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10 Years of DooM... ... And many more to come
A wad built for DooM's 10th anniversary, nothing outstanding, it's a HR-alike level with a central arena surrounded by some other areas. It's a "new" level, but the concept is old, I built this from scratch keeping the memory of a level I built many ...Date:12/09/03
Size:55 KB
Author:Pedro A. Gomez Blanco - pagb666

My second public release for DooM. It is a pretty big level in a base theme. Don't waste ammo, you'll need it... This level should work with normal DooM2, but errors will appear. This level was going to be ZDooM specific, but I didn't have an appropi...Date:04/24/99
Size:160 KB
Author:Pedro Arturo Gomez Blanco (PAGB666)

House of Pain.
Size:150 KB
Author:John Cartwright.

Pain 2011
A large, complex level for Doom 2 mixed with adventurous elements...Date:10/05/11
Size:114 KB
Author:Gabor Szlobodnik (AKA "Szlobo")

Pain Above All
A Hell-themed map that I originally created for a community megawad project. That project fell flat on its face, so I decided to keep the map as a stand-alone experience. This was the very first time I'd worked exclusively with this theme, so it was ...Date:10/29/11
Size:117 KB
Author:Matthew C. (Chubzdoomer)

Painful Evil
It's a map with a hellish theme, and it's my first map with that style. But this map is one of my very first maps, I did only add some new rooms and details....Date:12/03/00
Size:204 KB
Author:Tomi Rajala

A plutonia map01 replacement. used the same theme and graphics....Date:12/23/11
Size:127 KB

Malign Paradigm
Printz created the base for this map for doom 1, I later expanded it and converted it to doom 2, A episode 3 style map relatively difficult not in insane though,...Date:07/05/11
Size:86 KB

Paradox 2
Painfully you get up and return to the fray...uhm to Paradox I mean. Crush kill and rip those assholes apart blast your way through this hell infested lair....Date:10/05/06
Size:259 KB
Author:Morbid DooMer

5 levels, set in a Military Research installation in the desert South- West of the U.S. The main focus of the research is in Genetics, so there are a variety of Labs and computer centers. There are also waste and water treatment areas, storage bays, ...Date:09/24/00
Size:3597 KB
Author:ReX (aka Gurkha Boy)

8-map hub set in the Black Mesa military-industrial facility within the Half-Life universe. The game is story-driven and features multiple objectives. It uses the excellent textures of Half-Life, sprite-based enemies and non-player characters from Ha...Date:12/02/10
Size:76149 KB
Author:The Persecution Complex

Paranoia Rebirth
This level was inspired by Paranoia Rebirth, a cool techno track by Naoki, from Dance Dance Revolution 3rd mix. If you want the music, you can download it here - paraReb.png is the step chart for ...Date:12/06/03
Size:213 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)

Story: You are the biproduct of some governmental experiment gone wrong. These are your drug enduced-hallucinations....Date:08/27/05
Size:71 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

Size:101 KB
Author:Ty Halderman

Pulse Blast
1 level tech-based Boom compatible map. Please test, comment, & rate it. :) It's my second release here....Date:04/10/12
Size:107 KB
Author:Daniel "FractalXX" Bettenbuk

Processing Bunker
This is a relatively large level aimed at challenging gameplay but don't expect anything insane like Hell Revealed. Its dark, its tense but its beatable. Use your berserk whenever you can to save ammo and secrets should help you vastly. Watch your ba...Date:11/15/09
Size:346 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (pcorf)

Another Bloody Chapter
This is a medium sized to large level for Doom2 that replaces Map28. Expect a rather hellish challenge....Date:10/16/07
Size:255 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Bad Jokewad
Watch John W. Anderson (Dr Sleep) argue then execute Troop JB in his den in what proves to be an absolute classic argument. Original Voice Acting. This is my first wad ever with succesful scripting unlike The New Adventure which had its messages writ...Date:02/12/07
Size:2911 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Botero's Mansion
The first of my tuneup maps. This was my first ever level. Originally made way back in 1996. I have decided to give it a major facelift. The entire map has been retextured into a bricks and metal theme (Dr. Sleep like) and looks and plays a ton bette...Date:01/25/13
Size:165 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (pcorf)

The Combat Base
Single player map for Doom 2 that I whipped up in some spare time. Its a linear progression base map with no new music or textures....Date:07/01/14
Size:66 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Dark Barren Forest
A Dark Barren Forest. Its a dark night and outside lies an unknown beast and it must be killed to win the level. This level will only run in Zdoom. Jumping and shooting are the keys to winning this level. You are only given a SSG, and two shotgunners...Date:10/08/06
Size:1898 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Didac's Revenge
A Small level for Zdoom that relies on several Zdoom specific features in order to beat. A few surprises in here....Date:10/17/07
Size:20 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Midnight Island
This is the sequel to the ill fated Dark Barren Forest. That level was a piece of crap. This is more realistic and scarier map that contains scripting, and various other features. You are stuck alone on this island and its midnight. Its very dark,...Date:07/19/07
Size:396 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

The Great Urban Battle
One Player ..... One City ..... Many Monsters. Your mission is simple. Seek, destroy and escape!...Date:01/29/13
Size:7556 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (pcorf)

putin eats children
"she drowned" (c) putin...Date:05/04/12
Size:2288 KB
Author:Ded Pihto (v kozhanom palto)

