Title: Mini Gun 2 & sawed-off shotgun
Filename: combos/dt-mini2.zip
Size: 51 KB
Date: 06/18/99
E-mail: gwhittl@ibm.net
Description: This is a 'down the barrel' style weapons patch. Some people prefer it that way. Replaces the chaingun, with the excellent T2 style chaingun from Beyond DooM: The Apocalypse TC by Anthony Galica. Also replaces the shotgun with a shorter, sawed-off DooM shotgun. I had these sprites for a long time, and decided to use them.
Credits: Anthony Galica (for the chaingun sprites) id Software
Base: Anthony Galica's graphics
Build time: not very long
Editor(s) used: dehacked PSP deutex
Bugs: not really
Rating: (5 votes)
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The sawn-off shotgun is the ordinary pump-action gun with the end cut off, and the minigun is a combination of the chainsaw and the ordinary chaingun, painted a dull grey. The minigun has a poorly-done muzzle flash that seems to point upwards rather than into the screen. Functionally identical to the original weapons.x
They look cook, but do little to differentiate themselves from their original counterparts. 2/5x

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