Just Another Day...  Filename:jad.zip
Just another day at the office goes awry. Run through mines buildings, and back to the surface....Date:01/02/05
Size:376 KB

Jade Earth  Filename:jadearth.zip
A massive UAC base hidden deep underground. Save, soldier, because you're going to need it (par time 1:20:00). Story on the bottom of the txt....Date:10/10/10
Size:1393 KB

jallaspace  Filename:jallaspc.zip
Get your ass out of there! BTW: This is my 1st publically released wad. Believe it or not. It sucks, tho. Didn't get much time, so it's short, and the scripting was a rush job....Date:05/06/04
Size:190 KB
Author:Ivar 'jallamann' Remøy

January Ninth  Filename:janine.zip
A map I made for fun....Date:01/09/10
Size:196 KB
Author:Jon 40oz Vail

Jason's Hell  Filename:jason12.zip
After the success of the critical acclaimed Weightlifter12 Showdown comes this epic unexpected sequel to this legendary classic. It's the same rules as the last showdown, use your fists and skills to defeat the almighty beast from the trailer park kn...Date:04/30/13
Size:17155 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

Four Way Defense  Filename:ja_4way.zip
Hold out as long as you can and get a high score....Date:05/23/06
Size:72 KB
Author:Ivar "jallamann" Remøy

This Ain't No Slipgate Project!  Filename:ja_tansp.zip
Some portal needs going through....Date:05/23/06
Size:254 KB
Author:Ivar "jallamann" Remøy

jalla_xmas  Filename:ja_xmas.zip
Okay, this is an arena map with imps and stuff. Survive as long as you possibly can and get a high score....Date:11/29/05
Size:49 KB
Author:Ivar "jallamann" Remøy

Wierd World Cave JBL-500  Filename:jbl-500.zip
JBL-500, the war has begun!...Date:02/07/07
Size:11 KB

jenny1.zip  Filename:jenny1.zip
Size:165 KB

jenny2.zip  Filename:jenny2.zip
Size:173 KB

jet01 (jetflock map01 remake.)  Filename:jet01.zip
1024x1024 Competition entree. Produced by Lutrov71 of the Newdoom Forums. http://forums.newdoom.com/showthread.php?t=30109...Date:06/09/06
Size:155 KB

jetflock's texture contest entry.  Filename:jettex.zip
Size:361 KB

Jingo  Filename:jingo.zip
A tech-themed map with plenty of secrets and monsters. Technical: *Added additional gore to the Former Human, Former Sergeant, and Imp sprites. *Replaced the level title graphic. *Replaced the Boss Demon sound file. *Replaced the Boss Demon sprite....Date:07/19/12
Size:336 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

The power supply [Remake]  Filename:jnte_rmk.zip
This map is a remake of great eye del cul's Power Supply released in 2002. I detailed the map to create more ambient, and better look. The map is short, but with great gameplay....Date:03/27/10
Size:1294 KB

La Juente Energética 3 / The Power Supply 3  Filename:jte_dust.zip
Second remake of the brilliant Eye del Cul's map "The Power Supply"; this time for GzDoom....Date:04/09/10
Size:1008 KB
Author:Alberto Sáez Lodeiros, "Karnizero"

Journey To Hell Demo  Filename:jthdemo.zip
A 6-map demp of my megawad, Journey To Hell....Date:03/22/09
Size:940 KB
Author:Isaac Rodriguez

JtRLimbo 2: The Ruins Remaining  Filename:jtrlimb2.zip
JtRLimbo 2 The Ruins Remaining is the sequel of the map from Arcades3d. It's the same level, but with a twist, making it the most exciting gameplay you've ever seen....Date:03/20/09
Size:12274 KB
Author:Juan "JacKThERiPPeR" Manuel Arroyo Alcon

