Just Another Corner Of Hell v1.2  Filename:jacoh.zip
Just another corner of hell. :) This level is the most wicked I have ever created. I used all my knowledge of teasing here. There are not many monsters but they sure know how to give you hell... I barely manage to make it myself. (Without help from s...Date:02/01/97
Size:53 KB

Jagged Edges 1  Filename:jagedg01.zip
Size:97 KB
Author:Qingshuo Wang (piXel reX)

Jagged Edges 2  Filename:jagedg02.zip
A high-tech underground facility. You start out in the upper regions and work your way down. The farther...Date:01/30/99
Size:95 KB
Author:Qingshuo Wang (piXel reX)

Jagged Edges 3  Filename:jagedg03.zip
Sometimes, you╣ll just have to ask yourself │Am I really playing Doom?▓...Date:04/01/99
Size:98 KB
Author:Qingshuo Wang (piXel reX)

Locked in jail!  Filename:jail.zip
This level started off as a jail, but I got a little off track. This wad was designed for single player in mind but it can be used in deathmatches and in coopertive....Date:12/31/95
Size:15 KB
Author:Kevin Sullivan

Size:33 KB

Jakob's War  Filename:jakobs.zip
I wanna experiment with making a differentt style of level. And it has a new song of midi file in it that sounds great on a big stereo. Your mission is to avoid killing the little blue guys and only kill the robbed zombies. You are given the Big Fric...Date:12/02/06
Size:36 KB

jantom  Filename:jantom.zip
PWAD for Doom 2. Mainly an excuse to try new designs. If some of the rooms look like they were made by a 9-year-old, they were....Date:08/16/00
Size:69 KB
Author:Thomas and Janek Bringle

Jason 1  Filename:jason1.zip
You start out on a dock and must head deep (and I mean REALLY deep) underground, kill the baddies, grab the keys, and head back upstairs to your awaiting submarine. I tried to make things look as realistic as possible because, to me, that's the most ...Date:03/31/96
Size:153 KB
Author:Tom Sedlack

JAVI PIG (you'll see why when you play it).  Filename:javipig.zip
You are playing Doom 2 at night in your home, and suddenly appears Javi annoying you. Then you go to sleep, and you dream that you are in DOOM....Date:04/14/96
Size:10 KB
Author:Pablo Centella

JAX01.WAD  Filename:jax01a.zip
This Wad is a straight-forward you-against-them commando sort of thing. This wad is fast action and it will take speed and intelligence to complete it... ...well, maybe just speed. I also included a *.LMP recording of this wad so you could clearly ...Date:04/17/95
Size:26 KB
Author:Glenn Jackson

JAX02.WAD  Filename:jax02.zip
This is my second attempt at wad construction. This wadfile is pretty straight forward...find the redkey and get the hell out of dodge!!!!! This file is no fun if played in god-mode so, try to play it without all of the cheat codes...I did put in e...Date:04/17/95
Size:53 KB
Author:Glenn Jackson

JAX03.WAD  Filename:jax03.zip
Number Three of the JAX'S SERIES The wad you're about to play was strictly designed for the "TYPE-A" PERSONALITY so, if your one one those "normal" people please don't bother playing this wad because you will pretty much get your butt kicked in so ba...Date:05/05/96
Size:20 KB
Author:Glenn Jackson

JAX04.WAD  Filename:jax04.zip
This wadfile is pretty tough to beat but, it is possible. . .to win if you've got what it takes and also, once again as always the wad you're about to play is, totally . . . evil, and absolutely without mercy for the weak. THINK YOU GOT WHAT IT TAK...Date:05/05/96
Size:51 KB
Author:Glenn Jackson

JAX04.WAD  Filename:jax06.zip
Another pointless battle in the world of DOOM!! This WAD will convince you that sometimes it's just better to throw in the towel while you have the chance. Please don't play this wad if you have a good life, this wad is for people who have a chip on ...Date:05/05/96
Size:99 KB
Author:Glenn Jackson

jayswad.zip  Filename:jayswad.zip
Size:11 KB

jayswad2.zip  Filename:jayswad2.zip
Size:12 KB

jazz01a.zip  Filename:jazz01a.zip
Size:92 KB

Bereft  Filename:jb-berft.zip
This is not a Doom "map"... in fact, it would be better described as an adventure; a test of endurance taking you through a foggy wasteland of ancient ruins and forests. Think smart. Think quick. But don't think you're going to make it out alive....Date:07/05/99
Size:90 KB
Author:Joe "Recidivus" Becht

Perchance To Dream  Filename:jb-dream.zip
This "Episode-1" style level takes you into the confines of a UAC space base that has fallen into demonic hands. I have tried to reenact the nostalgic feel of Doom's first episode....Date:05/04/99
Size:77 KB
Author:Joe "Recidivus" Becht

Housewarming  Filename:jb-house.zip
This replica of my own house was made in an attempt to destroy the stereo- type that "all house levels are bad." Ironically enough, the completion of this map marked the news that I'll be moving this summer to another city... which means "I smell seq...Date:06/15/99
Size:67 KB
Author:Joe "Recidivus" Becht

The Recession  Filename:jb-reces.zip
I have taken my old Recession levels and combined them into one large map, also revamping the architecture....Date:04/02/99
Size:98 KB
Author:Joe "Recidivus" Becht

JBase  Filename:jbase1.zip
Just a base level I did because I got bored. Ammo and health are somewhat scarce, so be careful....Date:03/30/01
Size:93 KB
Author:Jonathan R. Millhouse

Jack Bauer questions Chuck Norris  Filename:jbqcn.zip
My first speed mapping attempt. 3 hours. Love the title. I wonder what would happen? Cameo appearance: Dr.House...Date:03/14/10
Size:37 KB
Author:Michael "Optimus" Kargas

JEFF'S.WAD  Filename:jeffs.zip
HI THERE! I am here to lead you on a wonderful journey... I recommend saving your game many times throughout your adventure since it is very likely you will die many times. However, I do not recommend playing on nightmare level since it should be q...Date:05/23/05
Size:20 KB
Author:Jeff Dusko

Jenova  Filename:jenova.zip
A map of my first times of Doom editing, so maybe it's a bit crude....Date:02/14/08
Size:42 KB
Author:Heavy Gunner

Jericho.WAD  Filename:jericho.zip
A single player adventure, relatively difficult with a few twists....Date:05/23/05
Size:302 KB
Author:Kurt Schulenburg

Jerry's Kids: Take #969 (version 2 'b')  Filename:jerry2b.zip
This level was drawn and reconstructed to match the house I've lived most of my life. JERRY2B features 6 new monsters and a pile of sounds. At various stages in it's life this wad has also been known as: #9692.wad, jerry.wad, main2.wad and nhouse2.wa...Date:01/04/01
Size:843 KB
Author:Guy "Psycho" Babin

