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To the Tower of Babel
The levels are sort of a mix between techbase and hell themed levels. It took me some time to do all of this, and I checked everything so it should work....Date:10/05/13
Size:748 KB

Abu Baker Al Big Daddy Adventures
While waging glorious jihad in a poorly built city, your suicide bombers turn against you!...Date:03/06/15
Size:5730 KB

Forest of Agony
This wad is easily the most frightening thing I have ever made. On that note, it's also the most frightening thing you will ever play. It's not just some ghoul rip-off. No, it's much more than that. The excellent use of ambience and map effects used ...Date:01/03/09
Size:1412 KB

Ancient Mountain Temple
Story: A few years after the events of Doom 2, the UAC, still not having learned their lesson, began experimenting with teleporter technology again. After successfully developing a functional teleporter, the UAC sent in a team of marines and scientis...Date:08/17/15
Size:222 KB
Author:Jones Wilson

You are the last human alive, you must defeat the alien race that destroyed humanity or die trying....Date:06/11/13
Size:73 KB

Aquarius In Court
An youtube celebrity Aquarius has gone to the court by making several crime's against terry's wad's by saying that they are crappy. go and see who wins the battle of truth!...Date:05/17/14
Size:391 KB
Author:terkar sergant

Aquarius Gets Mad
Aquarius gets finally mad to terry's bullshit!...Date:06/25/14
Size:2672 KB
Author:terkar sergant

ATG VS Humans
Two teams duke it out until only one is the winner. Destined to hate eachother because of their differences, the only option seems to be to fight. The ATG team and Human team fight it out in whatever arena you choose. The winner can only be determine...Date:08/17/15
Size:4907 KB

Aurora Pack
This is a pack of action packed maps, 8 in total. You cross the seas, you go around the city, to save your country. This is also a 8 player map, so it goes well for a small time killer with your friends!...Date:08/08/14
Size:17231 KB

Angry Video Game Nerd in DOOM!
Here you go, a full wad with 1 level of DOOM action with the theme of the AVGN! The plot is based on the AVGN movie where he must find E.T for the atari, which according to the AVGN is the worst game ever made.. However many of the games that AVGN de...Date:09/20/14
Size:1431 KB
Author:Henryk Johnny

The Awful Apocalypse
Earth has been hit by a meteor possibly as strong as the one that killed off the dinosaurs. This impact made a huge hole that went into the depths of the Earth, causing demons to come to the surface and cause more havoc than the meteor. You must kill...Date:04/07/14
Size:3584 KB

Before the Nightmare
The mastermind has perished at your hands, you have single-handedly fought your way through all of hell. Feeling like you're on top of the world you return to Command HQ, thinking you're ready for anything they can throw at you. They tell you to clea...Date:03/12/15
Size:44849 KB

Brutal Doom Sound and Music Pack!
Ok, so many people have been PMing me on Youtube to make a Brutal Doom recommended WAD. So I made one. This contains amazing metal soundtracks as well as kick-ass sounds that replace all the sounds and music in DOOM 2. I was too lazy to make them for...Date:11/22/14
Size:14854 KB

The Belly of The Beast
My first megawad. there isn't much of a story, but the gameplay is phenomenal....Date:05/11/13
Size:13314 KB
Author:Jerry Berg

Blood River
After hours of battle, you come close to the end, and hunt down every last demon hell has to offer....Date:03/23/15
Size:354 KB
Author:Geraldo Flannigan

Adventures of the typical DoomWorld reviewer Part 2!
The sequel to the critically acclaimed WAD, butthurt.wad, is now here! With new characters like Doominer991, N00bers, and that guy who thinks anyone who rates 5 stars on a Terry WAD is the author (or part of GE)! Hold onto your pants, as it's gonna...Date:02/14/15
Size:1514 KB

Adventures of the typical DoomWorld reviewer!
This is what I assume every DoomWorld /idgames reviewer is like. I'm looking specifically at Doominer991 and Bloodshedder....Date:10/18/14
Size:1553 KB

Cold Darkness
You play as Sergeant Kane who works for UAC and you are trapped in an arctic land with nobody. Luckily, you see a base and enter it while finding a deep and silent hole....Date:07/03/14
Size:10992 KB

Chemical Depot 6
After clearing out the UAC's nukage processing plant, you make your way through the chemical depot, leaving behind a trail of demon blood. The demons had taken over the facility to breed a new, more powerful set of demons. Now, it is up to you to shu...Date:08/17/15
Size:6 KB
Author:Poppy Jones