El Limbo de JacKThERiPPeR (map for spanish DooM map tourney)  Filename:jtrlimbo.zip
ATENCION, ESPAÑOLES: Texto en español abajo del todo. This is a map for the Spanish Map Tourney for DooM....Date:06/03/09
Size:113 KB

better run trought the jungle  Filename:jungle.zip
Another speed map i've posted ages ago on doomworld, but never send it on idgames, so i do it now. Theme now is a jungle place, check out the abandoned scientist camp, get the key for the demonic temple and GTFO....Date:11/18/11
Size:104 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Janitor Adventure 3D (a.k.a. "Junko") (RC16)  Filename:junko.zip
It was just another day of cleaning toilets and splicing fried cables aboard UAC's shiny new space ship (with warp drive!), when a bunch of space pirates climbed out of the air vents and started slashing everyone up! Upon realizing that it might be i...Date:02/26/10
Size:12987 KB
Author:Fizz and TOGoS

Jupiter 7  Filename:jupiter7.zip
Classic Doom II map. Should run with vanilla and any source port. This level is relatively large. Estimated completion time of around 30 minutes....Date:06/23/10
Size:85 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

Katamori 1024: The Lost Era  Filename:k1024le.zip
Although I abandoned the idea of a brand new megaWAD, I'd like to share the remaining finished levels from my WAD. Hope you enjoy these small levels....Date:10/14/11
Size:412 KB
Author:Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"

KABOOM for BOOM v2.01  Filename:kaboom.zip
See story below. I needed to test out the new texture modification tools in DeeP97, so I started with making some new texture names. Then I got carried away having too much fun and ended up with this level. This is a = BOOM = only release with el...Date:06/20/98
Size:845 KB
Author:Jack Vermeulen

kaiser_10.zip  Filename:kaiser_10.zip
Size:289 KB
Author:Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal

The Attraction to All Things Uncertain  Filename:kaiser_12.zip
A city now mutated into hell. This wad is part of the final wad set I will make. I really don't know when I will stop, but when I do make my last wad, it will be in the kaiser_* series....Date:08/18/04
Size:290 KB
Author:Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

Halo Of Wonders  Filename:kaiser_14.zip
Millions of demons have tasted your heavy metal in the deep, dark corridors of Phobos. Each demon killed has been sent to a reviving facility created by the demons themselves, and one by one, the demon count increases. Day by day you slaughter over a...Date:12/15/04
Size:1399 KB
Author:Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

Chainmill  Filename:kaiser_15.zip
Like Plutonia map 15? Then you'll love this one....Date:01/05/05
Size:1243 KB
Author:Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

Untitled #2  Filename:kaiser_16.zip
This is a map that was cut out of the Vae Victus project. Why? No one may never know....Date:01/06/05
Size:571 KB
Author:Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

The Community is Falling 2  Filename:kaiser_17.zip
This map will bend your wookie...Date:02/17/05
Size:310 KB
Author:anonymous also known as Kaiser

ToxicHole  Filename:kaiser_18.zip
This is a map that was locked forever in the vault, never to be released. Oringinally created back in 2003, this wad was made for the Plutonia II project. Well, its been countless years since its development and ya know what? I am not letting this go...Date:05/04/05
Size:791 KB
Author:Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

The Cursed Generation  Filename:kaiser_19.zip
This is a map that was locked forever in the vault, never to be released. Oringinally created back in 2003, this wad was made for the Plutonia II project. Well, its been countless years since its development and ya know what? I am not letting this go...Date:05/04/05
Size:689 KB
Author:Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

Supernaught  Filename:kaiser_20.zip
Set in a demon complex of brick and metal, you must awaken...Date:06/02/05
Size:325 KB
Author:Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

CrossFire  Filename:kaiser_22.zip
Once a standard military complex used to communicate thougout the galaxy, the complex is now over run with demons and turned the complex into their personal home and you have been thrown in to take them out....Date:02/22/06
Size:313 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal (svkaiser@gmail.com)

kaiser_3.zip  Filename:kaiser_3.zip
Size:41 KB
Author:Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal

kaiser_4.zip  Filename:kaiser_4.zip
Size:306 KB
Author:Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal

kaiser_5.zip  Filename:kaiser_5.zip
Size:221 KB
Author:Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal

The Community is falling!! Oh No!!!  Filename:kaiser_6.zip
Size:670 KB
Author:Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal

Crusader  Filename:kaiser_9.zip
Set in a mining base on one of Jupiter's moons, you must escape the hell infested facility. This wad is part of the final wad set I will make. I really don't know when I will stop, but when I do make my last wad, it will be in the kaiser_* series....Date:06/16/04
Size:257 KB
Author:Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