JAX FOLLY (jfolly.wad)  Filename:jfolly.zip
Pretty standard fare- find the keys, kill the bad guys, try and stay in one piece. This is a fair sized single player level. It's too large for death matches. Tried to keep an eye on texture alignments and I think it looks good and plays well. Hope y...Date:03/29/96
Size:63 KB
Author:Jack Valero

JFW.WAD  Filename:jfw.zip
Doom 2 first level...Date:09/27/95
Size:39 KB
Author:James Wahoski

JHCOOL.wad  Filename:jhcool.zip
JHCOOL.WAD is a cool little series of seven levels....Date:11/10/12
Size:105 KB

Please get hot Jiggi  Filename:jiggi.zip
You are in a hot place hotter than thailand, the bricks glow red the lava sweat runs down your face you feel the fear of fright and the news is not all that good. Your mission is to show respect to the solders, bald rifel men, little chocolate guys, ...Date:01/03/07
Size:36 KB

Jimmy!  Filename:jimmy.zip
Size:38 KB
Author:Jim Shrum

jimstout.zip  Filename:jimstout.zip
Size:28 KB

Yet Another UAC Base  Filename:jjp-yaub.zip
A small UAC base. Should take around 10 minutes to complete on UV....Date:06/19/08
Size:48 KB

waste of time  Filename:jl2.zip
just a single player level setup to be a deathmatch level too, though not tested....Date:06/07/96
Size:38 KB
Author:Joe Leonard

Just Monsters  Filename:jm.zip
A small map with lotsa baddies. If you survive on nightmare, send me a demo. I bet you can't! Note: DONT PLAY THIS ON UV FOR THE FIRST TIME!...Date:06/24/01
Size:10 KB

SURVIVAL OF THE WINNEST  Filename:joey512.zip
Thought 1024x1024 was bad? Try 512x512! This nightmare will leave you wondering how you will ever manage to escape...if you dare!!...Date:07/16/08
Size:3 KB

John Carmack's Adventure in Hell  Filename:johncadv.zip
this is an 1 level pee wad (pwad, MOAR LIEK TAMPON, AMIRITE) meant to chonical the life and living of jogn carmack the great 666 and his struggle in code doom 3 shadows against evel patntcorporatn the sstoree is as folows: once pon time you fuck ...Date:11/04/12
Size:210 KB

The Realm of the Joker  Filename:joker.zip
The end of this level is different than most levels, I used the 'Head Boss' in the last room. All you have to do is shoot it a few times and the level will end....Date:05/12/06
Size:74 KB
Author:Jonathan Jordan

Jonesin'  Filename:jonesin.zip
This is a set of five maps with some emphasis on puzzles and plenty of action. When I set out I decided to shoot for a puzzle oriented wad, but I'm not quite satisfied with the outcome. I decided to release it so I can start fresh next time. NOTE: Th...Date:05/13/08
Size:178 KB

JOUST  Filename:joust.zip
This is my first submitted wad to this site, for Doom2 all made from scratch many hours in building, also alot of test playing. I hope you enjoy playing this one!...Date:03/02/97
Size:45 KB
Author:Rick Kautz

Cooperative Wad  Filename:jrcoop.zip
This is a DOOM2 cooperative level for you and your buddies. (if you have any)...Date:04/04/96
Size:31 KB
Author:Jamie Young

"Untitled" DOOM ][ WAD  Filename:jsf01.zip
A relatively tiny PWAD... the first I made that seemed good enough to share. Contains a few good tricks and traps, but mostly just straight, simple carnage. Watch your back! ;-)...Date:02/10/95
Size:14 KB
Author:Joe Fouché

Jimbo's Single Player Doom II Wad or Jimbo's Nitemare  Filename:jspd1.zip
Originally I was making this for regular doom ][ back in '98 but it just lay around on my hard drive for a couple of years. After I got Doom Legacy I decided to dust it off fix it up and release it. Not much innovation but a few special effects and L...Date:01/09/00
Size:67 KB

jstuff10.WAD  Filename:jstuff.zip
A small wad, although not without interest....Date:11/10/12
Size:27 KB
Author:Kurt Schulenburg

Judas Priest shooting all of them!!  Filename:judasp.zip
The Judas Priest guitarrist is in problems, and must resolve it... killing. The map isnt easy, but nei- ther reach the insane dificulty levels of other wads... If you're a veteran player, i suggest that play it in Ultraviolence....Date:02/03/03
Size:90 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

Judgement  Filename:judgemnt.zip
A kick-ass, monster-mania. Wind your way through the spiraling maze, fighting the baddest monsters in Doom-Land, only to find that the final judgement is worse than your worst nightmare....Date:03/04/96
Size:29 KB
Author:Jessica Parrish

The power supply (Second version)  Filename:juente.zip
A futurist level, neither large nor hard... The evil demons strike again, infesting the largest UAC energy generator. What they will try? To stop their plans -if they have- the earth defense forces have sent the silliest marine of the academy... Well...Date:06/14/03
Size:63 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

Make one up  Filename:jusshoot.zip
Size:5 KB

Justify v1.1  Filename:justify.zip
Just Play for the Fun of it....Date:08/19/95
Size:83 KB
Author:Antony J. Burden

Justify2 v1.0  Filename:justify2.zip
Yet Another Fun Level in the Justify Series...Date:05/07/14
Size:155 KB
Author:Antony J. Burden

K2.WAD  Filename:k2.zip
It was designed mostly for Deathmatch but can be challenging for a single player. All the weapons are available plus berzerk. Health is limited to a soul sphere and a few stimpacks, but ammo is plentiful --although you can only get each type of ammo ...Date:07/02/95
Size:27 KB
Author:Ryan Robinson

2-hour base  Filename:k2hour.zip
I was bored in a usual weekday, and I made a classic-style, solid and simple map under 2 and a half hour. my first old-school level. Hope you like it =)...Date:05/16/11
Size:40 KB
Author:Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"

KA2JT.WAD  Filename:ka2jt.zip
Size:93 KB
Author:Jussi Tuononen

KA3.WAD  Filename:ka3jt.zip
Small Town...Date:08/14/96
Size:97 KB
Author:Jussi Tuononen

KA4.WAD  Filename:ka4jt.zip
Size:51 KB
Author:Jussi Tuononen

Kill Allah 5  Filename:ka5.zip
Size:90 KB
Author:Jussi Tuononen

The Big Kahuna  Filename:kahuna.zip
a medium sized level incorporating most of the features of Doom2. This level was originally made to test a new map editor I was trying, but I thought the end product was quite good, so here it is....Date:12/27/00
Size:19 KB
Author:Jimbob Dobalina

kaiser_1.zip  Filename:kaiser_1.zip
Size:127 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal

kaiser_11.zip  Filename:kaiser_11.zip
Size:142 KB
Author:Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal

Internal Reaches 4  Filename:kaiser_8.zip
This wad has no theme, just a plain Doom2 level that I made off of my spare time. Nothing special, just a level thats meant to be fun. These will also be some of my final wads that I will ever make for Doom....Date:05/05/04
Size:157 KB
Author:Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

kAk0kA  Filename:kakoka.zip
KaN u fInD tHe tRaPpEd kAk0kA bAlL iN A cAgE?, rElAx tO ThAt nIcE tRoPiKuL mUsIc aS yU sHuUt mY bOyFrIeNd iN lAsT tHe RoOm!!!...Date:08/03/06
Size:15 KB

KALRAC2.WAD  Filename:kalrac2.zip
Narrow, twisting passageways, outside courtyards, large room with head on top of pillar of dripping blood, room set up like a library, windows overlooking courtyard. The former occupants of the house are nicely arranged in one room....Date:10/19/95
Size:20 KB
Author:Thomas Schrantz

Jungle Base (I'm in an original name mood today.)  Filename:kalrac3.zip
Start in UAC Jungle Base, then go through the jungle, then into the base, then in a dark room, then into base... Finally you get to the exit and leave....Date:10/19/95
Size:29 KB
Author:Thomas Schrantz

Kalrac's House  Filename:kalrac4.zip
It is, as the title states, Kalrac's house. The item placement is crappy because I did not design it around that it was designed for the house part, and nothing else. The glass doors are neat (You'll know them when you see them.)...Date:10/19/95
Size:36 KB
Author:Thomas Schrantz

kalrac5.zip  Filename:kalrac5.zip
This Level is HARD! I built the thing, and I have a hard time beating it, even on Hurt Me Plenty....Date:10/19/95
Size:30 KB
Author:Thomas Schrantz

Legend of Zelda Dungeon #1  Filename:kalrac6.zip
This level is based on the layout and design of the first dungeon of the old Nintendo game "The Legend of Zelda". I don't know why I thought of doing it, but once I thought of it, I immediately set out to make a level from it. It is a pretty accurate...Date:10/19/95
Size:24 KB
Author:Thomas Schrantz

Untitled  Filename:kalrac7.zip
This is by far my most complex level. It is my first with traps and switches. It has some influences from different places, mainly Dark Forces. There is also and extremely deadly maze. If you get lost, remember the IDDT code......Date:12/07/95
Size:50 KB
Author:Thomas Schrantz

Kaneko's Lament  Filename:kaneko.zip
Designed after playing alot of Shin Megami Tensei III. It's intended for Deathmatch or a singleplayer challenge. Does it suck? I couldn't care less. But do turn the brightness down and crank the music high, or else your life is a horrible mistake....Date:11/26/06
Size:34 KB

Entryway  Filename:karmatix.zip
You have to kill the remaining monsters in one of the bases which still work after doom 2 disaster. Then escape, and face the last enemy....Date:07/17/09
Size:121 KB

Entryway  Filename:karmea.zip
This is an updated version of the original karmea.wad. This is going to be the first map in my Doom ][ episode, "One Hell Of A Day". More info about that at http://www.geocities.com/espibrown/...Date:05/30/01
Size:191 KB

Total KARNAGE!(v1.1)  Filename:karnage.zip
large level with lots of lighting fx, excellent design. General theme with LOTS of puzzles, traps, Deathmatch features and other cool stuff. Because of the levels layout D-Match might be a bit of a pain, but there's lots of transporters around the pl...Date:03/24/96
Size:81 KB
Author:Andrew Caudwell

Kashimir  Filename:kashimir.zip
Very short map inspired by NUTS. No, don't worry, there is only 45 monsters....Date:04/01/11
Size:59 KB

of Game katy  Filename:katy.zip
Size:20 KB

Kaz Arena  Filename:kazarena.zip
A arena inspired by badarena. Good quality entertainment - loads of fun and frags A couple of good secrets, and snipe points. A few hints given at the bottom of this text file....Date:07/17/95
Size:27 KB
Author:Marcus Kazmierczak

Slaughter speedmapping  Filename:kbase.zip
My first slaughtermap, made in less than 90 minutes....Date:10/23/11
Size:32 KB
Author:Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"

Base Series  Filename:kbase_3.zip
kbase_3 is a large, noisy base....Date:02/27/98
Size:116 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

The Base fix 1  Filename:kbase_v2.zip
Size:63 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

One Mean Castle  Filename:kbrick.zip
This one turned out different than I intended. The scenery is better than the fights. I tried to compensate, but I think some areas are too big for my style, and I can't fill in the gaps between fights. Some spots have very high monster counts. I jus...Date:04/08/98
Size:110 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

kbrick_2  Filename:kbrick_2.zip
OK, I think I got what I wanted in the first kbrick.WAD. Skill 1 is real easy, health and ammo. The rest are hard, a noticable change from 1 to 3 to 4. This WAD should run nice on slower comps....Date:04/20/98
Size:55 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

kdavr.wad  Filename:kdavr.zip
Pretty tough level, have a look at it and play it with skill 4 and NO CHEATS at all (no turbo!). Not too tough, but it makes you work!...Date:06/04/96
Size:31 KB

KEBTOC  Filename:kebtoc.zip
Your missions code name is "KEBTOC"! (Kick Enemys Butt and Turn On Computer) You will be transported to the cities main computer building. There you need to find the computer and turn it back on. Then you need to get back out..:) -This level is great...Date:03/29/96
Size:84 KB
Author:MAY use this level as a base to build additional

The Keep  Filename:keep.zip
A new level for Doom 2. I tried to go for form AND substance with this new WAD. e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:11/21/97
Size:89 KB
Author:Michael Reed

Kelly 200  Filename:kelly200.zip
Kelly200 you have a hard time ahead of you!...Date:11/24/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Kelly Mathis

The Key  Filename:key01.zip
Attempted single player, deathmatch and cooperative level all in one....Date:03/19/95
Size:60 KB
Author:Hamish O'Dea

Return to the Exit  Filename:kgy2.zip
You've just reached the exit. But when you try to approach the exit switch... Damn! This quest appears to be longer than you thought. IMPORTANT: Original KGY2.WAD may *crash* with the Doomsday engine (versions 1.7.8 and above) so make sure you use ...Date:05/18/03
Size:154 KB
Author:KGy SOFT (Gy÷rgy K§szeg)

Khorne's Demise  Filename:khorne.zip
This wad can be found on the Maximum wad CD. Refer to the original README for info. Please note the KHORNE dehacked patch is missing and cannot be found....Date:06/21/10
Size:287 KB
Author:Bill Turner III

Kick Attack!  Filename:kickdm2.zip
Size:627 KB
Author:Digital Marketing Associates for Kick

KID  Filename:kid.zip
This is a new and improved cochrans.wad. Not only have I added some awesome music to the level, but, I have made quite a few modifications to it. I took out the plasma and the mega sphere. Now, the level is TRUELY balanced. For all of you who have no...Date:06/13/95
Size:31 KB
Author:William Cochran