Chemical Station 474
This is my first wad for vanilla doom. I didn't test it with the original EXE but it works with Chocolate Doom. I'm not very good at detailing and it's a little short, but I hopy you enjoy it!...Date:08/15/14
Size:175 KB
Author:James Kurtwick

Demon Experiments
An experiment on imprisoned demons at UAC HQ has gone horribly wrong. The anaesthetic that was injected into the demons was the wrong kind, lasting too short. Demons are wreaking havoc in the labs, and have slaughtered everyone there. Except you. You...Date:03/27/15
Size:3922 KB

The Demon Infested UAC Base
Yet another UAC base was infested with demons after yet another freak accident, you have dealt with this many times, so it's time to kick some ass....Date:08/01/14
Size:1617 KB
Author:Naughty Wilson

Demonic Adventure
Demonic Adventure can be best described as innovation within the Doom wad community. This is perhaps some of my best work, and it shows. Tested by a team of four people, Demonic Adventure has you killing monsters, rescuing prisoners, following object...Date:08/30/13
Size:22579 KB
Author:Kyle Hudak

Deimos Labs
Deimos Labs is a wad I started a few years back. Even though it's only a single map, every time I began mapping, I'd say, "No, this isn't how I want it to look," and then I'd start over from the beginning. This happened numerous times, and after stud...Date:08/17/15
Size:301 KB
Author:Smashy Smith

DoomCraft (Minecraft Doom)
You are in minecraft, and need to fight your way back to your house. There are dangerous cave routes in your path....Date:02/13/14
Size:11395 KB

Doomsday Machine
A spy recently sneaked into an earth UAC base and planted what can only be described as a Doomsday Machine, which has been making demons appear left and right. Your mission is to find and destroy the Doomsday Machine before it summons enough Demons t...Date:07/05/12
Size:5566 KB
Author:Jon the Sniper

Doomsday's Vault
This level is composed of several levels that I made for a cancelled 4 level wad. I didn't want all my time to go to waste, so I put them together and made this. .::STORY I MADE UP::. While your first victories were enough to put the Icon of Sin's ...Date:06/09/15
Size:4344 KB

Drew Pickles Doom!
That's right, your favourite homosexual faggot is here, in Doom! Fight his gay powers and destroy Carnland!...Date:03/27/14
Size:2765 KB

Drop Zone
The Plutonia Experiment. Alien Vendetta. Brutal Doom. All revolutionary in their days, but they all pale in comparison to this, the ultimate DOOM experience! It's so great, so expansive, that MegaWAD is not a sufficient term to describe it! Introduci...Date:06/01/14
Size:7859 KB

Death of Mars
Here it is in all of its pure unadulterated glory. Death of Mars. I originally tried to upload it to /idgames over half a year ago, but it had over 1.5 gigabytes of filesize bloatage, and got rejected. Therefore starting the entire Terry WAD purge. S...Date:12/10/14
Size:1687 KB

Enigmatic Hell
I have been developing an experimental Doom Wad. It has two classes to choose, both with weaknesses and strengths. You and your sister are in their home in a power outage. You search for your parents, but the demons await you. Locked away in your ...Date:05/30/15
Size:45852 KB
Author:Eziam Grand1

You, the marine, was sent to destroy the cpu held at the enemies stronghold. It won't be easy, but it will be some adventure......Date:03/23/14
Size:27082 KB

Earth's Fall
It is done, after months of work, the best gameplay mod is completed, with such balance and interesting ideas, this is sure to make you drool at the quality of my work. This requires zdoom to play....Date:11/21/12
Size:19812 KB

Escape the Inferno
Hell has successfully destroyed earth, however one marine has managed to survive and has awaken in hell itself, how will you destroy the evil and revert all of this destruction all by yourself? This requires skulltag to play....Date:09/09/12
Size:9565 KB

Size:5586 KB

Fatal Arena: Battle For Glory
You will come face to face with the ultimate evil. Can you succeed?...Date:11/14/14
Size:2073 KB
Author:Cake Doomer

The Final Invasion
On Venus, hell has overtook an ancient alien temple in the Bula-Heni valley. You recently discovered it when you were searching for demons that escaped a containment facility. It has the demons you were looking for that were contained. Now go kill th...Date:11/22/14
Size:1062 KB

Fortress of Doom
These are 3 levels I have been working on for the past month, they should be very stable and each map has its own theme to it. If it is buggy then you may be using the wrong source port....Date:05/22/14
Size:827 KB