DESTROY COCA-COLA. #PEPSIWINS. In this WAD you bust into a building and kill a bunch of dudes that like coca-cola....Date:09/21/14
Size:64 KB

Peril Demo
First off: This demo isn't to 'hype' a project, but rather to see if the community accepts the level design overall. Also, I intend to downsize the ripped music at a later date, so don't fret too much about file size. :/ Anyway, I was in the mood o...Date:08/06/08
Size:5469 KB

It's Nothing Personal
This is part 2 to my seven level campaign titled "Severed". Wanted to get this one out there as soon as I could. Planned on releasing the campaign as one whole wad, however due to the time it seems to be taking me to develop a single level, I decided...Date:09/16/11
Size:15407 KB
Author:Joshua Dickerson

"Pesha" is a series of three limit-removing maps, each one made in a single sitting for the Stanimap- ping contest. Maps, while thematically connected, are meant to be played from pistol start....Date:03/04/13
Size:526 KB

A big brown-yellow complex, with some outdoor areas. Also a non-linear map (if the action is too hard, try another route). I've tried some fake 3D effects, and also some Boom features -translucent walls, deep water-. This map follows a similar style ...Date:07/29/09
Size:455 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

Pure Hate
The Spawn of Satan wreck hell on a local school. (Fraser High NZ)...Date:04/17/12
Size:880 KB

Revenge of the Reviving Angry Imps
A random short speedmap based on this idea:...Date:08/26/10
Size:13 KB

Phobia - The Age
Size:35132 KB
Author:Kristian "Kristus" Kll

"Phocas Island"
Sort of aimed towards being realistic. Basically you are stranded on an island after a shipwreck and all you have is your pistol. And suprise suprise, the island is inhabited by demons. As far as skill levels go, HMP is a bit tough, and UV is insane....Date:02/26/04
Size:827 KB
Author:Chris "Chopkinsca" Hopkins

Phocas Island 2
Size:6947 KB

An abandoned space colony on Phoebe, one of the Jupiter's moons. This map is taken from the sixth Russian Doom Community "tuning contest", where participants had to improve a computer generated map while keeping the original layout intact. I've mod...Date:01/03/14
Size:8890 KB

Phoenix Rising
5-level set with a tech-base theme, using Quake2 textures, new sprites, and a cool new sky. While not truly a hub-type of structure, these levels are interconnected. Let's call it a quasi-hub structure, 'kay? (Read Notes, below.) 0417 hours, March ...Date:04/11/00
Size:1657 KB
Author:Gurkha Boy

Phobos Orbital
A small, dark level set in a space station in orbit above Phobos....Date:07/27/04
Size:78 KB

Phobus' Fragments of DAC 2009
This is the two maps I submitted to DAC2009. MAP01 is a little filler type map with an interesting survival twist on gameplay, and MAP02 is my original, more christmas-y entry. Both maps offer a challenge in their own way and are made to old-school s...Date:12/08/09
Size:128 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Escalation I: The Breach
Welcome to the Escalation series, where monster numbers keep going up! We have to start somewhere, so I'm on 50 for the first in the series. The story is as follows......Date:10/06/13
Size:203 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Escalation II: Centurion Night
The sequel to "The Breach" - 100 monsters for you this time. The "story" is......Date:02/11/14
Size:312 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

The Mouth of Death
A three map mini-wad put together in 3 or 4 days over a few months. You start in hell, fighting from The Mouth of Death before plummeting to Earth and carrying on the fight through a small network of caves and a tech-base. Difficulty steps up a whole...Date:09/08/09
Size:76 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell and Paul Cresswell

Phobus Pre-'13 Grab Bag
A collection of my old, unfinished and unreleased...Date:09/09/13
Size:12283 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Scars of the Wounded Prey
This wad was formed from my desire to make a little map in a short space of time. I have this ambition because all of my other projects seem to have ballooned out of proportion, and I was getting a little bored of them. The name is just something I c...Date:11/05/06
Size:356 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Coils of the Twisted Tale
This wad takes a look at a load of old crap I can't release, sees what it likes and uses it to its own ends. Its also a rollercoaster ride through an awful lot of different themes and areas. The scary part is, this is also a highly planned out wad. N...Date:07/16/08
Size:1955 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Justice - Infernal Mechanics
Pick up your holy sword, Justice, and run into the fray. You have a rocket launcher and a powerful, sweeping sword to battle your way through this fairly small and hectic level, battling against my monsters and the standard fare in something of a fra...Date:04/20/08
Size:668 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Claws of the Enraged Beast
Scars of the Wounded Prey just wasn't hard enough. So this wad outdoes it in every aspect. Jumping and crouching required. Choice of "Tough" and "Slaughter!" flavours. Picking Slaughter! will almost definitely get you owned at some point. Try with a ...Date:08/27/09
Size:2174 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Small Dark Twisted Computer Lab
You are in a small, dark, twisted computer lab map, and are looking to get out. Page 2 of the 2010 Cacowards on doomworld has a section entitled "Still Bored?" which directly inspired this....Date:12/31/10
Size:53 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Blood Red
A "one combat area" speed map, which only provides a chaingun and berserks fist....Date:12/22/11
Size:73 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