Kaotic  Filename:kaotic.zip
This is my second map for Doom 2. Standard map. If there are any bugs or glitches please send me an email....Date:07/27/05
Size:28 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

Kappa Base  Filename:kappa.zip
This is a small tech base I made over the course of the summer. Note: I recommend you play on Ultra-Violence, as I have balanced it for play on that skill level....Date:09/10/05
Size:186 KB
Author:John Wantland

Katamori 1024 - Episode 1  Filename:kat1024.zip
*IT'S NOT A DEMO, IT'S A (HALF-)OFFICIAL RELASE!* Another 1024-style WAD. After Congestion 1024 and both Claustrophobia 1024, I had so many ideas, and I thought, I start to make a new 1024 megaWAD. Now I finished episode 1, and I'm so happy, becaus...Date:01/31/11
Size:1820 KB
Author:Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"

The Depths of the Catacombs  Filename:katakomb.zip
This is based on the Catacombs level in Painkiller, featuring fast pace action and ACS scripting....Date:07/17/14
Size:2540 KB

Hollow Minds  Filename:ka_hm.zip
Size:522 KB
Author:Kristian Aro

kbase Series  Filename:kbase_4.zip
Well, DOOM just belongs in a "BASE" theme....Date:06/28/98
Size:115 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler....I have joined with Team Insanity, go read about the cool stuff they have in store for

kboom12  Filename:kboom12.zip
You land in a telepad in the enemy base, and try to escape....Date:09/22/00
Size:168 KB
Author:& Email Kurt Kesler

kboom series  Filename:kboom_1.zip
This is a large base style WAD, some new BOOM enhancements....Date:05/09/98
Size:99 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

kboom Series  Filename:kboom_10.zip
Hard, with a fair amount of detail. My usual BASE theme built in a small outside area. This WAD has a slow area, but only for a few steps, then it speeds right up....Date:08/02/98
Size:151 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler. Team Insanity Member Go read the many WAD reviews they have for ya at; http://doom2.gag

Boom Castle  Filename:kboom_11.zip
My usual BASE theme got boring. I did the CASTLE theme this time. This is the most difficult WAD I've made yet, and the end of the kboom series....Date:09/11/98
Size:142 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler.

kboom series  Filename:kboom_2.zip
This is the same WAD as kmetl_13, but reworked for BOOM. This WAD lots of little details that would be vis-plane errors in the old DOOM2. Be prepaired for silent enemy teleports, too. There are NO large rooms, which makes this one run smooth....Date:05/11/98
Size:93 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

kboom series  Filename:kboom_3.zip
This is a large open area map. If you have an older comp., it may get jerky. It will speed up after you kill off the first wave, at least it did on my 486. I will NOT make a WAD with open areas like this one again....Too BIG! BUT, it's worth a look a...Date:05/15/98
Size:114 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

kboom series  Filename:kboom_4.zip
This is a different style that I usually make. Not a big one, but some interesting fights....Date:05/15/98
Size:58 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

kboom series  Filename:kboom_5.zip
This is a Base style one....Date:05/15/98
Size:101 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

kboom series  Filename:kboom_6.zip
The Castle theme is my favorite. I like this style, but its hard to do....Date:05/24/98
Size:124 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

kboom series  Filename:kboom_7.zip
Well, DOOM just belongs in a "BASE" theme....Date:06/09/98
Size:118 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

kboom Series  Filename:kboom_8.zip
Well, DOOM just belongs in a "BASE" theme....Date:07/03/98
Size:113 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler....I have joined Team Insanity, go read about the cool stuff they have in store for ya a

kboom Series  Filename:kboom_9.zip
This one starts out a bit tough, and just gets better!...Date:07/13/98
Size:118 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler....I have joined Team Insanity, go read about the cool stuff they have in store for ya a

Knee-Deep in the Money: Episode 1  Filename:kdim01.zip
One day Simon went to visit his girlfriend Betty. Upon arriving at the neighborhood, he finds that everyone is missing. You play as Simon on his quest to figure out what happened to Betty....Date:04/20/14
Size:25619 KB
Author:Canofbacon & Calmperson

