P-32.WAD (FROM WTF PRODUCTIONS)  Filename:p-32.zip
P-32 is 3 levels of non-stop, bust-ya in the face deathmatch! The levels are very futuristic with some interesting graffix special effects. Have you ever been in a deathmatch, and some fool *accidently* hits the exit? Well, all three level exits are ...Date:05/08/96
Size:428 KB
Author:Steven D. Surles a.k.a. God Mode

Death Ring  Filename:p-dthrng.zip
2 Player/more WAD. Designed for intense play. I did my best to eliminate lurker positions (that means you DARKFOX :) I tried to keep the textures non-obtrusive, they are a bit bland. But thats better than glaringly bad. I had to do some manual alignm...Date:10/13/95
Size:25 KB
Author:J. Callum T. Ashdown, PiGMaN

I'd rather not say... If you don't mind.  Filename:p-pig06.zip
OK, it is so damn hard to explain. Sort of like a building with some interlinking winding routes around it... or something. All you need to know is it plays like a biatch. Frantic, fast, savage. Teleport to super vulnerable ass postion to slide o...Date:08/30/96
Size:10 KB
Author:Callum Ashdown = PeeGMaN = PiGMaN

Power Pulse: Vertical Death 2  Filename:p-pulse.zip
DEATHMATCH ONLY! You can play single or co-op, but why bother? This level is designed for pure adrenaline pumping deathmatch action. Smaller in size, with most of the combat area visible from any point. There are a few secrets in this level, see if y...Date:01/22/96
Size:103 KB
Author:John Krutke

PACKER01.WAD (FORMERLY DRAGON.WAD)  Filename:packer01.zip
This patch file is for Doom2, 1st level, for only deathmatch play. It works best with 4 players but can be played with 2 or 3 players. Single player has been added but is only for play testing BECAUSE THERE STILL NO MONSTERS...Date:02/16/96
Size:36 KB
Author:Adam Hawley - Modifications by PackeR

PACKER05 THE COURTYARD  Filename:packer05.zip
The fifth of the PACKER Deathmatch series for DOOM ][. The first to cater to the new style fragging.... Smallish and tight to limit hiding places, but big enough to keep an element of skill in play. I hate the "shoot into a crowd" scenario. Also cont...Date:03/08/96
Size:115 KB
Author:--== DooMPackeR ==--

Painfully Yours  Filename:painurs.zip
This is a Deathmatch level. It has 10 starts, so playing with 10 players with good computers should be possible. Use any engine you want to use to play this except doom2.exe....Date:06/24/00
Size:107 KB
Author:Kristian Aro

Pandora2.wad  Filename:pandora2.zip
Size:27 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [reddawg]

Paradox 2  Filename:paradox2.zip
Tom's very last Doom2 level: it's a deathmatch fragfest with a cool double bridge in the middle....Date:12/18/06
Size:17 KB
Author:Tom Mustaine

Extended Domination  Filename:parano5a.zip
a fast brick and metal deathmatch level....Date:03/26/03
Size:171 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

PARANOID Deathmatch levels 1,2 and 3  Filename:paranoi3.zip
The third level to join the PARANOID DM series. Like all the existing and future paranoid DM levels these are small 2 player deathmatch levels. I put in as less unnecesary details as possible to make the levels play smoothly over the modem (which the...Date:10/30/97
Size:95 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

PARANOID Deathmatch level #4 'Showdown'  Filename:paranoi4.zip
small quality deathmatch level (alligned, difficulty settings etc)...Date:08/16/98
Size:203 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

Domination  Filename:paranoi5.zip
a 'kick-ass' brick and metal deathmatch level. I recommend to play this level with ZDoom....Date:01/09/00
Size:197 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

Narthex  Filename:paranoi6.zip
Brick and metal deathmatch level. No bugs, no missalligned textures, quality !...Date:06/23/01
Size:41 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars -styx-

PARANOID Deathmatch  Filename:paranoid.zip
The first 2 levels of the PARANOID DM series. Like this level all the upcoming paranoid DM levels will be small 2 player deathmatch levels for fast paced fragfun. I put in as less unnecesary details as possible to make it play smoothly over the modem...Date:08/28/97
Size:227 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

Plain and Simple DeathMatch  Filename:pasdm.zip
A medium sized deathmatch level - nothing tricky, just good, solid DM. Lots of weapons (NO bfg!) with plenty of ammo, armor, and health....Date:12/17/96
Size:23 KB
Author:Nathan Carnahan

Pat.WAD  Filename:pat.zip
This is a deathmetch level that we play at the firehouse on the weekends. There are some secret walls, rooms and items in this level. The level itself is an arena with smaller rooms or arenas all around it that are all connected. All weapons are avai...Date:03/07/96
Size:34 KB
Author:Brent Beuse

Tower of Pazuzu  Filename:pazuzudm.zip
Map1 deathmatch only replacement for DOOM ][...Date:05/27/03
Size:129 KB
Author:FraGMarE (Ian McPherson)

Warehouse DM  Filename:pddm1.zip
This is my first Deathmatch wad....Date:05/25/01
Size:71 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

Blue Death  Filename:pddm2.zip
My second DM wad, with a special touch. I never played this map w/ other players, so I don't know if it's good or bad. Only 7 textures from Doom2. I made this wad last year....Date:05/25/01
Size:30 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

WolfDM  Filename:pddm4.zip
A group of 4 DM maps with a special theme. Most of these maps are simple made. Since the maps of Wolf are just plain, I wanted to show the same, but with some detail. If you want wolf like skins, look below...way below......Date:05/29/01
Size:238 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

Brick DM  Filename:pddm5.zip
an unreleased DM level. Fixed some stuff. A brick & metal themed level....Date:11/02/01
Size:42 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

Palmer's Death  Filename:pdeath.zip
This is the Deathmatch wad I created for my College Before I left. Quite A Popular wad back then it was played every lunchtime by many students, now you can play it aswell. Watch out for the Traps!...Date:05/29/01
Size:14 KB
Author:Jamie Robertson

Paradox Level 1 DeathMatch Section  Filename:pdox1dm.zip
I was finishing the single player section of the first level of Paradox, wondering what I should do for the DM section, when I suddenly realised that, with a few modifications, the single player section would make an excellent DM level. So here it is...Date:08/31/97
Size:99 KB
Author:Nick Baker, aka NiGHTMARE

PEACE-D3.WAD (New Peace for Doom 2)  Filename:peace-d3.zip
This is a new release of peace-d2. If you like fast gameplay with big weapons (like MAP 7) you will enjoy this pwad....Date:10/31/95
Size:29 KB
Author:Wolfgang Grassl Christian Hellmann

PENNYWISE Levels  Filename:pemaster.zip
Size:169 KB

Deathmatch Pentagon  Filename:pentagon.zip
This is a dm-only wad for 3-4 players. I tried to keep it small for a maximum of frags. I hate it if you have to look too long for somebody to frag. There is a cool teleport in the center to get you to any area of the map in no time. Please mail your...Date:09/09/95
Size:17 KB
Author:Martin P. W. Rudolph (lobotomy)

pentgio.wad  Filename:pentgio.zip
Inspired by doom2 level 7, except bigger and more stuff. Given very high marks by everyone who's seen it....Date:02/09/95
Size:23 KB
Author:Ryan Giordano