An 'interesting' wad which (unintentionally) shows off the learning curve I've been through in the last 4 years. It's got a very loose story centred around a 'Hell on Earth' sort of theme, just from a more civilian viewpoint. This is now on v1.2, but...Date:02/22/06
Size:1458 KB
Author:James 'Phobus' Cresswell

Tiny Pack 1: Tiny Chances of Survival
This wad was made as an experiment to see if people would recognise my mapping if I used a different username (Wonoview - One of you, get it?). The answer was a resounding no, but the maps are ok. 5 tiny maps connected by theme, gameplay and a small ...Date:03/26/09
Size:292 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Virus Episode 1 "Shareware Demo Release"
The purpose of this wad was to have something VERY different, and the texturing is a result of that and laziness (plus I once joked about the idea, and decided it might be worth actually trying). Simply put, this is my own little game, made for peopl...Date:02/17/09
Size:4544 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Big Woodchip
You woke up in a small wooden Hell (Woodchip, from abysped2), managed to fight your way to a teleporter that took you to the surface, but pitted you against a wormhole in a wooden fortification (Woodchip Woodchip, from abysped3). After defeating ever...Date:04/21/14
Size:90 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

White Light
This was orginally made for a brightness contest, but after interest waned I decided to go for a solo release. The wad itself is an extended boss battle of sorts, set in a very bright and individual setting, fighting against increasingly harder group...Date:04/02/06
Size:228 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

White Light: 2010 Edition
White Light 2 wasn't going anywhere, but I'd made all the necessary resources. So, to avoid letting them go to waste, I went back to the critically unsuccessful original White Light of 4 years ago and changed some things up, adding in all of the new ...Date:06/24/10
Size:842 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

This was originally MAP31 in scourge, but after my test release, I removed it, as this level is incredibly different from the rest of the wad, but I didn't think about it too much. After much advice and a few suggestions, it was removed and a replace...Date:06/19/06
Size:2146 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

A little map in techno-style with some elements of Kobal-style....Date:04/21/10
Size:670 KB

A small wad consists of 2 maps. The maps originally have been constructed in limit- removing format, but there is Boom's action of sky transfer on map 02. You start in a small hotel. An aliens from Pekel world invades in our reallity, so, get ready y...Date:06/21/10
Size:792 KB

Suburban Town with Pier
My first map. Pretty easy. There's a bank, an electronic's store, a buffet, and other stuff. Explore. If you want to leave then go to the green building and flip the switch to lower the gate blocking the pier....Date:06/29/13
Size:1683 KB

My First map ever..And i finaly figured out how to upload it. Previously Called "Caged"...Date:02/20/04
Size:27 KB

started in jan now it is july 6 months down the pipes....Date:07/07/00
Size:111 KB
Author:Harry Daalmeijer

Pirate Doom
Pirate Doom! A GZDoom TC with: - 18 maps of good old runnin' and gunnin' action; - eye patches, bandannas, beards and mustaches for all Doom monsters; - cutlass, flintlock, cannons and other rusty weapons; - cool caribbean music; - compati...Date:06/21/14
Size:26233 KB

Castle of the damned.
A very good Gothic DM styled map for BOOM/doom2. excellent design and construction, much better than realm of hell. Be sure to use the cyberdemon to your advantage:=)....Date:12/26/00
Size:98 KB
Author:John Cartwright

4.5 levels of single player action. Levels 2 and 3 should be good for deathmatch too....Date:06/04/99
Size:512 KB
Author:Andy Brewood
This is a single level (MAP01), the first one I ever made. It is very small and was done in a few hours. You need the plutonia IWAD to run it, hope you like it!...Date:10/08/10
Size:63 KB
Author:Tintinna Bullum

Pallace Skorn
A medium sized Boom-compatible map featuring new beasts and weapons. Play on UV for a non-slaughter based challenge. The misspelling is intentional....Date:10/16/11
Size:1483 KB
Author:Callum Guy Oliver aka Phobosdeimos1

11 Level quest for the ZDoom Port, v1.18b or later (will run on earlier versions, but some features used in Pleiades are not supported by them)....Date:03/08/00
Size:3676 KB
Author:Roger Ritenour

one medium map for Plutonia....Date:03/14/15
Size:118 KB

The idea was to make one map per day. The results weren't satisfying so I dropped it....Date:07/16/14
Size:994 KB

4 maps for Plutonia....Date:06/21/14
Size:270 KB

Polyobject Fun
Very small map with mad polyobjects. You have to avoid them or you'll get crushed. If you're smart, you'll understand quickly how to reach the exit....Date:06/02/08
Size:14 KB
Author:Pinky's ass

A poopy in a toilet
Your best friend puppy named poopy has bin flushed down a giant toilet..... Travel down the pipes to find him!...Date:08/17/07
Size:20 KB

The Place of the Tomb
Your mission was supposed to be simple. Just some checking, some monitoring, who couldn't take care of that? Naturally they've chosen You after You screwed up Your last assignment and some important files were stolen from the computer at the UAC HQ o...Date:09/24/04
Size:469 KB
Author:Pawel "NMN" Zarczynski

Progress Quest Doom
Do you love Progress Quest? Do you love Doom? Well why not play both at once?! Now you can!...Date:03/25/03
Size:2 KB

Raiders Of The Lost Phallus
Kinda like Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Arc... Nazis......Date:10/21/05
Size:68 KB
Author:My name here?