Knee-Deep in the Money: Episode 2  Filename:kdim02.zip
After the events of the first episode of Knee-Deep in the Money, Simon went missing. It was up to his loyal buddy to try and find him! This WAD contains some of the most epic gameplay ever in a Doom WAD. I ain't even joking around m8 this is serious....Date:09/09/14
Size:23478 KB
Author:Canofbacon & Calmperson

Knee Deep in Phobos  Filename:kdip.zip
This is a remake of doom1 exclusively for doom2 because doom2 has more content then doom1 that is available. it also brings new,bigger,harder levels that when you play through you will feel the same emotions as the first time you played doom.in a add...Date:04/28/09
Size:3065 KB
Author:Sniper 109

Knee deep in the crap - turbo edition  Filename:kditc_te.zip
Pimp version of "knee deep in the crap" aka MAP03 of "Ten Community Project". I decided to did this thing since the great feedback got this level, and as added more than 10 textures, and the 2048 original limit as broken for did the intro tech pipe...Date:10/05/08
Size:225 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

Pain Keep  Filename:keep.zip
A nice map for Boom, using the gothicdm textures. Standard hell building and some fights, I hope you like it....Date:04/30/10
Size:390 KB
Author:John Cartwright

Untitled  Filename:kewl.zip
Very old and poor wad from my formative years. Kewl was the working title, I never gave it a proper name. I can do better!...Date:04/16/06
Size:179 KB
Author:Jonathan "Jon" Rimmer

khills series  Filename:khills.zip
This is a BASE style WAD, set in the hills. This WAD will run in ANY of the new PORTS for DOOM2, so crank up the Resolution!...Date:06/13/98
Size:73 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Mountain Base  Filename:khills_2.zip
Well, DOOM just belongs in a "BASE" theme......and a few mountains!...Date:06/28/98
Size:57 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler....I have been joined with Team Insanity, go read about the cool stuff they have in stor

Khorus  Filename:khorus.zip
Khorus is a 9-level wad, in which you should battle against evil in woods and deserts, caves and vaults, the ancient abandoned temples and catacombs of the forgotten civilisation (that has some related roots with the ancient Egypt's one), and all it ...Date:11/04/12
Size:7400 KB

Kill Again  Filename:kilagn.zip
Size:313 KB

Kill.zip  Filename:kill.zip
Kinda got the idea of this map from a screenshot of another wad. Forgot what the wad is....Date:11/05/03
Size:1976 KB
Author:Richard Long (Twiztid)

Killem Dead  Filename:killem.zip
A quick, fun, hard level....Date:04/11/09
Size:44 KB
Author:Claude Matherne

How Eye Killed TIme  Filename:killtime.zip
There was some way to get stuck behind a lift so be careful....Date:06/21/14
Size:796 KB

Robotic Nightmares  Filename:kimsp1.zip
Size:809 KB
Author:Kim Vidal

Dark City Oblivion  Filename:kimsp2.zip
Size:197 KB
Author:Kim Vidal

Kowalski's Building Hell Ultra - 2000 Update Doom Legacy Edition  Filename:kk-blddl.zip
Size:755 KB
Author:Michael Hopkins (aka Kowalski, now Digital Thought) email: michaelh@wire.net.au website http://www.w

Klub Smoke  Filename:klub.zip
This was basically a test for a few things, turned out pretty cool. So I decided to upload this 3 map wad....Date:10/11/14
Size:41388 KB
Author:Honey Bunches of Swag

koak.wad  Filename:koak.zip
While searching out demons to kill you find a base. This base is carved into a large mountain. You're just about to head the other direction when you hear demon growls on the inside. It looks like you have no choice but to enter the base and clear it...Date:04/16/14
Size:12 KB
Author:reality 2.0

Kobal  Filename:kobal.zip
One map in techno-gothic style....Date:12/02/07
Size:906 KB

Kobal 2  Filename:kobal2.zip
This mapset is provided only for single play. I planned to create a megawad like my early wad "Kobal". But I have made only two maps in that style. "Kobal 2" is challenging enought, but isn't so difficult as first "Kobal". Have fun!...Date:06/14/09
Size:972 KB