PENNYWISE Levels  Filename:peonkelz.zip
Size:332 KB

PERD DeathMatch 01  Filename:perddm01.zip
1 Level, 8 DM Starts, Small 'Arena' type level. That's all you need for some Non-Stop Action... Recommended for 2 players, but up to 8 can go at it, but you may loose your stomachs!...Date:01/08/97
Size:98 KB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka

PERD DeathMatch 02  Filename:perddm02.zip
1 Level, 10 DM Starts, Small 'Arena' type level. That's all you need for some Non-Stop Action... Recommended for 2 players, but up to 8 can go at it, but you may loose your stomachs!...Date:03/07/97
Size:106 KB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka

PERD DeathMatch 03  Filename:perddm03.zip
1 Level, 12 DM Starts, Small 'Arena' type level. That's all you need for some Non-Stop Action......Date:03/07/97
Size:146 KB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka

PERD DeathMatch 04  Filename:perddm04.zip
1 Level, 8 DM Starts, Small 'Arena' type level. That's all you need for some Non-Stop Action......Date:05/24/97
Size:143 KB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka

PERD DeathMatch 05  Filename:perddm05.zip
1 Level, 8 DM Starts, a GOOD small level. That's all you need for some Non-Stop Action......Date:05/29/97
Size:161 KB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka

perfct10.wad  Filename:perfct10.zip
A set of 10 new from scratch levels for Doom2 Deathmatch. Playtested with v1.666 using -altdeath...Date:12/09/97
Size:164 KB
Author:Thane Silliker

The Perfect Deathmatch WAD  Filename:perfect.zip
A medium size WAD specifinally designed with...Date:07/28/95
Size:49 KB
Author:Tom Kozera

Perplexd: The Ultimate Deathmatch.  Filename:perplexd.zip
This DOOM II wad was inspired by my desire for new and creative levels for DOOM II....Date:03/10/96
Size:310 KB
Author:Chris Randoph

Deathmatch wads from PG  Filename:pg_dm2.zip
Set of five well-balanced deathmatch wads. Some special effects are there to increase playability - special walls, lights, staircases, etc....Date:05/15/98
Size:93 KB
Author:Pavel Grodek

P H A N N Y S --- for DOOM ][ Deathmatch

mostly small arena type maps, urban/sci-fi style, lots of metal walls. I have added monsters for single player fun and frustration....Date:07/24/01
Size:325 KB

The Phanton of the Opera  Filename:phantom.zip
The Paris Opera House where the Phantom of the Opera takes place. Complete with falling chandelier, secret passages to thhe lake under the opera house and the roof....Date:08/11/95
Size:99 KB
Author:Kevin T. Perez

Phatty  Filename:phatty.zip
This is a Doom ][ DeathMatch wad. I prefer to use it with DeathMatch 2.0 but it works with normal DeathMatch as well. There are two rocket launchers, a plasma gun that is very well hidden, and a BFG in a place one may never think to look....Date:01/15/96
Size:14 KB
Author:Aleks Ozolins (Funky Monkey) Thomas Smith (Bahama Llama)

PHM.WAD (Pretty Hate Machine)  Filename:phm.zip
Doom2..nine inch nails..put together..kicks ass....Date:06/10/95
Size:294 KB
Author:Blake Baltzley (a.k.a. Phm

The Phobos Compound - Beta 0.6  Filename:phobos06.zip
Your on Phobos. Now dial up your friend and kick is butt!!...Date:10/07/96
Size:125 KB
Author:Peter Weatherby

Phoebus DeathMatch: phoebus.WAD for DOOM II  Filename:phoebus.zip
This is my second-ever complete map! I built this thing to be not too small but certainly not terribly huge. I hope I succeeded. Also, I had wanted to add one of my own MIDI compositions but I really wanted to get this first public map out there. Hop...Date:10/31/98
Size:16 KB
Author:Steve J. Fontaine, a.k.a. VeNoM, a.k.a. VeN, a.k.a. VeNoM482.

Picasso  Filename:picasso.zip
Just a simple Deathmatch with all the usual weapons. No poison, no tricks, no monsters. Room in the middle, yard all the way around....Date:05/22/95
Size:15 KB

Piggy  Filename:piggy.zip
Piggy, was designed for deathmatch. I hoped that this wad would be used in the Lithium BBS Tourney and also for our weekly frag fest ritual at Matt's house. I also had to reclaim <> wall textures. :) Four player mode will be sure to produce plent...Date:02/08/95
Size:8 KB
Author:Kirk Yokomizo

Piggy with a view.  Filename:piggywav.zip
Here it is! The lastest edition of the Piggy series. With this version of the Piggy series I hoped to take care of some of the cheapness that has been taking place in all the other piggy wads. Not so much in 3+ player modes, but mostly in 1-on-1 matc...Date:02/08/95
Size:5 KB
Author:Kirk Yokomizo

Pillars  Filename:pillars.zip
A 4 player Deathmatch for Doom II, works fairly well for 2 players also. Pillars has 4 sets of 3 pillars, where each player starts. The match is played with rocket launchers only. There are two rooms other than the 'pillar' room where you can pick up...Date:12/23/94
Size:9 KB
Author:Glenn Hopkinson

The Pillars  Filename:pillars1.zip
Doom ][ arena style fighting. FAST HEART STOPPING ACTION. Can get intense in the hallways if you're not careful!!! *** PLAY AS MAP01 ***...Date:05/20/97
Size:126 KB

Arena Of Pillars (Deathmatch WAD)  Filename:pillars2.zip
The main arena is a large round room with several large pillars. Light streams in from an opening at one end, and the whistling of wind can be heard coming through the bars over the opening. At the other end, there is a large puddle, and the constant...Date:02/04/96
Size:87 KB
Author:David Harvey (alias Kenobi)

Pillars of Doom (2)  Filename:pillars3.zip
A rockin' level (I included a boss area for those who are disappointed by the lack of big fights! :) Comes with it's own Deathmatch rules for the overcomplicated people out there and a cool ending for those who love that sort of thing....Date:08/10/96
Size:103 KB
Author:Jammin J.J., (James Rex for those who know me)

PILLBOX: Team Deathmatch for DooM ][  Filename:pillbox.zip
/Rules A wad with a twist. The arena is broken down into two areas, "inside" and "outside". Players on the "inside" must cooperate against those "outside", using the tools at their disposal. Get it? You will!!...Date:09/24/95
Size:48 KB
Author:Jose Nario

Arena Of Pillars (Rocket Only Deathmatch WAD)  Filename:pillcirc.zip
The main arena is a large round room with several large pillars. Light streams in from an opening at one end, and the whistling of wind can be heard coming through the bars over the opening. At the other end, there is a large puddle, and the constant...Date:03/09/96
Size:88 KB
Author:David Harvey (alias Kenobi)

PIMP.WAD  Filename:pimp.zip
This is a collection of 27 Doom1 wads which have been converted to Doom2 format usind WadCat and Wad1to2. They are deathmatch wads specifically designed for 2-player DMing. They are, in my opinion, the very best doom1 wads, both in terms of playabili...Date:11/22/94
Size:1135 KB
Author:All the various WAD authors Jeremy Sammons