Freezing Death - Murmansk Flak Tower #24
This is my second wad, this one has a winter theme to it. This wad is even better than my first one, and it gets even better the closer to the ending you get. I worked quite hard to get the difficulty levels to work, especially when it bugged out and...Date:03/10/15
Size:462 KB
Author:Nigel "Masked Doomer" Cooke

Frozen Wastes
The disaster struck in the cold and unforgiving mountains. You are the lone survivor, a marine. Now you have to fight the horrors which await and survive through the cold for your bare survival....Date:03/22/14
Size:14166 KB
Author:Jones Smith

The Genocide Project (Prelude)
It is the year 2026, the world is in chaos. There is no clean drinking water for the west, global scarcity, barely any electronics, starvation and poverty everywhere, and worst of all... The corporations that run the world have all the resources they...Date:01/04/13
Size:5900 KB

Days of Xornox - Days of GZDoom - Prologue
After a year in development, the GZDoom remake for the critically panned "Days of Xornox" series is finally finished. A collaboration project between Ogre and Matthew Jury, this project has complex ACS scripts, detailed environments, epic story, and ...Date:05/05/14
Size:458 KB
Author:Ogre and Matthew

Hell Attack
All hell has broke loose at a Mars Research Facility. Demons have crossed into the dimension that we live in. You are the sole survivor of this ambush. You must find a way to stop the outbreak and the beasts from crossing into this realm for good....Date:04/06/14
Size:3518 KB

Hell's Cage
You find yourself trapped within the fire of a hellish temple, and have to fight the demons to escape....Date:03/05/13
Size:15205 KB

Hell Depository
A hell-themed map made in a few months. It has skulltag textures in the WAD and also a few others. I put quite a lot of detail into this, so I hope you like it!...Date:10/06/14
Size:2115 KB

Hell's Dungeon
It's a big dungeon in Hell, fight the boss and face the challenges. Have fun. ZDoom scripting....Date:07/01/14
Size:6699 KB

Hellfire Fortress
An experimental WAD that puts you in the shoes of the Unnamed Marine from the classic DOOM 1 and 2 games. It is sort of a "deleted scene" from the Inferno episode of DOOM....Date:09/02/12
Size:36 KB

Grand Amargeddon Year 2012
A wad for weirdos. THIS WAD CAN BE BEATEN WITHOUT A SINGLE "ID" CHEAT. Think out of the box....Date:03/01/15
Size:17716 KB

The Horrible Plane Ride
Taking a plane to a military base may not seem like a big hassle. But this flight, had something very amiss. Demons snuck onto the plane and have killed all of your mates. You have to kill all the demons, find a way to the cockpit, and help land the ...Date:04/13/14
Size:3725 KB

Infected Base
Sealed off for health reasons, a UAC outpost has been mysteriously reactivated. You and your team have been assigned to investigate. Beware, you may not like what you find......Date:07/27/14
Size:23 KB
Author:Cheeky Wilson (reuploaded by nambona890)

Infernal Nuclear Plant
Inspired by caustlab.wad, infebase.wad, here comes a small map I made with GZDoom Builder. I made it within about a month, and I had to fit it in with my personal life, and terry-wads. But you haven't seen anything like this before from me, with ...Date:08/23/14
Size:77 KB

Infernal Outpost
This is a map I made a few months ago to play with a few friends in coop. I tried not to go overboard with scripting and such so I could instead use a few clever mapping tricks....Date:08/17/15
Size:513 KB
Author:Terry (Impersonated as Captain Toenail)

Infernal Storm
An oldschool E3-style map. I believe this is my best work so far. It provides a decent challenge with small armies of demons and fair supplies. UV difficulty also adds Skulltag enemies in the mix....Date:07/11/14
Size:1345 KB
Author:Marvin "OneTrueCyber" Moore

Joey's Challenge Pack! (reupload)
The best collection of difficult maps are here! Fight your way through the toughest enemies and bosses you'll ever see in 7 glorious jaw-dropping maps! This requires skulltag to play....Date:05/16/14
Size:9997 KB
Author:Joey (reuploaded by neo-hc)

This is my first wad so tell me if theres some problems, i will fix them if is... evil try's to attack to your home base so you have to stop it, you drop to enemies save wich come's to be a nightmare......Date:03/15/14
Size:26350 KB
Author:terkar sergant

