrate it and slaugher the hellspawn within?...Date:12/19/03
Size:249 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)

Black Fortress X
The Black Fortress looms in the distance. Can you infiltrate it and slaugher the hellspawn within? This is a new version with many changes in monster type and placement, and you get the SSG much sooner. The map plays alot faster, as you can mow d...Date:01/02/04
Size:252 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)

Bloodfall Fortress
Doomguy gonna infiltrate in this unconquerable fortress and eliminate the threat. Kinda linear level at the beginning, automap is sometimes will be useful. This is my first finished map released to public....Date:05/27/14
Size:280 KB

A large underground level that aims to be nonlinear. HMP is the recommended difficulty, UV is much harder and HNTR much easier....Date:08/20/09
Size:735 KB

Blood Pentagram
The first level in a planned series of Legacy maps, which is beginninmg to look like a new megawad idea..... I decided to make a small map with a pentagram design that I dreamt up while editing other wads and this is the result. The map contains some...Date:09/27/03
Size:197 KB
Author:Darren Finch A.K.A: Doom_Dude

11 Maps for Doom 2, all 'oldschool' in style and detail, and fairly short too (I'd never finish if I made them huge :P) UPDATE: Long overdue fixes to the texture problems in MAP10, and a couple things in MAP11....Date:11/06/05
Size:1061 KB
Author:Simon 'SlayeR' Judd

11 Maps for Doom 2, all 'oldschool' in style and detail, and fairly short too (I'd never finish if I made them huge :P)...Date:02/04/04
Size:1043 KB
Author:Simon 'SlayeR' Judd

Blood World
I wanted to see if I could pull myself together and make a gothic-style map. Guess I did. Somewhat quake-ish, I'd say......Date:07/23/04
Size:91 KB
Author:Ivar 'jallamann' Remøy

Bloody Graveyard
A one map Halloween wad that is inside a bloody graveyard. It is said the Skelly King resides within this graveyard, you must destroy him or else earth is in danger....Date:11/25/14
Size:3765 KB

tech, industrial, metal, brick - sort of mixed theme; it is a big map, so you should save from time to time; some places are dark with zdoom, brighter with prboom; five/six monsters are in a secret room;...Date:11/20/06
Size:2056 KB

Bloodriver Outpost
An Outpost built at the side of Bloodriver....Date:10/29/12
Size:378 KB
Author:Henri Lehto

Better Late Than Never.
Note: TO BE PLAYED ONLY ON HURT ME PLENTY!!!This wad is harder than it looks, but its a good challenge. Save often if your a novice. I made this short map for Doomers. Began initially as a holiday map for the NewDoom Community. It was re-titled when ...Date:07/25/06
Size:3039 KB

This wad uses many "tricks" not specific to any port to create a tremendous 3d atmosphere including but not restricted to over/under bridge effect, room over room, and more. It is compatible and will only work with Zdoom and Legacy as far as I can te...Date:02/11/03
Size:755 KB
Author:Bob Larkin (a.k.a. Sematary) (a.k.a. Brad_tilf)

BLAZING FURY - The Last Stand Against Hell
This started out as just some random map I was making while bored for Xaser's weapons mod. Then, I showed it to some people, and they said continue it. I then decided to give it a storyline, and came up with this. Here is the story - Its been 90 ye...Date:11/18/04
Size:698 KB

Brick Metal Techbase
Exactly what it says on the tin. A serious wad inspired by a playthrough of some levels I reviewed for /newstuff....Date:05/22/09
Size:73 KB

The Great Bicycle Mystery
The Great Bicycle Mystery is a 15 level megawad for cooperative Doom II play for 2-4 people. It includes many new textures, new music, and a new enemy that replaces the Nazi. All levels were designed to be linear, good looking, and easy to just start...Date:04/12/07
Size:1822 KB

The mortal instuments: City of Bones DOOM
you are clare and you have found out that you have the power to hunt down demons after seeing your brother. you fall in love with him and make out before you find out he is your brother (uh oh) . you became a demon hunter just like him and your first...Date:03/23/14
Size:9969 KB

House of DOOM (v 3.5)
After the release of Boom, I decided to test out some of the new features of it. This is a remake HOD30.WAD I did before with some Boom improvements (including a pretty (lame attempt at a car :). This level is made for the doom mod, Boom by Team TNT;...Date:04/04/98
Size:139 KB
Author:Steve Noonan

Brotherhood of Ruin: The Lost Temple
A Large single map for DOOM2, taking place in an ancient temple complex swarming with hellspawn. Occasional switchhunt might occur as the map isn't very linear. Be warned and pay attention to the surroundings of the map. ;)...Date:08/14/13
Size:4779 KB
Author:Kristian Aro

"Bossed" is a small wad that contains 5 maps for Doom 2 using lots of ACS scripts, so it's designed only for ZDoom. In each map there's a boss encounter at the end. New monsters are included from Realm667 Beastiary and most of Skulltag's monsters. ...Date:05/05/13
Size:3028 KB

Boubool Beast
As if this thing's monster grinding teeth aren't fearsome enough; if you don't have the strafing skills of a strafer, you can guaran-damn-bet that this thing will become your trufe enenemy....Date:09/02/11
Size:1461 KB