This wad is a patchwork of many wad fragments and incompleted levels I did in the last 5 years. I gathered them all in this wad, connected the various parts, added monsters and ammo. It's very big and full of monsters....Date:02/03/10
Size:2820 KB

"Loaden" Preview level 1
An display of 'what to expect' from my upcoming project "Loaden". Mind that it is far from finished, I just wanted to get a first response on the work so far. Some textures might be either mis-aligned or not changed from default at all....Date:09/11/03
Size:85 KB
Author:MLdB ('Tygrinn' for ROME.RO forum members)

Primary is a large natural-themed map based around several outdoor areas. It focuses on immersive, epic gameplay, with little puzzle solving. There are several routes to take, and challenges tend to be very rewarding....Date:11/27/06
Size:891 KB
Author:Kevin "SMG" Meeks

The Prison
Prison/Control Center and labs....Date:01/18/01
Size:295 KB
Author:Stephen Nicholas (aka Elfshadow)

The Prison
This is level number three for me, and i would say its the best ive done so far. The level is'nt quite so linear in its design as my last two efforts, difficulty settings have been applied (unlike my prvious two maps) and this is just generally more ...Date:06/13/11
Size:228 KB
Author:Adam Mason

The Prometheus Experiment
4 new levels (+ preludium, interludium and postludium) for the last ZDooM version new textures, new music and a new boss: The ArchHeinous (created by Solarsnowfall)....Date:04/10/07
Size:2453 KB
Author:Lorenzo Davia

DooM Party R n' R v1.0
After a hard day of fighting evil unleashed you decide to go to your favorite hangout with some of you buds for some well deserved R n' R(more below)...Date:03/28/04
Size:191 KB

Project A.E.S.W (Another E1 Style Wad)
For whatever reason I recently got the inspiration to make another Doom map after about 24 months of not touching an editor. This one actually turned out really well, at least I think so. The title of this wad is kind of misleading, it's really not e...Date:12/10/03
Size:72 KB
Author:Mike "prower" Reid

Deus Ex Wasabi
I was tired of the constricting environments that Counter-Strike level design (Half-Life level design) has, so I decided to make a map for Doom utilizing the only advantage the Doom engine has over more advanced game engines - wide open areas, and lo...Date:10/04/00
Size:66 KB

The Helios Project - Stage Beta (aka Helios 2)
AFTER the mysterious incident a mere two weeks ago, you are once again...Date:08/21/99
Size:180 KB
Author:michael 'prower' reid

The Seventh 04 Defragmentation
The Seventh 04 Defragmentation The last fuse in the reactor blows as you sit down to relax. It's been a...Date:08/09/98
Size:26 KB
Author:Mike Prower

The Seventh 05: Underground
The Seventh 05: Underground You've had enough of this. You've destroyed a planet and it's satellite...Date:08/23/98
Size:72 KB
Author:Michael 'prower' Reid Mike 'Cyberdemon' Watson

The Seventh 06 - Caverns of Neptune
You've just escaped from the marble hellhole the stone base brought you to. You were lucky. Now it's time to take on the Caverns, and possibly find the slipgate back home.....Date:04/09/99
Size:50 KB
Author:mike 'prower' reid

The Seventh 07 - Final Portal
It seems you finally landed on Jupiter; now you must find the portal which will take you back home. This map is quite difficult on UV.. getting all kills may even be impossible... the best way is to get enemies to kill each other... also good support...Date:03/28/99
Size:170 KB
Author:Michael J Reid (Prower) - - The Seventh 01-06, prwrcol2, prwrgate, prwrbase,

Size:393 KB
Author:PichuSofT 99 (c)

Club Doom (non-scripted version)
This wad is based off map59 of PsxDoom. This is the most popular psxdoom map ever. This is a very wired map and little is known about this level....Date:03/04/03
Size:47 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal, Midway INC.

Hell Gate
Size:22 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal, Midway INC.

Hell Keep (Console Remix)
Size:48 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal, Midway INC.

The Mansion
Size:73 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal, Midway INC.

The Marshes (non-scripted version)
Size:32 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal, Midway INC.

Redemption Denied
This wad is based off map 54 (me thinks) in psxdoom. Nothing special, just one huge map with a spiderdemon (two on hard). I've added some new things in like a cell pack in the barron's den, a line trigger at the same spot which opens the door to the ...Date:03/04/03
Size:41 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal, Midway INC.

Threshold Of Pain
Size:61 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal, Midway INC.

Twilight Descends
Size:75 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal, Midway INC.