The Lava Labs
I'd like to apologize for the last couple of WADs I uploaded. Those were only mere tests and now I'm being completely serious now. As the space marine travels through the pits of what seems like several UAC bases where it is found out they are purp...Date:07/26/13
Size:1770 KB
Author:Jim Flannigan

Lavender weapon facilities are under attack! Weapon sprites, weapon sounds and music were made by me....Date:05/10/14
Size:24194 KB

Llewe's Arena
Here you go, a beautiful arena where you face off a special type of evil....Date:07/31/13
Size:559 KB

Llewe's Fortress
Llewe is back to wreck havoc! Stop him at all costs! Special thanks to MatthewDoomer for the original masterpiece....Date:10/05/13
Size:7699 KB

The Lost Realm
You awake, uncomfortable and confused. You do not know where you are. You see a purple light shining at the end of the cave. As you near the light, you feel a terrifying heat on your shoulders... The Lost Realm is a single map that is set in the "v...Date:11/02/13
Size:709 KB
Author:Kyle Hudak

Millennia Invasion
1 millennia ago, an epic invasion was planned on some distant planet and their goal is to wipe out earth of it's inhabitants. An invasion that humanity itself being unable to predict and prepare for the attack, must quickly find a solution to defeat ...Date:09/29/12
Size:28267 KB
Author:Doomguy 2000

Magma Tower
A grill has been captured by demons and is being held hostage in the Magma Tower! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the grill!?...Date:03/29/15
Size:1426 KB

Maw of Doom!
A fun little map with some scripting, no real story, but it's lotsa fun! WARNING: I recommend using mouselook to avoid traps. Have fun!...Date:10/06/13
Size:9478 KB

The Main Server Outpost
You must hack into the system to see what the monsters have planned, only to find out that the monsters actually plan to nuke your home planet! Now it's up to you to save your planet!...Date:04/29/13
Size:446 KB

Nambona890's Map Pack!
I made 4 maps for you guys to play, 1 of them being a secret level, that is guaranteed to make you sh*t your pants! So get ready for my epic maps!...Date:05/23/14
Size:2439 KB

The New Order
It's clear to me that there are very few strife wads on /idgames, so I decided why not make a strife wad? Enjoy a level of fun strife action!...Date:01/25/15
Size:349 KB
Author:Henryk Johnny

No hopes
You woke up in a strange and mysterious laboratory. No memories, no knowledge of your past. Now it's up to you! Could you find a way out and discover what's being this story?...Date:04/01/14
Size:17099 KB

The Nuclear Base
I decided that for my first wad, I should do a good job on it. So here it is! ntbmishp!...Date:05/05/14
Size:585 KB
Author:Max Pick

Nukage Processing Plant
Communication with the UAC's toxin plant has been lost, and the same fate has been brought upon all of their teams they've sent in so far. Now they are sending you, their best of the best, to figure out what's really going on. The ending will leave y...Date:08/17/15
Size:23 KB
Author:Poppy Jones

The Overlord's Palace
You are in the Overlord's palace, trapped! You tried to find a way out without starting something, but there was no luck. Now, you must defeat the Overlord, and claim your reward!...Date:05/01/13
Size:892 KB

Perrile Base
After the war began in 2021, demons have been hiding in certain zones and invading them. These demons have been killing and destroying zones for several years. Marines have been reported, but they have dissapeared for unknown reasons. The demons then...Date:07/02/14
Size:4196 KB

Pitch Black
"The demons. They were everywhere. A black hole broke the sky near the base. It was the duty of the UAC Marines to get rid of them, forever. It was a tough job, but peace is what everyone wants."...Date:10/16/14
Size:14184 KB

Portal Facility
A UAC teleporter facility has been overrun by demons. You must venture inside and slay the demons before they attack Earth again....Date:03/04/13
Size:4538 KB

Rocky Catacombs
I relised there aren't too many maps done for Heretic, so I made this. A map which has rocky areas filled with lava and some catacomb mazes. It also makes good use of the difficulty system: Easy: Few enemies, plentiful supplies. Normal: Some enem...Date:05/11/14
Size:4169 KB
Author:Marvin "OneTrueCyber" Moore

Save The Road
Save the road, pretty much a strait forward road, with nothing else but road... Except a hint of imagination......Date:05/10/14
Size:6907 KB

Spooky Caves
This is a single player map. It takes place at night, and i reccomend playing with opengl. It looks crappy in software mode. I also recommend using the automap. You'll never find your way out without it. I tried to release this on Halloween, but u...Date:01/01/14
Size:9792 KB

