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Doomatic v1.12
Doomatic is an old IPX-based DOS Doom netgame program, created by Fab & Boris, better known as the original authors of the Doom Legacy source port. The .zip also includes HIPAFRAG.WAD, a deathmatch level by Denis Fabrice....Date:05/21/14
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Author:Denis Fabrice & Boris Pereira
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Author:or company: Oliver Kraus

CTFDoom's IPXSETUP utility
A source modification of id Software's IPXSETUP that allows you to select the name of the game EXE the utility will run as well as what machine will use what player color. The first feature is quite useful for using DeHackEd modified EXEs on multi-pl...Date:07/08/03
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Author:John Cole
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Solo network driver
This is a "solo" network driver, like ipxsetup or sersetup. However, rather than actually communicating over a network, it's just a dummy program that lets you start a single player netgame. It's functionally equivalent to "ipxsetup -nodes 1", except...Date:04/14/14
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Author:Simon Howard (fraggle)
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