Psycho series: Neurosis
A map with monsters....Date:07/19/06
Size:136 KB

Point of No Return
This is a one level add-on for Doom2 using the sourceport ZDoom. The atmosphere is intended to be foreboding and very akin to PSX Doom and Final Doom, so don't be surprised to see a lot of darkness in this level. Some ZDoom features included is some ...Date:02/14/04
Size:2886 KB

Quo Vadis
First level is a fairly small entry-level type wad, but quite detailed. Recommended for experienced players (although full skill-level support has been provided). Second level is a command-center type level, with a lot of themes (sentry posts, dungeo...Date:08/04/99
Size:257 KB
Author:Gurkha Boy

"pus" as in "pussy" perhaps?...Date:06/21/14
Size:145 KB

Play When Bored
I made this while bored. It has no real inspiration, just contructed a starting room and an exit room and created rooms to fit in between. It's nothing I'm very proud of, just something that plays pretty well....Date:05/25/09
Size:27 KB
Author:Jon Vail

Play When Bored 2
I made this as a demonstration to a friend on my mapmaking process. Included are the screenshots I took of the map in doombuilder as I was developing it. The map actually came out much better than I expected....Date:06/07/09
Size:74 KB
Author:Jon Vail

Play When Bored 3
One big long hallway of boring that leads into a central area. HOW'S MY MAPPING? 1-800-555-5555...Date:07/09/09
Size:33 KB
Author:Jon Vail

Plutonium Winds
Size:628 KB
Author:darkreaver aka Christian Lian

A Pyramid
Its a large map in the general shape of a pyramid. It took 3 years to make because the previous 2 drafts were way too small, and I did spend quite a lot of time on them....Date:04/13/08
Size:430 KB

YES! Another gosh-dang weapon conversion by me! This time, you get mostly fire-themed weapons. This weapon replacement is more advanced than all my other ones. I sort of did a huge blowout on these guns, because this is gonna be my last weapon conver...Date:03/13/04
Size:363 KB

Poetic Doom
For my creative writing class at school, I needed to design a community project of sorts. So, I decided to try something that, to my knowledge, has never been done before. Make poetic Doom levels. The idea behind the poetic Doom levels came from the ...Date:06/07/03
Size:6358 KB
Author:Andrew Hunt of TeamKill

Primary: Gold
Primary: Gold is an updated version of my first map release. It is very, very large and is sprinkled with a great number of encounters based around several varying locales. Gameplay is best described as a mix of classic Doom and an action-adventure t...Date:06/04/13
Size:2211 KB

Quake2Doom is a single+coop player map that originally started back in the summer of 2000 as a 9 map quake2ish themed project.Though it failed to really capture the quake2 design. Now after 4 years, the project is now redone and utilizing the advance...Date:05/27/01
Size:3317 KB
Author:The Solution and Gunrock

Qboard Doom2 SP wad
Doom2 SP wad containing 3 SP maps by the above authors. The project originally started out as a "retro" mapping project, i.e. for a large group of quake mappers to each make a doom map and then combine them to a megawad. Sadly after the initial enthu...Date:07/21/05
Size:373 KB
Author:Biff Debris, Lunaran, Aardappel

QDOOM - Quake Done DOOM Style
The only complete and unique Quake to DOOM conversion, now works with EDGE 1.29+, and uses OGG music file format versus MP3 CREDITS id Software Raven Software The EDGE team The Covert Ops team The GothicDM Teams Banjo Software (RIP) Gokuma (for the D...Date:02/07/06
Size:22861 KB
Author:Marc A. Pullen [FANATIC]

Quake's E1M7 - ZDoom required.
This is a recreation of Quake's E1M7 in ZDoom....Date:03/27/99
Size:115 KB
Author:Rick Clark

QMine 14
Single add-on level for QDOOM...Date:11/18/01
Size:172 KB
Author:Andrew Apted

Quake Mod Alpha Version
DeathMatch mod with Quake weapons, liquids and text...Date:11/20/07
Size:498 KB

Quadruple Threat
A speedmap started on a whim and continued amongst friends. Hub and exit by "Super" Jamie Bainbridge, southern section by Eric "The Green Herring" Baker, eastern section by Jon "40oz" Vail, northern section by Joonas "Jodwin" Äijälä. Combined into...Date:05/16/10
Size:78 KB
Author:The Green Herring, 40oz, Jodwin, Super Jamie

QuadBeam for BOOM v2.01
This is a small (800 linedef) *BOOM only* wad that has a marble 'n' metal (and a little wood) theme. It's not that hard, and its my first level. There are six Cybers in it, but they are only to dispose of those who can't find the secret path through ...Date:09/20/98
Size:88 KB
Author:Nicholai Main

The Quandary
A Doom II map inspired mostly by Sandy Petersen's city maps from the original game....Date:01/15/15
Size:43 KB
Author:Sheridan Kane Rathbun

A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends! I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:232 KB

My first wad. Wolf3D-style....Date:10/23/11
Size:1091 KB

Villa de Rais
Locals have reported that "things" have been sighted at the crumbling villa of the recently deceased Oldrey de Rais. That's why the military chose you, Corporal Flynn Taggart, USMC. Naturally, you and your war comrade Arlene Sanders were sent to inve...Date:07/13/04
Size:9957 KB
Author:Jay Reichard (Silent Zorah)

The Rakehell
Size:659 KB
Author:Joe Meszaros

Welcome To My Ranch
There are new monsters' sprites like the special forces from HALF-LIFE (not precise), and new chaingun's sprites....Date:11/21/99
Size:162 KB

Random Evil
An older level of mine I decided to finish up and release....Date:04/03/05
Size:123 KB

Random SP (Random Single Player)
A set of 12 maps created by myself because I felt like creating some maps. There's a little story between chapters (3 in total) that vaguely describe what's going on although I didn't bother much with that. The maps also support deathmatch to a certa...Date:01/17/10
Size:1843 KB

