Title: weapons.zip
Filename: combos/weapons.zip
Size: 852 KB
Date: 05/04/96
E-mail: tyconner@usit.net
Description: s of Weapons: (E-mail me for TECH INFO, TECH.DOC, use WIN 95)

1. FISTS or POWERLOADER Powerloader is a type of fork lift in ALIENS

2. PISTOL Sligtly modified pistol with laser eye & vents. Just Imagine the look on the baddies faces! :)

3. Simi-Automatic Shotgun Modified machine gun w/ clips!!!

4. M-41 A Pulse Rifle - Rifle Standard Military Issue Weapon

5. M-41 A Pulse Rifle - Underslung Grenade Launcher Yes, This weapon also had a grenade launcher too!!

6. M-56 Smart Gun Heavy Duty Military Issue Weapon For Specialy trained Marines

7. Flame Thrower This is last and best weapon Use it for those special moments!
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old, but still sweet. x
Nice weapons. Great gameplay.x
Pretty much the weapons from the Aliens TC made2 years earlier but with a new pistol. As such, it is not anything new but good for nostalgia if the first mod you ever played was the Aliens TC.x

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