Braham Manor
A remake of 'The Mansion' but this time done using the Vavoom engine to create a more realistic environment. Braham Manor features polydoors, 3dfloors, static lighting, custom md2 models and a tga skybox....Date:03/25/04
Size:2255 KB
Author:bryant robinson

Brains! Part 1: The Beginning
One single player level. Requires the latest...Date:05/11/04
Size:2025 KB
Author:Shawn Huckabay

Brains! Part 2: Monochromatic Stains
One single player level. Requires the latest...Date:05/28/04
Size:3797 KB
Author:Shawn Huckabay

Is it......Date:12/04/05
Size:782 KB
Author:Logan MTM - Thanks to

The game is quite simple, if I really do say...Date:04/11/09
Size:4 KB
Author:The Player

Beyond Reality
There is a dimension, a dimension full of nonsense and surrealism. It is a place where crates are out to kill you, and a place where logic jumps off a bridge. A journey into a wondrous land of ludicrosity, your next stop: Beyond Reality! This WAD i...Date:10/26/12
Size:20330 KB

Brian 50 Super Secret Level
This level houses 50 secret areas that add up to about 1/3 of the total level can you find all of them?...Date:05/17/05
Size:117 KB
Author:Evil Space Tomato

That's a map I made in 2013, not sure about when, I think it was in august, only my brother and darkwave played this map...Date:08/16/14
Size:194 KB
Author:Gwenvael Le Bihan (subject_119)

The small town of Brickwater has been transported to Inferno. It seems the town is held in Inferno by some powerful demons and their vile spells. You must find these demons and kill them to return Brickwater back to Earth. The demons are located some...Date:12/03/11
Size:103 KB

Another stupid brick map!
In my attempts to um, get back into DOOM editing :P I made this piece of crap. Set in a brick complex of sorts....Date:03/06/06
Size:128 KB

Brother's Temple
A simple plutonia-feeling map. It was a brother's idea of a map that I saw in some of his old notebooks but in that time there were no friendly map builders. This map has release date 2011 but I just uploaded to a some guy's forum an nowhere else bec...Date:05/05/14
Size:152 KB

Bratislava 2011
Size:132 KB

Selfish Series (Boom Edition)
The Boom edition of the Selfish Series. The levels are mostly unchanged but a few textures have been aligned and some slight enhancements have been made here and there to the gameplay and architecture. An all new original MIDI based soundtrack has no...Date:08/26/09
Size:646 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Base of Tribute v1.1.9
This is a WAD I made for my friends and everyone that inspired me to make Doom WAD playthrough videos on YouTube, and this goes for people like Darsycho and Omegalore. It is a 1 map WAD that contains a credits as well, and it has new monsters from Re...Date:07/13/15
Size:5026 KB
Author:Cory Scott (NiTROACTiVE)

Square Of Destruction!
This was meant for another project but hey! Its a Doom 2 map with some new textures! It uses slot Map09. It should take about 8-10 min to play depending on the skill level. Main features: 1. One new level. 2.New textures 3. The type of monst...Date:04/22/08
Size:259 KB

Battle Strategy
Plutonia-style map for strong players....Date:01/03/14
Size:538 KB

See below This is my first level for the engine DooM Legacy. It will be just for this port, no other port. The aim is to create a completely new WAD Conversion & Levels with bridges and other new things, like tables etc. New levels will be released...Date:07/02/01
Size:599 KB

Back to the fire
A medium to large sized tech map, use opengl mode!...Date:05/31/12
Size:6881 KB
Author:Simon Dupuis

Wow! My first Doom2 WAD is finished. And a more serious attempt to create interesting shadows and visuals, hopefully also challenging and not confusing gameplay (it's hard to say when you have played this WAD during beta testing for the nth time and ...Date:01/11/06
Size:246 KB
Author:Michael "Optimus" Kargas

I seem to have lost the original zip file with the original text file, so here's a new one...Date:06/21/03
Size:416 KB

A zdoom mod music dm or single player wad. This one is set in a long abandoned industrial facility that's recently been taken over by the hellspawn....Date:02/10/02
Size:39 KB

This map started out as a demonstration of things that work in vanilla or prboom but don't work in ZDoom, making the map unplayable in ZDoom. It's like an obstacle course. There are only two monsters, but DON'T KILL THEM! Also, play this with -fast. ...Date:05/09/10
Size:177 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

Hitler's Bunker
Its Hitler's Bunker created using the most current known sources....Date:04/19/06
Size:900 KB

There's a super secret....Date:02/12/03
Size:164 KB
Author:Safely A. Nonymous

Player drives the bus...Date:07/16/10
Size:2 KB

Beyond Death
It was ment to be part of the DWSCP but as the project is taking a major turn we decided to release our works. This was sopposed to be map 27 of the wad....Date:10/18/04
Size:852 KB
Author:Dan Stefan Oprean a.k.a. Unknown[NF] or AlphaGOD

By the Pain I See In Others
This is style-wise a mix of the traditional mountain military base, the generic sewage processing facility and the weird off-world alien base, to put it bluntly. This is the conceptual mix of many weird ideas assimilated during a long time. There are...Date:05/09/04
Size:159 KB
Author:Patrik Höglund

Combat Shock
4 new insanely hard maps. Started of as a plutonia tribute but later went bananas. Requires plutonia.wad to play. PrBoom+ complevel-9 is recommended!...Date:12/06/11
Size:4435 KB
Author:Daniel "dannebubinga" Jakobsson

