3dsonic skin  Filename:3dsonic.zip
Size:114 KB

Diskmaster's Doom II v5.035 PR  Filename:5035pr.zip
Size:233 KB
Author:Benjamin "Diskmaster" Lierman

Gothic99 Player Skin Graphics v1.1  Filename:99player.zip
Something truly wicked this way comes... New player graphics for use with the epic Gothic99...Date:05/19/00
Size:46 KB
Author:Collin Potratz (cryptic0@home.com)

skin alejo by LUISDooMER  Filename:alejo.zip
es el skin de alejo de la serie de alejo y valentina de MTV...Date:05/30/09
Size:525 KB

skin another kula (KOF 2002) by LUISDooMER  Filename:anthkula.zip
es el skin de mi personaje favorito del kof 2002...Date:05/31/09
Size:850 KB

skin athena (KOF 2002-2003) by LUISDooMER  Filename:ath02-03.zip
es 2 skins de un personaje del kof 2002-2003...Date:05/31/09
Size:1370 KB

Banana skin  Filename:banana.zip
You know that banana animation that's been posted at the doomworld forums? Yep, I got bored one night and I decided to convert it into a skin!...Date:01/25/03
Size:4 KB

skin NES BOMBERMAN y bomber-coin (un enemigo si no lo sabias)  Filename:bm-bc.zip
skin de bomberman de la mitica consola NES...Date:05/31/09
Size:160 KB

Blood of Bin Laden Skins  Filename:boblskin.zip
Skins of most monsters from Blood of Bin Laden Monsters project. Skins include most monsters from al-Qaeda, Taliban, and counter terrorism forces. You can be either a U.S. marine, a security guard, a Mujahid w/ various attires, and even the one and o...Date:09/16/13
Size:7660 KB

Bomberman Skin  Filename:bomberma.zip
bomberman from super bomberman...Date:12/05/02
Size:65 KB
Author:Mark "JACKASS" Dravich

bond007.zip  Filename:bond007.zip
Size:50 KB

Cactuar skin  Filename:cactuar.zip
Size:26 KB

Caleb Skin for ZDOOM and Skulltag  Filename:caleb.zip
Caleb from Blood and Blood 2: The Chosen, converted To skin for use with ZDOOM and Skulltag....Date:02/01/01
Size:188 KB
Author:Cacodemon Leader (Gauthier.home@sympatico.ca)

Camo Skin for ZDOOM and Skulltag  Filename:camoskin.zip
Basically what I think the 'ground force' marines would have looked like at the time of Doom....Date:02/08/01
Size:34 KB

skin carlitox by LUISDooMER  Filename:carlitox.zip
es el skin de carlitox de la serie de alejo y valentina de MTV...Date:05/30/09
Size:513 KB

Charmander skins from Attack of the Anatomically Correct Charmanders!  Filename:charskin.zip
This is a 6 skin pack of various charmanders from the upcoming "Attack of the Anatomically Correct Charmanders!" jokewad. As the final product will have models instead of sprites, I've decided to release these pre-release sprites now as a few people ...Date:01/14/10
Size:377 KB
Author:Kilkakon; KonfluxGames

skin del juego challenger (juego de NES no lo sabias)  Filename:chllngr.zip
skin de bchallenger de la mitica consola NES...Date:05/31/09
Size:108 KB

Cor  Filename:cor.zip
Personal skin of mawcor624, but anyone should feel free to use it....Date:02/02/07
Size:28 KB

Cultist skin  Filename:cultist.zip
The Cultist from Blood. What else?...Date:11/03/02
Size:91 KB

Cultist  Filename:cuskin.zip
A Cultist from Blood....Date:11/17/04
Size:102 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

Cutmanmike skin  Filename:cutman.zip
Size:765 KB

Doom64 Guy  Filename:dgskin.zip
The Doom marine from Doom64....Date:05/02/04
Size:97 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

DooMknight's Skin  Filename:dmk-skin.zip
This is my skin that I use to play in ZDaemon, and Skulltag...Date:10/18/05
Size:143 KB

Duke Nukem  Filename:duke.zip
Size:68 KB
Author:Ruddy Palacios

Enforcer skin  Filename:enforcer.zip
The Enforcer from Duke Nukem 3D. Also includes a bot for Skulltag....Date:08/30/06
Size:261 KB

Firebrand / Red Arremer Gargoyle skin  Filename:fbskin.zip
A large, muscled up gargoyle, best known for being in Ghosts n' Goblins and the rest of it's following games. The gargoyle's default color is a light red (IT'S NOT PINK IT'S LIGHT RED)...Date:12/08/04
Size:54 KB

