Title: Alpha!
Filename: combos/ct-alpha.zip
Size: 772 KB
Date: 08/11/05
Author: Chronoteeth
E-mail: chronoteeth@gmail.com
Description: A weapon mod with doom alpha weaponry and some weapons that look like they are ment to be in the doom alpha. This mod is best played without crosshairs. (google EDGE doom, and check the edge site for 1.29 RC2. Or if someone is kind enough, post the link to it in a review please)

1: Defective UAC survival plasma rifle- A sawn off, defective survival rifle. Slow, weak, and overall shitastic. Recommended use is when you find the repair kit to fix the weapon's defects. Still weak though.

2: UAC 9mm Beteretta handgun- New beretta model from UAC. Small, useful, and overall a nice handgun. I like the firing sound bunches. :P

3: UAC MP72 Sub machine gun: A SMG modelled after the MP40 from WW2. A bit weaker and less range then the 9mm, but it sure is fast. Gets the job done quick.

4: UAC 14 gauge hunting shotgun: UAC's hunting shotgun from the recreational dome. A shotgun with wonderful pelette spread. Nice for close encounters with your foes and good for groups of weak foes. Not recommended for long range imp shooting. :P

5: UAC Slug sharpshooting high powered rifle: A rifle of high power. Fires shotgun slugs are high speeds. Best used for the medium demon far range demons. Do NOT use in groups of demons unless you've got a death warrant.

6: UAC standard assaut heavy machine gun: Accurate, good power, nice range. A nice rifle. May leave room for attack from a demon, cause it's a tiny bit slow. Nevertheless, nice overall.

7: UAC Graphite shrapnel digging carbine: Usually used for quick grinding of metals in the UAC mining plant. It shoots grinded up high caliber ammo, ammo is ground up internally via the drill mechanism inside the machine. Ejects tiny, refinded graphite pellets formed from the high caliber ammo dust. A shrapnel semi auto, the shrapnel bounce a nice hop on it's first bounce, good for high up enemies, bad for enemies on the same level as you (unless you want to go gung-ho). Overall, a nice carbine with it's uses.

8: UAC tinfoil Room clearer Rifle: A rifle used primarily for quick room cleaning of small demons, a rifle that ejects 5 tinfoil bullets that ricochet off of the walls... very fast, very much. The tinfoil bullets may even split into MANY bullets. Runs off of the melted mercury injections, to give the tinfoil that bouncy coating that it needs.

9: UAC spore star metal launcher: Developed by the UAC's finest researchers, this weapon is an odd, powerful weapon. Running off of the mercury injections, when shot, it forms 8 smoking explosive metal spores, that do heavy damage on impact. There is one large spore in the middle of the other ones. Hell it'll cause.
Credits: Xenophon (Rifle sound [HE RIPPED THIS DAMNIT!]), and a lot of other stuff i'm too lazy to list. Xaser, Wild Weasel, Scuba steve, strife, Creator of WOLFEN (I hate when I forget names), Daniel, Corey whittle, Nick Perrin, and um... other people I can't quite remember. Whoever they are, thanks a lot, and if you happen to write a review telling that was your rescorce, let me know, and I am sorry I forgot you.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: About 1 week and a half, on and off on the mod.
Editor(s) used: XWE, paint, sound recorder
Bugs: The muzzle fires on the automatic weapons may flash twice when there. Slowdown may occur because of overuse of the tinfoil rifle a lot in a large room.
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I was high while playing this, and I give it a 4/5, because Rise of the Triad graphics are the suck.x
14 gauge shotgun? They don't even make those, and besides the smaller the number the bigger the bore. 10 gauge is more like it.x
deathz0r did better. apaprently furries like to twist the historyx
Sorry, but someone else already made a cosmically better, more accurate version 6 whole years before you. Get it here: id=10428x

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