PINION2.WAD  Filename:pinion2.zip
Great 2-3 player DeathMatch. May be a little too small for 4 players. Haven't tested it with 4 yet....Date:01/25/96
Size:281 KB

Pinwheel of Death  Filename:pinwheel.zip
There is no place to hide in this wad! All playtests have shown that you've got to run for your life every second of this wad!...Date:12/27/95
Size:18 KB

PIPE!  Filename:pipe.zip
A two-player Doom 2 DeathMatch, extensively playtested....Date:04/16/95
Size:29 KB
Author:Harv and Elf

Waste Disposal Inc.  Filename:pipes.zip
This being my first DM map, I think it's actually pretty good. I use props such as trees and drain pipes to spruce up the look a bit. The BFG is also a bit harder to find than usual in this DM map. Enjoy!...Date:08/28/03
Size:116 KB
Author:Cyber-Menace (doomsrt@yahoo.ca)

The Pit  Filename:pit.zip
Cool New Level...Date:04/30/95
Size:269 KB
Author:Jon Lemke

PIT1.WAD  Filename:pit1.zip
This is my first pwad ever. This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. There are no monsters. Sorry, but there is no BFG! Be careful not to fall into the pits!...Date:10/23/95
Size:5 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

PIT2.WAD  Filename:pit2.zip
This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. This level is based on PIT1.WAD, designed by yours truly. A secret area has been added, along with a few monsters, lifts, switches and teleports. Sorry, but there is still no BFG! Re...Date:10/23/95
Size:11 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

The Pit!  Filename:pit3.zip
This is one of favorite DM levels so I thought I'd show it to a wider audience. In some ways it borrows ideas from the excellent Ledges series, and I've put a lot of thought into the design. The difference is that there is only one way out of the cen...Date:12/20/96
Size:41 KB
Author:Jake Locke

Pit  Filename:pit4.zip
A happy play pen and surrounding territory. This started as a Heretic wad with the teleports arranged to circulate tomed-up mace balls. Reworked it for Doom2 when I joined Long Beach DWANGO, many improvements came over time....Date:08/27/99
Size:131 KB
Author:Mike Blakely (Biff on ZM and [nd]Biff in Quake2 clan nd

Pit of Death  Filename:pitdeath.zip
A deathmatch level for Doom 2(Recamended for DeathMatch 1)This level was made by me, cuz that damn Superman.Wad is nice, but TOO BIG! So, I made this, it has a nice little killing field, plenty of weapons, and health. Everything SHOULD work, if it do...Date:04/10/95
Size:17 KB
Author:Eric Boggs

Pit Fight!  Filename:pitfight.zip
A fast-paced deathmatch level for Doom ][. Two really nice, but not easy to find, secrets are in this level. If you are the first to find them out, say goodbye to your friends. They won't have a prayer!...Date:09/21/95
Size:10 KB
Author:Matthew Parrish

pitlifts  Filename:pitlifts.zip
For DOOM 2 A dm level with lots of lifts, long dropoffs, and every weapon but the BFG...Date:07/22/96
Size:14 KB
Author:Brian Glines

The Pits of Hell  Filename:pitohell.zip
CO-OP and Death Match...Date:10/23/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Ronald Lambright Mike Henning Keith Fitzgerald

Pits  Filename:pits.zip
SEt in a maze above the seething pits of slime. You try to blow enemies to little pieces again and again... Only level I've seen played to 92 frags!...Date:06/16/95
Size:8 KB
Author:Randy Chan

Death to Venus  Filename:pizza2.zip
A nice little DeathMatch only WAD. It requires movement and minimizes luck. There is a building in the middle of the wad which is similar to a local pizza place which is where the name comes from. Always beware of Venus--You never know what lies be...Date:04/01/95
Size:28 KB
Author:Matthew G. Hooper

NICK'S WAD  Filename:pjwnicks.zip
I tried to make this one PRETTY. No real arcane tricks or secrets--well, only a couple--but a lot of attention paid to lighting, textures, etc. Plays real nice with two people, my best one yet IMHO. Lots of potential for tricky play....Date:04/15/97
Size:42 KB
Author:Patrick J. Williams

"Peek-A-Boo"  Filename:pkbo_dm2.zip
PEEK-A-BOO is a DOOM II deathmatch only level without any monsters except your friend-become-prey. It's stricktly move fast and kick ass from begining to end. The level consists of a few rooms connected to each other so the action will always be cons...Date:06/15/95
Size:11 KB
Author:Lou Garcia

plan2.zip  Filename:plan2.zip
Size:44 KB

Plastic  Filename:plastic.zip
A compact, fast-paced map specifically designed for oldschool 1-on-1 gameplay....Date:03/30/08
Size:45 KB

The platforms  Filename:platform.zip
A 2-3 player deathmatch level. It's a bit stupid. But I'm in the practice of uploading everything I've made, good or bad....Date:11/18/96
Size:11 KB
Author:Peter Kasting

Playgrd.zip  Filename:playgrd.zip
This is the largest, most complicated, and best looking wad I have built. I put a lot of work into it and it shows. It is a giant arena/battle ground devided into five smaller walled in encloseurs. Each area has bunkers, platforms and walls from whic...Date:09/25/95
Size:28 KB
Author:Muskie Mckay

The Plethoric Universe (Release 5A) (June 1996)  Filename:pleth5a.zip
This is a collection of 7 new levels for Doom 2. They vary from being simple to highly complex. The order of these levels was indended for deathmatch play. These same levels are rearranged in two other WADS for single and cooperative play. Check out ...Date:06/28/96
Size:375 KB
Author:Merlin of Pleth

plutonia wad  Filename:plutwad.zip
2 single player maps for plutonia I found...Date:06/01/05
Size:167 KB

The PMS Deathmatch #1  Filename:pmsdeth1.zip
This is my complete level from scratch! I'd say it's pretty good! I have put monsters in for you to have some fun with when you check it out in single player mode. -Doom 2, level 01 replacement -No real secrets; I tagged the sector with the pla...Date:05/16/96
Size:10 KB
Author:Phillip M. Stewart aka ^PMS

Point Blank (1)  Filename:pobla1.zip
My brother made some cool DM-levels so I wanted too. The level is especially for 2 Player DM, DM 2.0 Skill 4 is my favourite :)...Date:08/16/95
Size:18 KB
Author:Denis Moeller, alias Panza Of TiC

Point Blank 2  Filename:pobla2.zip
Here is another fine Deathmatch-Level. Made for DM 2.0 and 2 players, we did not try to play it with more than 2. It's a very fast level, no place to hide, a lot of ledges. And very well designed of course. THIS IS NO CRAP! TiC stands for quality. ...Date:08/26/95
Size:19 KB
Author:Denis Moeller, alias Panza Of TiC

Point Blank 3  Filename:pobla3.zip
Here is another fine Deathmatch-Level. Made for DM 2.0 and 2 players. It's my biggest of the PoBla-series yet, so it might be good for more than 2 too. Again a very fast level, no place to hide, a lot of ledges. And very well designed of course. ...Date:11/12/95
Size:20 KB
Author:Denis Moeller, alias Panza Of TiC

