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This software has been placed into the public domain to establish a reference point for comparing the performance of PC compatible VGA systems. The 3D benchmark is arrived at by timing one cycle of a continuous 3-dimensional...Date:05/12/94
Size:59 KB

This is a corrected version of ALL-WALL.GIF, which contains TEKWALL4. The 900*4128 size and the palette have been kept the same; I've just squeezed in this extra piece. Let me comment, first, that the graphics here have been downsized--the averag...Date:07/12/94
Size:1216 KB
Size:11 KB

Blank screen graphics for Help screens and skulls. (The BOSS KEY COMBO)...Date:09/12/94
Size:8 KB
Author:Michael Ray Lovett
Size:22 KB
Size:2 KB

Command Line Assistant 1.0 alpha
The purpose of this program is to help in using programs that take long command-lines, such as Olivier Montanuy's DeuTex. The idea is that you type something short and snappy, like: cla -make and CLA consults a data file and executes ...Date:11/09/95
Size:67 KB
Author:Avery Andrews

COOLMP v1.00a
- Show what parameters were in effect for record. - Scan through LMPs to see whether data is valid. - Analyse data to show: - Use of keyboard or mouse. - Player movement statistics. - Use of TURBO, PAUSE, or SAVE. - Find when the...Date:07/17/95
Size:29 KB
Author:John Ripley

Doom External Control API
This is some example code that uses Doom's external control API (the -control command line parameter). Vanilla (DOS) Doom supports a little-known command line parameter named -control. This parameter allows an external program to inject movement ev...Date:10/09/11
Size:51 KB
Author:Simon Howard
Size:98 KB
Author:Rand Phares ( Co-author of Cleimos & Cleimos2 Member of TeamTNT, contributor to I
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Size:866 KB
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Doom Keyboard Spinner v0.50Beta
DMS is a tiny TSR (1.3K bytes resident) that intercepts Doom's calls to the mouse driver. By clicking the mouse buttons that you define, it will instantly turn you 180 degrees -- facing the exact opposite direction. Cranking up your mouse driver...Date:07/30/95
Size:9 KB
Author:Phil Pattengale & Gary Gesmundo

Doom95 demo recording bug fix
There is a bug in Doom95 which prevents demo recording: as soon as you get into the game, Doom95 dumps you back to the desktop with an "I_Error says: demo recorded". I hax0red Doom95's doomlnch.dll and now demo recording works as it is sup...Date:11/26/01
Size:49 KB

Replaces the COLORMAP and PLAYPAL entries (Which, thanks to id, you CAN load in a pwad) so that (with colormap) you have permanent light-amp and (with playpal) the screen doesn't turn that obnoxious nasty red color when you get kissed by a rocket. Th...Date:02/02/95
Size:4 KB
Author:Nathan Vack

DMCHECK a utility to check the version of DOOM, to check if the installed version is registered or not, to verify the available free disk space, to change or display the date/time of a file and to show a prompt while waiting for a key to be pre...Date:03/19/95
Size:47 KB
Author:Jean-Serge Gagnon

Tired of the Dark Passages and Flashing Mazes of DOOM? Try DOOM-Lite and fear the Dark no more!...Date:04/17/94
Size:1 KB
Author:Bill Neisius

DMPS: The Doom PostScript Map Generator, Version 2.0
This program produces PostScript maps of Doom levels, extracted from WAD files. Thick lines represent solid walls on the map. Black circles represent objects. The letters inside represent what kind of object it is. Black circles with arro...Date:09/27/95
Size:26 KB
Author:Steve W Brewer

DooM PostScript Maps Utility v2.6
DMPSMU is an interactive utility on Unix and DOS (source code included) to generate PostScript maps of levels in DOOM, DOOM ][, Ultimate DOOM and Heretic. It offers several advanced features: - detailed control over layout and appearance of...Date:08/30/95
Size:198 KB
Author:Frans P. de Vries

DOOM Mouse Spinner v0.15
Ever had the problem of a monster or deathmatch opponent sneaking up behind you? Ever needed to turn around *now*? With DMS, you can rotate your player 180 degrees with a click of the mouse!...Date:06/29/95
Size:7 KB
Author:Lincoln Yeoh
Size:31 KB

Doom Color Changer (DOOMCC3)
This program modifies the DOOM.WAD (or DOOM2.WAD) files' player pictures. This allows a you to change the way other players are viewed in a multi-player game. If you are playing a cooperative game, you can make the players white so they stand out and...Date:09/02/95
Size:132 KB
Author:Douglas L. Leininger
With this driver you can use the Mattel PowerGlove with Doom. Don't run the mouse drive! Run only doomglov.exe and then Doom....Date:05/12/94
Size:21 KB
Author:Carlo Carenini & Antonio Tarquini