Combat Shock 2
7 new slaughtermaps. Hard enough to turn you into a combat wounded veteran. Use pr/gl-boom+ for best performance. Complevel 9 or die!...Date:10/24/12
Size:8485 KB
Author:Daniel "dannebubinga" Jakobsson

Corridor 7 TC Resource Files
What was going to be Corridor 7: Alien Invasion Converted to DOOM Using ZDOOM, but scripting is too hard and powerless, I dropped the TC. I wanted to make it be like in Corridor 7. I am releasing this to everyone so that they may use them in their ow...Date:02/22/01
Size:2243 KB
Author:Cacodemon Leader (

You just arrived at the planet of the cacodemons. Your city is under attack by Cacos. Meanwhile you bump onto a mysterious cave that leads into some ancient alien ruins with dangerous alien graves and ancient technology. Your mission is to gather as ...Date:01/23/10
Size:262 KB
Author:Michael "Optimus" Kargas

Scout an overrun demon study facility...Date:07/21/10
Size:164 KB
Author:Damien Moody

Cadaveric Incubator of Endoparasites (Cadaver for short)
This map originally started as an outlet for my flesh texture fetish: I always felt that the flesh textures were a bit underused in this day and age, so I decided to go a bit overboard. About partway through I decided to throw a DeHackEd patch in to ...Date:03/22/13
Size:443 KB

Coffee Break Episode 1
Started in 2009-ish, Coffee Break was intended to be another 32 map megawad. Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule, laziness, and other excuses, I didn't finish it. But I do have 11 maps, so there's that. Submitted for your approval are 11 short ma...Date:07/22/12
Size:1445 KB
Author:Matt Tropiano

Cold As Hell
A partial conversion set in the mid-50's on a weapons research base deep in the heart of Greenland. You thought this would be a nice boring way to finish your career as a Marine. You thought wrong....Date:11/18/04
Size:22448 KB
Author:Jon Washburn

Cold As Hell (patch 1)
This patch will update three of the levels in Cold As Hell to address...Date:11/21/04
Size:871 KB
Author:Gray Lancer (Jon Washburn)

Cold As Hell (patch 2)
If you've got a slow machine, this will get rid of all trees in the game,...Date:11/21/04
Size:6 KB
Author:Gray Lancer (Jon Washburn)

Cold as Hell: Special Edition
A total conversion set in the mid-50's on a weapons research base deep in the heart of Greenland. You thought this would be a nice boring way to finish your career as a Marine. You thought wrong. (see cah_manual.pdf for the full story)...Date:11/22/08
Size:47090 KB
Author:Jon "JonnyFive" Washburn

Caligari_87's random PWADs
I know I'll probably be hated for this release, but this is more or less an archive of several old, unreleased levels and feature demos that I feel might have some meaning or use to somebody A4levels.wad - Part of an old project to re-create the Al...Date:07/10/06
Size:9086 KB
Author:Sterling "Caligari_87" Parker

Size:897 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Candles On The Ceiling
Arieken and I have been getting fed up with boring old traps that usually come in levels these days. This inspired me to start this Wad. This wad is loaded with complete 'freakout' traps, above and beyond simple crushing ceilings and tripcord-opens-m...Date:10/29/04
Size:221 KB

Death Cube Cannon
Experimental MAP30. Find the Death Cube Cannon and activate it. The previous space marines were killed by the demons before they got the cannon activated. It's all setup to fire the Death Cube into the heart of the demon infestation....Date:03/01/06
Size:46 KB

Canary Squadron (v1.4)
Definitive version of Canary Squadron to replace all previous versions. This version has been tested all the way through in Doom95 to ensure it's compatible with all ports....Date:01/11/06
Size:265 KB
Author:Chris Bourke

My third wad. I think its great. It has zdoom effects other than particle fountains, and lots of cool stuff such as a spiral staircase using a 3d floor!...Date:08/15/02
Size:168 KB

Captain Mancubus
You are Captain Mancubus, and you want to kill Satan. You train for a while, then you teleport down to Satan`s Colosseum to get rid of him! Wait for a while at the title screen to see who did which levels....Date:10/19/02
Size:982 KB
Author:Epyo and Black Void

Horror in the Caribbean Sea
It's an island with strange architectures on it. No puzzles, labyrintic design. It's my level #25. >>>>> !!!! Task: Climb to the top of the volcano, uncover the blue cube and shoot it. Story: I can't translate the story. Figure out. Note: 1) Th...Date:03/13/06
Size:103 KB

Short map I made, provides a little bit of challenge to the player....Date:01/28/13
Size:155 KB
Author:Jeff 'Netherstorm' Wormald

Carnival Of Hell.
Ultra violence. If it is too hard, go down to Hurt Me Plenty. There is lot's of deadly traps, so I suggest you save a lot. There is not a lot of ammo and there is a bit of health. There is a lot of marble and blood and lava in this wad, as I want it ...Date:03/11/04
Size:149 KB
Author:Thomas Lutrov. (Lutrov71)

A hellish ship....Date:03/09/07
Size:360 KB

Castle of Forgotten Realms
A old castle that was converted into a mining facitlity during the second world war; It was abandonded due to the paranormal activity. The world soon forgot about this hidden castle and now, there have been sightings of hell whithin the area. Your mi...Date:09/21/03
Size:100 KB
Author:Scott Carnegie (Ness)