Point Blank 4  Filename:pobla4.zip
After a long pause, here is the next level of my DM-level series. Very well designed. This one is a special level, because it is based on the test map 1 from Quake - yes, Quake. Damn job converting real-3D to Doom-3D, but it is worth the time, take a...Date:03/03/96
Size:37 KB
Author:Denis Moeller, alias panza Of TiC

Point Blank 5  Filename:pobla5.zip
Not just another DeathMatch WAD. This one is a bit larger than the other PoBla-Levels, because it was designed with 4 player DM in mind. POBLA5 was originally made for a DeathMatch Tournament in germany - here it is for your enjoyment. The pobla5 ZIP...Date:05/24/96
Size:38 KB
Author:Denis Moeller, alias panza of TiC

Point Blank 6  Filename:pobla6.zip
Number six of the Point Blank DM level series. This one is hard on the limit, but I do hope you won't get any HOM. I once did and fixed it. The level is one big open area with 2 teleporters, a tricky BFG place in the middle and two other buildings to...Date:05/24/96
Size:24 KB
Author:Denis Moeller, alias panza of TiC

Point Blank 7  Filename:pobla7.zip
Yes! Another one, number seven of the famous Point Blank Deathmatch Level series. Made for a Deathmatch tournament and for OLD Deathmatch. THIS IS NO CRAP! TiC stands for quality. Remember that....Date:07/10/97
Size:14 KB
Author:Denis Moeller, alias panza of TiC

Point Blank 8  Filename:pobla8.zip
Another DM level with OLD Deathmatch play in mind. Very PoBla-like - made for a DM tournament. THIS IS NO CRAP! TiC stands for quality. Remember that....Date:07/10/97
Size:16 KB
Author:Denis Moeller, alias panza of TiC

Pit O Death.wad or podeath.wad for Dos.  Filename:podeath.zip
Another pure Deathmatch level in my attempt to create the perfect Wad.As you will see it's kind of big,with lots of things to aquire,and things to avoid.And has been fully tested,with Four players,over a certain network.Thanx Stu. (Ever had your butt...Date:06/15/96
Size:312 KB

Polly  Filename:polly.zip
The Best Wad Ever =) Great Arena Wad with Double Barreled Shotguns Chainguns and Rocketlaunchers!!!!!! None of that plasma or bfg crap only guns that take skill It has a nice arena setup with some power ups that, if you try to get them, everyone on t...Date:03/29/96
Size:11 KB
Author:Eric Brandel -=(Funny3)=-

point of no return 2  Filename:ponr2.zip
1 level, harder then level 30 on NIGHTMARE!!...Date:01/22/96
Size:5 KB
Author:Kenneth Honnigford

Prancing Pony Deathmatch  Filename:ponydm.zip
A Deathmatch level for Doom 2. e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:06/14/11
Size:28 KB
Author:Michael Reed

POSSIBLE.WAD  Filename:possible.zip
This is an experimental deathmatch WAD that has some unusual tricks in level architecture. For example, there's "multiple floors" and a "bullet-proof" window. However, this is not _absolutely_ best DEATHMATCH LEVEL I have made... The level works a bi...Date:04/01/96
Size:34 KB
Author:Iikka "Fingers" Kernen

potshot.zip  Filename:potshot.zip
quick kills guaranteed....Date:07/31/96
Size:17 KB
Author:Steve DuBe'

Potters Field #1  Filename:potter01.zip
A small, tight, well-designed, aesthetically-pleasing, furious-paced DeathMatch level for DoomII. This level was NOT just slapped together. A lot of time, thought, and testing has gone into it, so I hope you enjoy it. I originally intended to suppo...Date:10/22/95
Size:19 KB
Author:Brian Kidby

Predator or Prey?  Filename:predator.zip
Great 2-4 player deathmatch WAD where even on 2-player there's lots of action. Great for DM1, or DM2. LOTS OF WEAPONS! Yes, there is an EXIT. On the big stairs there's a secret door, not hard to find....Date:01/20/96
Size:6 KB
Author:Paul Benjamin (Predator)

Present (why? I don't know.)  Filename:present.zip
There is no story here. Just play it. This is about the fifth map that I have made, but the first one I have uploaded. This wad is actually two maps. The first map took a little while to create. The second map took about four hours (I just felt like ...Date:05/16/96
Size:67 KB
Author:Brian Conerity

Pretty Deathmatch  Filename:prettydm.zip
Yay it's pretty, not like my other levels....Date:02/08/03
Size:32 KB
Author:Daniel "SpinSpyder" Crowley

Hell's Prison for Deathmatch Junkies  Filename:prison.zip
This is my first PWAD, so it is a little cluttered. It is designed for deathmatch only. The level is supposed to represent a prison, complete with exercise yard, guard rooms, surveillance alcoves. Some highlights include invisible stairs, an invi...Date:11/18/95
Size:31 KB
Author:Roy Shepard

Prison  Filename:pris_fry.zip
You are in a prison with no hope of escape, the only thing you can do is kill other people, i.e. Denny....Date:10/23/05
Size:209 KB
Author:Patrick M. Fry

Prophet2  Filename:prophet2.zip
A relatively small/medium-small Deathmatch wad resembling something out of a science fiction movie. Play is fast and gruesome. If you must have the BFG it won't be at no cost. :)...Date:03/03/96
Size:58 KB
Author:Steve Bryan (The Prophet)

If we lost an eye we would be sad so the mother to is sad and she'll end and the world ends.  Filename:prophet3.zip
This is going to prove to be an insane multi-player wad. Inside you will find a large wall holding a very large amount of water. Below all of this is the lower level which is surrounded on both sides by staircases and two elevators- one is an instant...Date:04/04/96
Size:93 KB
Author:Steve Bryan (The Prophet)

Prophet4  Filename:prophet4.zip
It's 12 noon (yeah that's right rp) :) in an area circling a large canopy of rock which I took from my single player wad called 2drkprk.wad (sometimes found as prophet.zip). I like this one a lot and I think it rivals Prophet2. Once again, If you mus...Date:04/25/96
Size:93 KB
Author:Steve Bryan (The Prophet)

Death Mirror  Filename:prophet5.zip
Inspired by Drdtemple, this wad is an air-fragger's blood dream.. set inside an inner courtyard with sloping stairs and high ceilings....Date:05/12/96
Size:130 KB
Author:Steve Bryan (The Prophet)

Prophet1  Filename:propht1a.zip
Medium-small deathmatch wad. If you enjoy flying frags.. this should be a good one for you because there are plenty of "instant lifts" and ledges to jump off of. The setting is a courtyard with a building in the center which I call my music box.. :) ...Date:02/23/96
Size:193 KB
Author:Steve Bryan (The Prophet)

Propulsion  Filename:prplsion.zip
This is a small level based entirely on rockets. It is a series of small rooms connected by low ceiling hallways barely big enough to get through. A lot of multi kills(you and oponent[s]) and self kills. Great fun!...Date:06/17/96
Size:64 KB
Author:Bryan Beretta (a.k.a The Fluffy Bunny of Chaos)