Doom HPGL map generator
This program produces HPGL maps of Doom levels, extracted from the Wad file. Thick lines represent solid walls on the map. Gray lines represent secret passages....Date:05/14/94
Size:26 KB
Author:James Bonfield

Doom and Alien icons, and a Windows PIF file for running Doom 1.2
Provided in this ZIP archive is the PIF file I use for running Doom under Windows. I have found that, for my system, running unders Windows cures the PS/2 mouse freaking experienced with this version. No promises for anyone else, but you may want ...Date:08/21/94
Size:5 KB
Author:Ian Jefferies

Doom Juice
Having trouble with Doom? Are you finding those Imps just a little too feisty, do you run out of ammo, long before your finger releases the trigger even with the IDKFA cheat?, in essence, Do you wish you had a bigger backpack? Doom Juice can gi...Date:05/17/94
Size:47 KB
This is my first attempt at a DOOM-like rendering engine. See the included "" file for details....Date:12/15/94
Size:195 KB
Author:Steve Larsen

DOOM Regi-Like
(REQUIRES ZDOOM OR A ZDOOM BASED PORT!) An improved version of the WAD i uploaded earlier but requested to remove it so i can improve it. This is for those who miss the Registered version of DOOM. This WAD makes your copy of Ultimate DOOM look much...Date:07/01/13
Size:127 KB
Size:17 KB

DOOMSAVER is freeware that animates id Software's Doom characters across your screen. It works only with the registered mail-order version of Doom. DOOMSAVER contains no bitmapped graphics data from Doom. It loads all graphics from the DOO...Date:06/06/94
Size:24 KB
Author:Dave Nix

of Program and Version :Doom (Hi Color).Theme Suggested Category (optional) :Windows\Desktop\themesW
Size:565 KB

Doom PostScript map generator. V1.2
This program produces PostScript maps of Doom levels, extracted from the Wad file. The program is written for the UNIX operating system, and so you need a method of transfering your doom.wad file, (or perhaps having it visible by, say, mounting yo...Date:05/13/94
Size:28 KB
Author:Gerhard Karnik
This program is used to benchmark DOOM servers....Date:07/23/95
Size:14 KB

DemoTool 1.2d
DemoTool is just what it's name says: a tool for demos. Currently, DemoTool can read a demo from any Doom or Doom 2 version at or above v1.4 (the demo format header changed significantly at version 1.4). It will display the version the demo was re...Date:07/11/95
Size:10 KB
Author:Scott Long

DXF2WAD v1.0
DXF2WAD is a simple program to read entities of type LINE, ARC, and CIRCLE from a DXF file and create the appropriate vertices and linedefs in a wad file. CIRCLEs and ARCs are converted to polygon/polygon segments. Supports level formats for...Date:02/05/95
Size:29 KB
Author:Tim Dedischew
This is the floating points math coprocessor emulation program for use with BSP v1.1x. If you don't have a maths co-processor then download this in order to use BSP v1.1x....Date:05/17/94
Size:15 KB

ENDOOMER is used to edit ENDOOM data that is stored in a IWAD or PWAD. ENDOOM DATA, if you were not already aware, is used by DOOM to print colour text ending messages that appear on the screen when you quit DOOM. ENDOOMs are good to use if you w...Date:11/03/95
Size:41 KB
Author:Zink The Dink
This mouse driver solved my PS/2 mouse problems, so I thought I'd upload it for others to try!...Date:06/23/94
Size:143 KB
Size:284 KB

This PWAD eliminates dark and flashing areas of Heretic, keeping the game at a consistantly bright light level. ...Date:02/05/95
Size:1 KB
Author:Eric Duprey

ICE V1.21
Ice is a file splicer for storing storing self extracting PKzip's,ARJs, LHARCs etc. It creates files which are compatible for use with id's DE-ICE. The main reason for writing it was to store sets of PWADS etc. in a nice easy format for installin...Date:03/30/95
Size:13 KB
the partial invisiblity doesn't respawn in deathmatch 2.0 in doom ][. it was totally annoyed me, so i've coded this stuff. i don't want the invulnerablity to respawn coz it will ruin the game. enjoy this stuff. btw radiation shielding suit WILL NOT...Date:02/23/95
Size:9 KB

LMPC 2.8.0
LMPC is the LMP Control Center. LMPC helps you to handle LMP files. ...Date:10/05/95
Size:138 KB
Author:Uwe Girlich
Size:20 KB

LMPIT demo editor 1.0
LMPIT is a Doom demo editor. Features include: * Header editing (change viewpoint, skill level, etc) * Demo extraction insertion (although I don't think this works quite properly) * Statistics display * Shortening demos * Savegame and pause removal ...Date:05/23/05
Size:101 KB
Author:Simon Howard
Size:26 KB
Size:34 KB