Kiddy  Filename:kiddy.zip
Designed specifically for my young daughter, when played on the first two difficulty levels no monsters are present. This gives a new player an opportunity to grapple with the usual doors, switches, hidden doors and so on. To make this level interest...Date:01/03/02
Size:56 KB
Author:John Bishop

Killer Day at the UAC Archology  Filename:kilday.zip
Even after your heroic defeat of the HellSpawn, UAC still...Date:07/19/96
Size:126 KB
Author:Matt Holmes

Kill 'em All  Filename:killall.zip
This is version 2.0 of lvl1.wad. I did all the textures in it and changed some stuff so now it looks good. The level itself has several big rooms and then it turns into a maze. It keeps you on your toes, so if your not very good at doom it will be ne...Date:05/03/96
Size:64 KB
Author:Adam Vaxvick

(KILLALLA.WAD) Kill Allah  Filename:killalla.zip
Sorry i don't have any imagination....Date:06/19/96
Size:50 KB
Author:Jussi Tuononen

KILL THEM ALL AND LET GOD SORT IT OUT.  Filename:killem2.zip
Size:360 KB
Author:Jeffrey J. Martin

Killer  Filename:killer.zip
Basically a fairly straight forward level with lots of killing to be done- especially on the harder levels. So get that trigger finger primed and start monster mashing (oh, and try not to get lost in the maze)....Date:06/06/95
Size:71 KB
Author:Tim and Simon Fawcett

killer2.zip  Filename:killer2.zip
Size:198 KB
Author:Donald E. Messer

Kill 'em All  Filename:killer3.zip
A really dope level that all of you doom people should really try to beat. This level took me in all about 2 years because I worked on it on and off for like 1 minute a day. No really about 1 day per month. Well Anyways after many hours I finally got...Date:05/30/99
Size:156 KB
Author:Daniel Spence

The Killhouse  Filename:killh.zip
This is an update to the old Killhouse. The monsters/ammo/health balance is much better, and some minor bugs have been corrected. The Killhouse is a dark (not too dark!) house made of wood and metal. There are lots of monsters (compared to the size o...Date:05/04/01
Size:43 KB
Author:Ilkka Kunttu

Killjoy  Filename:killjoy.zip
Size:42 KB
Author:Albert Rosario

killzon2.zip  Filename:killzon2.zip
The second episode in the KILL!Zone saga. It consists of seven large PWAD's. The maps are well constructed, with attention to; texture alignment, free from errors, game content, and playablity. Designed for serious Doomer's and those who appreciate a...Date:08/13/99
Size:1668 KB

kill_z10.zip  Filename:kill_z10.zip
A mini episode consisting of seven large maps. Story line ...... there is none! Just original DOOM fun .... "KILL or be KILLED". Nothing fancy, only well constructed maps with attention to texture alignment and error free wads. Designed for serious D...Date:06/09/97
Size:1168 KB
Author:MAY NOT use these wads as a base to build additional levels, without written permission.


Doom2 Castle  Filename:kingdiam.zip
A castle. King Diamond-Mercyful Fate fans will love this WAD. Not only does it have King Diamond wall tex, it also has Cremation from the Conspiracy CD....Date:08/07/96
Size:47 KB
Author:Ken Wieczorek

The World of Helgor  Filename:kingdom.zip
The first level is an extremely detailed kingdom. My aim for this level was to basically make areas look realistic and nice to look at. To ensure this I have added many decorative sectors in this level. Many people say that the Kingdom level is my be...Date:04/09/98
Size:118 KB
Author:Michael Li

KINGME.WAD  Filename:kingme.zip
A big ol' level P.S. You can get past the grids...Date:04/12/04
Size:76 KB
Author:Ryan Mahle

King Of Pain  Filename:kingofp.zip
Typical industrial motif....Date:06/20/02
Size:171 KB
Author:Sean Bernard

Kingpin's Lair  Filename:kingpin1.zip
Medium-sized level for Doom ][, designed for single player. This is the final release that fixes a few texture alignments and adds some lighting enhancements. Your mission is to penetrate the residence of a Drug Lord,eliminate all resistance,and esca...Date:09/05/96
Size:80 KB
Author:Mike Slama

Gargoyle's Gorge  Filename:kingpin2.zip
This is a Medium/large level designed for single player.It picks up where Kingpin1 ends. You have successfully annhilated the enemy resistance at Kingpin's Lair,and without time to gather your thoughts you find yourself surrounded by the enemy.You mu...Date:09/20/96
Size:115 KB
Author:Mike Slama

Kowalski's Building Hell Ultra - 1999 Update  Filename:kk-build.zip
Size:697 KB
Author:Michael Hopkins (aka Kowalski, now Digital Thought) email: michaelh@wire.net.au website http://www.w

klendath.zip  Filename:klendath.zip
BugHunt on Klendathu with no plasma weapons....Date:05/28/99
Size:21 KB
Author:Squonkamatic for the People!!

Kmega1  Filename:kmega1.zip
my first 18 wads, combined as one megawad....Date:11/13/04
Size:2292 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Metal  Filename:kmetl_1.zip
Size:128 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Kmetl Series  Filename:kmetl_10.zip
Kmetl_10 is a Super-Shotgun/Chaingun/Rockets level.This one should have been #11, but I tried some new stuff, and poof, three weeks work wasted!I put the origional flats list in, trying to put in my own. I wanted to skip the install crap.Well, the co...Date:03/29/98
Size:72 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Kmetl Series  Filename:kmetl_11.zip
Kmetl_11 is a tough one, not quite as much small details, an attempt to put more in only revealed the limits of Wauthor.I thought I lost this one a few times. The rooms are mostly large....Date:04/16/98
Size:136 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Kmetl Series  Filename:kmetl_12.zip
Kmetl_12 is a bit of Wood. It should take around 20 minutes on skill 4....Date:04/23/98
Size:84 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Kmetl Series  Filename:kmetl_13.zip
Kmetl_13 goes back to the Base style. I used some tough fighting ideas, so go slow!! I will be putting out a BOOM version of this WAD in a few more days.Look for a "kboom" series to start. They will replace my kbase series....Date:05/02/98
Size:54 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

kmetl_2  Filename:kmetl_2.zip
Size:119 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Kmetl Series  Filename:kmetl_3.zip
Kmetl_3 just carries on the Kmetl Series, but, this ones a bit less cramped....Date:01/08/98
Size:73 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Kmetl Series  Filename:kmetl_4.zip
Kmetl_4 just carries on the Kmetl Series. Save Frequently!!This is THE toughest one yet!! Additional Credits to id-software...Date:01/19/98
Size:87 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Kmetl Series  Filename:kmetl_5.zip
Kmetl_5 carries on the Kmetl Series.This is a very large level compared to the others I've done....Date:02/03/98
Size:107 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Kmetl Series  Filename:kmetl_6.zip
Kmetl_6 carries on the Kmetl Series....Date:02/07/98
Size:98 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Kmetl Series  Filename:kmetl_7.zip
Kmetl_7 is a tough one!! It may run slow without at least a 486 local bus (what I have)....Date:03/03/98
Size:92 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler, Doom freak.