My first WAD, part 2  Filename:psoriac.zip
This WAD fixes some bugs in the first release, including the HOM at the BFG. Please download if you got the first one, and replace it....Date:10/29/95
Size:20 KB
Author:Arthur Chang

Dave's (A) Level Psychology Experiment Coursework  Filename:psychexp.zip
A small deathmatch level....Date:08/28/99
Size:51 KB
Author:Mark Burlison (Design & Build) David Thorn (Original Idea)

M A X I M U M P S Y C H O S I S [respawning version]  Filename:psycho.zip
WARNING: This wad is FAST-PACED! You will die! If you do not like high intensity, total carnage, absolute psychotic action.... then don't play this wad and try PUSSY.WAD instead.... >:)...Date:02/10/95
Size:60 KB
Author:Steve Mooradian

psykiktv.wad  Filename:psykiktv.zip
small, tight, green, warm and fuzzy! Additional Credits to id, authors of deugcc and deth...Date:07/08/95
Size:12 KB

ptwad.zip  Filename:ptwad.zip
Size:16 KB

Pud Whacker!!  Filename:pudwhakr.zip
Size:264 KB
Author:Michael Daniels

PUEBLO2.WAD  Filename:pueblo2.zip
This is a Doom2 port of Tom Neff's great Doom1 deathmatch level Pueblo. I tried to keep the flavor of the original. All the custom textures used in Pueblo2 were created by Tom for the orginal Pueblo level. The general layout of the level is also Tom'...Date:09/02/95
Size:169 KB
Author:Mike Panico

Cute Puppy Deathmatch  Filename:puppydm.zip
A Deathmatch level for Doom 2. e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:05/26/96
Size:45 KB
Author:Michael Reed

PURE DEATH PAK 1 (5)  Filename:purepak1.zip
Size:346 KB
Author:David Evans (aka MaD cLoWn)

PURGATORY 2  Filename:purga2.zip
This is the add on to the already successful PURGATOR.WAD. This version has those little bugs fixed. Ya'll know which one's. A teleport has been added to the pit. "Since everyone who fell in it seemed to die :)". Along with alot more inhancements, fo...Date:08/22/95
Size:236 KB
Author:Daniel Eugene Grant aka:Jester

The Power Plant  Filename:pwrplant.zip
this level will be included in our third DMC deathmatch levels compilation, called -= DMC3: DEADLY CONTACT =-...Date:03/28/97
Size:142 KB
Author:Andrei Romanov (Roman)

The Power Plant ver 1.0  Filename:pwrplt1.zip
A new twist on pwad deathmatch creation.. a PWAD *MADE* for team play! some of the stuff you just can't get without a partner ( Like the BFG ) The BFG is a Trap, you can get TO it alone, but you can't LEAVE it alone. ::Grin:: ( Phrasing completely in...Date:03/21/95
Size:13 KB

Pyramid: The battle of the Pharaohs  Filename:pyramid.zip
A medium sized Deathmatch wad that looks like a pyramid with many deathmatch starts and enough extras and hiding-holes to keep you fraggin till dawn. Best played WITHOUT the -altdeath option....Date:07/11/95
Size:23 KB
Author:Mike Kosiba

Q-ZONE TeamDM Arena  Filename:q-zone.zip
4 player team deathmatch level with a lasertag concept (Q-zar, UltraZone). See *Rules* below....Date:05/22/96
Size:208 KB
Author:G-money (CyberPlay BBS) aka Static (SJ Dwango/H2H)

Quick And Dirty DeathMatch WAD  Filename:qaddmwad.zip
This fabulous deathmatch WAD of classic design will suit any family of up to 8 deathmatchers. With hot and cold running nukage and easy access to transport through teleporters, players will find it a joy to live (and die) in. Comes complete with fixt...Date:03/15/98
Size:22 KB
Author:Andrew "Dman" Orman

Quit buggin' me!  Filename:qtbugnme.zip
Made for DEATHMATCH only on DOOM2! Quit buggin' me! by Matt Simon [DOOM II] After another successful campaign of kicking alien butt you're ready to head home, but all of a sudden your partner has a flashback and believes you are the alien and must ...Date:05/30/05
Size:23 KB

Quad  Filename:quad.zip
For Deathmatch. Four main rooms, passageways, hidden raised walkways, sniper perches, good chainsaw use (for real men only), etc. My friends and I had a lot of fun on it. Anyway, It's hard to describe the best deathmatch pwad available for Doom ][, s...Date:07/15/95
Size:14 KB
Author:Ellis Rygg

QUAD.WAD (possibly final)  Filename:quad2.zip
Similar to level 7 in size and purpose, but architecturally more complex. Gameplay should be more chaotic too. :)...Date:03/17/96
Size:25 KB
Author:Timothy A. Harris a.k.a. ArgenT

Quadium  Filename:quadium.zip
Deathmatch, pull that trigger...Date:10/25/97
Size:15 KB
Author:Wild & Woolly

Quadkill  Filename:quadkil2.zip
A four level deathmatch wad....Date:01/28/98
Size:143 KB
Author:Cory Malain

Quadkill  Filename:quadkill.zip
A four level deathmatch wad....Date:02/14/97
Size:34 KB
Author:Cory Malain

QuaK.WaD   Filename:quake.zip
Size:247 KB
Author: RiCHaRD D a D D == LM == FCToR

QUAKE! for DOOM II  Filename:quake2.zip
5 excellent deathmatch levels for DOOM II. Me and my friends use nothing else when we run a deathmatch-weekend. There were supposed to be one more level but a major bug was discoverd during playtesting. Perhaps I'll include it in the seq...Date:05/17/95
Size:161 KB
Author:Jonas Andersson

Quake DOOM  Filename:quakedm.zip
A replica of Quake Test 1, built completely from scratch as close as possible with a 2.5D engine. Holes in the floor are replaced by teleporters and I stuck in an Exit, otherwise it's as close as possible. Have fun! This WAD is for all of you out t...Date:04/25/96
Size:165 KB
Author:Martin Cox

quickact.zip  Filename:quickact.zip
Size:3 KB

quickie.wad  Filename:quickie.zip
Square arena with overlooking ledges and 4 teleporters. The lifts lower to reveal John Romero's head w/cube launcher of course :-)....Date:06/16/95
Size:4 KB
Author:Steve Sarlls

Quickn12.wad  Filename:quickn12.zip
Lev. 12 - Plumett Attack This is the newest addition to my Quicken wads, and contains some of my best work yet. It has great texture design and a few cool lighting effects. In DM this level really rips, as it contains many altitudes for fragging an...Date:11/18/95
Size:23 KB
Author:Ryan Haney

QUIKDETH.WAD  Filename:quikdeth.zip
This is a DeathMatch frag fest! Lots of weapons, good layout, room to run, and a few teleporters for a quick getaway. Even a few ambush spots for real fun!...Date:05/16/95
Size:11 KB
Author:Patrick Steele

QUIKDTH2.WAD  Filename:quikdth2.zip
Great 2-4 player DeathMatch. May be a little too small for 4 players. Haven't tested it with 4 yet....Date:08/09/95
Size:17 KB
Author:Patrick Steele