Kokytus  Filename:kokytus.zip
My second map. A medium sized hellish map with some zdoom features. Jump, crouch and Mouselook will be needed....Date:05/09/12
Size:586 KB

KS1.zip  Filename:ks1.zip
The standard romp through hell as is usual for me....Date:05/27/03
Size:147 KB
Author:Cory Banket

KS10.zip  Filename:ks10.zip
A very large level. The blue key is difficult to obtain, but it is possible. I recommend saving often when in this area....Date:05/11/09
Size:194 KB
Author:Cory Banket

KS11.zip  Filename:ks11.zip
Smaller level than is usual for me, but no less difficult on UV. Actually, there's a LOT of monsters even in lesser modes. Lots of jumping in this one so play only with ZDoom. In fact you can't complete the level w/o jumping....Date:05/11/09
Size:168 KB
Author:Cory Banket

KS12.zip  Filename:ks12.zip
Punishment or rehabilitation? You decide. Built using Doom Builder. Play-tested using ZDoom....Date:05/11/09
Size:8133 KB
Author:Cory Banket

KS2.zip  Filename:ks2.zip
A very big level with safe outdoor haven, and certain death indoors. Built using DCK 3.3 Plays well with Legacy or ZDoom. Other ports crash the game with "No more visiplanes" error....Date:05/27/03
Size:159 KB
Author:Cory Banket

KS4.zip  Filename:ks3.zip
A close encounters wad. My prison phase... Everyone's locked up for some crime or another. Lots of cold-blooded killing here, but on the other hand.. Built using DCK 3.3 Recommend playing in Legacy or ZDoom....Date:05/27/03
Size:194 KB
Author:Cory Banket

KS4.zip  Filename:ks4.zip
Another sprawling and challenging level for even the best player Built using DCK 3.3 Recommend playing in Legacy or ZDoom....Date:05/28/03
Size:130 KB
Author:Cory Banket

KS5.zip  Filename:ks5.zip
A rather short level for me. Built using DCK 3.3 Recommend playing in Legacy or ZDoom....Date:05/10/09
Size:73 KB
Author:Cory Banket

K6S.zip  Filename:ks6.zip
Another sprawling and challenging level for even the best player Built using DCK 3.3 Recommend playing in Legacy or ZDoom....Date:05/10/09
Size:134 KB
Author:Cory Banket

KS7.zip  Filename:ks7.zip
Another sprawling and challenging level for even the best player Built using DCK 3.3 Recommend playing in Legacy or ZDoom....Date:05/10/09
Size:107 KB
Author:Cory Banket

KS8.zip  Filename:ks8.zip
In two words: Fairly Big. To play this level you will need the following: 1. Eight hours of sleep. 2. Three hours of sex. 3. Twelve bottles of Miller High Life long-necks 4. One pack of cigarettes. 5. Four ear plugs. 6. Two turtle doves and a partrid...Date:05/10/09
Size:165 KB
Author:Cory Banket

KS9.zip  Filename:ks9.zip
Whether you are indoors or outdoors, doesn't matter, your doom awaits you. Built using DCK 3.3 Recommend playing in ZDoom....Date:05/11/09
Size:172 KB
Author:Cory Banket

The Call of Ktulu  Filename:ktulu.zip
A marble castle and the surrounding caves and mountains. The name comes from the music, "The Call of Ktulu" by Metallica. The music fits the mood of the level perfectly and I thought the name did, too. I think this is a pretty hard wad, but I spent a...Date:08/17/98
Size:158 KB
Author:Rudy Jurjako

kuchitsu  Filename:kuchitsu.zip
6 easy (for me anyway) levels intended to be played on UV from pistol start without saves. I didn't consider continuous playing while making this wad. The general theme is green/brown bricks and nature with some city and tech elements....Date:01/01/13
Size:605 KB

KZDoom Series Opener.  Filename:kzdoom1.zip
Have you been to hell lately? I'll drop you in the middle of a highly secured factory, and you'll get your butt kicked for about 20 minutes, as you escape....Date:04/06/99
Size:360 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler. I have a web site, http://www.fidnet.com/~kesler/