Kmetl Series  Filename:kmetl_8.zip
Kmetl_8 is a back-stabbing, Shotgun/Chaingun level, with just a few Rockets for.........Date:03/06/98
Size:83 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

Kmetl Series  Filename:kmetl_9.zip
Kmetl_9 is a Shotgun/Chaingun/Rockets level. Yes, you do NEED the Rockets!...Date:03/10/98
Size:146 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

knoa01.zip  Filename:knoa01.zip
Size:135 KB

KNOB's Carnage! (for Doom ][ Only!)  Filename:knob.zip
This level is the first of more of it's type. It is pure carnage! I encourage the use of cheat-codes, in fact, I don't know if the level is possible without them. I love shooting things, and to me, that's the greatest thing about Doom ][. I took spec...Date:02/02/95
Size:24 KB

KNOB's Carnage! (part II) (for Doom ][ Only!)  Filename:knob2.zip
This level is the second of more of it's type. It is pure carnage! This one is better than the first, I promise!...Date:12/10/94
Size:469 KB

KNOB's Carnage! (for Doom ][ Only!) Part III  Filename:knob3.zip
This level is better than my first attempts at levels. I think you'll like the secrets in this one. Watch your back (as well as the next in the KNOB series.)!...Date:12/19/94
Size:379 KB

Keys Of Destiny  Filename:kod.zip
Run though different style rooms to get keys to seal your fait with the Spider Mastermind...Date:07/10/04
Size:103 KB
Author:Ben Tybursky

Kastel of The Koebrah  Filename:koebrah.zip
This level is inspyred by a kastel I visitd in Germeny. This level looks realie good, I think you will like it. The ammo and gameplay balanse are much better and I also discuvered some new texteres in Doom2 which I decuidad to yuse in this levul, one...Date:09/27/06
Size:33 KB

Kohe  Filename:kohe.zip
You enter a New Era. The Era of Kohe....Date:03/11/07
Size:12 KB

Kohe 10  Filename:kohe10.zip
You are aboard Alfa Romero Model 626-300 Spaceship Emperor bound for a star in Sagiterius. You are traveling with innocent people and your mission is to hijack the spaceship since you are a hijacker hiding in the back room. Unfortenlily the passenger...Date:05/23/07
Size:44 KB

Kohe 11  Filename:kohe11.zip
Your mission simple. Search, deestroy and deliver....Date:06/02/07
Size:30 KB

Kohe 12  Filename:kohe12.zip
You must solve solution. First you kill a Fatso and then you go into upstairs area and fight your way to teleporter. And then you are in a crazy maes of boxes and storage as you search in agony for the valubale gold key. This is the best looking Kohe...Date:06/03/07
Size:51 KB

Kohe 13  Filename:kohe13.zip
Its very level of Doom where you face a huge chalenge! You think you are in good looking base but at flick of switch you realise you go to hell. Oh you desrve your reward since there are 2 ways to finish level, a switch hidden at start but very hard ...Date:07/05/07
Size:48 KB

Kohe 14  Filename:kohe14.zip
In the Kohe13 text file I accidently put MAP13 as the map while it should have been MAP03 thats because Kohe3 was MAP13 so Kohe13 had to be MAP03 sorry all those other players out there. In Kohe14, you are in the second to last mission in the Kohe ...Date:07/07/07
Size:49 KB

Kohe 15  Filename:kohe15.zip
You made it to the end of Kohe era. But now you face you biggest and most hugest test yet. To beat the Kohe series you must destroy all bad guys, evil geniusses and all. When you reach the end you must destroy somebody's head that looks as dangerous ...Date:07/09/07
Size:75 KB

Kohe 2  Filename:kohe2.zip
Now that you have entered the new era the Barrels of Fun new level will give you tons of fun and challenge. Great architecture and all new textures to give it a different feel. DOnt be afraid to download its not crap. You are only afraid of me and my...Date:03/22/07
Size:89 KB

Kohe 3  Filename:kohe3.zip
You must destroy the Demon City and escape from alive. You have get shotgun for badguys and then blow those mummasexas up!. This is a fun level in a city, it looks good and it plays good too. I hope you have lotsa fun!...Date:04/15/07
Size:32 KB

Kohe 31  Filename:kohe31.zip
Secret Level in the Kohe Series....Date:09/04/07
Size:26 KB

Kohe 32  Filename:kohe32.zip
Super Secret Level in the Kohe Series. Hmm you Blaze must the Billys to win!...Date:09/04/07
Size:17 KB

Kohe 4  Filename:kohe4.zip
You are in a small base and you must get 2 keys and destroy KaKoKa Balls and fight the evil Genius in the last room!. This level looks good but not as good as Kohe 3. Sorry but I will try harder next time....Date:04/16/07
Size:36 KB

Kohe 5  Filename:kohe5.zip
Hell is starting to break open in in front of your eyes. You are in a small Maes of death and you will get some Bloodshedder done to you by all the Kakoka Balls. Kunun is also in jail outside and you must destroy the myth bug in order to find the sol...Date:05/01/07
Size:49 KB

Kohe 6  Filename:kohe6.zip
This map was inspired by 3 things, Hell, Baywatch and The Castel Maes! So you are in a Castel Maes and you have to get the hell out of this terrible heap. Its a good looking marbel map....Date:05/02/07
Size:51 KB

Kohe 7  Filename:kohe7.zip
This is a wicked level where you must destroy the big fatso and lowers into a room full of hudreds of Evil Geniusses. A Kunun guards the exit. I think its my best map so far, enjoy!...Date:05/06/07
Size:31 KB

Kohe 8  Filename:kohe8.zip
You are in Hell. But you can escape hell briefly by getting 3 keys in a clean good looking Maes. Once you found the 3 keys you can go back to hell and exit the level happily. Some cool effects in level where guts teleporting from heaven to hell....Date:05/17/07
Size:46 KB

Kohe 9  Filename:kohe9.zip
Do not underestimate your battle. Kohe 9 promise to deliver a shorley heated fight. Its a very good looking level with good enemie and powerups place locations. Some good looking crate. At the start there are two Baron which are much easier to kill t...Date:05/23/07
Size:34 KB

KOOLEST (We hope that the name is accurate)  Filename:koolest.zip
Size:520 KB
Author:Brian Baker (BIFF); Rob Maxey (CRITIC)

KortYard.WAD  Filename:kortyard.zip
This is a wad with a design that really appeals to me and was basically a test of some game concepts that I wanted to see used in a single wad. Finding the bonus items may take some effort and there are some traps for the unwary......Date:11/16/96
Size:37 KB
Author:Edward E. "Doc" Brown