QWIK  Filename:qwik.zip
All weapons, one room, three pillars, super shotgun on top of platform....Date:02/16/96
Size:3 KB
Author:Robert Oberlander

Qyv's house of illusions Version 2.0 or The Ultimate Rip  Filename:qyvhous2.zip
Qyvhouse with MUCH more grafx First of all I will admit this is my first wad ever made. It took awhile to learn the different editors... There are plenty of special effects in this deathmatch level so take the time to look it over before challenging ...Date:11/20/95
Size:1578 KB

Go MAD like a rabid dog!!  Filename:rabbies.zip
I worship deathmatch and this level has some of the things I love about deathmatch.Such as you have to defend a certain area. (or your suposed to take a fort and guard it with you life)And secret passages that can give you an advanted when your low o...Date:11/15/95
Size:15 KB
Author:Damon(whoop ass)Lewis

RACE.WAD  Filename:race.zip
This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. All weapons are available, except for the BFG9000. There are no monsters roaming around and there is no exit. The level consists of two concentric circular catwalks, with a tower at ...Date:10/22/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

Fun With Radiation  Filename:radiated.zip
A deadly deathmatch Toxic Waist Refinery. Plenty of pits anf barrels to help the fun never end! There's also a huge ledge all the way around it for some great sneak shots....Date:06/15/96
Size:175 KB
Author:Gamer's Alliance Team Matt Rowell

RADIUS1.WAD (First of "The Radius Project" Series)  Filename:radius1.zip
Mood? HA! Deathmatch baby! There will be other versions of this WAD soon, namely a single player version, a 2 player DM version, a Fast frag (tm) version (Ross!), and maybe others. the naming scheme will be RADIUS1x.ZIP where "x" indicates the versio...Date:03/23/95
Size:123 KB
Author:Evil Genius (Jimmy Sieben)

RaG_666   Filename:rage.zip
Size:423 KB
Author: RiCHaRD D a D D ; LM ; FCToR

The Frag Fever Collection  Filename:ram13.zip
All 11 levels of my second Dethmatch series, Frag Fever ! Includes the first 6 levels (individually released) with bug fixes and 5 brand new levels !...Date:01/20/96
Size:408 KB

Rambutt's Deathmatch (or Fun For The Whole Family)  Filename:ramdeth.zip
A collection of 3 deathmatch-only levels by me !...Date:01/20/96
Size:260 KB

Rambutt & Ruffian's Greatest Hits Feb 1995 - May 1997  Filename:ramhits2.zip
If these levels don't seem like a cohesive set of levels, it's because they're not! This is a collection of my best levels...11 single player, 5 deathmatch, and 1 dethtag....Date:07/22/97
Size:1221 KB

RAMPAGE!  Filename:rampage.zip
Why are you even reading this?? Go play the damn thing!!...Date:06/12/96
Size:16 KB
Author:Ryan Newton

Rat in a Cage  Filename:ratncage.zip
Doom 2 Map 1 with some new twists! Lots of weapons, and lots of places to get caught. Go ahead, be the rat, go for the BFG (hehehe) *** PLAY AS MAP01 ***...Date:05/20/97
Size:131 KB

RAVE.WAD  Filename:rave.zip
This a DEATHMATCH level! This means no monsters, death traps, or strange puzzles. The purpose of this level is to have the most fun possible while slaying your friends. A great feature of this wad is one I have not seen in any deathmatch wads to date...Date:02/16/95
Size:26 KB
Author:Todd Elsbernd

Razor  Filename:razor.zip
(Story) After you save earth, it seams that no one cares about you. But all of earths nations have rebelled against each other. There is a Museum in one of the last Neutral ground and all FOUR major nations want it badly. It is your job to kill of th...Date:01/30/95
Size:4 KB
Author:Mike Muir

RAZZOR  Filename:razzord2.zip
Razzor is a pure deathmatch level .The level is of a medium size and is very centralized so that theres a few different places to go but everyones going to end up back at the arena area.There are a few...Date:04/27/95
Size:123 KB
Author:Rob Misner

The Reactor  Filename:reactor.zip
Game play takes place underground in a large, rundown reactor complex. The level contains some secret areas of great use, so be watchful. A lot of the computer panels textures are switches....Date:07/12/96
Size:374 KB
Author:Paul Cantrell - "Xanrek"

Reactor DM  Filename:reactor2.zip
Level centered around nice architechture of the reactor core. Not much else....Date:08/15/03
Size:33 KB
Author:Tim Williams

8 Cool Deathmatch Levels  Filename:realcool.zip
These are very well made levels featuring race tracks, a hockey rink, a baseball field, a house, etc. For fun, play with the setting: -turbo 250 *It replaces Paulz.wad* Improvements: the music selection...Date:04/08/97
Size:570 KB
Author:Paul Nelson

Real DM  Filename:realdm.zip
REAL DM pwad contains many innovations not found in other wads that add to the play of DOOM II. The most important of these innovations being the LTS or Light Tracking System. With the LTS you can locate an opponents simply by checking the the blocks...Date:11/18/96
Size:202 KB
Author:Noel Cornell

(Once Again) MAP01 The REAL Shores of Hell  Filename:realhell.zip
Size:34 KB
Author:The Dark Lord!

Nin.DM.1 (nin deathmatch #1)  Filename:reb02.zip
My first DeathMatch only .WAD...no real theme, just a bunch of stuff to run around in and kill whoever...Date:04/15/97
Size:64 KB
Author:Rebel Cool

NIN2.DM2.REB3  Filename:reb03.zip
Sorta like being in a prison courtyard... with guard towers and other stuff. NIN muzak...Date:04/15/97
Size:64 KB
Author:Rebel Cool

REB04.WAD  Filename:reb04.zip
a nifty deathmatch .wad. small, good for close combat, open space too....Date:04/15/97
Size:61 KB
Author:Rebel Cool

REB05.WAD  Filename:reb05.zip
a wad with 3 rooms.. a green room, a brown, and a dark one (this eliminates any unfair color advantages). This is a deathmatch .wad, althoug there is an exit, and monsters...Date:04/15/97
Size:128 KB
Author:Rebel Cool

REB06 (5th in a series of deathmatches, yes 5th)  Filename:reb06.zip
A big staircase of death and destruction. With some kewl sounds ;>...Date:04/15/97
Size:103 KB
Author:Rebel Cool

REB07  Filename:reb07.zip
A *very* good looking level... for deathmatch only. lots of cool lookin detais, new music an new sounds as well....Date:04/15/97
Size:138 KB
Author:Rebel Cool

REB11.WAD  Filename:reb11.zip
A 1 level deathmatch only .wad, good design, pretty complex.. underground tunnels for the clever DM'er to stalk and kill his/her opponent big courtyard outside area too...Date:07/14/97
Size:165 KB
Author:Rebel Cool

red.zip  Filename:red.zip
Terror is afoot. Often you will find that you won't live long enough to frag the other player. Peace be with you all....Date:03/09/96
Size:55 KB
Author:Doug Merrill

Reddawgs.wad  Filename:reddawgs.zip
Size:28 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [reddawg]

