Title: BlueGuy
Filename: graphics/blueguy.zip
Size: 56 KB
Date: 01/30/95
Author: Paul Simpson
E-mail: gt6538a@prism.gatech.edu
Description: blueguy.zip contains the files required to make all four players in coop and deathmatch games look the same. A completely fair matchup, of course, you will not know which player you are up against while you fight, but when a player gets fragged (s)he changes color, so that you can see your handy work on the floor. :)
Credits: Steve McCrea and Elias Papavassilopoulos for their help, Matt Fell for the DOOM specs... and IDsoftware for the implementation!
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This is good for when you want to keep the default marine sprites.x
I would have loved to play as a blue marine back then. It's nice that we now have source ports, rendering this entirely obsolete!x

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