Cacodemons Revenge  Filename:kzdoom2.zip
My usual theme, on a more grand scale than usual. This is the new version of KZDoom2.Wad....Date:12/03/00
Size:249 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler. http://www.fidnet.com/~kesler/

kzdoom3  Filename:kzdoom3.zip
You must shut down the Aliens Water pumping station, and try to escape....Date:09/22/00
Size:334 KB
Author:& Email Kurt Kesler

KZDoom4  Filename:kzdoom4.zip
Wood & Brick style...Date:09/22/00
Size:119 KB
Author:& Email Kurt Kesler

The Evil Place  Filename:kzdoom5.zip
Large Industrial Area...Date:10/15/00
Size:221 KB
Author:& Email Kurt Kesler

KZDoom Series.  Filename:kzdoom6.zip
A castle has been taken over for use as the Demon base....Date:12/09/00
Size:330 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler. I have a web site, http://www.fidnet.com/~kesler/

KZDoom Series.  Filename:kzdoom7.zip
just play it...Date:02/26/01
Size:449 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler. I have a web site, http://www.fidnet.com/~kesler/

Beyond Death  Filename:k_bd.zip
I used some new ideas this time, all of which were enspired by Quake2. I won't say this map resembles Q2, but the Architecture is similar....Date:11/13/98
Size:209 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler.

Still Kickin'  Filename:k_kickin.zip
I built this for a project last year that never completed. A fairly large layout, consisting of an outdoors start area, leading into a base. Nothing special, but it's a fun battle that should take around 30+ minutes....Date:10/09/05
Size:521 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler.

LaboUAC  Filename:labouac.zip
one level for zdoom gzdoom many 3d floors...Date:02/15/14
Size:5032 KB

Labyrinth  Filename:labyrinth.zip
Maze Wad leading to the killing of Saddam....Date:12/23/03
Size:62 KB

Labyrinth  Filename:labyrnth.zip
Size:317 KB
Author:Lee "DooMAD" Wallis

Lab at Deimos  Filename:lad.zip
Size:524 KB

Latchhatch  Filename:latchhch.zip
Two Cybers, six Arachnotrons, two Barons, and two Pinkies stand between you and escape......Date:01/18/10
Size:12 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Lavacity Filename lavacity.WAD  Filename:lavacity.zip
/Info Single player level (CoOp possible but not recommended)...Date:01/29/00
Size:67 KB
Author:MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.

Epic legendary legends!  Filename:legend.zip
Oh god, what has happened?! You traveled through a portal and ended up in a place that I practically shat out! How can you escape?! Will you live through this terrible wad?! Prepare to face what could be your worst nightmare! Enter into the jackass z...Date:04/19/12
Size:2629 KB
Author:Jack101 (formerly known as the_afrit)

Legacy Fan  Filename:legfan.zip
A demonstration on how to make a rotating fan with 3d floors in Doom Legacy....Date:05/11/06
Size:10 KB

Lego Base Enhanced  Filename:legob-sp.zip
1 single player lego themed level. This is an enhanced version of my 'Lego Base' level, containing some replacement sprites....Date:04/30/02
Size:831 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

LEORIC  Filename:leoric.zip
A file that contains some new architecture designs, a lot of tricks, and a variety of elements. You should use some of the enhanced engines to play this WAD file....Date:07/02/01
Size:152 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya.

Lethe  Filename:lethe.zip
A decent sized map inspired by Plutonia...Date:11/30/07
Size:626 KB

Level Up  Filename:levelup.zip
One of my first wads. Uses ZDOOM. The scene at the base, located on the Earth. As a result, experience has opened the portal from Mars to Earth and monsters fled a wave on the back of the portal......Date:07/05/09
Size:82 KB

4 Levels that got Lost  Filename:lev_lost.zip
Completed levels from my Abandonned Community Project. All levels should be compatible with any Port....Date:06/07/06
Size:621 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis, Dutch Devil, Ismaele, JacKThERiPPeR, Slayer