The Castle
A small castle level. Your objective is to clear out all the enemies, then exit the castle....Date:09/23/08
Size:107 KB

Medieval Castle (release 5)
Yet another medieval/castle type level. Quite a small level, which started as an experiment to show off my new flaming torch graphics. You must infiltrate the castle (which is obviously infested with monsters), and escape using the boat in the boatho...Date:03/03/14
Size:92 KB
Author:Christopher Bazley

A medium sized map featuring an outdoor castle based theme and interior tech based theme. Takes about 6 minutes to complete. This Is the second map I've ever created and I hope to create many more in the future....Date:05/29/15
Size:42 KB
Author:Jake C. (A.K.A Specter4582)

Your mission has been a 'Catastrophe'. Your're trapped at the centre of a Hellish place, the only way out is along the banks of Acheron. Find the exit to the bloody tributary of Acheron....Date:11/09/02
Size:774 KB

The catacombs were built by the Romans for their dead. This is a large, intricate and polished level with ornate architecture with lots of special graphics and sounds. In particular the imps have been replaced by mummies. It has a very gloomy and hau...Date:09/11/99
Size:356 KB
Author:Robert Phipps

catacomb rmx
a map done for a (abbandoned?) zdoom forums projects, replaces map22...Date:10/07/07
Size:1293 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

You are on a city called Macaé, on state of Rio de...Date:06/20/04
Size:1552 KB

REQUIRES ZDOOM OR A ZDOOM BASED PORT! Another wad from me, this one is set in a small cavern which also leads to what appears to be a part of an UAC Base. Has support for Deathmatch and Player starts only for coop. And also has the difficulty s...Date:08/13/13
Size:55 KB

Cursed Black Diamond
This is Black Diamond Ranch's remade twin brother with a new Deathmatch area fit for 2-4 players....Date:10/09/09
Size:89 KB

CoreBinder - Raw Action
A 4-level action packed adventure classic doom-stylee with plenty of puzzles and fun gameplay. Recommended Difficulty - HMP...Date:03/27/11
Size:261 KB
Author:Callum Guy Oliver aka phobosdeimos1

The Circle of Boredom
Size:5 KB
Author:Dumb n00b

Caverns of Darkness
A partial conversion for DOOM II The story is available on the Chaos Crew website...Date:04/24/02
Size:7293 KB
Author:The Chaos Crew

Like it's predecessor, "Congestion Control", this map, "Congestion Control 2" is a fast-paced and fun Doom II level. It also features a unique visual style (different from the first one). This level REQUIRES an engine that removes the original Doom...Date:05/14/03
Size:902 KB
Author:Karthik Abhiram

Crushing Death
Quick and easy single player map that has some carnage for the action junkies....Date:07/29/03
Size:159 KB
Author:Derrick A. Allen -BloodSplatter inc.

Close Encounters
A set of 3 story-driven maps for Doom2. My sincere apologies for this set being unfinished, but circumstances have prevented me from having time to finish this in the near future. Map01 is actually a remake of a previous map I made, Little Tiny Map, ...Date:01/19/09
Size:106 KB
Author:D Link

"Unruly Evil".
Size:51 KB
Author:John Cartwright

After finding the celtic shrine textures in the doomworld/afterglow section, I decided to make a quick map. It's a bit short but plenty hard....Date:06/16/10
Size:532 KB
Author:Christopher Shepherd aka Armouredblood

Tech base map...Date:12/16/06
Size:436 KB

Christian God Complex
You'll see....Date:01/30/10
Size:184 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Chaingun Deviant
Fight with chaingun. Don't waste a single bullet!...Date:08/02/15
Size:218 KB
Author:Sophie Kirschner

Etude in Blood
You'll be swimming in blood ! Activate 17 skulls to gain access to main gate. There, an army of imps (supported by some cacos) will attack you. Slaughter them all before you can access the exit. This is my first released map. It was originally inte...Date:11/30/10
Size:334 KB

Chosen 1.33
In an attempt to destroy this world from within, Apophis has created Uraeusis to achieve that goal. Chosen by Seth, you must battle your way through the Underworld and defeat Uraeusis. **IMPORTANT** Disable "Scale Text in High Res" if you have it e...Date:01/09/04
Size:9135 KB

Chapel of Chaos
Here you step into hell and your first obstacle is a large chapel presumably built as a staging point for invading Earth. Proceed through and kill everything that is opposing so you can move on with your main mission. This map will only run on Boom...Date:07/06/10
Size:325 KB
Author:Mr. Chris & Jodwin

Chambers of Dis
I made this awesome map for Zdoom called Chamber of Dis. I worked on this map on and off while writing for our Heretic record. This is designed for single player gameplay and it's REALLY BIG. Test your gamming skills and see how you stand in this...Date:06/29/12
Size:59 KB
Author:Trey Azagtoth

A dark wooden house...Date:07/15/12
Size:8662 KB

Chaos Order
A large level with two different paths. UV is much harder than the other difficulties....Date:06/24/09
Size:1186 KB

Chaos Peak
"Chaos Peak" is a GZDoom feature-heavy slaughter map I whipped together in a 3 weeks time. I have loads of fun playing this myself so I hope you do as well....Date:04/02/15
Size:1521 KB
Author:Cheese Boy