Rangex's Pit
This is my first level created with the help of DoomBuilder. My intention behind building it was to recreate at least some part of the immense fun I had with the Doom series some 15 years ago. Given my meagre experience with the editor, this level mi...Date:12/26/09
Size:94 KB

Rangex's Entryway
This is my second level - contains, among others, cyberdemons watching a movie, a ruined castle on a peninsula and a karst cave. Should be entertaining in a fairly innovative way, although it has a few challenging moments. Enemy infighting should be ...Date:01/28/10
Size:154 KB

Rats Solitaire
Ever wonder what it would be like to play solitaire after being shrunk down to the size of a rat? Well with this wad now you can fulfill your dream. Includes scoring and timed options....Date:06/22/12
Size:140 KB

Random Chaos Collab 1- The CyberCrusher
A small collaberation of maps by various members of the Random Chaos...Date:12/14/10
Size:376 KB
Author:Members of <+RC+>

Random Chaos Duel Collab - Rivalries
A small collaberation of maps by a few members of the Random Chaos doom clan. Unlike our previous singleplayer collaberation, this one is intended for one-on-one fragfests....Date:07/20/11
Size:9051 KB
Author:Members of <+RC+>

Romero Death Skittles (version 1.0)
A single player fantasy bowling mod for ZDoom....Date:09/22/04
Size:1124 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

Reactor P218-F
Size:432 KB
Author:Peter Runge

Go Read A Book!
Two days ago, I was awake in the middle of the night and all of the sudden, it hit me. I could probably make a readable book using HUD images. And now today, I finally finished it. Press ] to go foward a page, and press [ to go back a page. Press ' t...Date:07/22/06
Size:28 KB

This is a grand release of my once greatly hyped RealCombat simulation. In here you'll find six sequential verisions of the WAD (although versions 5 and 6 may be the same) as well as changelogs, previous Info files, a detailed overview / description ...Date:07/10/06
Size:6753 KB
Author:Sterling "Caligari_87" Parker

Real Death
I've recently created the first map which I deem worthy of upload to /idgames. I'd made several maps before, but they were below my standards. This WAD has a ton of new effects, as well as excellent level design and detail that will have you begging ...Date:07/04/12
Size:468 KB
Author:Uncle Cracker

Reality Maps
3 maps to be played "reality" style, which means you can't get hurt at all. MAP01 is a random speedmap (-complevel 9) MAP02 is a random speedmap (-complevel 9) MAP03 is a remake of part of E1M3 from Quake (-complevel 2)...Date:08/29/10
Size:239 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

Realm of Hell.
A Quake episode 2 styled level for BOOM, that uses very good architechture and design. As well as great gameplay....Date:11/25/00
Size:93 KB
Author:John Cartwright

Two levels set in a nukage base. The idea was to make two small speedmaps using some Linkin Park MIDIs that we downloaded as the music. This is the first time we are working together on a WAD and we intended to release them on May 15 (Karthik's birth...Date:06/18/04
Size:439 KB
Author:Karthik and Varun Abhiram

Reborn Epidemic
This is my very first DOOM map. The theme is set in the traditional tech / starbase theme which leads from a warehouse staging facility to a waste management center, and finally a command depot. I tried to use my brain when building this map, and hop...Date:04/15/04
Size:99 KB
Author:Derek Braun (AKA Dittohead / aliceschain)

An Ultimate Doom-based storyline mod for Zdoom...Date:02/10/03
Size:259 KB
Author:Chrono (

Redemption I
The first of the Redemption series. This wad was oringally supposed to be released sometime in April, but never was, due to a lack of story, but now there is one....Date:01/19/06
Size:1988 KB
Author:Flesh699, Impboy, Tango

Redemption II
Size:1962 KB
Author:Tango (sorry I won't release my real name)

Red Eye - The Mars Files
This .WAD was to be a DeathMatch level, at the beginning. But it came to nothing, because it was too big to be a DeathMatch map and there were some other incompatibilities with DeathMatch gameplay. Then I modified it so that it could be good enough f...Date:08/12/04
Size:1731 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Redoom is a 5-level wad, small and simple levels, it's about levels built from scratch that look like some doom 2 levels, these levels are (MAP01, MAP07,MAP12 and MAP21) except the fifth map which is a secret level that doesn't look like any other do...Date:10/21/10
Size:150 KB

Blood Rock
Rivers of blood have began to form in a facility beneath of the Mars surface and from that blood, organic tissue has grown, seemingly in a short period. The grouth now threatens to overtake the facility. All contact with the large maintainance and di...Date:09/20/06
Size:53 KB
A fair sized map modeled on a nukage refinery. Good challenging design!....Date:02/07/00
Size:157 KB
Author:john cartwright

Temple Of Reflection FILE NAME RELEASE DATE 02/26/2006 AUTHOR Kyle Guthrie [Skunk] EM
Enter an ancient temple in the middle of the desert, hell bent on destroying the demonic force that now resides inside. CREDITS Daniel for getting me the textures I used. Kenco for the music. (Shadowgate)...Date:02/28/06
Size:135 KB
Author:Kyle Guthrie [Skunk] EMAIL ADDRESS WEBSITE

Relive X2
Size:201 KB

E1M1: Reloaded
It's Up To You Things aren't looking too good. You'll never navigate off the planet on your own. Plus, all the heavy weapons have been taken by the assault team leaving you with only a pistol. If only you could get your hands around a plasma rifle or...Date:01/17/09
Size:384 KB