Reddog2.wad  Filename:reddog2.zip
A set of 3 levels that I designed over the course of a month or so that are ideal for deathmatch play (especially 4 man deathmatch). There really is no theme cuz IMO wads built with themes in mind suck when you actually play them......Date:05/03/95
Size:80 KB
Author:David Parrillo

Redeye.wad  Filename:redeye.zip
fast moving death match -cool sounds...Date:05/15/95
Size:82 KB
Author:Ernest P. Smith

RedGore deathmatch.  Filename:redgore.zip
A stone mine with lots of metal supports around, has lots of red things in it such as the sky the lights the walls and the floors!...Date:12/07/96
Size:159 KB
Author:Matt Deets

Red Section  Filename:reds1.zip
Single deathmatch level with a tech/gunk feel. Great for up to 8 players....Date:10/31/04
Size:70 KB
Author:former human

(Once Again) The Oil Refinery  Filename:refinery.zip
Size:46 KB
Author:The Dark Lord

Railway Track (Russian edition)  Filename:relsi.zip
Deathmatch wad for Doom 2....Date:05/27/96
Size:12 KB

REMMY01.WAD for DOOM2  Filename:remmy01.zip
A deathmatch only, dweller-like wad. Everything was build and placed with caution and thinking of playability....Date:05/25/96
Size:26 KB

REMORSE  Filename:remorse.zip
3 Dark 'n Gloomy DM levels for those of us a little sick of Medieval themeing. HARDCORE SCI-FI!! Like you've woken up on the set of HARDWARE. A New face! A rough, rugged Face! Like you've been to Hell 'n Back..... YOU NEED THIS! WARNING: Character ho...Date:01/02/97
Size:712 KB
Author:Kenneth Scott

RESIDENT.WAD  Filename:resident.zip
A doom deathmatch level over the summer and i have just gotten around to uploading it. Its based on the resident evil mansion, and i believe to be a pretty close replica of it. Its a little big for 2 players but more than that is a real blast....Date:11/17/98
Size:107 KB

The Reservoir  Filename:resrvoir.zip
A reasonably sized Doom 2 level designed for the primary purpose of DeathMatch games. It's got plenty of different paths, a few teleporters, and a mix of weapons that don't guarantee a win to any single player....Date:02/12/95
Size:25 KB
Author:Jeremy A. Statz

Revile  Filename:revile.zip
Size:61 KB
Author:Doug Bora

REZNOR'S RAPOSIDY  Filename:rhapsody.zip
Size:44 KB
Author:Martin Friberg

Ribbed  Filename:ribbed.zip
A GREAT DeathMatch Level for DOOM2....Date:03/01/98
Size:16 KB
Author:William Green

A EXPERIMENT GONE WILD  Filename:rick2.zip
This is a deathmatch. It's time to kick some ass!!...Date:10/03/95
Size:761 KB

RIDER!.WAD  Filename:rider1-4.zip
This is a combo of all levels that I have released under the Rider label. Also contains my fav mix of deathmatch sounds, starring my no.1 idol, Homer! I hope you find it as enjoyable as i have....Date:04/17/95
Size:354 KB
Author:Ryan Feltrin

Gaming Outpost's Complimentary Deathmatch Level  Filename:rift.zip
If you like this level in a two player deathmatch, imagine it with four people. This level is strictly for die hard deathmatch fanatics. Sorry, no monsters and no exits.(use the -timer parameter)...Date:10/21/95
Size:51 KB
Author:Fred Carrillo

ring.zip  Filename:ring.zip
Size:5 KB

The Ring  Filename:ring2.zip
A deathmatch level that has been tested in 2 player and works great! It should be pretty good for 3 or 4 player as well, but if someone gets 3 or 4 player going send me a demo. Thanks. In the middle of the ring, there's a special effect that I don't ...Date:07/01/96
Size:36 KB
Author:David Jewsbury

Steel Cage Match  Filename:ring3.zip
Steel Cage fight! Designed primarily for DEATHMATCH in mind. New status bar designed by me, and new death sound. For single or coop, watch as the crowd follows you around the ring. Don't get to close, they'll rip your head off....Date:04/22/05
Size:118 KB
Author:Robert Fleming

Ripped Intestines  Filename:rippedin.zip
You and your homicidal companion decide to punch the shit out of each other. As your opponents intestines spurt forth onto the ground you notice he is wielding a double-barelled shotgun and has a wierd lopsided berserker grin on his face....Date:03/21/95
Size:16 KB
Author:Conan, Master of the Universe

R.I.P Toke  Filename:riptoke.zip
This is a FFA or 1on1 (a bit big for it) that is completely dedicated to Dylan McIntosh, other wise known as Toke who passed away in a care crash....Date:08/23/06
Size:712 KB
Author:[SOE]_Jaws_ aka [TFR]BlackShark (Julian Williams)

Ris 1b  Filename:ris1b.zip
In the vein of my other themeless maps with good connectivity. I find rocket launcher to be a lot of fun in this map. Room size and overall level size are good for either 2 or 4 player....Date:11/21/03
Size:12 KB
Author:Jason Root (Hellbent/Grotug)

Reid Kimballs House  Filename:rkhouse.zip
Level for Doom2 with 8 DM starts, all weapons included most essential items :have been used. The wad only contains the first floor of my house. In my :Quake version I hope to include the basement, first floor, second floor, and :our two lil attics, :...Date:06/06/97
Size:57 KB
Author:Reid Kimball

Realms of Pain Part 1 v1.5 * FINAL RELEASE *  Filename:rlmspain.zip
A WAD file containing 6 new DeathMatch levels plus music and graphics. Each level was designed with a specific theme in mind, and is very detailed. I tried to make them at least as good as the Bloodlands/Grievance levels. Three previous versions, v...Date:06/28/97
Size:498 KB
Author:Nick Baker, aka NiGHTMARE

R o  R . W  D   Filename:roar.zip
Size:142 KB
Author: RicharD D a D D LM FCToR

robbied.zip  Filename:robbied.zip
Size:50 KB

ROCK1  Filename:rock.zip
This is my first multi level wad ,it has 21 maps each has its own exit i think i only ripped like 2 or 3 maps straight from other wads but thats ok!! I added new mus and sounds uhhhh i added some new textures but not much mostly for name patches. OH ...Date:01/14/96
Size:754 KB
Author:Erik "Rockett"

rock1.zip  Filename:rock1.zip
Size:14 KB

rock2.zip  Filename:rock2.zip
Size:20 KB

rock3.zip  Filename:rock3.zip
Size:45 KB

ROCKETS.WAD  Filename:rockets.zip
Yeah, Yeah, I know what you're thinkin "Its just another shameless rip off of J_ROOM4.WAD!" But, I accually didn't just switch the wepons, I opened the wall's so you wouldn't keep Fragin youself. (By the way this is rockets only) :)...Date:02/18/05
Size:5 KB
Author:Pouge (That's all I'm gonna tell ya!