Light Demo  Filename:lightdem.zip
This demo has been built into a short level. There is mostly metal construction, with some grass and earth textures. I really don't know how to describe this wad.. just take a chance and try it!!!...Date:06/23/99
Size:31 KB

LIH.WAD  Filename:lih.zip
s The first level was started as part of a TC, but after finding out I was not allowed to see the new textures (the head guy would put them in AFTER I sent him the wad), I decided to quit the project. How do you make a wad without seeing the textures...Date:04/12/98
Size:282 KB

You're tired and you have to find a place to get some sleep. E3M1 is intro map and E3M8 is outro map. See the bottom of this info file for instructions how to start playing this. Read them carefully, especially if you're a newbie to Doomsday....Date:06/11/04
Size:5823 KB

lacrimosa's INFERNO  Filename:linf.zip
A city woth monsters. It's my level #32 It's suposed that all the sections can be pass in any order, but there are so many possiblilities that I can't be sure. Anyway, don't pass to another section if you haven't finish the one where you are. Don't...Date:03/20/06
Size:169 KB

Linna  Filename:linna.zip
It's a castle themed map, with a large lava area....Date:06/12/01
Size:239 KB

Little Evil.  Filename:little3.zip
A little map, with urban and sewer textures, nothing new....Date:03/06/14
Size:125 KB

Little Tiny Level  Filename:littletl.zip
Originally going to be the first of a set of 4 or 5 story-driven maps, but I didn't have anywhere to go after this one. I know it's short, I know its pretty dull, but I just wanted to get something out and let people know my style. I didn't rush it o...Date:04/20/07
Size:46 KB
Author:D Link

Let Life Pass You BY  Filename:llpyb.zip
An arcade sytle level, score points, advance in levels. yeah.. Since I couldn't concentrate on my actually project (damn depression) I just messed around and came up with this....Date:03/22/04
Size:21 KB
Author:Chris "Chopkinsca" Hopkins

Temple of the Lizardmen  Filename:lmtemple.zip
You are a marine sent to a part of South America to investigate a mysterious temple where people have disappeared. Also a few marines that were sent in before you never came out. The last report from a marine says that there were lizard type beings w...Date:06/23/09
Size:12955 KB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Temple of the Lizard Men 2  Filename:lmtmpl2.zip
Sequel to the first Temple of the Lizard Men (Story below)...Date:11/28/10
Size:23005 KB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

Land Of NightMares  Filename:lndnm.zip
This map came to me almost fully formed in a dream, It was the second map I ever made, and so is substantially better than my first which will stay firmly on my hard drive but not good looking enough for it's intended purpose. I still had fun with it...Date:07/06/09
Size:76 KB

Lock and Load v.5 Work In Progress  Filename:lnl5w.zip
Weapon and gameplay modification with some lesser RPG aspects....Date:07/29/08
Size:824 KB

Legacy of Belial  Filename:lobelial.zip
* DISCLAIMER * This WAD and this TXT file are meant as a joke and ONLY a joke. !!!Be warned that obscene language is used!!! This WAD is so big because: - useless mp3 music is used - senselessly big pictures are used - I wanted to give your lousy c...Date:01/21/07
Size:4636 KB

Legions of Hell 2  Filename:loh2.zip
Size:691 KB
Author:John Gaughan

LOINK  Filename:loink.zip
This is a modified version of sloth map04 (the original map was made in late August 2006), split into two maps, and is designed for rocket jumping....Date:05/24/09
Size:1861 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

1:4 "Glacial Caverns"  Filename:loki-glacial.zip
This level is a level found on the future release/current project entitled "loki's realm". none of the storyline is included and the game comes with a lot of extras like external textures, a lo-fi mp3 music track (the full version will offer these as...Date:05/29/02
Size:8248 KB
Author:Jerry Lehr Jr [Hatechild/AlienNation]

L O L L Y  Filename:lolly.zip
Hi-Tec Sci-fi type Deathmatch/single player (small) level Closely related to my Mystic series of wads but with newer textures and some sounds....Date:04/21/02
Size:168 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