Scuba Steve's Epic Adventure
One fine day Scuba Steve decided to go out and have an adventure. This is what happened....Date:12/21/12
Size:1909 KB
Author:Uncle Cracker

Secret Laboratory
Deep down inside the star base of the UAC lies a secret laboratory where there is dark testing going on for things that cannot be revealed in this document. Your mission is to infiltrate the secret laboratory and find out what the now-rogue UAC has t...Date:06/30/13
Size:343 KB
Author:Jim Flannigan

Shrek in Doom
The UAC built a base in a swamp. What they did not realize, was that this swamp, was home to one of the most terrifying monsters ever. Shrek. And remember, if he kills you, it will be all ogre....Date:05/10/14
Size:7223 KB
Author:Max Pick

Sights of Agony
After hell's invasion of Earth, the UAC set up giant floating cities while the remaining population re-built human society on Earth. While patroling the Earth's surface, shooting the remaining imps and zombies, you get a radio transmission from one...Date:07/27/14
Size:5876 KB
Author:Zacharie Roberts (reuploaded by nambona890

Silos of Doom
The UAC have gone corrupt, and are threatening to nuke the Earth from orbit from a remote space station unless the United Earth Government swears their sovreignty to the UAC's mysterious CEO. You have been sent as an agent to infiltrate the space s...Date:05/10/14
Size:962 KB
Author:Chelsea Roberts

Secrets of Hell
This wad replaces map01 of Doom2. After the first attacks on human kind, the UAC scientists have been busy hunting down a weakness to these demons. They did not find one, but they did find the place that would answer all of their questions. You are...Date:09/26/08
Size:352 KB

Space Front (reuploaded)
You are a Marine stuck in a Military Zone in space and you have to escape it. There are various monsters to kill and obstacles to complete....Date:07/04/14
Size:3355 KB

Stuck in Hell
You're a Doom Marine. You're stuck in a tricky place of Hell. This map is something I started as a learning ground for making some new scripts. It ended up having some challenging puzzles and I thought it could be shared to you folks....Date:10/08/13
Size:9111 KB

Spooky Woods
This is a ghoul-like wad that is meant to scare you. It's not just one of those 'jump' wads; where you just get one scare out of it. This will leave you shaking with fear for hours to come due to the ambience of the map. Have fun, and don't get too s...Date:11/25/08
Size:387 KB

Temple of Baphomet
A hell/marble themed map. Has a couple of sounds from Heretic and a song from Unreal to give the map some ambiance. It doesn't have the best detail but I hope you enjoy it....Date:04/13/14
Size:861 KB
Author:Marvin "OneTrueCyber" Moore

The Terrible Situation
Some new form of demon has landed into the mars, and terminated all mars's basic monsters, you must defeat the demon or it will destroy mars permanently....Date:05/17/14
Size:3922 KB
Author:terkar sergant

the Arsenal
Your in a base when you see all of your marines dead. You pick up behind your spot and see what did this and what caused it. You get your lazy butt up and before you know it something has came to you...Date:12/23/12
Size:54 KB

The Illusion War
The illusion has suck'd you into big battle of humankind. Your mission is to destroy all demons that support evil system of radioactive wasteland....Date:04/11/14
Size:3736 KB
Author:terkar sergant

The Life Sector
the doomguy has lost he's life power. help him to get he's life back!...Date:05/28/14
Size:1779 KB
Author:terkar sergant

The Outdoor Invasion
Demons have captured the mountain base, you need to defeat all of them and make the base free to human's....Date:06/02/14
Size:5303 KB
Author:terkar sergant

The Lost Temple
You are on a mission to stop a hellspawn in the lost temples of egypt, good luck, it will be a insane challenge!...Date:08/12/11
Size:24243 KB

Temple of Chaos
The UAC has once again taken it upon themselves to experiment with teleportation. Believing that they have succeeded this time, they sent in an entire team of researchers and marines. However, instead of arriving at the destination platform, they mys...Date:11/22/14
Size:340 KB
Author:Mark "Thomson" Jones (aka Terry)

Temple of Death
The worst case scenario has happened, a temple with ancient ruins has been taken over by demons. Stop them before they escape and attack the rest of Earth....Date:05/07/14
Size:4048 KB
Author:Bob Wilson

The Toxin Base
A fun deathmatch level made in 3 days....Date:05/31/14
Size:1147 KB

The Temple of La Bula
In 1976, an archaeologist found a very strange ancient temple in the Iranian desert. Scientists then researched the temple and found a gateway teleporter to it. When they entered it, everything was empty but they found a portal. They have been constr...Date:07/11/14
Size:10791 KB

