Filename: combos/bloodier.zip
Size: 15 KB
Date: 06/19/09
Author: Nixot
E-mail: joe.beahan2@ntlworld.com
Description: Giant gibs come out of enemies when you shoot them! A Dehacked patch included to make it last longer! An improved DSSLOP sound for gibbing! Recommended for ZDoom.
Credits: ID software, Csabo for XWE, the creators of ZDoom and the author of Dehacked.
Base: Original Doom sprites.
Build time: A day.
Editor(s) used: XWE and Paint and Dehacked.
Bugs: No.
Rating: (7 votes)
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Bah. That's useless and silly. 0/5.x
Why the hell did I download this? This must be the worst WAD I have ever played with doom. All that happens is that some type of blob that could be past as blood falls out of enemies when you shoot them. Please, spare yourself the pain avoid this piece of shit. Trooper 077x
lol! *****x
Garbage! 0/5! AVOID AT ALL COST!x
I would expect something like this from 1997 - 2000, not 2009. I though we were past this kind of kiddie MSPaint crap.x

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