Size:48 KB
Author:Robby DeCandia -aka: r_rr

Repercussions of Evil: The Game
Behold! From HTML page to videogame screen: the seminal work of literature ( now boasts a brilliant game adaptation! (For a specific definition of "brilliant".) Note that, d...Date:06/16/13
Size:1207 KB
Author:Jacek "JudgeDeadd" Dobrzyniecki

Doom: Repercussions of Evil
The WAD version of the masterpiece created by Peter Chimaera, You are Jonh Stalvern, a man whose dreams went against his father beliefs, years later, he's living his dreams, but is not fullfilled because of the rift he created between him and his fat...Date:12/14/11
Size:58 KB

Remakes of the first two maps of Requiem, you need the Requiem wads to play them....Date:06/21/14
Size:111 KB

Resurrection of Doom II - Preview
Two-level preview of my upcoming 32-level project. Made for ZDOOM 1.16. Just a few minor graphic changes for this preview, plenty more graphics will be added for the final release. Will also be optimized for full ZDOOM support. (jumping is not allowe...Date:01/01/99
Size:135 KB
Author:Stian Skjondal / GiBReeL

Two levels I made, might make more depending on the reviews....Date:01/27/13
Size:5011 KB

A silly map inspired by Tricks and Traps. Worked on this on and off for months. If you hate it, too bad ;P You will need to turn 'Actors Infinitely Tall' off to play this map correctly. *** PLAY IT ON SKILL 3 DUMBASS *** If you play this on Skil...Date:06/21/05
Size:122 KB
Author:Christopher Emirzian (Udderdude)

Beyond Revivial
A 7-level episode for Doom 2 taking place in a South American UAC installation overrun by the legions of hell (obviously)....Date:11/29/10
Size:4096 KB

Rooftop Garden
A small rooftop map on a demon infested building....Date:03/03/13
Size:192 KB

Rf 1024
Made for Lutrov71's 1024 contest. The ENTIRE map fits within a 1024x1024u space....Date:04/01/06
Size:47 KB

De Kerker (The Dungeon)
After god knows how long with Zdoom, I decided to open my options and try other ports as well. This is my first map for Eternity (v3.33.02), and one of my more fun maps to make....Date:03/02/06
Size:1612 KB

Real Men Use Doombuilder
I did this as a stupid joke on the doomworld forums. Like all (doom related) stupid ideas, it evolved. 9.9...Date:03/02/06
Size:112 KB

bas chateau
single player + co-op + dm...Date:11/30/11
Size:42 KB
Author:R Hewitt

Rienzi (release 6)
This is a very detailed map with a volcanic theme and several specifically-designed graphic elements. You must descend through caves and potholes to the innermost sanctum of a cyberdemon before making your escape from the bowels of the earth via the ...Date:03/03/14
Size:382 KB
Author:Christopher Bazley

Remain 3
This GZDoom megawad is a retrospective show of the classical Doom from the height of today's abilities of "zdoom in doom" format. Basically it is in "zdoom in doom" format, but with some gzdoom features and DECORATE. There are no scripts, detail ...Date:08/26/08
Size:8843 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

R.I.P. Pietro Tarricone
Goodnight sweet prince of italian trash tv......Date:07/06/10
Size:115 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Rising Blood
This is a remake of one of my really early levels. I always considdered it as my first really good level and I felt that it needed a revival. This level uses a texture pack by Chris Buecheler which I used on my Flay The Obscene Episode 4. It's full...Date:07/24/07
Size:932 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends. I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:57 KB

River Of Revenge
Six action packed levels with new music. Source port required, because of the big size of some of the maps, the wad is tested on Zdoom and Legacy, works best on Zdoom. Check the story later at the text file. And map 01 sucks, please don't stop playin...Date:01/03/03
Size:741 KB
Author:Markus Heikinpalo (DooMer 4ever)

Rivers Of Death
At the beginning you fight some IMPs with a shotgun, then after a while you will come to a big area with many enemies. There you get the plasma gun to shoot the enemies back to hell again! Enjoy!...Date:09/20/08
Size:1045 KB
Author:Hannes Mller (Deeforce)

This is a rocket jumping wad designed for ZDaemon rocket jumping behaviour with default gravity and no air control. MAP02 was originally made in November 2006, before the new superjump techniques were developed. MAP06 was originally made in 2007 ...Date:05/15/10
Size:1155 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch) and Morrison

rock and roll rebel radio against satan city
two 1024 maps, sets in a city\duke mod. First map as been inspired from some old sp duke map i played some tme ago......Date:05/11/09
Size:630 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

The Temple
1 fairly large level. Contains many ZDoom specific features and thus requires ZDoom to run....Date:10/22/99
Size:22 KB
Author:Shawn Huckabay

The Road to Wolfenstein
You're the Space Marine that Teleported in a World of Craziness. Your Job is to Get to Wolfenstein: 666 Sectors in No time....Date:12/16/06
Size:1606 KB

Realm of Cheogsh
"Realm of Cheogsh" (unofficially a.k.a as "Cheogsh 3") is the final part of "Cheogsh" series. The wad consists of 3 large levels united in a hub. It is recommended to play in this wad only in a OpenGL-mode, because otherwise, in software mode, ROCH's...Date:08/21/10
Size:35362 KB

