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Deathmatch Fava
Size:139 KB
Author:Sean Birkel

Size:1120 KB

Two Fort Capture the Flag
I was bored one day and decided to make a TF level for Doom. Even though TF isn't really out there, I did it anyway. Then when Doombot 4.0 had CTF working I converted it over. The bots run quite well with the nodes, so a match should be quite good. I...Date:05/09/01
Size:36 KB
Author:Sgt Crispy

40oz showdown.
CTF map made for 40oz as a wedding present. Quite a weak map in my opinion (I haven't tried it myself) but it seems a little flat and perhaps a little claustrophobic just by looking at it in the editor. Just don't expect Status: Idle, RMIF or some ot...Date:01/20/14
Size:629 KB
Author:David "Springy" Spring

50 frags
Small deathmatch wad for lots of frags with a small group....Date:07/16/03
Size:136 KB
Author:Derrick A. Allen -BloodSplatter inc.

50 frags 2.0 (zdaemon friendly)
Small deathmatch wad for lots of frags with a small group....Date:05/16/06
Size:136 KB
Author:Derrick A. Allen -BloodSplatter inc.

8 Bits Deathmatch
This is a try to recreate Doom as it would be done in the 80's :P. My first DM package. So it's not as great as Exec.wad, brit11.wad or dwango serie... Remember 80's? Oldschool graphics from old arcade games? Expect hyperactive graphics and music, fa...Date:03/05/04
Size:638 KB

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