Title: Enhanced Ultimate Gore V1.3
Filename: graphics/enhgore.zip
Size: 189 KB
Date: 09/10/96
Author: Aidan McGinley
E-mail: amcgin@indigo.ie
Description: This wad changes the death sequences of some the creatures in Doom2. The Imps head gets blown off The Demons arm flys off. And unlike the standard version has Flame thrower. DO NOT RUN FROM THE COMMAND LINE YOU NEED THE FILE DEUSF (should be included) AND RUN THE BATCH FILE ENHGORE.BAT
Credits: The person responsible for Paint Shop Pro Oliver Montanuy for WinTex 4.3 and other tools Id Software for DOOM II and Hexen
Base: Edited the scenes already in Doom 2 And stole some scenes from Hexen
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Wintex, Deusf and Paint Shop Pro
Bugs: None (I hope)
Rating: (7 votes)
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fun for a whilex
fairly fun.x
Decent for a while. 3/5x
Nice... but it makes that the pistol became overpowered i mean... the zombiemans half cutted by an pistol??? but funny thougth ***.. ~ (MCco), Lurkin' always. x

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