Omega  Filename:kraush01.zip
A fairly large and highly challenging map...Date:02/03/06
Size:70 KB
Author:Steve Kraushaar

Kronin  Filename:kronin.zip
EAC has just discovered an ancient, desserted city, beneath the desert of Kronin. Several Foreman decended into the city, and are still Missing. Deep Sonar indicates More than several Deep pits, from which there is no escape. Avoid them. Other agenci...Date:08/31/95
Size:503 KB
Author:Martin Tallman

krypton.zip  Filename:krypton.zip
Size:25 KB
Author:Ryan Polczer

KTA  Filename:kta.zip
You were on a mission. Your task was to get some information about what is happening on secret fortress somewhere in Nevada. You had 20 mens with you, but most of them are dead. Maybe all (I don't know are you playing Co-op :) ). Seems like gates of ...Date:07/07/97
Size:665 KB
Author:Falling Star Productions

ktademo.zip  Filename:ktademo.zip
Size:2066 KB

Revenge of The Kunun  Filename:kunun.zip
You must defeat The Kunun to win level!...Date:04/29/07
Size:6 KB

THE KURF HOUSE  Filename:kurfhse.zip
Two level house with basement set up primarily for deathmatch, but works on cooperative and single player....Date:06/24/95
Size:92 KB
Author:Colin L. Kurfess (KURF)

Kurogane  Filename:kurogane.zip
A gloomy map for Doom 2....Date:10/14/11
Size:119 KB

KV5.WAD  Filename:kv5.zip
This level was inspired by the recent digs in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. It is bassed on the layout of KV5 which is currently being escivated....Date:12/15/97
Size:45 KB
Author:William C Drummond, II

kwikswch.zip  Filename:kwikswch.zip
Well, I'm 5'9", heavy build, brown eyes...oh, you mean the level! I have a terrible tendency to start building a level and then leave bits of it sitting around for ages. I discovered part of this level still waiting to be completed, and I had a sudde...Date:03/15/98
Size:38 KB
Author:Andrew Orman

kye.wad (none)  Filename:kye.zip
My first real try at a Doom 2 level....Date:01/08/01
Size:29 KB
Author:Kye Rolins

The Underworld Base for Doom v1.9  Filename:k_base1.zip
The base theme all the way!!It's good, so play and send me your comments!!...Date:12/07/97
Size:40 KB
Author:Kurt Kesler

The Laboratory  Filename:lab.zip
New level for DOOM2. Ran fine on Version 1.666 It's a big and detailed level. It is a very challenging level. Although it is meant for single player play, it also supports DM and Cooperative play. Lab.wad also supports all of the difficulty settings....Date:04/14/96
Size:83 KB
Author:John Dreese

Lab01.wad  Filename:lab01.zip
This level wants a fast machine. It's not as big as it is detailed. Lots of work went into this one including numerous hours of lining up vantage points and textures. This level is designed for the best players... BUT it is do-able for anyone. GE...Date:03/11/05
Size:84 KB
Author:Brett Johnson

labdoom2.zip  Filename:labdoom2.zip
Size:34 KB

The lair  Filename:lair2.zip
The level is a huge castle with many secret rooms and passages. Deathmatch is not supported because of the size of the level. The story is that you defeated the monsters in the US and now your commanders have sent you to England to help them rid thei...Date:08/15/00
Size:330 KB
Author:Mike Cobb

Lakeside  Filename:lakeside.zip
A map I threw together in the spring of 2012 over the course of a night. I've fixed some bugs, added a few monsters, and did some balancing work since initial release....Date:07/04/13
Size:55 KB

The Landing Pad, DOOM ][  Filename:land.zip
Size:38 KB
Author:Greg Springer

Land of the lords  Filename:landlord.zip
My first wad, but it's NOT just a big pile of shit....Date:01/14/07
Size:2071 KB
Author:Jake Stevens

Lankhmar 1.0  Filename:lankhmar.zip
A rather large level with lotsa everything. It is my first wad but don't be fooled. I have put many long hours into it. So much so that I decided that I would upload it now in fear that it would never be released. Don't get me wrong. I know of NO ERR...Date:07/18/96
Size:1059 KB
Author:Ben Noel

THE LAST DOOM LEVEL MADE IN 2003  Filename:last2003.zip
The last Doom level made in 2003. When you have nothing to do before midnight, just make a new level and throw in some poor old helpless troopers....Date:12/31/03
Size:14 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

The last fortress of hell  Filename:lastfort.zip
A fortress in hell. This is my wad #14 Story: You have finish your last mision in hell and wan't to return home. But the only way out is in this well guarded fortress. Note: you don't need to make the barrels explode and you can kill deamons with...Date:03/20/06
Size:91 KB

Last Mission FILE NAME last_mission.zip ENGINE Any, Vanilla DOOM 2, recommended ZDOOM GL or some oth  Filename:lastmisn.zip
A small map, basic layout, basic texturing, lots of imps...Date:10/22/05
Size:189 KB
Author:Marc A. Pullen (aka Fanatic) EMAIL marcpullen@adelphia.net WEBSITE http://fanaticalproductions.net D

Lava  Filename:lava.zip
Mission Briefing follows.......Date:12/16/96
Size:262 KB
Author:Denis Tetreault

"Lawnboy" DOOM ][ WAD (version 1.really-last --is it finally over?)  Filename:lawnboy.zip
Very large in terms of area, lawnboy is based on the scenario of a yard, i.e., mostly open area. There are some twists, of course. This is the latest (final?) version....Date:07/11/96
Size:70 KB
Author:Josiah Hamilton

Lucifer's Hole of Despair  Filename:lcfrhole.zip
Nice big wad. Has a meat locker about 3/4 of the way through. (Big place with blood, hanging bodies)...Date:07/02/96
Size:438 KB
Author:Jeremy L Wagner

Legana Caravan Park  Filename:lcp.zip
The map is based on the caravan park in Legana,Tasmania,Australia where I used to live. The house is reasonably authentic, apart from the obvious: the textures and inhabitants....Date:04/21/99
Size:24 KB
Author:Mark Grundel

lcs.zip  Filename:lcs.zip
Size:41 KB
Author:Leif Muffett

LC-Tunnel system at planet Tee Hoo Cee  Filename:lctunnel.zip
Its built from 10 sectors, so don't expect much detail... There is enough ammo in the map to kill all monsters, but sometimes you might not have much. But be brave and proceed and you shall get more of it....Date:01/23/04
Size:24 KB

The Legend of Doom II  Filename:legend2.zip
Size:134 KB
Author:Rick Troppman

Lego Base - Original Cut  Filename:legob-oc.zip
1 single player lego themed level. This is an early version of my Lego Base level. If you haven't already played Lego Base then I suggest you download it and play that instead, it's a much better and more balanced level....Date:08/23/02
Size:175 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