ROCKETS2.WAD  Filename:rockets2.zip
This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. The level is based on ROCKETS1.WAD, designed by yours truly. Two more monsters have been added, along with a secret area and teleports. The lighting levels in some areas have been di...Date:10/23/95
Size:12 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

Rockme  Filename:rockme.zip
This is my first serious attempt at a wad. My first attempt never was finished. This is a multi-purpose wad mainly aimed at deathmatch but can be played single or multiplayer. The centerpiece of my level is the upside down room. To my knowledge, th...Date:07/28/96
Size:42 KB
Author: Derek Altamirano

Rock on Wad  Filename:rockn.zip
Size:141 KB
Author:Dean Cooper

Rock War Deathmatch  Filename:rockwar.zip
This is an outdoor DM wad comprised of several buildings. There are plenty of teleporters to keep the action moving nicely. There is plenty of health, ammo and power-ups. All weapons are available except for the chainsaw, because I hate the chainsaw....Date:12/27/95
Size:16 KB
Author:Michael R. Myers

Rocky Deathmatch  Filename:rockydm.zip
Small deathmatch level with a rocky, greenish theme. I realize that most of this level could be much less linear, but I designed it a long time ago, and I honestly don't care :) . I think all the weapons are present and easy to find, although you may...Date:12/09/02
Size:12 KB

Roctagon for Doom II  Filename:roctagon.zip
Here it is... The long awaited arival of my next wad file. It's a small wad with only a few doors and no traps.. Just pure Deathmatch... Only one weapon in here and that's the good old super shotgun... Enjoy!!!...Date:02/18/96
Size:27 KB
Author:John Schultz

ROMAN  Filename:roman.zip
Death-Match Wad for DooM ][. Nice Roman style arena...Date:02/10/96
Size:68 KB
Author:Steven D. Surles a.k.a. God Mode

ROMAN2  Filename:roman2.zip
Level two of the original Roman.wad. A truely beutiful map. Look at the sun glisten on the tree limbs in the gardens. Use the temple stairs for jump & kills, and bask in the waterfall lake which hides a deadly secret....Date:02/20/96
Size:81 KB
Author:Steven D. Surles a.k.a. God Mode

ronsdm.zip  Filename:ronsdm.zip
Size:172 KB

Ron's Deathmatch II  Filename:ronsdm_2.zip
This a collection of my last 14 floors designed with deathmatch 2.0 in mind....Date:06/16/95
Size:494 KB
Author:Ronald Goff

room.zip  Filename:room.zip
Size:30 KB

Room3.wad  Filename:room3-1.zip
in the first room3 i put a boss shooter that showed up in deathmatch - in this wad this feature has been removed for better playability - other than that it is the same as room3.wad Awesome deathmatch level for 4 players. The 1st and 2nd levels of di...Date:10/23/05
Size:8 KB

ROOM4-1.WAD  Filename:room4-1.zip
in the first room4 i put a boss shooter that showed up in deathmatch - in this wad this feature has been removed for better playability - other than that it is the same as room4.wad cool large level for deathmatch - find the ?hidden? lifts to get mor...Date:10/23/05
Size:11 KB

ROOM5.WAD  Filename:room5.zip
Awesome deathmatch wad for 2 to 4 players - the soul sphere and the plasma gun are on the first difficulity levels - basic design w/ minor crushing areas...Date:10/23/05
Size:8 KB

Roomwins  Filename:roomwins.zip
Rooms with windows....Date:08/23/12
Size:14 KB
Author:Daniel Thomas Chard

The Rooster  Filename:rooster.zip
Deathmatch designed for 2 or more Players.....Not too big, not too small But just right......heh heh heh!! Date completed :around the beginning of August, 1995...Date:08/17/95
Size:12 KB
Author:Bryan Flores

Roots Of Deathmatch  Filename:roots.zip
I decided to make a Doom 2 deathmatch level that was small enough for 2 players to have a lot of fun with as opposed to doing nothing but chasing each other around for 10 hours. Nice and small, still large enough to hunt....Date:07/20/97
Size:11 KB
Author:Kevin Scanlon

Round we go!!  Filename:round.zip
Size:11 KB
Author:Mattias Amnefelt

Round Death at the Roadhouse  Filename:roundeth.zip
After a hard days work, there is nothing more relaxing than to stop by the "Roadhouse", go out back, have a brewski, and feed a few hundred rockets to your friends !!!!...Date:05/08/96
Size:33 KB
Author:Duane Miller

castle.wad  Filename:rpgdoom.zip
This wad is designed as an RPG strategy for DOOM II. Its basically a team/base game. One team plays the LORDS who control the castle. The other team plays the REBELS who live on the outskirts of the castle, in a nearby cave....Date:01/29/96
Size:77 KB
Author:Ben Fletcher

RAPTURE, # 3  Filename:rpt-03.zip
Small DM wad All weapons except the chainsaw...Date:08/15/96
Size:22 KB
Author:Dan Johnson

Ruby's Deathmatch Delight  Filename:ruby.zip
Made for Doom][. Level 1 deathmatch with some monsters. No Bfg or Cyberdemon. Designed for 4 player net or 2 player modem deathmatching with -nomonsters parameter. There IS an exit. It HAS been play tested. You WILL dig it hepcats!!!...Date:12/11/95
Size:21 KB
Author:David M. Spell

Rumpus  Filename:rumpus1.zip
This WAD was made for practice. It's my first so it's not very elaborate. Just gettin' mah feet wet, you might say. It was made for use in a deathmatch, or maybe alt-deathmatch since it's so small. There's a decent number of bad guys to give you some...Date:03/12/96
Size:48 KB
Author:Scott Talkington

RUN  Filename:run.zip
Your outside..RUNing from building to building. Looking for an oppenent to kill..There's the oppenent ! you shoot..miss..shoot.miss.shoot.. .. .. YOU GOT HIM!!!!! OK Back to reality. This is a good DEATHMATCH level. There is no end but this level wil...Date:04/07/96
Size:52 KB
Author:Jeff Cole (DEATHSWORD)

RUNAWAY.WAD  Filename:runaway.zip
This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. There are no monsters and there is no exit. The level consists of one dark room, with walls to hide behind and lifts leading to higher platforms. The center of the room consists of a...Date:10/22/95
Size:6 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

RunDown.WAD  Filename:rundown.zip
This was going to be one of those abondoned run down buildings in the middle of nowhere scenarios...but I decided not to do that. This level plays well as a small and challenging single player level and wonderful as a DeathMatch Level with sniper poi...Date:12/19/94
Size:87 KB
Author:Stewart Presley

RUN FASTER  Filename:runfstr.zip
This level like the original level, (RUN.WAD) is set outdoors in HELL!! It Is meant for Deathmatch ONLY! It is well constructed and has some pretty cool things you can do to get away from your opponent(s) like jumping off ledges on top of the buildin...Date:04/07/96
Size:237 KB
Author:Jeff Cole (DEATHSWORD)

RUN LIKE HELL  Filename:runhell.zip
Arena type wad. Made for four player deathmatch. Hidden spots and sniper holes. Mazes and open areas it has a bit of it all....Date:05/09/95
Size:17 KB
Author:Peter Koziol

runoff.wad  Filename:runoff.zip
Runoff wad is a perfectly symmetrical level, surrounding a large pit. Hallways and doors seperate the outside halls from the inner pit. Fun wad to play, and each of the four sides has a storage closet. I am becoming more profficient at wad creating, ...Date:11/26/95
Size:8 KB
Author:Joshua Gunder

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