Title: Fragfest
Filename: deathmatch/skulltag/fri.zip
Size: 37 KB
Date: 07/05/07
Author: Hardcore_gamer
E-mail: hakkarin@visir.is
Description: This is a deathmach wad that is meant to be played by 2-6 people. It has some good spots to take cover and has a fast pace.
Credits: none
Base: New from scratch
Build time: about 5-6 hours.
Editor(s) used: Doom builder and slumped.
Bugs: none
Rating: (8 votes)
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What DM is all about !x
Its OKAY, but I wouldn't give it my full 5. The map feels a bit cramped and a bit to dark, and I found various texture/flat misalignments. Also why does it play on map 2?x
Plays good but with little detail.x
The detail isn't too good (texture and flat misalignments, lack of detail) and the gameplay is merely okay. The overall map design isn't very good, and there's little utilisation of SkullTag's features, but I guess you can still have a bit of fun on it.x

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