Foxxy skin  Filename:foxxy.zip
Size:1296 KB

Doom Guitarist  Filename:guitaris.zip
This is a simple skin of a guitar wielding marine, which uses the strife player as a base. There are two versions. The one called GuitarST.wad is for Skulltag, it includes a taunt and a botfile. The version called GuitarZD is for use in Zdoom and its...Date:07/01/08
Size:192 KB
Author:Lupinx-ressurected aka. Lupinx-Kassman

Hal skin for Zdoom (and related ports  Filename:hal.zip
Size:90 KB
Author:Carl Celizic (aka Striker)

Half Soldier Skin For Doom Legacy  Filename:halfplay.zip
A walking corpse skin, with no torso. * Note:The intestines on this character were created for a more gore patch (Doomgore 3.0) by the now defunct Doom modding team Chainsaw Productions (well, just the front view of them, actually.) Because the mod...Date:08/11/01
Size:82 KB
Author:Paul Archibald (A.k.a Zipper & Cuisanart of Doom!!!)

High Guard  Filename:hgskin.zip
The High Guard from Rise of The Triad, one of my favorite enemies in the game mainly because of his funny sounds/sprites....Date:01/05/04
Size:77 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

Hound Eye High Definition Skin for ZDOOM/SMMU/Skull Tag/ZDaemon  Filename:houndeye.zip
Size:207 KB
Author:Cacodemon Leader

Hsien-Ko / Lei-Lei skin  Filename:hsienko.zip
Chinese zombie from Darkstalkers did i mention she's a lesbian????? i modeled this btw...Date:05/21/06
Size:412 KB

Hunter Skins  Filename:hskins.zip
A skin pack that adds two new high quality skins, the WitchHunter by Captain Toenail and the Demon Hunter by IcyTux. They are dark, sinister individuals, dedicated to seeking out evil in all forms and banishing it from this world "eat leaden death, d...Date:07/01/09
Size:578 KB
Author:Captain Toenail, IcyTux

HUNT skin pack  Filename:huntpack.zip
A pack of skins for ZDoom & Skulltag featuring the five members of Rise of the Triad's HUNT team. Also includes bots for both ZDoom and Skulltag.(see bottom notes)...Date:06/27/06
Size:381 KB

Inuyasha Skin  Filename:inuyasha.zip
This is a skin based on the popular anime series "Inuyasha" (as if you couldn't tell im a big fan :P)...Date:10/11/04
Size:12 KB
Author:Mike "Inuyasha" Kasten

'Jagd Hund'...His name is JĄger, is well trained; is my dog!  Filename:jagdhund.zip
The Story So Far......Date:06/28/00
Size:119 KB
Author:Javier Fdo. Almenara Otoya.

Jon skin  Filename:jon.zip
A converted skin of Jon, the main character from the game "Power Slave"/"Exhumed". Also comes with a bot file....Date:05/08/06
Size:136 KB

Kroz, IBM-ASCII Char # 002  Filename:kroz.zip
Kroz, one of the millions of smiley-faces that have graced ages-old text mode games in the past, has finally gotten upset at Bill Gates for phasing DOS out of existence. So...he gets his revenge at last!...Date:10/15/04
Size:10 KB

Lemming Player Skin  Filename:lemming.zip
Wonder it would Be as lemming!...Date:08/05/01
Size:19 KB

Low Guard  Filename:lgskin.zip
The Low Guard from Rise of The Triad....Date:03/17/04
Size:78 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

LightDasher  Filename:lightdst.zip
Light Dasher, For Doom...Date:12/28/07
Size:184 KB
Author:Light Dasher

megaman Skin  Filename:megaman.zip
8-bit megaman skin...Date:12/05/02
Size:19 KB
Author:Mark "JACKASS" Dravich

Megaman X Skin  Filename:megamanx.zip
I just wanted to make a Megaman X Skin cuz I love megaman and I cant find one!...Date:10/13/04
Size:70 KB
Author:Mike "Inuyasha" Kasten

Met Skin  Filename:met.zip
The little hat flunkie gets a chance at revenge... Or maybe he's just gona get busted again....Date:11/16/02
Size:446 KB

Monsters Skin Pack  Filename:monster_skins.zip
This is a by-product of learning how to edit wads. I just took the coolest montsers and turned them into player skins. Dunno if it's been done before but, well, I'm doing it now so there :P...Date:02/18/03
Size:438 KB