Lego Base  Filename:legobase.zip
1 single player lego themed level....Date:04/08/02
Size:168 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

Lemmings Doom  Filename:lemming.zip
Fight against Lemmings in Doom. New graphics, sounds, music. Good for single play, co-op, deathmatch...Date:08/16/07
Size:696 KB
Author:Ben Wagner

DOOM2 Leprechaun patch v1.2  Filename:leprechn.zip
replace the plain ole boring marines with teeny - weeny - Leprechauns! It's the BEST graphics + sound patch ever made for doom! Don't miss this opportunity to have a real laugh. Visit the official Leprechaun doom web site at: HTTP://student.ulb...Date:11/15/97
Size:384 KB
Author:DeF-46 and TetrisMan

Lethal Traps  Filename:lethtrps.zip
Doom 2 PWAD Built to test the most hardened of marines, this construction of the hellspawn is not to be taken lightly!...Date:02/04/96
Size:29 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

Let It Roll  Filename:letitrol.zip
There are no areas where you can become trapped. If you seem trapped, look carefully; there is an exit somewhere....Date:02/05/02
Size:168 KB
Author:Sean Bernard

libofdis.WAD: The Library of Dis  Filename:libofdis.zip
As Hell has taken over the earth, much of the urban areas have been compiled as part of Dis, the fabled city of the damned. This is the first part in a series of levels taking you on a tour of Dis. The library of Dis is set on an island in the river ...Date:06/12/95
Size:53 KB
Author:Guy Shelton (Bane on Ifrag)

Library  Filename:libr.zip
I don't have a good description on this level but it is a library with action....Date:01/23/04
Size:72 KB
Author:Martin Mikaelsson

The Library (for DOOM 2)  Filename:library.zip
This level is designed especially for DeathMatch 2.0, but it is great solo as well. Secret doors play an important role ( you cant complete the level without finding one of them!) but they all can be found fairly easily. The secret doors connect all ...Date:10/26/95
Size:46 KB
Author:Brian Dehm

library1.wad  Filename:library1.zip
I did this wad file a few months back, and lost it, just dug it up now and decided to upload it. This is my first 'finished' file, and I'll admit it isn't all that great, still, I was hoping for some feedback or a review of it, so if somebody could g...Date:08/01/99
Size:65 KB

library.WAD  Filename:library2.zip
no time to read a book now....Date:12/03/99
Size:86 KB
Author:Harry Daalmeijer

LIBRARY OF DOOM  Filename:library3.zip
Single player wad (167K), meant to be a replica of the lower floor of Jamtland County Library, Ostersund, Sweden....Date:11/27/08
Size:59 KB
Author:Thomas Drugg

LIEDOWN1.WAD  Filename:liedown1.zip
Size:33 KB

LIFE-SAVER - Chapter one: The House - LIFE2.ZIP  Filename:life2.zip
It is the EXACT reply of my house and furniture. (of course there are some exeptions but... do you REALLY care? DO YOU?)...Date:08/02/05
Size:43 KB

lifesa_.zip  Filename:lifesa_.zip
Yet another DOOM2 DM WAD converted to SP use by yours truly...Date:08/16/99
Size:12 KB
Author:"Mr.DooM" aka Tom Sanner

Hell Gate With Lift  Filename:lift.zip
A small base with four directions to enter. There is a computer station, a key room, a lift and a hell gate. I apologise for crap architecture and/or gameplay, I've only started mapping, so be nice :}...Date:06/21/09
Size:19 KB

Hell Gate With Lift (Second Edition)  Filename:lift2.zip
A small base with four directions to enter. There is a computer station, a key room, a lift and a hell gate. I apologise for crap architecture and/or gameplay, I've only started mapping, so be nice :} Updated: BECAUSE OF PEOPLE NOT JUMPING INTO THE O...Date:07/07/09
Size:35 KB

liftland.zip  Filename:liftland.zip
Size:32 KB

liftoff  Filename:liftoff.zip
Pwad for Doom2. Again, works well in single player but designed for deathmatch....Date:06/09/00
Size:22 KB
Author:Thomas Bringle

Ocean Liner of Doom  Filename:liner.zip
Set on an ocean liner (at night) this wad is not (in my opinion) complete. But due to lobbying pressure from my beta testers, I'm releasing it. In the near future, an add-on will be released with replacement sprites and sounds....Date:07/27/95
Size:165 KB
Author:Paul Thompson

Liquidish  Filename:liquid.zip
Sort of a hard level...Date:01/15/96
Size:84 KB
Author:Dermott Shanahan and Guillaume Manders (Friends. No ! ! we are not gay!)

Lithium  Filename:lithium.zip
This is a minimalistic map with emphasis on action. Might take just a couple of minutes if you are good but it will keep you on your toes for most of the time. If you like intense fights in cramped environment give it a try! It's a short map but I ha...Date:12/19/13
Size:10 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

"Metallica: LOAD" for Doom][ <05-01-1997>  Filename:load.zip
Size:109 KB
Author:Martin Dunst

loco doom ver .90  Filename:loco.zip
9 ( by ver 1.0 it will have ten, but thats' it) kick ass levels...Date:03/29/97
Size:203 KB
Author:Dan Bernstein ---> REZIDUE

Lodge  Filename:lodge.zip
A single player level with lots of monsters and lots of green rock textures. :) This level was never finished, so there's no exit. This is one of my first half-descent levels, so it's quite rough. Still has some good elements tho....Date:02/12/01
Size:82 KB
Author:Marc A. Pullen

Lunatic Of Gods Creation  Filename:logc.zip
Lots of secrets may make this level very tricky as you will need to find them to progress! If you do not find all the secrets you will get stuck. This is deliberate! So save your keyboards!!!!!!! This level has an end of level boss. So save your we...Date:01/14/04
Size:140 KB

The (un)OFFICIAL DooM LOGO!!  Filename:logo1.zip
A very close rendition to the exact logo on the Ultimate DooM(c) box. The level itself is kind of small, and empty, but you can add items to it if you want. We will be making a DooM II(c) logo and expanding the first one....Date:07/28/97
Size:71 KB
Author:Enrique Rodriguez (Mike Frank)

Legions of Hell for Doom II  Filename:loh.zip
Size:135 KB
Author:John Gaughan

The Fortress (Lev 9 in the Series)  Filename:loki.zip
The evil Hordes have invaded the emporer's castle destroying the emporer's precious gardens and fortifying it for their own use. The leader of the Hordes is using this fortress to train an undead army of enslaved souls which he then intends to lead a...Date:01/09/98
Size:142 KB
Author:Brian Dawe aka Loki

Loki Levels 1-3  Filename:loki1-3.zip
Size:66 KB
Author:Philip Ward

Loki Level 4  Filename:loki4.zip
Size:33 KB
Author:Philip Ward

LONGWAD  Filename:longwad.zip
22 new levels, taking you through train stations, hotels, training facilities, factories, re-fueling base, a small city street, apt. complexes, a citadel, and many more, ending up in a graveyard and mortuary, to an optical illusion..a level on top of...Date:09/30/96
Size:1179 KB
Author:Steve W. Long

