Title: Doom: Dark Forces Arsenal
Filename: combos/dfmod.zip
Size: 5978 KB
Date: 10/16/10
Author: James A. Murdah III
E-mail: murdahj3@verizon.net
Credits: LucasArts (graphics)(sound), The guys who made the Edge engine (for enabling me to make this mod),
Base: originally wanted grenades in Doom, then this idea hit me
Build time: About less than a week
Editor(s) used: Wintex 5.0, XWE, Paint (used to iron out graphics problems with the assault cannon, it was too big), Wordpad
Bugs: Some stuff I can't fix. With the laser weapons and the repeater rifle, when aiming up, projectiles tend to slope down a little and when aiming down, projectiles tend to slope up a little. Proximity Mines tend to fail to spawn if you try to set them up to close to a wall or on stairs. Always set them up on a flat surface and not to close to a wall. Sometimes, if mines are placed close to the bottom of a flight of stairs, monsters may tend to walk over them without causing them to detonate. The shields protect against crushing ceilings and harmful floors which is not supposed to happen but I have no idea how to fix it. The IDFA and IDKFA codes will give you up to 400 of the origninal doom blue armor which does not work like my new shield modification.
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Wondered why 4 votes and still 0 stars?x
^The filesize of the screenshots is bigger than the wad itself. That wastes serverspace and causes flatulence for the dudes around here. You can koogle for Irfanview to convert pngs to smaller formats like jpg(3 shots are ususally enough anyway). Also it would be nice to mention the needed port on top of the txt file, I was like wtf when I tried it in GZDoom. Fix and reupload pls :Dx
Not bad.x
To the guy who tried it in GZDoom: The txt file clearly states that this mod only works in EDGE.x
very goodx
This is basically a shittier, weapons-only version of the darkest hour. It may not be horrible, but it is incredibly boring.x

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