The Chaos Project ver 1.52b (b as in Boom:)
Size:1235 KB
Author:Jonathan D Campbell

CHASM Addon for ZDooM
This is my first publicly released levels....Date:01/21/02
Size:549 KB

One map - a large map! I devote this wad to KoLoBoK[iddqd], my best friend, who suddenly died in 2007, may 12....Date:08/02/07
Size:4479 KB
Author:Shadowman KoLoBoK[iddqd] (he made one location in the map - his Flat)

Cheogsh 2
After the release of "Cheogsh", the ideas of what should be included in it have appeared; and the number of those ideas was so big – that the thought of making Cheogsh 2 have appeared by itself. But initial concept of the wad, around which this wad w...Date:11/19/09
Size:26090 KB
Author:Shadowman, Guest

Chip's Doom Challenge
This is a remake of 19 levels from the Windows version of Chip's Challenge. Each map number corresponds with the level number from CC. The maps were based off of CC solution maps. The maps were made between August 20-31, 2008. I was about to move t...Date:05/24/09
Size:787 KB
Author:not TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

Chip 512
Play and see... aniway this is one of that kind of fashioned maps full of limits of nowadays... and mostly based upon that chiptune song (486.xm) you heard during the game......Date:02/09/07
Size:45 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

ChiselFest 2004
i did this last year for fun with friends and it sucked :D!...Date:06/30/05
Size:1818 KB

MAP27 It took way too long to make. Detailed, dificult, you know the drill... just download it and play it, trust me. It requires a source port (any source port that removes VPO and HOM, ie. almost any source port) to run, though jumping etc. is chea...Date:09/05/00
Size:194 KB
Author:Malcolm Sailor

Sequel of We´re All Dead Here...Date:11/21/11
Size:5376 KB

Congest Hollow Wax
Created for those who enjoy a real challange. Ammo and life is really tight. Use your fists when you can, save ammo for when you need it. Save often, there are traps....Date:08/24/08
Size:128 KB
Author:Jonathan Dean

CH Retro
/story No story. Just a good level. My goal with this level was actually rather simple: To create a level very close to those of John Romero's orig. episode 1. This in all aspects of the level. Gameplay, looks and atmosphere are very close to Romer...Date:06/21/01
Size:75 KB
Author:Christian N. Hansen aka Dykanden

The aim was to create a level with a classic approach to custom pwad making. In other words, I just wanted to make an old school Doom 2 map with lots of fun action, a hard pumped midi track, no custom textures besides the sky and a short no-bullshit ...Date:07/09/08
Size:207 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

Cindered Flesh
Just a linear cave map...Date:07/01/06
Size:179 KB

Happy Time Circus ][
Size:24939 KB
Author:Shitbag, aka Ray

The Citadel of Fear
This time I made a single, but large and very detalied level. Challenge is good and ammo is very balanced, so if you waste too much, then you'll be punching monsters. There are some traps, too. ZDoom is required, becasue of some ZDoom effects....Date:12/01/03
Size:77 KB
Author:Taisto Valdlo (Mephisto00)

City Assault
During an assault into an infested city, a group of marines were pinned down by a Cyberdemon. You are sent with an armoured convoy to rescue these marines, but the convoy got ambushed. You escape, but you need to proceed on foot. Jumping is required ...Date:03/08/13
Size:3616 KB

CITYFRAG.WAD Yet Another Office Building of the Damned
You're in an Office Building, surrounded by some *very* nasty people with shotguns. They want to kill you. This must mean that: A)The non-union workers want a raise. B)It wasn't such a good idea to French Kiss the boss' daughter at the Christmas Pa...Date:04/01/00
Size:363 KB
Author:Dan Patanella

Ciudad Maldita (Cursed City)
Well, boys, this map can look like a shit in the beginning, but later changes for the better, ok?...Date:05/26/13
Size:55 KB
Author:Evil Ash

La Ciudadela (The Citadel)
After a hard battle in the dark corridors inside a base, you reach an unknown zone. You ask yourself, "Where the fuck I am?". You'll find it in a short time. You're in the citadel, the prologue to the damned city....Date:07/19/08
Size:120 KB
Author:Ignacio Zuccari (aka El loco Chavez)

Commander Keen 2.5D: The Quest for Spot's Collar Alpha Test Release
This zip file includes two pk3's: Q4CollarAlpha.pk3 and KEENDATA.pk3. Be sure to load them both in order to play correctly (run GZDOOM from a command line rather than trying to drag and drop them both in) This is a game for the GZDOOM Source port u...Date:05/30/09
Size:11298 KB
Author:William Elliott Waterman (VikingBoyBilly/PaganRaven)

Classic Killz
This is a single map for Doom 2 using ZDoom. This map is intended to played as if it were a classic Doom map. Enjoy!...Date:10/28/10
Size:257 KB
Author:Ryan Albright (High Flyin' Ryan)

Classic Killz
This is a single map for Doom 2 using ZDoom. This map is intended to played as if it were a classic Doom map. Enjoy!...Date:10/19/10
Size:257 KB
Author:Ryan Albright (High Flyin' Ryan)