The UAC Basement
You're a janitor in the basement of the UAC basement to get some supplies, you hear gunshots, and you find a gun in the closet. It's now up to you to save the lives of the marines upstairs...Date:06/30/13
Size:7905 KB

UAC: Base Omega PART 1
The UAC is once again attacked by the enemy. They tried to preempt the new attack, and built devices to counter the demons. They were successful at first, the demons were forced back in a matter of minutes. However, a new enemy has emerged, and has b...Date:06/04/13
Size:888 KB

UAC: Base Omega PART 2
The exciting fan-made sequel to the masterpiece that every gamer is calling "beautiful, amazing", made by famous superstar, Bob Bobos....Date:06/07/13
Size:1147 KB

UAC Military Nightmare 2
So after a fucking year of slacking off, constant loss of interest, lack of ideas, computer issues, real life stuff, and headaches from bugs; I present to you: UAC Military Nightmare 2. Way back in march of 2012, many people wanted me to do videos ...Date:06/19/13
Size:60967 KB

UAC Military Nightmare (updated version)
The UAC is once again, concocting more groundbreaking experiments on teleportation. They thought they were ready to handle everything that came their way. While traveling between dimensions, something unexpected happened. An unknown enemy force appea...Date:05/05/14
Size:4022 KB
Author:Terry (Re-uploaded by the Neo-HC clan)

Raid on UAC
A 9-level long wad that replaces E1 of Doom. Has vanilla-style gameplay but with a few GZDoom effects added to it. This was at first intended to be a co-op wad but I changed my mind because I got stuck on the scripting. I hope you enjoy this w...Date:12/28/13
Size:432 KB

Tales of the UAC
Just 2 maps of scripted vanilla goodness! I spent quite some time making these maps checking for bugs, detailing, etc. So it should be good for most people....Date:05/05/14
Size:72 KB
Author:Chelsea Roberts

Rise of the Undead Cardinals
You are Pastor Greg Herbert, you have recently been hearing a strange voice from the Church Basement. As you investigate, you discover a large portal. Daring to enter, you load up your pistol and go inside....Date:09/02/12
Size:476 KB

Unholy Demise
Have you ever played a wad which was so excellent that it made your mouth drop in sheer astonishment? Most likely not. But today, you certainly will. I have crafted an absolute masterpiece. A masterpiece of not just detail, but excellent gameplay in ...Date:08/26/14
Size:985 KB
Author:Terry (re-uploaded by someone else)

The UAC Water Refinery - Part 2
** MEANT TO PLAY ON DOOM2.EXE ** This is the second part of The UAC Water Refinery. I have added three new textures, which replace the blood-puking head-statue from the original Doom. The detail has been cut down a little, due to the limits of Va...Date:07/11/13
Size:195 KB

The UAC Sewage Department
Alas, after a few months of deciding when to upload this, and many changes after deciding not to, finally this masterpiece will be delivered to your doorstep....Date:08/24/14
Size:3230 KB

The Valley Temple
Size:398 KB
Author:Naughty Wilson

Viol Facility
Size:901 KB

Valletta's Doom Nightmare
One day someone named Valletta was playing horror games all the time, 3 hours later, he was tired to play all these games, so he went to bed, sleeping on his comfortable bed, during at 1:50 PM, he started dreaming, a really strange, weirdest, crappie...Date:03/05/14
Size:36179 KB
Author:John Leagsdurg

Vortex of Evil
You have been transported into another dimension by one of the UAC's new experiments. You have no idea where you are, or what awaits for you in this seemingly endless void. You must escape this dimension in order to survive. But, what awaits you in t...Date:11/30/08
Size:6 KB

World of Monsters
You received a transmission from your commander and he informed you that he lost contact with the Mars Base and he asked you to check it out. After you got prepared, you were transported in a space ship all the way to the Mars Base....Date:06/24/14
Size:6703 KB
Author:Nambona890 (Uploaded by 08scatman)

World of Anarchy
Here's a generic deathmatch wad i made from months of procrastination. It's actually a representation of how today's deathmatch wads look, missing that good old fragtastic feeling. This level may or may not be an exception, i'll let you be the judge ...Date:03/01/15
Size:1735 KB

X - Part 2: The Second Brood
The unofficial second part of Ogre's amazing wad (with permission), you find the main area of the UAC Earth-HQ after aimlessly wandering looking for it....Date:05/31/14
Size:888 KB

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