Rocky Road
You're a marine trying to find a way out of the dreaded Mars mines....Date:08/10/04
Size:28 KB

Realm Of Demonology
A collection of story-driven relatively short maps based on some rather old ideas of mine which I've finally managed to realise in more or less adequate way. These maps are a bit harsh, but hopefully still provide some not-so-common visuals and deep ...Date:03/06/13
Size:5508 KB

Resurrection of DOOM2 ( requires ZDOOM or GZDOOM)
Size:99924 KB

This tech demo shows what happens if Doom were to be more modern. From the results, it turned out interesting, but may cripple older computers....Date:01/20/15
Size:20411 KB

Room of Ob
Room of Ob will blink and flicker while the hideous horde of monsters will eat you....Date:05/31/05
Size:35 KB

Realm of the Green soul
Okay, where do I start? Well, this is a little something that I Cooked up :-). Okay, it's a train station, and it's no ordinary Doom level :-). The basic concept of this level was to create suspense, horror, atmosphear, etc... So, don't complain abou...Date:09/23/02
Size:674 KB
Author:Lexus Alyus

RustPoint Map2
Just the map after the first Rustpoint. It is uploaded due that it needs a different Engine then the first map and the time that map 3 will take to build....Date:01/29/11
Size:701 KB
Author:Andrew "Malinku" Rehberger

Random Speedmap to celebrate 40oz and Bloodyacid's Birthday
The title sums it up nicely, doesn't it? I also tried using a texture pack to spice things up a bit....Date:12/22/12
Size:365 KB

REoL TOUGH: The "10 Years WAD"
A MAP01 replacement for DooM II/(Pr)BooM...Date:08/10/07
Size:420 KB
Author:King REoL

Riot Control
A set of 4 maps using Quake textures. The maps are small to medium in size, and gameplay gradually gets harder as you progress. The maps are pretty detailed and have a good amount of interesting architecture. My goal was to make small-ish maps with g...Date:10/27/11
Size:1278 KB
Author:Dutch Devil

Return to phobos
I was experimenting Doomsday engine. Finaly, it is very nice. Use kickstart to run the map. If you get stuck in a room with 3 switches... dont desesperate maybe there's a trick... :P If you're able to do this map in 8:00 minutes at UV with all se...Date:06/03/05
Size:368 KB

Return to hell
A level based on the hell....Date:07/08/07
Size:100 KB
Author:Diego Cea (Killator)

Tech Tower of Ladyboys
Only at one idiot like me will come a similar idea. This is a cool, modern version of a Ruba when he (she? it?) says can people "DO WHATEVER THEY WANT WHIT HIS WAD". I downloaed daffieuck.wad (or somenthing similar) and i started to worked on it, giv...Date:02/03/08
Size:208 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

A little puzzle, small map, restarts may be needed...Date:06/23/14
Size:60 KB

a single player only EDGE map CREDITS id Software Raven Software The EDGE team The Covert Ops team The GothicDM Teams Banjo Software (RIP) Gokuma (for the DDF inspiration and help) All DOOM News sites Everyone that plays DOOM and enjoys it for what i...Date:09/03/00
Size:2524 KB
Author:Marc A. Pullen

A base around a brown canyon. Was going to be map03 of my mini episode, but didn't fit the theme. And the new map03 is so much cooler anyway. =) I kept the gray start/exit part for new map tho....Date:05/29/02
Size:393 KB

Run darn you RUN
THE STORY OF RUN.WAD- As you were cleaning your shoes one day, you did something you never did before: you ate breakfast WHILE cleaning your shoes! Yeah! You are such a rebel! So with one hand you cleaned the shoe by holding the tongue of the shoe wi...Date:09/25/03
Size:140 KB

"run buddy"
1 level WAD....Date:04/30/98
Size:394 KB
Author:Michael Krause

Run & Kill
This level is to be intended as a sort of exercise. I made it because I wanted to practise in editing Doom levels, before working again on my big projects. So don't wait for a detailed map, but for a difficult level. I focused my attention more on th...Date:06/18/03
Size:218 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Running in the Hallway
After the way too much running in the hallway, the guardpost came up. Tahs it, juk kill for it....Date:08/07/04
Size:15 KB
Author:Bjarne Christensen

Set of 12 boom-compatible slaughterish maps. Blast through tech bases, winter maps, hellish keeps and structures in the Void. MAP06 was made with Demonologist. MAP13 is in wad, but it's just an endmap....Date:07/23/14
Size:5672 KB

rvenge01.wad & rvenge01.lmp
rvenge01 is a 3 level WAD: - Level01: Escape from Hellcatroz: Troops from hell have brought you to the prison: Hellcatroz. You must escape as quick as possible. - Level02: Sewer time: The prison lays near to the water pumping station. If you go troug...Date:09/26/99
Size:119 KB
Author:Wim Vanrie

Raven Crypt
Hexen style crypt with Doom and Realm667 monsters to kill and secrets to discover. This map started as a wrap around the song that I planned to use for some time now. As the music comes from a Fantasy Dungeon Crawler RPG game "Lands of Lore" I deci...Date:10/17/10
Size:3314 KB

Ten levels based on the Lost City of R'Lyeh....Date:03/29/06
Size:1821 KB
Author:J S Graham

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