Mooninite  Filename:moonskin.zip
The Mooninite(s) from Aqua Teen Hunger Force make their way into doom...Date:11/02/04
Size:11 KB
Author:Rei "Zero" Yukamuri

Monster Skins  Filename:mskins.zip
This WAD contains monsters skins from Doom, Doom 64 and SkullTag except for the monster skins that are already in SkullTag....Date:10/18/06
Size:5021 KB
Author:Karate Chris

Enjay Blake Stone Skins  Filename:njblk01.zip
5 Skins based on enemies from Blake Stone. All modified to work as skins under Zdoom....Date:02/23/01
Size:137 KB
Author:Nigel Rowand (Enjay)

Phobos  Filename:phskin.zip
Phobos from Quake 3....Date:10/25/04
Size:125 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

A crate of pickles  Filename:pickles.zip
Crate of pickles. It looks like a crate of rockets...but no, they're UAC certified pickles....Date:02/25/08
Size:24 KB

Pokemon Stadium: Featuring Mario POKESTAD.WAD  Filename:pokestad.zip
This is a graphics WAD with some new sounds and music and has two skins for ZDOOM and DOOM LEGACY...Date:07/17/00
Size:254 KB
Author:John D. Corrado a.k.a. DOOMFLYNN

Predator skin (my version)  Filename:pred.zip
original predator skin was just modified imp and it was terrible, so I made my own version....Date:05/24/05
Size:78 KB

Racist skin  Filename:racist.zip
Size:184 KB

Wuffy Skin  Filename:rf_wuffy.zip
Werewolf skin...Date:09/15/06
Size:650 KB

Skin roll para doom doom2  Filename:roll.zip
skin de roll (hermana o algo asi de megaman) del juego Marvel Vs Capcom...Date:05/29/09
Size:207 KB

skin rugal (KOF 2002) by LUISDooMER  Filename:rugal.zip
es el skin de mi otro personaje favorito del kof 2002...Date:05/31/09
Size:260 KB

Scientist Skin  Filename:sciskin.zip
Size:20 KB

'Skins 2000'...A group of 'FIVE' new replacements!  Filename:skin2000.zip
So, which are the files inside this Wadfile?... You will find here: - GutenTag.Wad - PeruHero.Wad - ManoWar.Wad - TheMonk.Wad - JagdHund.Wad...Date:06/28/00
Size:562 KB
Author:Javier Fdo. Almenara Otoya.

125 Skins  Filename:skins.zip
This is a skin pack for use with ZDoom Engine. The...Date:06/10/04
Size:8250 KB

skins solomons key y fire-n-ice (A.K.A solomons key 2)  Filename:slkskins.zip
skins solomons key 1-2 de la mitica consola NES...Date:05/31/09
Size:1027 KB

Spector  Filename:spector.zip
.......uh, some evil DOOM trooper i guess...Date:06/19/06
Size:81 KB
Author:PuN!sHeR 13 (seen me on SkullTAG?)

StrifeGuy skin  Filename:strifegy.zip
One night, a person who goes by the screename "MasterOFDeath", was quite bored. Tired of mapping for the day, because of just having finished MoDDM2 map02, he was toying around with skins and was shocked when he noticed that there was not a single sk...Date:12/12/04
Size:111 KB

Female Skin  Filename:s_female.zip
This is a simple skin for Zdoom or Legacy. It is a female marine, with graphics from Cory Whittle's Immoral Conduct. Status bar face isn't included in this version, but a future release will....Date:08/05/03
Size:347 KB

Taradino Cassatt  Filename:tcskin.zip
Taradino Cassatt, one of five playable characters from Rise of the Triad.**Now with custom color support**...Date:01/03/04
Size:88 KB
Author:Matt Cibulas (A.k.a RottKing)

< TomsSkin >  Filename:tomsskin.zip
This is my personal skin so only I can use it, but I would also be happy to see it everywhere! So you can use it too....Date:08/08/04
Size:438 KB
Author:Toms Gailitis

DoomGuy Variants  Filename:variants.zip
7 Variants on the Doom marine Skin (see details below) Nuthin' too fancy, just an afternoon's cutting and pasting....Date:07/18/03
Size:304 KB
Author:Nigel Rowand (Enjay)

Werewolf Skin  Filename:wereskin.zip
A player skin for use with various ports or whatever...Date:05/02/04
Size:129 KB

Xaser Skin  Filename:xasrskin.zip
This is a strange skin I created just for the hell of it. You know how many people have personal skins that they always use? Well, here's mine. Whatever....Date:07/17/04
Size:293 KB

XXLFragger Skin  Filename:xxlfrag.zip
Size:37 KB

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