LONGWAD2  Filename:longwad2.zip
Large wads, heavy detail, see-through doors, bowling alley, windows that open, doors that 'swing' open like real ones, a keyless level, more street fighting, lots of close qrtr fights..good stuff. Tunnels of Love (31.WAD): Illusions of swinging doo...Date:06/08/08
Size:471 KB
Author:Steve W. Long

longwalk.zip  Filename:longwalk.zip
Size:60 KB

Lop2  Filename:lop2.zip
Mess up the room....Date:07/16/04
Size:62 KB
Author:Alex Pielage

Lord Roberts Doom 1.0  Filename:lordrob.zip
Shaped exactly like my school. LORD ROBERTS HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY DEMONS FROM HELL!! Has got a nice ring to it....Date:05/18/95
Size:17 KB
Author:Ian Koropatnick

LOST.WAD  Filename:lost.zip
My first DoomII Wad - Tell me what you think. Just to be *really* nasty I've turned the automap off....Date:02/24/96
Size:34 KB

Lost  Filename:lost2.zip
Possibly the strangest level you've ever seen. Lack of texture detail almost completely loses your depth perception and you have to rely on seeing items, monsters, colors and your memory to navigate successfully. As you might guess, this is a kind of...Date:07/26/09
Size:20 KB

THE LOST BASE  Filename:lostbase.zip
Size:59 KB

The Lost City (lostcit.zip)  Filename:lostcit.zip
This release is like a mini game with its own storyline. A journal is included that should be read before playing. It explains your mission's goals (which isn't to just exit!) and history....Date:04/24/96
Size:731 KB
Author:W. Davis Thornton

lostcity.zip  Filename:lostcity.zip
A lost city. Nice architecture, lot of mosnters, hard game, just a little puzzle. Is my level #16. STORY: The legend told about a city that adore the devil and it had the power to find as many gold as it wish. But a day the nerby tribes kill 'em al...Date:03/27/06
Size:57 KB

Lost Cities  Filename:lostcty2.zip
After you destroy the John Romero Doll (Level 30) You go home. Only to find that a long lost city in the jungle has been settled by what is left of the evil minions. It's your job to find them and destroy all of them by flipping the final switch on t...Date:11/28/96
Size:97 KB
Author:Michael Wheeler

LOSTLEV2.WAD  Filename:lostlev2.zip
This is the original LOSTLEVL made for DOOM early in 94. I have had several requests to convert the level to DOOM2, so here it is. A few of the new monsters and the SSG have been added. Textures from DOOM have been replaced with DOOM2 textures....Date:03/14/95
Size:80 KB
Author:Tim J. Ash (TIMinator)

lottadm.wad  Filename:lottadm.zip
Pwad for Doom2. A bit too big for pure deathmatch, rocks in co-op or single!...Date:08/12/00
Size:68 KB
Author:Thomas Bringle

LOVINGER.WAD Lovinger Outpost for Doom 2 or MBF  Filename:lovinger.zip
The Lovinger Outpost is a series of adventures on an alien world. These levels range from green marble fortresses, bleached sandstone aquaducts, the hollowed-out innards of a volcano, a fiendishly designed fortress near the end, and what's left of a ...Date:12/26/99
Size:914 KB
Author:may NOT use this WAD as a base to build additional

lowblow.zip  Filename:lowblow.zip
One map with a style similar to E4M2 of Ultimate Doom. This map is map 17 in my upcoming megawad. Theres no reason in Hell that you should run out of ammo on the lower skill levels....Date:08/13/03
Size:149 KB
Author:Ray "Shitbag" Schmitz

The Lower World  Filename:lowerwld.zip
This one's pretty narrow and clastrophobic, but hey, aren't all my levels? A great level for shotgun lovers and the quick reflexed. You'll have to watch the start, though, precise moves needed here, and watch your ammo supply! This level is more inco...Date:07/01/96
Size:46 KB
Author:David Jewsbury

Lost Square (Part #1)  Filename:lstsquar.zip
Adventures in lost land....Date:04/26/96
Size:90 KB
Author:Benjamin Tschukalov

Sawun Luajaw Veagiuna (Enemy Base)  Filename:luajaw.zip
A big, tough level with losta monsters and lotsa nasty trix. This is pretty good layout in the level and just dont expect the same level from me as in past. Your mission is to gun down all the bad guys before they gun you down. There are 8 secrets in...Date:04/18/08
Size:65 KB

Lucifer  Filename:lucifer.zip
You are a C.I.A. agent sent to stop a group of satanist from opening the gates of hell. Unfortunately, they already did, and to top it off they have an arsenal for them and the demons. Your mission, if you chose to except it, is to stop Lusifer from ...Date:08/12/97
Size:187 KB
Author:T.J. Hiller

Lucky.wad  Filename:lucky.zip
Deathmatch wad. I am into hiding places....Date:07/25/95
Size:1291 KB
Author:Mr. Lucky ( Robert Henry )

Lufia.Wad  Filename:lufia2.zip
The doom2 equivalent of walking around a Lufia 2 Map....Date:07/10/97
Size:51 KB
Author:Darkman (Matt Seymore)

Luige Bros. -total convert-  Filename:luige.zip
Size:729 KB
Author:Tomo Shida

The Pharin Agenda, part 1 - Castle Luna  Filename:luna.zip
Castle Luna. Part museum, part hi-tech laboratory, on the fringe of the lunar terraformed zone. UAC's gift to the citizens of the moon. But someone had other plans for it, and whatever they're doing up there, is isn't finding a cure for cancer. So th...Date:06/14/04
Size:178 KB
Author:John Llewellyn

LUNAR BASE  Filename:lunar.zip
Designed for Deathmatch 2 for DOOM II Weapons: -------- Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, BFG, Plasma Gun Features: --------- 1. Lots of hidden areas and traps/tricks 2. A cool COKE machine! 3. New textures of the earth, animation, etc... 4. An ele...Date:06/08/05
Size:132 KB
Author:Mark Barry

Lunar Base  Filename:lunar2.zip
None really...Date:10/17/06
Size:109 KB
Author:Andrew Manninen

Level Uno Redux  Filename:lvlunor.zip
A level for Doom 2. A completely reworked version of the 1st pwad I made for Doom2. Looks better plays better! This file replaces lvluno.wad e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:09/08/97
Size:92 KB
Author:Michael Reed

Lynx Up!  Filename:lynx.zip
This is a small level with a basic map shape of an Atari Lynx. It is mindless carnage, and great fun!...Date:02/07/04
Size:50 KB
Author:Rich Johnston aka Nostromo (aka Fritz Goot - caretaker of The Hidden Pub BBS and PUBnet)

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