Title: MasterOFDeaths GIBS!
Filename: combos/modgib.zip
Size: 12 KB
Date: 07/29/04
Author: MasterOFDeath
E-mail: jedi_0207@yahoo.com
Description: Adds gibs to the exploding frames of the lesser monsters
Credits: ID Software, Randy for ZDoom, utility authors, Xaser for some help with the A_Mushroom codepointer(heart of all of this)
Base: New from scratch
Build time: few hours
Editor(s) used: WhackEd2, XWE, notepad
Bugs: yes, when a monster explodes into gibs, it will damage things around it, including you. Impossible to fix. Also, when you shoot a monster, it does the Legacy blood effect-wait, thats a good thing! :D
Rating: (8 votes)
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Heh, nice.x
its sweet, but it screws up the mancubus.x
I've seen gib effects that don't hurt the player/enemies, so... I think you're just lazy. o.o --Crazee Boyx

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