Claustrophobia: The Walls Close In
An addon for Doom2 ZDOOM with three new levels, new music/graphics, lots of ACS scripts, a dehacked patch and a storyline. These maps were made with the concept of claustrophobia in mind, hence the name. Don't expect to have plenty of space to dodge....Date:01/08/04
Size:6827 KB
Author:Virgil the Doom Poet

Clavicula Nox
12 medieval-themed maps based on the game Nox....Date:11/12/08
Size:6356 KB

Clavicula Nox (Revised Version)
12 medieval-themed maps based on the game Nox. For changes for the revision version read ahead....Date:10/15/09
Size:6443 KB

Complex 502. Arrival
UAC infantry squad arrives in a remote island complex #502, located on one of the planets in the lived-in space sector. After the "incident" on Mars and the Earth it was completely abandoned. Only one-third of the attendants, security guards and mana...Date:06/26/15
Size:1014 KB

The Compound
A quick map I decided to do. Originally, it was going to be a vanilla map for the original Doom, then I just UDMF'd it, added some N64 Doom music and yeah. The idea partly stems from me wanting to do a map like The Ultimate Doomer's fun WAD, License ...Date:02/09/10
Size:7256 KB

Come Sail Away
It's the War of the Worlds all over again. And you're going to be abducted....Date:11/26/11
Size:242 KB
Author:David J. Finnamore

Special squad cobra 11
First map is a brand new map sets into a phobos mining facility, with a nice walk trought hell... The other maps was already uploaded and presented in the \idgames, now all joined into one map like as you impressions on voting section.... at the bott...Date:09/09/07
Size:488 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

The Chamber of Chaos
Just a short SP level for ZDoom. This one features a few Tricks and surprises, so keep an eye out ;). I've also made this playable in DM. I think it might make a good DM level :)....Date:08/22/05
Size:76 KB
Author:Lexus Alyus

Creature of Despair
This was originally suppose to be a slaughter map for DoomHero85's slaughter WAD project, but then I decided to release it as a standalone map since it was too different from the rest of the maps in his project. It's still a slaughter map though. ...Date:07/25/11
Size:60 KB

Caverns of Darkness patch for ZDoom
A small patch for ZDoom to play Caverns of Darkness by the Chaos Crew. This mod requires a customized EXE which unfortunately is a DOS version that causes massive problems with newer Windows XP systems This patch allows to play this WAD with a modern...Date:11/15/08
Size:6 KB
Author:Graf Zahl (Christoph Oelckers)

Castle Of Eternal Carrot In The Sky
The background to this level is weird... just like the level itself. I had a dream about a very weird Doom level, and when I woke up I remembered the level almost exactly. I couldn't resist building the thing, and here it is... :) As I said, this is ...Date:06/21/01
Size:395 KB
Author:Fredrik Johansson

It's a really big map for doom2. Absolutely HARD, and i'ts my best map at the moment. Enjoy it! :)...Date:10/30/10
Size:518 KB

The Day the Community Died
This is my final Crappy Jokewad. Once you clear out the base 8 selected members of the Doom Community including me (Pc) are to face the firing squad at the press of a switch and the ones who can't fight back will be sorry. But if I die, something bad...Date:12/16/06
Size:166 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Communications Center
2nd map slot replacement for Doom2...Date:01/17/13
Size:79 KB
Author:Chris Weathers

To be played with: WTP.wad and Inc_V4.wad for best experience. The tunnel at the old incubation labs led to this old UAC compound. The compound has, of course, recently fell into hell's hands. It is clear what you need to do: Find the yellow key hidd...Date:04/15/13
Size:91 KB

Complex 867
A large complex with a few different themes (marble, metal, blue-tech, stone, and outdoors). The monsters are small at first, then they get larger and larger. This level also has many, many secrets (17 secret sectors in total), so hunt for them all; ...Date:06/13/02
Size:79 KB
Author:Simon "Volte-Face" Broadhead

Military Research Complex
Refer to Mission Brief, below. The architecture is quite detailed, and the texture alignment is near perfect (can you say "huge pain in the ass and a major buttload of work"?)...Date:12/05/99
Size:585 KB
Author:Gurkha Boy

A former UAC base ("The Complex") hidden even from the government in a hidden location is...Date:08/17/04
Size:41 KB
Author:Nick Johnson

"computer station"
1 level WAD. A base style level for ZDOOM v 1.23 beta7 high tech computer station....Date:05/12/00
Size:410 KB
Author:John Cartwright

the abandoned base
A small tight high-tech base map for boom, hopefully it is a unique design....Date:02/28/00
Size:197 KB
Author:john cartwright

In this WAD you play as a soldier whose goal is to make it to hell and stop the demonic invasion by closing the portal to hell....Date:07/02/15
Size:929 KB

Monster Condo 2
Much the same as the original monster Condo....Date:08/14/03
Size:154 KB

Confinement 512
Similar to Congestion 384/64, and Claustrophobia 1024/2, Confinement512 offers 7 new maps fit into a 512x512 area. Except, this time, NOTHING the player sees can be outside the area. Play WITHOUT jump, nor crouching. -- This is also my debut rele...Date:09/08/11
Size:99 KB

Containment Area v1.1
Consider this a tribute to the original Doom's E2M2. I always liked that level for some unexplainable reason, and thus felt it neccessary to emulate the style in this map. Even if you disliked that map I trust you'll have different feelings about thi...Date:02/03/00
Size:416 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

