Title: Insane Weapons Patch v1.0
Filename: combos/insane.zip
Size: 429 KB
Date: 01/16/96
Author: Mike Gummelt
E-mail: gummelt@pegasus.montclair.edu
Description: This new patch I made because I had so many cool weapon ideas that simply wouldn't be appropriate for the Aliens theme. So I decided to make a super weapons patch that could be played with Doom ][ levels (unlike Aliens Doom 3 which would only work with levels specifically designed for it). In the process, I decided to modify a few monsters and try my best at modifying or creating new graphics. I have playtested it extensively with Doom ][ and other people's add-on levels and it works just great! My only problem was deciding which of my new weapons I could keep and which ones I couldn't. So I made 2 patches, Insane1 and Insane2. They are exactly the same except that they have different weapons in the 6th and 7th slot (see details under NEW/MODIFIED WEAPONS).
Credits: Lynn Stevens, Mike Jaworski, and Perfecto Cuervo.
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: I have only had one bug that I'm not sure I fixed or not (I haven't had much chance to test it out): The game will spontaneously crash in DM for seemingly no reason!!!
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The most original and one of the best mods I have played.x
Very good!x
it was ok when it was first released, but it's not that great when compared to stuff like Zero Tolerance or Zen Dynamics. 2/5x
5/5 just for the Jesus weapon ~Csonx

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