Title: Doom 3 Hellknight
Filename: graphics/d3-hell.zip
Size: 60 KB
Date: 01/25/08
Author: Grapefruit66
E-mail: grapefruit66@gazeta.pl
Description: Baron from Hell and Hellknight (which is just differently colored Baron) are my favourite Doom monsters. They're really great. But when Doom 3 was realeased I enjoyed new hellknight too so I decided to replace a Doom1 Baron from Hell with Hellknight from D3. The work I've done is presented here, I hope you'll like it. And yes, I know: what are those original legs doing there?! Hellknight in Doom 3 didn't have them! So... they're existing ;) I just thought myslef that they look pretty fine.
Credits: id for a great game?
Base: Modified
Build time: Few days
Editor(s) used: XWE, Paint, IrfanView
Bugs: -
Rating: (9 votes)
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it looks like he has a butt on his face LOLx
??? This is terriblex
couldhave made the hand a greyish color like the rest of him and made the head less bright and have more features on it, no wait, i could do that! THANKS FOR PLAYING YOU ASSFACE -- Mock 2x
now this wad i loved because it looked badass having the gray doom 3 hellknight along with the horse legs from the original hellknights also colored gray i thought it was bitchin plus it made the barons and hellknights much more different instead of having them the same like before i give this 5/5 for an awesome edit and interesting creativity however your imps could use some work...x
It looks like ass. Probably because the dude's face is literally an ass. It sticks out because it's brighter and has less contrast than the rest of his body. The hands are also unmodified from the original so the light brown clashes horribly with the new dark grey. I would also like the legs to have been digitigrade rather than the way they were with the original hellknight, like in doom 3.x

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