The Journey of King REoL  Filename:lolreol.zip
You are King REoL. Your journeys have taken you across the internet in your pursuit of conservative ideology and elevators. Recently, a new elevator was installed in Doomworld just for you. After furiously masturbating, you take a trip to your person...Date:01/11/10
Size:30 KB
Author:Mr. Freeze

speng  Filename:lolspeng.zip
This is the best level ever; j/k it sucks. It's a terrible speedmap so don't play it. I'll make up for this one day :p...Date:10/29/11
Size:280 KB

Long Days  Filename:longdays.zip
One level for 'advanced' Boom compatible ports. Probably it is my vision of nuts.wad. It's easy to play and fun. You need to have modern computer (Core2Duo+ or similar) and good optimized port with support of hi-res textures in wads and music in ...Date:06/30/09
Size:2595 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

Lop3  Filename:lop3.zip
find the exit....Date:09/10/08
Size:242 KB
Author:Alex Pielage

Legacy Of Suffering - v1.01  Filename:los.zip
Classic Doom with a Doom 3 touch! This Update includes some ZDoom members requests as Skippable Intro and biggest cutscene....Date:12/01/09
Size:89923 KB
Author:Logan MTM

Lost Bridge  Filename:lostbrid.zip
It's the lost bridge leading to the UAC Facility... You must enter this UAC Facility. Watch out! There's bogeyballs living under the bridge! Don't jump in the waste river....Date:04/13/06
Size:7 KB
Author:Jimbo Jack Billy Bob

Lost Refinery  Filename:lostrefinery.zip
This is a lost toxin refinery hidden in one of the many caverns on Phobos. It is an Episode 1 style level, but noticebly unique to the other episode 1 levels....Date:10/14/00
Size:108 KB
Author:Hellbent (Jason Root)

LOST SOULSPHERE!!!!!!11oneone  Filename:lostslsp.zip
I guess you can consider this the "sequel" to SHiTWADS. I wasn't gonna do another, but... well, you know. :P...Date:03/13/04
Size:818 KB

Lost Way  Filename:lostway.zip
One short map, I made by just one day. Ultra-Violence is really hard - for professionals only....Date:07/15/12
Size:1982 KB

Lava Plant 3d  Filename:lplant.zip
Tech style small sized deathmatch wad in a lava plant....Date:10/26/01
Size:158 KB
Author:Alastair Montgomery

LOST SOULSPHERE: Gold Edition  Filename:lslsp_gd.zip
Well, after the "success" of the original Lost Soulsphere, I looked back at it and found a few things I wanted to change. I messed around, and I came up with this. The Gold Edition has alot of new stuff, such as better music, enemy sounds, and a whol...Date:07/05/04
Size:4101 KB

The Lost One  Filename:lstone.zip
The two maps included in this wad file show off what is possible with the Edge engine....Date:01/14/01
Size:1176 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Lucifer's Temple  Filename:luctemp.zip
One of your marine buddies was kidnapped from a sect of devil-worshippers and murdered (yep, that's him in the rock-pit) and it's up to you to get some revenge... it's a lame, generic plot line but who gives a shit? i'm not sure anybody would worship...Date:10/28/02
Size:35 KB
Author:Jeff McMillin

Lukasxd's 512X512 Maps  Filename:luk512.zip
Four maps in semi-512x512 format and different environments...Date:03/06/14
Size:452 KB

Lunatic  Filename:lunatic.zip
The moon's orbit was slowed due to a headon collision with a giant ball of demons. Escape the moon before it crashes into the Earth! Lunatic includes 5 Boom-format maps for Doom 2. Please play Lunatic with PrBoom+, Zdoom, or Eternity....Date:08/11/11
Size:3964 KB
Author:Paul DeBruyne (skillsaw)

Needs more Lupara  Filename:lupara.zip
After hearing on Idgames and on Skulltag forums that Lupara is the most powerful weapon in the game you go on a quest to retrieve it. Beware of the crying zombieman. Also this wad is vomit....Date:08/09/09
Size:420 KB

Love you with poison  Filename:luwp.zip
Difficult map, requires the Survive in Hell wad. Get it at levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/sihr2fix.zip and load before luwp.wad. When playing, observe your surroundings and make sure to collect all important items before activating another trigger (the ...Date:04/22/13
Size:178 KB

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