Hi Doomworld, I made a new limit removing map, what do you think about it?...Date:06/21/14
Size:67 KB

Coop Zombies
A mod intended to make cooperative and survival play more Fun. If you happen to die and don't gib, your corpse will after a few seconds start making noises and get back up, hostile to other players or anything that might hurt it, and it has whatever ...Date:04/26/13
Size:1909 KB

Core Algorithm
A small single play map with a base theme. It's rather easy, so if you consider yourself a hardcore DooMer at least play UV....Date:02/02/02
Size:81 KB
Author:Dennis Meuwissen

Corruption 2
My second level for Doom 2.There's technology,hell and cavern themes here. Doom 64 MArine explains: After killing more demons in the episode I call "The Outcast Levels",I thought that wouldn't have anymore open gates.I was wrong.But the biggest p...Date:10/25/07
Size:259 KB

Doom 64 Marine has finally returned from hell.But he landed in our radioactive garbage base.We want you to go there and bring him back alive.We need to ask him something......Date:03/26/07
Size:181 KB

Doom 64 Marine has finally returned from hell.But he landed in our radioactive garbage base.We want you to go there and bring him back alive.We need to ask him something......Date:05/14/07
Size:164 KB

Corrupted Techbase
This was part of a project called Project Uber, but Jack cancelled it since it wasn't much for him. The UAC was doing some Teleportation experiments. However, the experiment has gone wrong. Opened the portal to Hell. Hellspawn and possessed humans ...Date:05/02/14
Size:13691 KB

Escape to Corvus
A sixteen level adventure for single player or coop. Deathmatch starts are included and the levels should at least be functional for this mode. Anyway, the story is that after the alien invasion, you were one of many people trying to make it to Earth...Date:09/07/09
Size:1654 KB
Author:Brad O'Dell

Castle of the Far Island
One short oldschool-style map. Music: "Galaxy" by Mark Klem. Textures: Eternal IV, Hexen, Requiem. Sky was made by LigH....Date:07/07/14
Size:1343 KB

Binary ripple counter
This is a 4-bit binary ripple counter implemented using voodoo dolls and conveyor belts. A simple example of how logic circuits can be constructed inside Doom levels using the Boom extensions. This is a binary counter but it could easily be base-10...Date:06/19/06
Size:8 KB

Camp Or Underground
7 maps for you to enjoy. (I hope so) Also, the rocket wes edited to not damage a player. And weapons were edited so player could change weapons he holds faster. Few tips: - Don't save! For some reason the loading saved game on some maps gives an erro...Date:03/21/11
Size:344 KB

Special Forces conversion...Date:05/28/10
Size:32683 KB
Author:Blackshadow Software

Crabbet Park House
You don't remember what happened, just that you awoke in some kind of building that looked as if it had once been occupied. Eerie noises make you aware that all is not well with this world. Taking a deep breath you walk slowly forward finding some ab...Date:01/03/02
Size:573 KB
Author:John Bishop

Crackers n` tea
6 various themed levels.Each level takes you through 1, 2, or 3 themes...Date:07/11/02
Size:299 KB

An extremely non-linear adventure/puzzle-centric set of levels for ZDoom. Theme is mostly E1-inspired, though it's been warped quite a bit since we started. This wad is certainly not for everyone, but having put so much work into it, I'm hoping that ...Date:07/10/06
Size:11511 KB
Author:TOGoS and Fizz

The Abandoned Base 2.
A map for tnt.wad MAP01...Date:07/17/07
Size:185 KB
Author:John Cartwright Bejiitas Wrath

Escape from Castle Chezcrea
A linear, challenging level that shows off some some neat ideas I had....Date:02/16/08
Size:674 KB
Author:Paul Hiebert aka Creaphis

Assault on Moonbase Cresta
A large base-style level with a lot of extra patches, textures, and sprites. Also something of an Episode One recreation....Date:05/12/99
Size:225 KB
Author:Sam Ketner

Can't Run Frm Evil (Part I)
Looking at my huge Doom folder i found lots of incomplete maps which never see the light of day, so i decide to keep up some of them and rearrange with a more "modern doom" look. These levels are the first four of them, and they are the bigger too. A...Date:06/05/12
Size:4397 KB

A single level based on the Doom 64....Date:05/16/08
Size:4010 KB

Crimson 2
Sequel to my wad Crimson.It's a base tech with cavern theme also....Date:02/25/09
Size:3875 KB

Crimson Horizon
This is a challenging map for Doom2....Date:12/15/09
Size:119 KB

Crimson Canyon
A themed map series intended for single player exploration and conquest. Designed to be visually exciting, different and fun, as well as provide intense combat situations with as many enemies as could be packed in and survived. This set is NOT at all...Date:03/27/05
Size:1550 KB
Author:J S Graham

Crossing Pipes
A 10 sector map. 4 of the sectors are sloped....Date:05/24/12
Size:29 KB

My first map, it has like two secrets, some encounters when you need to act fast, some switches, and absolutely no keycards. Difficulty matters, it changes some monster placement and gives you more stuff at one point. Have fun...Date:06/27/15
Size:49 KB

The Corrupt Priest
(This is the sequel level to "Sacrifice in Blood")...Date:04/25/01
Size:304 KB
Author:Gray Lancer (Jon Washburn)

