Title: For Jihad Monsters
Filename: combos/jihamons.zip
Size: 23950 KB
Date: 12/17/13
Author: Mujahid
E-mail: FOFgQ0hTSPR94xBh@nospam.loveafraid.com.ar
Description: The time is the future. The fight for jihad continues to this day. Imperial infidels are setting up unknown facilities! They are developing warp gate technologies. They might use or make warp gates for their nefarious purposes. Right now, they are making haraam space food for the war over outer space. Go stop them before it's too late!
Credits: n/a
Base: Modified
Build time: n/a
Editor(s) used: n/a
Bugs: Not that I know of, but areas w/ lots of activities will spam + lag audio/visual.
Rating: (5 votes)
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hard monsters and i dont get itx
Take your religious fanaticism elsewhere.x
I don't know how to feel about this. There is a shitload of effort put into this and everything looks nice but Doomguy is too weak for them, unless there's new playerclasses this is nearly unplayable.x

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