You are a apprentice returning to your village, but something is wrong and you suspect the priest for inviting the evil forces. The game is constructed for single player, multi plays or dm (deathmatch)....Date:08/09/95
Size:117 KB
Author:Klas Sch”ldstr”m (E1M1, E1M2) Daniel Lindskog (E1M3)

Quest for Aglovane
Size:69 KB
Author:Dr Bombay

Alfa 1
In alfa 1 you'll fight in a subterranean place, and later in the game you'll be in a open area with lava and natural ambience....Date:06/24/11
Size:89 KB

Alfa 2
In alfa 2 you'll fight in a futuritic place in the moon, so i think is't quite original for being an heretic map...Date:06/24/11
Size:143 KB

Alfa 3
In alfa 3 you'll fight in a natural place with trees like the lost temple...Date:06/24/11
Size:920 KB
Size:54 KB

Arena of d'Sparil
Single/Multiplayer level for HERETIC...Date:05/17/95
Size:22 KB
Author:Kevin Haley, Bill Courneya (asteriel.wad + .txt)
This is a moderate thinking man's heretic level. There...Date:10/10/95
Size:121 KB
Author:Tom W. Green

Avatar's Demise
My second ever released Heretic level. This level oozes atmosphere and plays quite well. It was originaly VERY easy (Hey if I could beat it on UV) so alot of vials and other powerups and ammo were removed making it more enjoyable. Has a couple of...Date:01/07/98
Size:67 KB
Author:Travers Dunne

You have the selfconfindence to go through the gates to evil land and wipe out the devil himself. The game is constructed for a single player, multi plays or dm (deathmatch). After the fourth map the game restarts on the second map, which is good f...Date:03/18/95
Size:108 KB
Author:Klas Sch”ldstr”m

AZTEC WAD - Heretic
- This WAD was designed with deathmatch in mind, but it is very playable by a single player or in cooperative mode. For the single player, try skill levels 1-3 for a reasonable challenge or 4-5 for a BIG challenge. For the cooperative players, try sk...Date:04/27/95
Size:41 KB
Author:Alan Yost

BAB Heretic DeathMatch
Replacement for Heretic levels E1M1 - E1M4 Great for solo play or multi player. Deathmatch! Excellent has been updated and tested now. Allows for plenty of ammo and health. You are not overpowered by more monsters than you can handle (well, most of t...Date:06/22/98
Size:116 KB
Author:Bruce A. Benko
Size:12 KB

Be Careful !
Size:27 KB
Author:Florian ROBARDET

Big Red (BIGRED11.WAD, v1.2)
This is a "stream of consciousness" wad. In other words: I made it up as I went along. And since I'd like to have you, the player(s), do the same, so to speak, no detailed description or story.txt is provided. If your favorite color is red, you'll be...Date:12/15/96
Size:81 KB
Author:Richard Carlson

This is an alternative to the fine DOCKS level....Date:06/10/04
Size:30 KB
Author:SNAKEBITE. AKA Sabbath

Burial Ground
You've been lost in the forest for days. In the middle of the night you awaken to weird sounds coming from the distance. You douse your campfire and head toward the sounds to investigate. You're greeted by a craggy gate and moonlit headstones. You he...Date:05/29/00
Size:565 KB
Author:Ken Phipps

Carnage Galore ver 3.0
This version is MUCH neater than the previous one. Instead of literally hundreds of pictures that would have to be in the Heretic directory and a DMGraph program which can permanently change your iwad, there is one sprites file with a deusf pro- gram...Date:03/12/97
Size:1126 KB
Author:Robert Eckhardt

This wad intended to be my house and a little part of my neighbourhood, but now I don't think my neighbours would recognize it (not even my mother recognized the house!)...Date:04/01/97
Size:47 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

Castle of Combat for HERETIC, REG ONLY
This is level 7 of a ? level adventure originally designed as an AD&D game. Look for the other levels coming soon....Date:01/21/11
Size:62 KB
Author:Martin E. Ferris

Cemetary.wad (116,409 KB)
This wad is ment for single play, but you can play it on networks as a multiple player game or a deathmatch. Welcome to my cemetary. This cemetary has been here many many years. Once it was a lovely place in which many people buried their loved one...Date:06/04/95
Size:38 KB
Author:Dustin Cushman

The work in riding the world of the bad magic seems endless. Only the wings can help you now. Every room is a different battle with different mind processes. Remember the wings....Date:08/09/95
Size:22 KB
Author:Mark "Mako" Lusk
You arrive at Widow's Grieve. It is dusk and not a sound is heard across the forbidding quagmire. Briefly, you consider heading back to Merz's for another stiff one, but some dark magic has silently filled in the tunnel behind you with stone... You c...Date:03/15/97
Size:318 KB
Author:Richard Carlson

cold sensations
An abstract map for heretic. It has like 94/95 style, so don't you hope an awesome architecture. The map is hard, so be careful....Date:06/24/11
Size:3081 KB

Cookies on Dowels
My first attempt at a Heretic level. It's fairly short and easy (for a Heretic level)....Date:08/29/06
Size:157 KB

A quick Heretic level in a similar vein to the originals, built and tested for the DOS .EXE. The map takes place in and around a chapel inhabited by an evil cult and resembles the City of the Damned levels visually. This is not quite a speedmap, bu...Date:07/15/12
Size:45 KB

- The Crypts
- This large map is a remake of E1M7 (The Crypts)....Date:06/08/03
Size:255 KB
Author:- Robert Eckhardt

Level Made for Deathmatch, but fun for coop and single. It is a little hard for a single game....Date:03/09/95
Size:92 KB
Author:Craig Gjerdingen

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