Crude 2: A polittycally semi-corect magical adventure!
A little jokewad, done in boredom. How the infamous grezzo 2 will appears without the stolen stuff and the blasphemous stuff that makes cries hard the poor zdoom forums kids? Here's my answer... Also, this contains fabolous italian youtubers pictures...Date:11/10/12
Size:385 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Crumpets is a set of 9 bite-size boom-compatible maps, designed to be played from pistol start. The levels are small, typically 50-100 monsters a piece, and loosely follow a plutonia / marble-ruins aesthetic. UV is designed for experts, so I encourag...Date:05/31/15
Size:1414 KB

Celestial Site
My map for the Realm667's DooMJA-VU Competition =)...Date:03/27/15
Size:6798 KB

The first official weapons pack of Team UnNamed!
Team UnNamed's first official weapons pack. The next pack will be the last 1.28 weapons mod, and it will be even better than this one. Oh yeah, this one has alt fire and reloading! And please play this on UV, it is a bit unbalanced. Now for weapons. ...Date:03/07/05
Size:3553 KB

Team UnNamed's 2nd official weapon pack: Crimson Delights
A new weapon mod by me. Much better balancing with the weapons and internal DDFs. I hope you enjoy. The ownt pistol is an infinite ammo last resort. The Assault SMG is for long range shooting. The Disease Dart is for large groups of weak guys. The ...Date:05/21/05
Size:733 KB

Wild Weasel's got a gift in his stocking
"On Weapon Mod day, and all through the house, not a modder was sturring, not even a ball mouse. Well, not everyone was asleep. There was a curious modder, his name is WW, who came down the stairs, ever so quietly. He peeked in his stockings, and adm...Date:09/16/05
Size:1800 KB

Caution Tape Bonanza
Due to the recent uprise of conventional lawsuits due to UAC's hazardous environments, UAC has performed the ingenious task of ensuring the utmost convenience when navigating UAC labs by providing extra precautions in the workplace by indicating all ...Date:05/25/09
Size:44 KB
Author:Jon Vail

Crouch MoD Demo map
Demons have overrun a small liquid processing facilty....Date:09/18/04
Size:3291 KB

Catharsis II
A high-tech sequel to Catharsis. Sorta like how Quake II was to Quake. Pretty much better in every way. More detail, bunch of new stuff, etc....Date:02/03/07
Size:1546 KB

Earth has been invaded by the demons, and you go through the portal and take the fight to them. Basically, Doom 2 retold....Date:07/15/06
Size:527 KB
Author:Wills Hines

Crimson Tomb
The Crimson Tomb has long been rumored to be filled with demonic artifacts of great power. One day you get piss drunk and decide to barge in to collect them all. Go kick some ass! :P...Date:06/17/04
Size:175 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)

Control Center #10
This map was built using no more than 10 sectors! It was started way back during Doomworld's old 10 Sector Contest but never completed in time for the deadline. Difficulties with linedefs, engine quirks, and general impatience lead me to simply aband...Date:02/13/09
Size:495 KB

System Check
A map overrun bu hellspawn with a number of desperate marines who are blocked and hiding in some choke points to prevent the monsters from spreading even further....Date:04/14/04
Size:158 KB
Author:Todor "Curunir" Pichurov

Doomed for the last time
Loosely based on a level from Duke 3d, although built from scratch. Contains some decorations and textures. I may or may not continue this series... I also meant to put in a few more ZDoom effects, like slopes, 3d bridge, cameras, etc, but couldn't d...Date:05/06/01
Size:169 KB
Author:Cory D. Whittle

Behold, my magnus opus. 12 levels, many intense boss fights and an intruiging story to coincide with it....Date:10/27/14
Size:25902 KB
Author:Cake Doomer

Cyber Wolf
You must beat all 3 cyberdemons to win the level. You need zdoom to play this level so you can beat it properly. This is my first level and it has wolfenstein walls and cages in it and 3 cyberdemons. Once you beat them the level ends only under zdoom...Date:03/11/05
Size:947 KB
Author:Carmen Bellinger

This is my first wad, little new to this stuff. This took a little bit to make, Xwe and Doom Builder kept crashing which screwed my wad, but now its done. There will be a sequel and it will be WAY better than this thing. HERES THE STORY FOR THE WAD: ...Date:07/06/11
Size:3936 KB
Author:Jeff Wormald

Cyber Arena 3
Cyber Arena 3, a Legacy map with many special features, and scripted events....Date:04/05/03
Size:2435 KB
Author:Agent Spork

XXXI CyberSky
One level (map31) for limit removing ports. This map contains 39114 sidedefs, so you need port which can handle more than 32767 sidefs. PrBoom-Plus or GZDoom are recommended....Date:09/10/08
Size:1492 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

Doomguy's pimp ventures.
You find yourself in a cheap motel room in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, you realize you're not alone......Date:12/17/06
Size:135 KB
Author:Randy & Mandy

This is a compilation of six maps for speedmapping. Nick Baker didn't show up for whatever reason, so everyone nominated me to host. Pasty McPaste from the webpage: The theme: Make a map07 replacement, that is make it so that a floor tagged 666 l...Date:08/23/03
Size:60 KB

CZ-181: Hazardous Materials Internment
Size:831 KB
Author:Mike Teske (Komet302)

A Cold Reception
Dark, moody, no story whatsoever....Date:04/09/02
Size:18 KB

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