Doom LMP Utility System
- Display detailed information about Doom/Doom2/Heretic LMPs. - Set LMP file version so it works with different version of the game. - Change the recording player for Doom/Doom2 multi-player LMPs. - Convert 1.0 - 1.2 LMP to the new LMP format u...Date:01/12/96
Size:48 KB
Author:Raymond Chi

Multiple linedefs in vanilla Doom
A demonstration wad showing how to make multiple-line switches in vanilla Doom. This can be used to make very powerful effects without the need for port features, although it does feature the minor side effect of dealing one point of damage (which ca...Date:08/06/03
Size:4 KB
Author:Owen "SargeBaldy" Lloyd
While fiddling /w deu y'day, i found 2 new features that I've never seen in any wad from you guys or from id....Date:07/27/94
Size:5 KB

Size:37 KB
Author:Steve Simpson, Future Vision Inc

NOVERT's a TSR that lets you disable the vertical movement of the mouse in DOOM and similar DOS games or applications....Date:06/22/03
Size:1 KB
Author:Istvan Pataki

Plutonia Easy
This patch makes Final Doom's "The Plutonia Experiment" easier. I was really annoyed when I started playing "Plutonia" and found that I couldn't even beat it on the lowest skill setting. I'm only an average player (Doom2 on Ultra-Violence is comforta...Date:09/27/02
Size:97 KB
Author:Sparky of KISS Software

PUTSS: Place a Super Shotgun (aka Combat Shotgun) in DOOM I pwads!
One of the pain in using DOOM I pwads with DOOM II is that they have no super shotgun. This small program quickly places a super shotgun in DOOM I pwads without using complicated wad editors out there....Date:02/05/95
Size:13 KB

RTOD.85i - Main Menu Screen (TI-85 Image format) JRDI.85i - Info/Closer Screen (TI-85 Image format) R2DTI.TXT - REAL WORLD to DOOM conversion program for the TI-85...Date:03/30/96
Size:2 KB
Author:Jacob Berendes

SCRED is a simple little program to make screen resource files to import into the ENDOOM resources. ...Date:07/25/95
Size:10 KB
Author:Justin Kramer
Size:2101 KB

General Midi + Mt 32 setups for Games
I hope these two files will be useful to you: they contain two setups for the Roland D series of keyboards ( D5 (tested) D10-D20-D110 (not tested but should work)): a General MIDI se- tup and a MT-32 setup. All the work was done using the Ex...Date:09/05/94
Size:13 KB
Author:Marco Melgazzi
Here are some simple utilities for DOOM and DOOM ][....Date:10/16/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Sebastien BACQUET

SPKDOOM.ZIP (SpeakerDoom)
Doom with Full Sound on the PC Speaker...Date:09/19/98
Size:2775 KB
Author:Frederic Oghdayan

External statistics driver
Vanilla Doom has a mysterious command line parameter named "-statcopy". The statcopy parameter allows an external statistics program to capture the intermission screen statistics. However, as far as I know, no such program was ever written. This is, ...Date:10/19/07
Size:24 KB
Author:Simon Howard
This is a non-playable test wad to show how to do a window similar to the window at the opening of Episode 2, Mission 1 but without any sides visible outside of the window. There is only one sector and no exit switch. Feel free to use this any w...Date:09/14/94
Size:1 KB
Author:Erwen Tang

DOOM ENDOOM Data Editor - version 1.2
TED is a full screen editor that allows editing of the ENDOOM data. At the moment, TED does not allow direct editing of the IWAD or a PWAD, although this may be added in the future (if I can figure out from the DEU source how the WAD is organised :)....Date:06/22/94
Size:15 KB
Author:Peter Monks
Size:28 KB
Size:433 KB
Size:71 KB

Annoyed when you're playing an awesome doom game, and you have to pause? You wish you didn't have to wait forever while it says PAUSE so the lmp can get on with it? NO MORE! Yes, with this 100 line program, you can eliminate _all_ of the pauses...Date:07/23/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Owen Williams

The Perfect Utility for all you Doom WAD Makers, the WADAUTHR.EXE Doom Wad Author Text Generator. No more need to edit the file by hand, this nifty piece of work by Pit does all the dirty work for you, you just enter the information as you wan...Date:08/20/95
Size:14 KB

Worried is a small windows application. Needs VBRUN200.DLL. It uses the face sprites from DOOM....Date:07/27/94
Size:4 KB

ZAMBONY: A Doom Level Browser
Its called ZAMBONY 'cause I always wanted to name a program that. First (to my knowledge) 3D level browser! Run/fly around in levels! This is a little hack I wrote to learn about some things(see list). It has some bugs (like some walls dont...Date:05/14/94
Size:174 KB
Author:Chris Phillips

ZTR compressed .WAD format
Well I think this program is really sweet... ALOT better compression in WADS so I hope you like it......Date:06/19/97
Size:164 KB
Author:Greg Engle

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